NameNamed AfterUsed By
Å Her­re Je­sus
  1. I Found My God in Ear­ly Years
  2. Thou Hast, O God, the Work Be­gun
A Pa­tre Un­i­gen­i­tusFrom East to West, from Shore to Shore
AachenThe Ger­man ci­ty.In the Si­lent Mid­night Watch­es
AalborgThe Dan­ish ci­ty.I Want to Be an An­gel
AargauThe Swiss can­ton.No Voice but Thine
AarhusThe Dan­ish ci­ty on the Jut­land pe­nin­su­la.Pure Gold
AbbaCome to Our Poor Na­ture’s Night
Abbey DoreThe vil­lage in Her­e­fords­hire, Eng­land.Glory to God on High
Abbey WoodThe dis­trict in south­east Lon­don.
  1. Inner Circ­le, The
  2. O the Hour When This Ma­ter­i­al
Abbot’s LeighThe vil­lage near Bris­tol, Eng­land, where the tune was com­posed.
  1. Lord, We Thank Thee for the Plea­sure
  2. Lord, You Give the Great Com­mis­sion
  1. As Some Tall Rock Amidst the Waves
  2. Captain of Thine En­list­ed Host
  3. Great Mak­er of Un­num­bered Worlds
  4. Hark! The Re­deem­er from on High
  5. My Soul Is Sad and Much Dis­mayed
  6. O Sav­ior of the World For­lorn
  7. Sinners, At­tend the Dread­ful Word
  8. Was It for Sin?
  9. Ye Judg­es of the Earth, Be Still
  10. Ye Sons of Ad­am, Vain and Young
AbendliedGerman for ev­en­ing song.Come un­to Me, Ye Wea­ry (Dix)
AbendsGerman for in the ev­en­ing.
  1. Again, as Ev­en­ing’s Sha­dow Falls
  2. Around the Throne of God a Band
  3. Behold, a Lu­cid Light Appears
  4. Dearest of Names, Our Lord, Our King!
  5. Desiring to Love Christ
  6. Drawn Is the Cur­tain of the Night
  7. For Si­on’s Sake I Will Not Cease
  8. God Guards the Good with Watch­ful Eye
  9. Jesus, Thou Ev­er­last­ing Word
  10. Judge Me, O Lord, and Prove My Ways
  11. I Asked the Lord That I Might Grow
  12. Mysterious Pre­sence, Source of All
  13. Never, My Heart, Wilt Thou Grow Old
  14. O Ho­ly Lord, Con­tent to Fill
  15. O Light of Life
  16. O Lord, Thy Ben­e­dic­tion Give
  17. Pour Down Thy Spir­it
  18. Through Mi­ry Paths I La­bored On
  19. ’Tis Gone, That Bright and Orb­èd Blaze
  20. Truth of God, The
  21. Up to the Hills I Lift Mine Eyes
  22. When Sins and Fears Pre­vail­ing Rise
  1. Alas, My Ach­ing Heart
  2. And Am I Born to Die?
  3. And Will the God of Grace
  4. Awful Day Draws Near, An
  5. For Man the Sav­ior Shed
  6. God’s Ho­ly Law Trans­gressed
  7. How Swift the Tor­rent Rolls
  8. I Lift My Soul to God
  9. In Ex­pec­ta­tion Sweet
  10. In Hun­ger, Watch, and Pray­er
  11. Let Sin­ners Take Their Course
  12. Let Wan­ton Men Be­ware
  13. More Marred Than Any Man’s
  14. O Per­fect Life of Love
  15. O What a Sound Was There!
  16. Shall Wis­dom Cry Aloud?
  17. Signs in the Pes­ti­lence
  1. Behold Christ Ris­ing from the Grave
  2. But One Loaf
  3. Children, to Your Cre­at­or, God
  4. Come, Ye Re­deem­èd of the Lord
  5. Day Af­ter Day I Sought the Lord
  6. God Is Gone Up
  7. God Reigns, Ev­ents in Or­der Flow
  8. Great God, the Na­tions of the Earth
  9. Isles of the Deep, Re­joice!
  10. Jesus, the Ris­ing Lord of All
  11. Laugh, Ye Pro­fane
  12. Long Sunk in Su­per­sti­tion’s Night
  13. Lord, When My Rap­tured Thought Sur­veys
  14. No Strength of Na­ture Can Suf­fice
  15. O Lord, ’Tis Ma­tter of High Praise
  16. On Thee, Each Morn­ing, O My God
  17. Our God of Love, Who Reigns Above
  18. Remember
  19. See How the Fruit­less Fig Tree Stands
  20. So Low­ly Doth the Sav­ior Ride
  21. There Is No God, So Sa­ith the Fool
  22. Time Draws Nigh, My Soul, The
  23. To God, Ye Choir Above, Begin
  24. To Thine Al­migh­ty Arm We Owe
  25. Why Does Your Face, Ye Hum­ble Souls
AbergeleThe town in Wales.
  1. I Worship Thee, Most Gra­cious God
  2. Our Child­ren, Lord, in Faith and Pray­er
Aberystwyth (Ouse­ley)For Man the Sav­ior Shed
Aberystwyth (Par­ry)The sea­side re­sort where com­pos­er Jo­seph Par­ry taught.
  1. God, How Can We Com­pre­hend?
  2. God of Truth, and Pow­er, and Love
  3. Holy, Ho­ly, Ho­ly Lord
  4. Jesus, Lov­er of My Soul
  5. Lamb of God, We Fol­low Thee
  6. What but Thy Right Hand of Pow­er?
Abide with Me (Lyte)Abide with Me
Abiding Grace
  1. Angelic Mes­sen­ger, Re­peat
  2. As Parch­èd in the Bar­ren Sands
  3. By Faith We Find the Place Above
  4. Come, Hum­ble Sin­ner
  5. Father, For­give, the Sav­ior Said
  6. Father, We Wait to Feel Thy Grace
  7. From Thee, My God, All Bless­ings Spring
  8. How Is Our Na­ture Spoiled by Sin
  9. How Oft Doth Beau­ty Lead to Sin
  10. How Should the Sons of Ad­am’s Race
  11. I Am, Sa­ith Christ
  12. Now That the Sun Is Gleam­ing Bright
  13. On Man, in His Own Im­age Made
  14. Should We Not Thank and Praise Our God?
  15. Since With­out You We Do No Good
  16. Song of An­gels Above, The
  17. Thou Grace Di­vine, En­circ­ling All
  18. When Pe­ter Boast­ed, Soon He Fell
AbidjanCapital of the Iv­o­ry Coast.Eternal God, Ce­les­ti­al King
AbileneThe Bib­li­cal dis­trict un­der the tet­rarch Ly­san­i­as (Luke 3:1).Wonderful Vir­tue in Pray­er
AbingdonWondering World In­quires to Know, The
AbingerLow in Thine Ag­o­ny
Abney (Hull)Is­aac Watts’ friend Tho­mas Ab­ney (?–1722).Alas! and Did My Sav­ior Bleed?
Abney (Treat)
  1. Endeavor Hymn
  2. Hark! The Sound of An­gel Voic­es
AbridgeThe vil­lage near Ep­ping Forest, Es­sex, Eng­land.
  1. Afflictions Do Not Come Alone
  2. Be Thou My Guar­di­an and My Guide
  3. Hail, God the Son, in Glo­ry Crowned
  4. I Wait­ed for the Lord My God
  5. In Vain the Pow­ers of Dark­ness Try
  6. Let Thou­sands, Lord, Be Sent Abroad
  7. My God, My Fa­ther, Bliss­ful Name!
  8. Perfect Path of Pur­est Grace, A
  9. When Bend­ing o’er the Brink of Life
  10. Who Dares At­tempt th’Eter­nal Name?
AbruzzoThe re­gion in south­ern It­a­ly.
  1. I’ve Been Wait­ing for You
  2. Take the World, but Give Me Je­sus/
AbschiedGerman for fare­well.
  1. All Ye That Seek the Lord Who Died
  2. Children, in Years and Know­ledge Young
  3. David Re­joiced in God His Strength
  4. Jesu! the Ve­ry Thought Is Sweet
  5. Just Are Thy Ways
  6. Lord, in Thy Field I Work All Day
