May 28, 1961, Har­ris­on­burg, Vir­gin­ia.


Gillette’s fa­ther is a re­tired col­lege pro­fes­sor, her mo­ther a lay lead­er in the Grace Unit­ed Me­tho­dist Church in Ha­gers­town, Mar­y­land.

She mar­ried Bruce Gil­lette on May 26, 1984, and they have three child­ren: John, Cath­er­ine, and Sar­ah.

In 1985, she earned her Mas­ter of Di­vin­i­ty de­gree from Prince­ton The­o­log­ic­al Sem­ina­ry. She served as co-pastor at the First Pres­by­ter­i­an Church, Pit­man, New Jer­sey; co-pas­tor at the Lime­stone Pres­by­ter­ian Church, Wilm­ing­ton, Del­a­ware, since 2004; and has a hymn Web site.

Her works in­clude:

She al­so con­trib­ut­ed to:

  1. Abraham Jour­neyed to a New Coun­try
  2. All of Life Is Filled with Won­der
  3. All of You Who Walked in Dark­ness
  4. All the Mu­sic Sung and Played Here
  5. All Those Who Live in Christ Je­sus
  6. All Who Call up­on the Lord’s Name
  7. All You Who Thirst, Ga­ther Here at the Wa­ters
  8. Another Son Is Killed
  9. Are You the One Who Is to Come?
  10. Artist Had a Vi­sion, A
  11. As Je­sus Faced the Coun­cil
  12. Ash Wed­nes­day Comes
  13. At the Dawn of Your Cre­a­tion
  14. Baby, a Bless­ing! A Hus­band and Wife, A
  15. Be Do­ers of the Word of God
  16. Behold, Said God, I’m Send­ing One
  17. Bigger Barns
  18. Blessed Are the Poor Among You
  19. Blessed Are the Poor in Spir­it
  20. Blest Are God’s Peace­mak­ing Ones
  21. By Grace We Have Been Saved Through Faith
  22. Candle of Hope, The
  23. Choose This Day the One You’ll Fol­low
  24. Children Come, The
  25. Christ Be with Us
  26. Christ, in Ca­per­na­um
  27. Christ Taught Us of a Far­mer
  28. Christ, When Were You a Stran­ger?
  29. Christ Would Not Cast the Judg­ment Stone
  30. Christ, You Are the Sav­ior
  31. Christ, You Of­ten Sat at Din­ner
  32. Christ, You Teach Us of Your King­dom
  33. Christ, You Walked Among the Grain Fields
  34. Come and Join the Cel­e­bra­tion
  35. Come, You Hun­gry Ones
  36. Creator God, You Made the Earth
  37. Creator of the Wa­ter
  38. Creator, We Thank You for All You Have Made
  39. Days Are Com­ing, Said the Lord, The
  40. Do Not Turn Away the Child­ren
  41. Don’t Go ’Round Jud­ging Others
  42. Don’t Show Off Your Giv­ing
  43. Down by the Jor­dan
  44. Eagle Is Soar­ing, An
  45. Early on a Sun­day
  46. Earth Is the Lord’s, The
  47. Emmaus-Bound on East­er Day
  48. Faithful God, You Sent Your Spir­it
  49. Farmer in a Field, A
  50. Father, For­give Them
  51. Fear Not! the An­gel Said
  52. For Ev­er­y­thing There Is a Time
  53. For Free­dom, Christ Has Set Us Free
  54. For This Land in All Its Won­der
  55. Fruit of the Spir­it, The
  56. Gifts of Love Our Lord Has Giv­en
  57. Giving God, We Pause and Won­der
  58. Go Walk with God
  59. God Bless the Po­et’s Heart and Hand
  60. God, Each Day You Give Is Pre­cious
  61. God, How Can We Com­pr­ehend?
  62. God, How Ma­ny Are a Thou­sand?
  63. God, in Christ You Give Sal­va­tion
  64. God, in Joy We Ga­ther
