Scripture Verse

Pilate entered into the judgment hall…and called Jesus, and said unto Him, Art thou the King of the Jews? John 18:33


Jesus Being Interviewed Privately
William Brassey Hole

Words: Car­o­lyn W. Gil­lette, 2007.

Music: Az­mon Carl G. Glä­ser, 1828. Ar­ranged by Lo­well Ma­son, Mo­dern Psal­mist, 1839 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Carolyn W. Gillette


Our Lord, you stood in Pilate’s hall,
His judgment to endure.
Yet all he ruled would one day fall;
You reign forevermore!

You are our King, and yet you said
It’s not by sword or might;
Where truth is lived and love is spread,
Your reign comes into sight.

Where people live in deep despair,
Forgotten, hurt, alone,
We hear their urgent, whispered prayer:
When will your reign be known?

And where your Christian church today
Is mighty, rich and strong,
Lord, may we not forget your Way,
Nor lose your kingdom’s song.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
Not just in heaven above;
May we on earth obey your Son,
Who reigns o’er all in love.