  7. Lord, What Was Man?
  8. New Song (Bo­nar), The
  9. Thy Brok­en Body, Gra­cious Lord
  10. When Far As­tray
  11. When Is­ra­el Out of Egypt Went
  12. World He Made He Still Sus­tains, The
AbtComposer Franz Abt.He Giv­eth His Be­lov­èd Sleep
AbujaThe Ni­ger­i­an ci­ty.Come, Oh Come, with Thy Brok­en Heart
AcadiaThe for­mer col­o­ny of New France in north­east­ern North Amer­i­ca.O Bro­ther Man
AcapulcoThe Mex­i­can ci­ty.Thou De­light­est, O Lord
  1. Heaven at Last
  2. Praise the Sav­ior, Ye Who Know Him
  3. Saints in Glo­ry, We To­geth­er
AccraThe ci­ty in Gha­na.
  1. Church of God Is One, The
  2. Exalt the Lord Our God
  3. God of Eter­nal Love
  4. How Dread­ful Is the Place
  5. Made of a Wo­man
  6. Prepare a Thank­ful Song
  7. See What a Liv­ing Stone
  8. Sing to the Lord Aloud
  9. Stupendous Mys­te­ry!
  10. Ye Worms of Earth, Arise
Accrington [Con­fi­dence]The town in Lan­ca­shire, Eng­land.
  1. Come, Bles­sèd Spir­it! Source of Light
  2. Praise Ye the Lord, ’Tis Good to Raise
AcehThe In­do­ne­si­an pro­vince.Lift Aloft the Cross of Je­sus (Cros­by)
Ach Bleib UnsLord Je­sus Christ, with Us Abide
Ach Gott vom Him­melO Lord, Look Down from Hea­ven
Ach Gott und Herr
  1. Alas, My God, My Sins Are Great
  2. Now Praise We Great and Fa­mous Men
  3. Satan, the Dire In­vad­er, Came
  4. Strengthen for Ser­vice, Lord
Ach, Was SollOh, How Great Is Thy Com­pas­sion
Ach WirJesu! Lord Most Mighty
Ack, Sa­li­ga Stun­derSwedish for Ah, Bless­ed Mo­ments.
  1. Sign of the Cross, The
  2. With God and His Friend­ship
Ack, Vad Är Dock Liv­et HärSee Swed­ish Lit­any.
AckleyComposer Bent­ley Ack­ley.Some Bless­èd Day
AconcaguaThe moun­tain in Ar­gen­ti­na.
  1. Carol for Christ­mas Eve
  2. Days Are Swift­ly Go­ing By, The
  3. Sinful Earth Was Sunk in Woe, The
  4. Thou Shalt Not Doubt the King Most High
  5. Ye Faith­ful Souls, Who Je­sus Know
AcropolisThe ci­ta­del in Ath­ens, Greece.Take It to Je­sus in Pray­er
AckworthMy Ref­uge (Wood)
ActonEvery Hour I Need Thy Bless­ing
AcushnetThe town in Mass­a­chu­setts.
  1. Look, O My Soul, With­in the Veil
  2. Offerings to Thy Throne Which Rise, The
Ad Cœ­nam Ag­niLamb’s High Ban­quet Called to Share, The
Ad In­fer­nosIt Is Fi­nished! Bless­èd Je­sus
Ad Pe­ren­nis Vi­tae Fon­temLatin for To the pe­ren­ni­al source of life.Christ, En­throned in High­est Hea­ven
AdamstownThe town in the Pit­cai­rn Isl­ands.
  1. Perfect Peace (Hare)
  2. Thomas with the Ten
  3. When Will My Sweet Re­lease Be Signed?
AdanaThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Bury Thy Sor­row
AdcockComposer John Ad­cock.Hear Us, Heav’n­ly Fa­ther
Addis Aba­baThe Ethi­o­pi­an ci­ty.
  1. Angels Broke the Seal
  2. At the Com­ing of the Bride­groom
  1. Have Thine Own Way, Lord
  2. King of the Iv­o­ry Pala­ce
Ades Pa­ter Su­pre­meLatin for Come, su­preme Fa­ther.Father Most High, Be with Us
Adeste Fi­del­esLatin for Come, all ye faith­fulO Come, All Ye Faith­ful
Adesto Sanc­ta Tri­ni­tasLatin for At­tend, Ho­ly Tri­ni­ty.Be Pres­ent, Ho­ly Tri­ni­ty
Adieu (Harp)My Bird
AdishamHow Pleas­ant, How Di­vine­ly Fair
AdmahOne of the ci­ties de­stroyed with So­dom and Go­mor­rah (Deu­ter­o­no­my 29:23).
  1. Thee Will I Love, My Strength, My Tow­er
  2. Unclean, of Life and Heart Un­clean
AdmirationCurrently un­used (NWC, PDF)
Adoration (Doane)
  1. Childhood’s Years Are Pass­ing o’er Us
  2. Christ is Born (Wi­lbor)
  3. Hark, the Hosts of Hea­ven Are Sing­ing
  4. He Is Com­ing (Bo­nar)
  5. In a Low­ly Man­ger Sleep­ing
  6. Jesus On­ly, When the Morn­ing
  7. Persia
  8. Risen
  9. Wide o’er Earth’s Re­mot­est Bor­der
Adoration (El­vey)Round the Lord in Glo­ry Seat­ed
Adoration (Lu­ard-Sel­by)Alleluia! Sing to Je­sus!
Adoration (Wood­man)For the Deep Love That Kept Us
Adoration, TheSaw You Ne­ver, in the Twi­light?
Adoro De­vo­teLatin for I pray de­vout­ly.Jesus, Son of Ma­ry, Fount of Life Alone
Adoro Te (Barn­by) [Ell­er­ton, St. Chry­sos­tom]Latin for I adore Thee.
  1. Agony, The
  2. Great God, the Heav’ns’ Well Or­dered Frame
  3. How Love­ly, Lord of Hosts, to Me
  4. Hymn for Mid­night, A
  5. If Now Thou Dost Thy Work Re­vive
  6. Infinite God, to Thee We Raise
  7. Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All
  8. Merciful God, Vouch­safe to Me
  9. O Beth­lem Town To­night Is Cold
  10. O Thou, Who Know’st What Is in Man
  11. Oh, Why, by Fur­i­ous Rage Com­bined
  12. Shepherd of Is­ra­el, Bow Thine Ear
  13. Then, Then the Gos­pel Day Shall Rise
  14. Think, Migh­ty God, on Fee­ble Man
  15. Thus Speaks the Lord to Wick­ed Men
  16. We, On­ly We Be­lieve In­deed
  17. When Time Seems Short and Death Is Near
  18. Why Should I Ask the Fu­ture Load?
  19. Ye That De­light to Serve the Lord
Adoro Te (Van Damme)Father, See Thy Child­ren
Adoro Te De­vo­teThee We Adore, O Hid­den Sav­ior, Thee
AdowaThe town in north Ethi­op­ia (al­so spelled Ad­wa).
  1. Be It My On­ly Wis­dom Here
  2. Come, All Ye Peo­ple, Bless Our God
  3. Come, Lord, and Help Me to Re­joice
  4. In Pa­tient Faith, Till Christ Shall Come
  5. Living Prin­ci­ple of Grace, The
  6. Whene’er I Look in­to Thy Word
Adrian (Gould)Like Noah’s We­ary Dove
Adrian (Rine­hart)Come un­to Me, When Sha­dows Dark­ly Ga­ther
AdsumLatin for I am here.Christ of the Up­ward Way
AdullamThe cave where Da­vid hid (1 Sam­u­el 22:1).Dark Was the Night
AdvanceSound Ye the Trum­pet Call
Advent (Goss) [Chris­ma­ta, Fare­ham, In­no­cence, Me­dia]
  1. Hungry, and Faint, and Poor
  2. Let Hearts and Tongues Unite
  3. Long Had the Na­tions Sat
  4. Lord, the Sov­er­eign King, The
  5. Lord, Who Late Was Dead, The
  6. No Dis­tant Lord Have I
  7. Our Eyes Sal­va­tion See
  8. Our Lord, Who Knows Full Well
  9. Prince of Peace Is Come, The
  10. When Ov­er­whelmed with Grief
  11. Where Shall the Man Be Found?
  12. Ye Who Mes­si­ah Seek
Advent (Ply­mouth)
  1. Lord, in Thy Pre­sence Dread and Sweet
  2. Merciful God, to Thee We Cry
Advent PeaceWhile to Beth­le­hem We Are Go­ing