  65. God Made the Hea­vens and the Earth
  66. God, May Your Jus­tice Roll Down
  67. God of All Learn­ing
  68. God of Cre­a­tion
  69. God of Gen­er­a­tions
  70. God of Love, We Sing Your Glo­ry
  71. God of Mer­cy, You Have Shown Us
  72. God of the Wo­men
  73. God, Send Your Pro­phets Here
  74. God, the Moun­tains Tell Your Glo­ry
  75. God, We Await Your Ad­vent Here
  76. God, We Ga­ther to Re­mem­ber
  77. God, We Have Come from Our Fam­i­lies and Homes
  78. God, We Have Heard It
  79. God, We Join in Cel­e­bra­tion
  80. God, We See What You Have Giv­en
  81. God, We Sing and Wor­ship
  82. God, We Spend a Life­time Grow­ing
  83. God, We Walk Through Death’s Deep Val­ley
  84. God, We’ve Known Such Grief and An­ger
  85. God, What a Faith-Filled Mys­te­ry!
  86. God, When You Called Our Church by Grace
  87. God, Who Made Each Great Wide Ocean
  88. God, Who Or­dered All Cre­a­tion
  89. God, Whose Love Is Al­ways Strong­er
  90. God, with Joy We Look Around Us
  91. God, You Alone Know What You’ve Planned
  92. God, You Give Each Gen­er­a­tion
  93. God, You Give Us Rec­re­a­tion
  94. God, You Love the World
  95. God, You Spoke Your Word Through Amos
  96. God, You Wrap Your Love Around Us
  97. God Your Bless­ings Ov­er­flow
  98. God, Your Gift of Peace Is Pre­cious
  99. God, Your Love and Care Sur­round Us
  100. God, Your Love Is Ev­er­last­ing
  101. God’s Great Love Is So Am­az­ing
  102. God’s Peo­ple Were Im­pa­tient
  103. Good Shep­herd, We Are Not Alone
  104. Happy Are Those Who Walk in Your Ways
  105. Have the Mind That Was in Je­sus
  106. He Shall Be the One of Peace
  107. Hear My Pray­er for Un­i­ty
  108. Here’s a Pro­mise We Can Count On
  109. How Can It Be
  110. How Can We Sing a Joy­ful Song?
  111. How Long, O Lord? I Mourn and Pray
  112. How Love­ly Is Your Church, O Lord!
  113. I Be­lieve
  114. I Have Brought You Out of Egypt
  115. If On­ly I Had Known
  116. In a Feed Box, in a Sta­ble
  117. In Ca­na at a Wed­ding Feast
  118. In Hai­ti, There Is Ang­uish
  119. In Halls of Wealth and Pow­er
  120. In Times of Great De­c­ision
  121. In Your King­dom Cel­e­bra­tion
  122. Is It Law­ful to Pay Tax­es?
  123. Jesus Asked One Day
  124. Jesus Sat and Watched the Crowd
  125. Jesus, You Once Called Dis­ci­ples
  126. Jesus, We Know Your Love in This
  127. Jesus Went Out to a Gar­den
  128. Jesus, You Once Called Dis­ciples
  129. John Came Preach­ing, Bear­ing Wit­ness
  130. John Went Out to Preach God’s Word
  131. Joseph Heard the Troub­ling News
  132. Joseph Was His Fa­ther’s Fav­or­ite
  133. King Once Told His Ser­vants, A
  134. King Planned a Par­ty, A
  135. Listen, Sis­ters! Lis­ten, Bro­thers!
  136. Long Ago, as Ev­en­ing Ga­thered
  137. Long Ago, God Reached in Love
  138. Long Ago, When Pha­raoh’s Daugh­ter
  139. Looking Back, O God, We Won­der
  140. Lord, Hear the Cries of Child­ren
  141. Lord, Let Your Ser­vant Go in Peace
  142. Lord, What a Cloud of Wit­ness­es!
  143. Lord, What a Pa­rade!
  144. Lord, What Is All Our Fight­ing For?
  145. Lord, What Must I Do?
  146. Lord, When Were You a Stran­ger?
  147. Lord, When Were You in Pris­on?
  148. Lord, You Are My Shep­herd
  149. Lord, You Teach Us to Be Hum­ble
  150. Love of Christ Je­sus Is Urg­ing Us On, The
  151. Man Owned a Vine­yard, A
  152. Man Who Could Not See, A
  153. Mary Glad­ly Told Her Cou­sin
  154. Mary Heard the An­gel’s Mes­sage
  155. Nicodemus Sought Out Je­sus
  156. No Long­er
  157. No One Knows the Day or Hour
  158. O Christ, When You As­cend­ed
  159. O Christ, You Are Life
  160. O Christ, Your Friends Were Ga­thered
  161. O God, Be Mer­ci­ful to Me
  162. O God, Come Sun­day Morn­ing
  163. O God, Cre­at­or of All Things
  164. O God, Each Day You Bless Us
  165. O God, from Our Work­ing You Call Us Away
  166. O God, I Seek Your Grace
  167. O God, in Christ You Call Us
  168. O God, in Rais­ing Je­sus
  169. O God, in Your Love
  170. O God of Cre­a­tion, We See All Around Us
  171. O God of Life, Your Heal­ing Touch
  172. O God of Light, May Our Light Shine
  173. O God of Love, the Fast You Choose
  174. O God of Migh­ty Wind and Flame
  175. O God of Truth and Glo­ry
  176. O God Our Cre­at­or, You Work Ev­ery Day
  177. O God, Our Hearts Were Shat­tered
  178. O God, Our Words Can­not Ex­press
  179. O God, the Great Wide Seas are Yours
  180. O God, the Things That Make for Peace
  181. O God, This Time of Griev­ing
  182. O God, We Hear of Suf­fe­ring
  183. O God, We Hear Your Word of Grace
  184. O God, We Rage at Hurt­ful Things
  185. O God, We Yearn for Safe­ty
  186. O God, When Your Land
  187. O God, Who Formed Cre­a­tion
  188. O God, Whose Lov­ing Has No End
  189. O God, You Call for Jus­tice
  190. O God, You Give Wel­come
  191. O God, You Love the Needy
  192. O God, You Made the Sab­bath Day
  193. O God, You Send Us Out to Walk
  194. O God, You Sent Us Je­sus Christ
  195. O God, You Tell Us of a Day
  196. O God, Your Crea­tures Fill the Earth
  197. O God, Your Grace Has Now Ap­peared
  198. O God, You’ve Led Us by Your Grace
  199. O Je­sus, You Were Born to Be
  200. O Lord, as You Were on Your Way
  201. O Lord, May All We Say and Do
  202. O Lord, You Called Dis­ci­ples
  203. O Teach­er, Don’t You Care?
  204. Old Ab­ram Was Blest
  205. Old Is­aac Asked His Near­by Son
  206. On the Beach, the Waves of Wa­ters
  207. On the Night He Was Ar­rest­ed
  208. On This Day of Cel­e­bra­tion
  209. Once a Far­mer Went Out Sow­ing
  210. Once a Fa­ther Told His Child­ren
  211. Once a Wo­man Seek­ing Wa­ter
  212. Once for All, God Came from Hea­ven
  213. Once Long Ago
  214. One Day as Je­sus Reached a Town
  215. One Day Je­sus Climbed a Moun­tain
  216. One Day the News Was Grim
  217. One Per­son’s Sin Changed Ev­ery Life
  218. Open Wide Your Hea­vens!
  219. Our God, We Are a Church Re­formed
  220. Our God, We Sing and Cel­e­brate
  221. Our God, You Called to Mo­ses
  222. Our Lord, You Stood in Pi­late’s Hall