AdwellThat Day of Wrath
AeTriumphant Zi­on! Lift Thy Head
AerionLord, I Am Thine
Aeterna Chris­ti Mu­ne­ra
  1. Eternal Gifts of Christ the King, The
  2. Rejoice! the Year u­pon Its Way
AffectionEternal Gifts of Christ the King, The
AfftonThe su­burb of St. Lou­is, Mis­sou­ri.Go Bear the Joy­ful Tid­ings
AftonRobert Burns’ po­em Flow Gent­ly, Sweet Af­ton.
  1. City of Sal­va­tion
  2. Come, Saints, and Adore Him
  3. O Great God of Na­tions
  1. For the Bread, Which Thou Hast Brok­en
  2. In the Qui­et Con­se­cra­tion
  3. Peace of God Which Knows No Mea­sure
AgawamCast Thy Bread up­on the Wa­ters
AgincourtSee Deo Gra­ci­as
AglandMy God, How End­less Is Thy Love
AgnesJesus, We Are Far Away
Agnus DeiLatin for Lamb of God.O Sav­ior, I Have Naught to Plead
AgraThe In­di­an ci­ty.Surely I Come Quick­ly
AğrıThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Sunday School Less­on Hymn
AhazThe king of Ju­dah (2 Kings 16:1).Praise of Si­on Waits for Thee, The
AhiraThe son of Enan (Num­bers 1:15)See Leigh­ton (Great­or­ex)
AhmedabadThe In­di­an ci­ty.Glory to God (Pren­tice)
AhnfeltComposer Os­kar Ahn­felt.
  1. Forward in His Name
  2. In Hea­ven All Is Glad­ness
AholiabThe man in Ex­o­dus 31:6.Savior, Lead Me
AhrweilerThe dis­trict in Ger­ma­ny’s Rhine­land-Pa­la­tin­ate.Rejoicing in Hope
AhvazThe Iran­i­an ci­ty.Christian’s Good Night, The
AinCome, All Har­mo­ni­ous Tongues
Ainsworth (Hast­ings)
  1. Faint Not, Chris­tian
  2. Hark! That Sound of Rap­tur­ous Joy
  3. ’Tis Thanks­giv­ing Morn Again!
AhwahneeThe lo­ca­tion in Cal­i­fo­rnia.Nobody Knows but Je­sus
AiredaleLove Di­vine, All Loves Ex­cel­ling
  1. Hosanna We Sing
  2. Sinners How Blest, The
AjalonSee Red­head
AkitaThe Ja­pa­nese ci­ty & pre­fect­ure.Morning Hymn
AkoloThe Con­go­lese ri­ver.Follow All the Way
AkonHe Was Not Will­ing
AksarayThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Hark! The Sound of Ho­ly Voic­es
AksimThe district in Go­then­burg, Swe­den.Will My Mo­ther Know Me There?
AlbaceteThe Span­ish ci­ty and pro­vince.As Those Who Seek the Break of Day
AlamedaThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.
  1. My Bro­ther’s Keep­er
  2. For Mer­cies, Count­less as the Sands
  3. Second Mi­ra­cu­lous Draught, The
  4. What Then Are They, Who Dare De­ride
AlanyaThe Turk­ish ci­ty. In the Fie­ry Fur­nace
  1. Lord, Lead the Way the Sav­ior Went
  2. O God, Thou Art Our King of Old
  3. O Lord, That Art My Right­eous Judge
  4. Once, Onl­y Once
  5. We Love, Thee Lord, and We Adore
  6. What Shall I Ren­der to My God (Watts)
  1. Ancient of Days
  2. Father of Lights
AlbermarleWhen Day’s Sha­dows Length­en
Albert [Koen­igs­berg]Composer Hein­rich Al­bert.Hallelujah! Fair­est Morn­ing
Albert LeaThe Min­ne­so­ta ci­ty.Jesus Will Save You Now
AlbertaThe Ca­na­di­an pro­vince.Who at My Door Is Stand­ing?
AlbionMy Soul, with Joy At­tend
AlbroCrown His Head with End­less Bless­ing
AlbuquerqueThe ci­ty in New Mex­i­co.O Ref­uge Sweet
AlcatrazThe is­land in San Fran­cis­co Bay.Till He Come
AlcesterThe town in War­wick­shire, Eng­land.
  1. Born to Bless Us, Born to Save!
  2. Bright and Joy­ful Is the Morn
  3. Hallelujah! Raise, O Raise
  4. Jacob’s Star Is Ris’n at Last
  5. Lamb of God, I Look to Thee
  6. Now May Fer­vent Pray­er Arise
  7. Thou Who Roll’st the Year Around
AlenaTo Us a Child of Hope Is Born
AldersgateThe ward and street in Lon­don, Eng­land.My Times Are in Thy Hand
AldershotThe town in Hamp­shire, Eng­land.
  1. I Am Com­ing Back
  2. Mother’s Grave
  3. Welcome, Bless­èd Je­sus
AlderwayKing of Kings
AleppoThe Sy­ri­an ci­ty.Able to De­liv­er
  1. Holy Bi­ble, Book Di­vine
  2. Holy, Ho­ly, Ho­ly Lord (Dodd)
  3. How I Love Thy Law, O Lord
  4. Never Fur­ther Than Thy Cross
  5. Prince of Peace, Con­trol My Will
  6. ’Tis a Point I Long to Know
  7. When This Song of Praise Shall Cease
Alexander (Gwyllt)Great Re­deem­er, Friend of Sin­ners
Alexandria [Cas­well, Flet­cher]
  1. Beneath the Sha­dow of the Cross
  2. Dearest of All the Names Above
  3. O Je­sus, Sweet the Tears I Shed
  4. O That the Lord Would Guide My Ways
AlfeldJudgment at the Door
  1. Caught by th’Al­migh­ty Hand
  2. How Sang the Hea­ven­ly Army
  3. No Form of Hu­man Fram­ing
  4. Ten Thou­sand Times Ten Thou­sand
  1. O Christ, Who Art the Light and Day
  2. O God, Cre­a­tion’s Sec­ret Force
AlgarveThe re­gion in south­ern Por­tu­gal.Out of the Sha­dow-Land
AlgeriaThe Afr­ic­an coun­try.I Have Heard Thy Voice, Lord Je­sus
AlicanteThe Span­ish ci­ty.Creed of Faith, The
AlgiersThe Al­ger­i­an ci­ty.Homeland, The
AlhambraThe pal­ace in Gra­na­da, Spain.O Spir­it, Come
  1. Hear, O Lord, Our Sup­pli­ca­tion
  2. Lone Amidst the Dead and Dy­ing
Alice SpringsThe town in Aus­tral­ia’s North­ern Ter­ri­to­ry.Solace
AliciaJust as Thou Art
  1. Behold, the Lord to Zi­on Rides
  2. How Aw­ful Is Thy Chast­en­ing Rod
  3. O Rise Up from Thy Ho­ly Place
  4. On Thee, O God of Pur­i­ty
  5. Race of God’s An­oint­ed Priests, The
  6. Sovereign of Hea­ven, Thine Em­pire Spreads
  7. Thy Mer­cies Fill the Earth, O Lord
Alki BeachThe beach in Se­at­tle, Wash­ing­ton.Ye Are the Light of the World (Hat­chett)
All’ Ehr’ und Lob
  1. Awake, Thou Spir­it, Who Didst Fire
  2. When, Stream­ing from the East­ern Skies
All for Je­sus (Hull)
  1. All for Je­sus
  2. As the Ser­pent Raised by Mo­ses
  3. Sitting at the Feet of Je­sus
All Hail the Pow­erAll Hail the Pow­er of Je­sus’ Name
All Hal’lows (Mar­tin)
  1. Land We Love Is Call­ing, The
  2. Outside the Ho­ly Ci­ty
All Hal’lows (Wise­man)None Oth­er Lamb
All Is Well
  1. Come, Come, Ye Saints
  2. Renew Your Church
All Saints [Cut­ler]
  1. Anniversary Hymn (Bates)
  2. At Length There Dawns the Glo­ri­ous Day
  3. Hosannah to the Prince of Light
  4. Lord un­to His Christ Has Said, The
  5. O Je­sus, Prince of Life and Truth
  6. Son of God Goes Forth to War, The
  7. Thine Arm, O Lord, in Days of Old
  8. World’s As­tir!, The