  223. Our Lord, You Were Sent
  224. Peace That We Share, The
  225. Pentecost Had Come
  226. Perhaps You Have Been Chos­en
  227. Persian King Was Ang­ry, The
  228. Peter Said, I’m Go­ing Fish­ing
  229. Pharisee Was Pray­ing, A
  230. Praise the Lord of Our Sal­va­tion
  231. Prayer for Our Child­ren, A
  232. Prophet Has a Lone­ly Task, A
  233. Remember Me
  234. Remember There Was Once a Day
  235. Roman Cen­tur­i­on Sought Out the Lord, A
  236. See! Now Is the Time!
  237. Shades of Pur­ple, Shades of Blue
  238. She Came to Je­sus
  239. She Suf­fered Twelve Long Years
  240. Sing Out, All God’s Peo­ple!
  241. Sing Out! Sound the Trum­pets!
  242. Some Say It’s Noth­ing
  243. Spirit of God
  244. Storm Came to Hon­dur­as, The
  245. Take On the Mind of Christ the Lord
  246. Ten Brides­maids Wait­ed for the Time
  247. Ten Who Suf­fered Sought Out Je­sus
  248. Terrible Sin of the People of Nin­e­veh, The
  249. There Are Ma­ny Gifts for Shar­ing
  250. There Are Ma­ny Ways of Shar­ing
  251. There Is a Migh­ty Ques­tion
  252. There’s Not a Thing That God Can’t Do
  253. They Met to Read the Bi­ble
  254. They Raged at Je­sus’ Ser­mon
  255. To a Place of Cel­e­bra­tion
  256. To What Can the King­dom of God Be Com­pared
  257. Up on a Moun­tain­top
  258. Voice Was Heard in Ra­mah, A
  259. Water God Gives Us, The
  260. We Are His Wit­nes­ses
  261. We Come to This Ta­ble
  262. We En­ter Your Church, Lord
  263. We Ga­ther at Your Ta­ble, Lord
  264. We Ga­ther To­geth­er
  265. We Hear, Lord, Your Pro­mise
  266. We Hope Against All Hope
  267. We Join in Proc­laim­ing
  268. We Look to You, O Je­sus
  269. We Love to Sound Your Prais­es
  270. We Played the Flute! the Child­ren Said
  271. We Pray for Youth We Dear­ly Love
  272. We Thank You, God, for Teach­ers
  273. Welcoming God
  274. Well-Loved Tra­di­tions, The
  275. We’re Child­ren of God
  276. We’re Ci­ti­zens of Hea­ven
  277. What a Joy, This Hab­i­ta­tion!
  278. What a World of Sound
  279. Whatever Gains I’ve Had
  280. Whatever You Do
  281. When Ab­ra­ham Went Up
  282. When Christ Went to the Tem­ple
  283. When Did We See You Hung­ry, Lord?
  284. When Giv­ing Your Gifts
  285. When Hands Reach Out
  286. When Je­sus Called You Fa­ther
  287. When John the Bapt­ist Preached
  288. When Ma­ry Hugged Her New­born Son
  289. When Ma­ry Poured a Rich Per­fume
  290. When Old Ze­ch­a­ri­ah Saw What God Had Done
  291. When Tho­mas Heard from Je­sus
  292. When Wa­ters Roar and Foam
  293. When We Were a Young­er Na­tion
  294. When You Are Pray­ing
  295. Where Is Bread?
  296. Who Is My Neigh­bor?
  297. Why Is This Night Dif­fer­ent?
  298. You Call Us, Lord, to Wor­ship
  299. You Formed Us in Your Im­age, Lord
  300. You Give Us Hope This East­er Day
  301. You Have Searched Me, Lord, and Known Me
  302. You Made Us in Your Im­age
  303. You, O Christ, Are Re­sur­rec­tion
  304. Your Word Is Like a Lamp, O Lord
  305. You’ve Called Us To­ge­ther
  306. Zacchaeus Was a Tax Man