Also see Ware­ham

All Saints Old [Zeuch Mich]
  1. Fly Abroad, and Tell the Sto­ry
  2. Let Us Love and Sing and Won­der
  3. Lo, He Comes! Let All Adore Him
  4. Nothing Know We of the Sea­son
  5. One There Is, Above All Oth­ers
  6. Precious Bi­ble! What a Trea­sure
  7. Who Are These Like Stars Ap­pear­ing?

Also see Weisse Flag­gen

All SoulsLift Up Your Hearts
All the Way [Ul­ster]
  1. All the Way My Sav­ior Leads Me
  2. Gracious Lord, Re­mem­ber Da­vid
Alle Jahre Wie­derAs Each Hap­py Christ­mas
Alle Mensch­en Müss­en Ster­benGerman for ev­ery­one must die.All Men Liv­ing Are but Mor­tal
Allein Gott [At­tol­le Paul­um]
  1. Across the Sky the Shades of Night
  2. All Glo­ry Be to God on High
  3. All Glo­ry Be to Thee, Most High
  4. O Sin­ner, Lift the Eye of Faith
Allein zu DirIn Thee Alone, O Christ, My Lord
Alleluia (Lowe)In His Tem­ple God Be Praised
Alleluia (Praise)Christ Is Ris­en (Lane)
Alleluia, Dul­ce Car­menAlleluia, Song of Glad­ness
Alleluia Pe­ren­neLatin for eter­nal hal­le­lu­jahs.Sing Al­le­lu­ia Forth in Du­te­ous Praise
Alleluia (Wes­ley)Alleluia! Sing to Je­sus!
Alles Ist an Gott­es Se­gen
  1. All De­pends on Our Pos­ses­sing
  2. Christians, Come, in Sweet­est Mea­sures
AlleyneApparently af­ter C. C. All­eyne, who held the 1910 co­py­right.
  1. Magnitude of Mer­cy, The
  2. Not in Vain
  3. Sleep, Wea­ry World
AllingtonOur Day of Praise Is Done
Allmächtiger GottGerman for al­migh­ty God.
  1. Blood Has a Voice to Pierce the Skies
  2. Great God, a Bless­ing from Your Throne
  3. Great God, How Oft Did Is­ra­el Prove
  4. Great Is the Lord, His Pow­er is Great
  5. Have Mer­cy, Lord, Thy Wrath Re­move
  6. King of Saints, How Fair His Face, The
  7. My Ref­uge Is the God of Love
  8. My Spir­it Sinks With­in Me, Lord
  9. O Paschal Feast, What Joy Is Thine
  10. O Right­eous God, Thou Judge Su­preme
  11. Thee Will I Love, O Lord, My Strength
  12. Thou Hast In­deed Made Ma­ni­fest
  13. When Jo­shua, by God’s Com­mand
  14. Why, He­rod, Un­re­lent­ing Foe
  1. In Thee, O Spir­it, True and Ten­der
  2. Palm Sun­day

Also see Con­sol­a­tor

Alma Mater

Behold the Prince of Peace

Alma Re­demp­tor­isSee Con­sol­a­tor
  1. Bride, The
  2. Lead Thou Me
AlmanComposer Sam­u­el Al­man.No Oth­er Name (Cros­by)
AlmatyThe ci­ty in Ka­zakh­stan.Tenting by the Cross
AlmeríaThe ci­ty in An­da­lu­sia, Spain.Come, Ho­ly Spir­it (Ma­goun)
AlmondsburyThe town near com­pos­er Ba­sil Har­wood’s birth­place in Ol­ves­ton.Almighty Fa­ther, Lord Most High
Almsgiving (Dykes)Written for an of­fer­ing hymn.
  1. My God, Is Any Hour so Sweet
  2. My God, My Fa­ther, Make Me Strong
  3. O Lamb of God! That Tak’st Away
  4. O Lord of Heav’n and Earth and Sea
  5. Sovereign of Heav’n
  6. Thy Grace Im­part
Almsgiving (Wes­ley)O Lord, How Joy­ful ’Tis to See
Aloha Oe
  1. He Lives on High
  2. He’s Com­ing Soon
AlpertonThe dis­trict in Lon­don.Easter Ca­rol (Cros­by)
AlphaGreat God, Our Voice to Thee We Raise
AlpsLoud to the Prince of Heav’n
AlranteMy Voice Shalt Thou Hear
Alsace [Eth­el­berg]
  1. How Shall I Fol­low Him I Serve?
  2. When Je­sus Dwelt in Mor­tal Clay
  1. Adam, Our Fa­ther and Our Head
  2. As When the Wea­ry Tra­vel­er Gains
  3. Blessèd Re­deem­er, How Di­vine
  4. By Va­ri­ous Max­ims, Forms and Rules
  5. Do Flesh and Na­ture Dread to Die?
  6. Newborn Child This Ear­ly Morn, The
  7. Now Let the Fee­ble All Be Strong
  8. Starry Firm­a­ment on High, The
  9. We Are but Lit­tle Child­ren Weak
  10. Why Did the Jews Pro­claim Their Rage?
Alstyne [End­less Praise]Fanny Cros­by’s mar­ried name.My Song Shall Be of Je­sus
Alta Trin­i­ta Be­a­taBlessèd Feasts of Bless­èd Mar­tyrs
AltoonaThe Penn­syl­van­ia ci­ty.Onward Press­ing
AlvanSinners, Will You Scorn the Mes­sage?
AlverstokeO Hap­py Home
AlvordGo with Thy Ser­vant, Lord
AmadeusComposer Wolf­gang Am­a­de­us Mo­zart.À Qui Donc Ir­i­ons-Nous?
AmadoraThe Por­tu­guese ci­ty just north of Lis­bon.God Speed His Word
AmalfiThe Ital­i­an town on the Gulf of Sa­ler­no.Pearly Gates, The
AmandaThrough Ev­ery Age, Eter­nal God
AmaraListen to the Won­drous Sto­ry
AmarilloThe Tex­as ci­ty.Shut in with Thee
AmasyaThe Turk­ish ci­ty.A Song of Praise (Fry)
Amazing LoveAnd Can It Be That I Should Gain?
AmazonThe South Amer­i­can ri­ver.Take the Wa­ter of Life
AmberleyRoseate Hues of Ear­ly Dawn, The
  1. Wake the Song of Ju­bi­lee
  2. Who Are These That Come from Far?
Amen, Je­sus Han Skal RaadeSee Da­na
  1. Anthems to God Above
  2. Forth from Their Father­land
  3. God Bless Our Na­tive Land
  4. God Op­ens Wide His Hand
  5. My Coun­try ’Tis of Thee
  6. My Sav­ior, ’Tis of Thee
America Be­friendSee Re­pub­lic
AmericanNearer, My God, to Thee
American HymnAngel of Peace
  1. How Hap­py Are the Lit­tle Flock
  2. Let God Arise and Let His Foes
  3. Thou Art My God, O God of Grace
  4. When He Com­eth!
AmershamThe town in Buck­ing­ham­shire, Eng­land.Deeper Yet
Ames (von Neu­komm)
  1. Awake, My Soul, nor Slum­ber­ing Lie
  2. Firm Was My Health
  3. How Long, O Lord, Shall I Com­plain?
  4. Lord I Will at All Times Bless, The
  5. Lord, Thou Hast Called Thy Grace to Mind
  6. O God, Thou Hast Cast off Thy Saints
  7. O Lord, Thy Hea­ven­ly Grace Im­part
  1. Eternal God, Whose Pow­er Up­holds
  2. Good Is the Lord, the Heav’n­ly King
  3. Jesus, Our Lord, As­cend Thy Throne
  4. My Sav­ior, on the Word of Truth
  5. O Mas­ter Work­man of the Race
  6. Veil, Lord, Mine Eyes Till She Be Past
  7. When Pha­raoh Dared to Vex the Saints
  8. You That Have Spent the Si­lent Night
Amherst (Bart­lett)The Mas­sa­chu­setts ci­ty.When All Thy Mer­cies, O My God
Amherst (Chis­holm)The Mas­sa­chu­setts ci­ty.He Sup­pli­eth All of My Need
AmiensThe French ci­ty.Angels Sang Around the Stall, The
AmistadThe town in New Mex­i­co.Christ Is My Re­deem­er
AmmanThe Jor­dan­i­an ci­ty.Gos­pel Trum­pet’s Sound­ing, The
AmnosGreek for lamb.Let Thy Blood in Mer­cy Poured
Amo TeLatin for I love you.My Je­sus, I Love Thee
AmritsarThe In­di­an ci­ty.While Stars of Christ­mas Shine
AmsterdamThe Dutch ci­ty.
  1. Celebrate Im­man­u­el’s Name
  2. Father, God, We Glo­ri­fy
  3. God of Heav’n, Ap­pear Below
  4. God, the Om­ni­pres­ent God
  5. Hearken to the Sol­emn Voice
  6. Jesus, Fix Thy King­dom Here!
  7. Let the World La­ment Their Dead
  8. Maker, Sav­ior of Man­kind
  9. O the Blood, the Pre­cious Blood
  10. Once a Wo­man Si­lent Stood
  11. Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above
  12. Rise, My Soul, and Stretch Thy Wings
  13. Sinner, Hear the Sav­ior’s Call
  14. When Des­cend­ing from the Sky
An Was­ser­flüs­sen Ba­by­lonGerman for be­side the streams of Ba­by­lon.
  1. Lamb Goes Forth: The Sins He Bears, A
  2. Lamb Goes Un­com­plain­ing Forth, A
AnagolaSongs of Im­mor­tal Praise
AnahA son of Se­ir the Hor­ite (Gen­e­sis 36:20).Ye Mighty Rul­ers of the Land
AnaheimThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.When Mo­ther Prayed
AnaniasThe man in Acts 9:10.When My Wea­ry Hands Are Fold­ed
AnatoliaThe re­gion com­pris­ing most of mo­dern Tur­key.Watchman on the Walls of Zi­on
AnchorageThe ci­ty in Alas­ka.Redeeming Grace
AncyraFormer name of An­ka­ra, Tur­key.
  1. Come, Ye That Fear the Lord
  2. Eternal King of Hea­ven on High
  3. In Vain My Fan­cy Strives to Paint
  4. O All Ye Peo­ples, Bless Our God
  5. O What a Stiff, Re­bel­lious House
  6. Sing, All Ye Na­tions, to the Lord
  7. Thou Plen­te­ous Source of Life and Love
AndamanThe ar­chi­pe­la­go in the Bay of Ben­gal.Thou Wilt De­fend Us
AndernachThis Day the First of Days Was Made
AndorraThe state in the east­ern Pyr­e­nees moun­tains.First and Last Call, The
Andover (Ba­con)The Mas­sa­chu­setts ci­ty.Happy Meet­ing
Andover (Beech­er)Scene Around Me Dis­ap­pears, The
AndréPraise God, Ye Ser­vants of the Lord
  1. Infinite Ex­cel­lence Is Thine
  2. See, Je­sus, Thy Dis­ci­ples See
AnerleyThe dis­trict in Lon­don.Come to Christ, the Lord
Angel ChoirHark! I Hear the An­gels Sing­ing
Angel FallsThe wa­ter­fall in Ven­e­zue­la.Infidel and His Daugh­ter, The
Angel Is­landThe is­land in San Fran­cis­co Bay.Jesus, While Our Hearts Are Bleed­ing
Angel Voic­esAngel Voices, Ev­er Sing­ing
AngelcombThe peak in the Ca­na­di­an Yu­kon.Jesus, I Will Trust Thee
AngelsForth in Thy Name, O Lord
Angel’s Hymn (Tan­s’ur)High in the Hea­vens, Eter­nal God
Angels’ Song
  1. Eternal Beam of Light Di­vine
  2. We Ded­i­cate to Thee
  3. What Shall We Of­fer Our Good Lord?
Angel’s Song (Pil­grim­age)As the World Around Was Sleep­ing
Angel’s Sto­ry [Crux Chris­ti­an­ti]
  1. I Love to Hear the Sto­ry
  2. In Hea­ven­ly Love Abid­ing
  3. Lord God of Hosts in Mer­cy
  4. New Year Pray­er, A
  5. O Je­sus, I Have Pro­mised
  6. That Glo­ri­ous Day Is Com­ing
  7. There Is a Migh­ty Ques­tion
  8. Whole Wide World for Je­sus (Plantz), The
  1. At Ev­en, Ere the Sun Was Set
  2. God of My Life, Whose Gra­cious Pow­er
  3. Nature with Op­en Vol­ume Stands
  4. Now Let Our Mourn­ful Songs Re­cord
  5. O God of Grace and Right­eous­ness
  6. O God, Whose Pres­ence Glows in All
  7. O Sav­ior! Is Thy Pro­mise Fled?
  8. Who Shall As­cend Thy Heav’n­ly Place?
AngleseyThe is­land off the north west coast of Wales.Wonderful Bi­ble
AngmeringThe town in Sus­sex, Eng­land.Fill Thou My Life
AngolaThe Af­ri­can coun­try.Will He Bid Us En­ter In?
AngstDread Hath Come on Me, A
AngueraThe ci­ty in Ba­hia, Bra­zil.Come, Ye That La­bor
AnguillaThe Car­ib­be­an is­land.Child of Sin and Sor­row
AnhaltThe his­tor­i­cal Ger­man du­chy.Will You Meet Me at the Foun­tain?
AnhuiThe Chi­nese ci­ty.Savior, Guide Me
Anima Chris­tiLatin for soul of Christ.Soul of Je­sus, Make Me Whole
AnkaraThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Never Alone (Bow­ser)
Ann Ar­borThe Mi­chi­gan ci­ty.I’ll Be Rea­dy
Annapolis (Hod­ges)The Ma­ry­land ci­ty.I Could Not Do With­out Thee
Annapolis (Kin­ne)The Ma­ry­land ci­ty.God’s Call to Is­ra­el
AnnenComposer Hen­ri An­nen.Pour T’Ex­al­ter, Ô Fils du Père
AnnettaLet Us Draw Near
AnnieSee Emb­ry
Annie LaurieOf All in Earth or Hea­ven
Annie LisleCurrently un­used (NWC, PDF). Also see In­di­a­na.
Anniversary SongWake the Song
Annue Christi
  1. Lord of Cre­a­tion, Bow Thine Ear
  2. There Is a Bless­èd Home
Annunciation (Bar­ry)Lord God, the Ho­ly Ghost
Annunciation (Ed­wards)To a Maid En­gaged to Jo­seph
AnsticeO Lord! How Hap­py Should We Be
AntalyaThe ci­ty in Tur­key.We Won’t Give Up the Bi­ble
AntananarivoThe ci­ty in Mad­a­gas­car.Turn on the Search-Light
AnthesComposer Fried­rich An­thes.Come un­to Me, Ye Wea­ry (Dix)
AntiochThe an­cient ci­ty near pre­sent day An­tak­ya, Tur­key.
  1. All Hail the Morn
  2. Joy to the World
  3. Light of Beth­le­hem (Lee), The
AntonComposer An­ton Gers­bach.O Lord, My Ear­nest Cry
AntrimThe Ir­ish coun­ty.What Can I Do?
AntwerpThe Bel­gian ci­ty.
  1. Be with Us, Gra­cious Lord, To­day
  2. Blest Be the Fa­ther and His Love
  3. Preserve Me, Lord
  1. Come, Let Us Sing un­to the Lord
  2. Time Is Near, The
  3. Triumphant Zi­on! Lift Thy Head
AnversThe French name for An­twerp, Bel­gium.What Art Thou Do­ing for Je­sus?
Anza VistaThe neigh­bor­hood in San Fran­cis­co, Ca­li­for­nia.Word of God (Mill­er), The
AotearoaWhat East­er Brings
AparecidaThe Bra­zil­ian ci­ty.Voix du Sei­gneur m’Ap­pel­le, La
AphekaThe vil­lage men­tioned in Jo­shua 15:53.With Joy We Med­i­tate the Grace
ApiaThe ci­ty in Sa­moa.Trim Your Lamp
ApocalypseCome, Praise the Lord
Apostle Is­landsThe is­lands in Lake Su­per­ior.Savior, Bless­èd Sav­ior (Ben­nett)
ApostlesIf Du­ty Calls
AppenzellThe re­gion in Swit­zer­land.Will I Be There?
  1. Arm These Thy Sol­diers, Migh­ty Lord
  2. His Cheer­ing Mes­sage from the Grave
  3. How Blest the Per­fect in the Way
  4. Ye Gates of Peace and Joy Un­told
ApsleyMeeting in Glo­ry
AquillaWelcome, Days of Sol­emn Meet­ing
AquinasVery Bread, Good Shep­herd, Tend Us
Ar Hyd Y NosWelsh for the live­long night.
  1. All Through the Night
  2. All Thru the Night
  3. God, That Mad­est Earth and Hea­ven
  4. Now to Hea­ven Our Pray­er As­cend­ing
  5. One Is Kind Above All Oth­ers
  6. Through the Love of God Our Sav­ior
  7. ’Tis the Church Tri­um­phant Sing­ing
Arabia (White)Away with Our Sor­row and Fear
Arabia (Wil­son)Song of Spring Once More We Sing, A
ArakThe Ir­an­i­an ci­ty.Lead Me, Bless­èd Je­sus
AraratThe mou­ntain in Tur­key.Sing for Joy
Arcadelt [Je­ru­sa­lem]Composer Jacques Ar­ca­delt.I Need Thee, Pre­cious Je­sus
Arch StreetRevive the Hearts of All
ArdècheThe French dé­parte­ment.Fighting at Our King’s Com­mand
ArdudwyGod the Lord Is King
ArendalComposer Ele­vi­ne Heede’s birth place in Nor­way.Come, Thou Ev­er­last­ing Spir­it
ArequipaThe Pe­ru­vi­an ci­ty.Royal Wel­come, A
ArezzoThe It­al­ian ci­ty.Living in Sun­light
ArfauWelsh for wea­pons.Arise in All Thy Splen­dor, Lord
ArfonThe south­ern shore of the Me­nai Strait, the part of main­land Wales clos­est to the is­land of An­gle­sey.
  1. Clefted Side, The
  2. Come to Judg­ment
  3. Go and Dig My Grave To­day
  4. God, My Fa­ther, Hear Me Pray
  5. Lord, on Me, Ev­en Me, Con­fer
  6. Savior, Shine and Cheer My Soul
  7. Sinner, in Thine Own Es­teem
  8. Thou Didst Think of Me
  9. Throned upon the Aw­ful Tree
  10. Weary, Lord, of Strug­gling Here
ArgyleO That the Lord’s Sal­va­tion
Ariel [Mo­zart]
  1. How Great the Good­ness Kept in Store
  2. Jesus, Thou Soul of All Our Joys
  3. Let All on Earth Their Voic­es Raise
  4. Thou Great Mys­ter­i­ous God Un­known
ArimatheaAngels, Roll the Rock Away
AristidesLord, While for All Man­kind We Pray
  1. Arise and Sing, Dis­pel Your Fears
  2. By Faith in Christ I Walk with God
  3. God, Who in Va­ri­ous Meth­ods Told
  4. Great For­mer of This Va­ri­ous Frame
  5. Great Je­ho­vah! Who Shall Dare, The
  6. How Ma­ny Things Com­bine to Show
  7. Lord, I Was Blind
  8. Oft Has My Youth­ful Mind Been Led
  9. Sweet Is the Sun­light Af­ter Rain
  10. We Come Ere Yet the Ills of Life
  11. When All Be­speaks a Fa­ther’s Love
  12. Wonders, Lord, Thy Love Has Wrought, The
  13. World May Boast the Bril­liant Light, The
ArlesThe French ci­ty.Now un­to Je­ho­vah, Ye Sons of the Migh­ty
  1. Again the Lord of Light and Life
  2. Am I a Sol­dier of the Cross?
  3. Amid the Splen­dors of Thy State
  4. Angels Pro­claim the Hap­py Morn
  5. Do I Be­lieve What Je­sus Sa­ith?
  6. Hail! Ev­er Hail! Aus­pi­cious Morn
  7. High Let Us Swell Our Tune­ful Notes
  8. How Large the Pro­mise, How Di­vine
  9. In One Har­mo­ni­ous Cheer­ful Song
  10. Lord, in Thy Pres­ence Here We Meet
  11. Lord Our Sav­ior Is the Way, The
  12. Lord, We Have Heard Thy Works of Old
  13. My Fa­ther Blessed Me
  14. Naked as from the Earth We Came
  15. O God, Our Strength, to Thee Our Song
  16. O Lord, Around Thy Al­tar Now
  17. Shout to the Lord, and Let Our Joys
  18. Sun of Right­eous­ness Ap­pears, The
  19. There Is a Book That All May Read
  20. There Seems a Voice in Ev­ery Gale
  21. This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made
  22. What Though I Ca­nnot Break My Chain
  23. Why Do the Weal­thy Wick­ed Boast?
  24. Ye Hum­ble Souls, Ap­proach Your God
  1. Look Away to Je­sus (Hough)
  2. Who Is on the Lord’s Side?
ArmaghProstrate, Dear Je­sus, at Thy Feet
  1. All Praise to Our Re­deem­ing Lord
  2. God Is a Spir­it, Just and Wise
  3. God of My Child­hood and My Youth
  4. My God, the Steps of Pi­ous Men
  5. Now That My Jour­ney’s Just Be­gun
  6. True Mes­si­ah Now Ap­pears, The
ArmentroutHoly Fa­ther, Bless Us
ArmleyThou Whom My Soul Ad­mires Above
ArmorGird on the Roy­al Ar­mor
ArmstrongWhen the Lord of Love Was Here

Also see Em­me­lar

ArnheimAssembled at Thy Great Com­mand
ArnhemThe Dutch ci­ty.First and Sec­ond Bless­ing, The
  1. Awake, My Soul, Awake, My Tongue
  2. Thy Cease­less, Un­ex­haust­ed Love
Arnsberg [Wun­der­bar­er Kö­nig]
  1. God Him­self Is with Us
  2. God Is in His Tem­ple
  3. God Re­veals His Pres­ence
ArnvilleSongs Anew of Ho­nor Fram­ing
Arnos GroveThe area in the bor­ough of En­field, Lon­don.Rise, Child­ren of God
ArranThe is­land in Scot­land’s Firth of Clyde.
  1. Day of the Lord, The
  2. Go Up, Go Up, My Heart
  3. Once to Our World There Came
ArrowtownThe town on New Zea­land’s South Is­land.Great Glad Day, The
ArtaviaAnd Didst Thou Love the Race
ArthurNow Lift the Ca­rol
Arthur’s SeatThe hill in Ed­in­burgh, Scot­land.
  1. All Hail, In­car­nate God
  2. Behold a Lit­tle Child
  3. God Is Gone Up on High
  4. Hail Pro­ge­ny Di­vine!
  5. Lord of Earth and Sky, The
  6. March On, O Soul, with Strength
  7. Promises I Sing, The
  8. Set Forth Be­fore Our Eyes
  9. Spacious Hea­vens De­clare, The
  10. Though Sin­ners Bold­ly Join
  11. We’ll Sing, in Spite of Scorn
  12. What Con­tra­dic­tions Meet
  13. When in His Might the Lord
  14. Ye Sons of Ad­am Join
  15. Ye Vir­gin Souls, Arise
ArubaThe Car­ib­be­an is­land.Present Sal­va­tion
AsaphThe sing­er men­tioned in 1 Chron­i­cles 15:19.Savior, Bless­èd Sav­ior
AsburyBehold the Sav­ior of Man­kind
AscalonSee Cru­sad­ers’ Hymn
Ascending SongNot On­ly When As­cends the Song
AscenditO Christ, Our Joy, Gone Up on High
Ascendit De­us
  1. Fear Not, Thou Faith­ful Chris­tian Flock
  2. Lord As­cend­eth Up on High, The

See also Zu Mein­em Herrn

AschamSee Day by Day
AscotThe town in East Berk­shire, Eng­land.’Tis Bet­ter High­er Up
  1. Beneath the Forms of Out­ward Rite
  2. By Whom Shall Ja­cob Now Arise?
  3. Evils That Be­set Our Path, The
  4. God, My Sup­port­er and My Hope
  5. I Take the Jour­ney of a Day
  6. On God Alone My Soul Re­lies
  7. Sweet Flow­ers Are Bloom­ing in God’s Sight
  8. There Is a Land of Pure De­light
  9. Thou Who Hast Called Our Be­ing Here
Ash GroveTranslation of the Welsh Llwyn Onn.
  1. Hark! East­ward and West­ward
  2. Master Hath Come, The
  3. On This Night, Most Ho­ly
  4. Wedding Took Place, A
Ashburton (Wes­ley)
  1. Chautauqua Hymn
  2. Pilgrims Here on Earth and Strang­ers
Ashbury HeightsThe neigh­bor­hood in San Fran­cis­co, Cal­i­fo­rnia.
  1. Come to Je­sus, Come To­day (Da­vis)
  2. Welcome, Christ­mas, Wel­come Here
AsherThe tribe of Is­ra­el.Lord Arose, The
AshfordThe vil­lage in Coun­ty Wick­low, Ire­land.He Pro­mised Me
AshgabatThe ci­ty in Turk­men­is­tan.
  1. Pray for the Wan­der­er
  2. First Came the Hour of Pray­er
AshleySalvation! O the Joy­ful Sound!
Ashland (Smith)Blest Land of Ju­dea
Ashland (Stu­art)Come, Soul, and Find Thy Rest
AshurThe grand­son of No­ah (Gen­e­sis 10:22).Lord, Thee I’ll Praise with All My Heart
AshwellHow Blest the Right­eous When He Dies!
AsilomarHear the Lov­ing Voice
AskerThe mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty in Akers­hus coun­ty, Nor­way.Hark! The Sound of An­gel Voic­es
Asleep in Je­sus [Ju­ni­a­ta]Asleep in Je­sus
AsmaraThe Er­i­tre­an ci­ty.Sing Sweet Ca­rols
AspenThe Col­o­ra­do ci­ty.Peace on Earth (Hunt)
  1. All Con­quer­ing Lord, Whom Sin­ners Adore
  2. All Glo­ry to God
  3. All Those That Pass By
  4. Break Forth in­to Praise
  5. Seasons Are Fixed by Wis­dom Di­vine, The
  6. Thy Faith­ful­ness Lord, Each Mo­ment We Find
  7. Thy Spir­it, O Lord
AspirationWelcome, De­light­ful Morn

Also see Cal­vat

AspurgSee Frech
AssateagueThe is­land off the coast of Mar­y­land and Del­a­ware.Kingdom Is Com­ing, The
AssisiHis Are the Thou­sand Spark­ling Rills
AssiutO God, Give Thou Ear to My Plea
AssuranceBlessèd As­sur­ance
AssyntThe area in west Su­ther­land, High­land, Scot­land, north of Ul­la­pool.There Were Whis­per­ings in the Hea­vens
AstanaThe ci­ty in Ka­zakh­stan.Anointed
AstenGod Who Sits En­throned on High, The
AstonThe ward in Birm­ing­ham, Eng­land, birth­place of com­pos­er John Hey­wood.Sinner’s Bur­i­al, The
AsturiasThe re­gion in north­west Spain.Glory in the High­est (Ma­son)
AswarbySee Don­cas­ter
AsylumInstruct Me in Thy Stat­utes, Lord
AthHail, Sov­er­eign Love
Athens (de Gi­ar­di­ni)I Heard the Voice of Je­sus Say
AtherstoneThe War­wick­shire town where com­pos­er Ed­ward Hus­band was cur­ate.For My Sake, and the Gos­pel’s
AtkinsonGracious Spir­it, Ho­ly Ghost
AtlanticO Lord, How Ma­ny Are My Foes
Atlantic Av­e­nueThe New York Ci­ty street.Hear My Pray­er (Holmes)
Atlantic Ci­tyThe New Jer­sey ci­ty.I Pray Thee
AttainmentIt Reach­es Me
Atolle Paul­umSee Alle­in Gott
Atonement (Breth­ren)Lamb of God, Whose Bleed­ing Love
Atoning Sac­ri­ficeOh More Than Mer­ci­ful!
AttercliffeSee Shef­field
AttwoodCreator Spir­it, by Whose Aid
Au Fort de Ma Dé­tresseOur Fa­ther’s Home Eter­nal
  1. Arise, My Soul! My Joy­ful Pow­ers
  2. Our Joy Is a Creat­ed Good
AuburndaleThe Flor­i­da ci­ty.He Is with Thee
AucklandThe New Zea­land ci­ty.Show Pi­ty, Lord
Auctor Vi­taeAuthor of Life Di­vine
Auctoritate Sae­cu­li
  1. Let the Round World with Songs Re­joice
  2. O Thou Whose All Re­deem­ing Might
Audite Au­di­en­tes MeO Lord of Hosts, to Thee I Cry
AudleyO Ho­ly Lord, Our God
Auf, auf Mein HerzAwake, My Heart, with Glad­ness
Auf Mein­en Lie­ben GottO Bride of Christ, Re­joice

Also see Des Moines

AughtonSee He Lead­eth Me
Augusta [Li­ver­pool, Je­rome]While Thee I Seek, Pro­tect­ing Pow­er
Auld Lang Syne
  1. Gloomy Night Will Soon Be Past, The
  2. How Sweet the Hour
  3. It Sing­eth Low in Ev­ery Heart

Also see Fair Ha­ven

AuléProbably from the Greek αυλε, mean­ing pal­ace, house, or un­co­vered court­yard.
  1. Great and Migh­ty Won­der (Lu­ther­an), A
  2. I Love That Ho­ly Scrip­ture
  3. Over Yon­der (Gor­eh)
  4. Unknown Coun­try, The
AurangabadThe In­di­an ci­ty.Speak Gent­ly to Thy Bro­ther
AureliaLatin for gold­en. First com­posed for Je­ru­sa­lem the Gold­en.
  1. Another Year Is Dawn­ing
  2. Church’s One Foun­da­tion, The
  3. God Is My Strong Sal­va­tion
  4. In Days of Old on Si­nai
  5. In Time of Tri­bu­la­tion
  6. Live Out Thy Life With­in Me
  7. My Light and My Sal­va­tion
  8. O Com­fort to the Drea­ry
  9. O Fa­ther, All Cre­at­ing
  10. O Fa­ther, You Are Sov­er­eign
  11. O God, Thou Art the Fa­ther
  12. O Liv­ing Bread from Hea­ven
  13. Perhaps You Have Been Chos­en
  14. Remember Christ, Our Sav­ior
  15. Son of Con­so­la­tion, The
  16. There Where the Judg­es Ga­ther
  17. This Night, O Lord, We Bless Thee
  18. When Tho­mas Heard from Je­sus
Aus der Tie­fe Ru­fe IchSee Hein­lein
Aus Gna­den Soll Ich Sel­ig Wer­denBy Grace I’m Saved
Aus Mein­es Herz­ens Grunde
  1. Arise, Sons of the King­dom
  2. Lo, God to Heav’n As­cend­eth
  3. Oh, Sing with Ex­ul­ta­tion
  4. Ye Sons of Men, Oh, Heark­en
Aus Tie­fer Not
  1. From Depths of Woe I Raise to Thee
  2. Out of the Depths I Cry to Thee
AustinThe Tex­as ci­ty.
  1. Rejoice with Me (Scott)
  2. When Is­ra­el Sins, the Lord Re­proves
AustraliaMy Soul Shall Rest in Hope
Austria (Hay­dn)
  1. Christ Is Com­ing (Child­ress)
  2. Christ Is Risen, Christ Is Liv­ing
  3. Earth, with All Thy Thou­sand Voic­es
  4. Glorious Things of Thee Are Spok­en
  5. God Is with Us
  6. Heaven Is Here, Where Hymns of Glad­ness
  7. Holy Fa­ther! Thou Hast Taught Us
  8. Let Us All with Grate­ful Prais­es
  9. Looking for Our Lord and Sav­ior
  10. Midnight’s Sa­ble Hour Is Pass­ing
  11. Not Alone for Mighty Em­pire
  12. Raise the Psalm
  13. Sing a New Song to Je­ho­vah
  14. Strong of Bo­dy, High of Spir­it
  15. Zion’s King Shall Reign Vic­tor­i­ous
Austria (Beet­ho­ven)Ye Neigh­bors and Friends of Je­sus
Author of LifeAuthor of Life Di­vine
  1. Father, Thine Elect Who Lov­est
  2. Gently Lord, O Gent­ly Lead Us
  3. Jesus Spreads His Ban­ner o’er Us
  4. Mighty God, While An­gels Bless Thee
  5. O, My Peo­ple!
  6. O My Soul, Bless Thou Je­ho­vah
  7. There’s a Light up­on the Moun­tains
AvaChild of Sin and Sor­row
AvalonLord, I Will Praise Thy Name
Ave Mar­is Stel­laLatin for Hail, star of the sea.
  1. Hail, O Star That Point­est
  2. Star of Ocean Fair­est
Ave Ver­um Cor­pusLatin for Hail, true bo­dy.Hail, Bo­dy True
Ave Vir­go Vir­gi­num [Gau­de­a­mus Par­ti­tur]Brothers, Join­ing Hand to Hand
AviemoreBy All Whom Thou Hast Made
ÁvilaThe Span­ish ci­ty.Oh, Come and Work for Je­sus
AvisonComposer Charles Av­i­son.Shout the Glad Tid­ings
AvocaThe town in Io­wa.Rock of Ref­uge, The
AvonSee Mar­tyr­dom
Avondale (Booth)We Bless Thee for Thy Peace, O God
Avondale (Caw­thorne)
  1. Heavenly Jour­ney, The
  2. Sing a Hymn to Je­sus
Avondale (Ga­bri­el)
  1. Lord, Like the Pub­li­can I Stand
  2. Tender Love a Fa­ther Has, The
AvronThe dis­trict in Pa­ris.Do It Now
AwayAway! Away!
Awful Majesty [Dun­lap’s Creek]
  1. Hark! Sin­ner, Hark!
  2. Sing to the Lord, Ye Heav’n­ly Hosts
AxbridgeSafe Home, Safe Home in Port!
AydınThe Turk­ish prov­ince.Unfailing One, The
AyerThe Mas­sa­chu­setts town.Nothing of My Own to Claim
Ayers RockThe Aus­tral­i­an lo­ca­tion.Soft Falls the Ev­en­ing
Aylesbury (Camp)The town in Buck­ing­ham­shire, Eng­land.
  1. I Con­stant Care Will Take
  2. My Sav­ior and My King
  3. My Trust Is in the Lord

Also see Wirks­worth

Aylesbury (Che­tham)The town in Buck­ing­ham­shire, Engl­and.
  1. My Home (Kor­ris)
  2. Stretched on the Bed of Grief
AynhoeThe vil­lage in North­amp­ton­shire, Eng­land.Soldiers of Christ, Arise
AyrshireThe coun­ty in Scot­land.Source of All Bless­ed­ness
AyrtonPossibly Eng­lish com­pos­er Ed­mund Ayrt­on (1734–1808).O Hap­py Day, That Fixed My Choice
AzabuThe area in Mi­na­to, To­kyo, Ja­pan.God Is in His Ho­ly Tem­ple
AzariahThe Is­ra­el­ite cap­tive in Ba­by­lon (Dan­i­el 1:6).Thanks for the Bi­ble
Azmon [Den­field]The lo­ca­tion on the bor­der of Is­ra­el (Num­bers 34:5).
  1. All Na­ture Feels At­trac­tive Pow­er
  2. Behold the Love, the Gen­er­ous Love
  3. Buried Be­neath the Yield­ing Wave
  4. Come, Hap­py Souls, Ap­proach Your God
  5. Come, Let Us Join with Faith­ful Souls
  6. Hail! Fa­ther, Son and Ho­ly Ghost
  7. Happy the Child Whose Young­est Years
  8. I Love the Lord Who Heard My Cry
  9. In All My Lord’s Ap­point­ed Ways
  10. Jesus, Thine All Vic­tor­i­ous Love
  11. Let Him to Whom We Now Be­long
  12. My God, How Won­der­ful You Are
  13. My Heart Re­joic­es in Thy Name
  14. O for a Thou­sand Tongues to Sing
  15. O, from These Vi­sions Dark and Drear
  16. O God! To Thee Our Hearts Would Pay
  17. O Sav­ior, Whom This Ho­ly Morn
  18. Our Lord, You Stood in Pi­late’s Hall
  19. Rejoice in God
  20. Rejoice, Ye Right­eous, in the Lord
  21. Savior Calls, The
  22. Servant of All, to Toil for Man
  23. Thousand Or­a­cles Di­vine, A
  24. Thy Breath, O Lamb, as Rush­ing Wind
  25. We Bear the Strain of Earth­ly Care
  26. When Some Kind Shep­herd from the Fold
AzusaThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Never Mind, Ne­ver Fear