May 28, 1961, Harrisonburg, Virginia.


Gillette’s father is a retired college professor, her mother a lay leader in the Grace United Methodist Church in Ha­gers­town, Maryland. She married Bruce Gil­lette on May 26, 1984, and they have three children: John, Cath­er­ine, and Sarah.

In 1985, she earned her Master of Divinity degree from Prince­ton Theological Seminary. She served as co-pastor at the First Presbyterian Church, Pit­man, New Jersey; co-pastor at the Limestone Presbyterian Church, Wilm­ing­ton, Del­a­ware, since 2004; and has a hymn Web site. Her works include:

She also contributed to:

  1. Abraham Journeyed to a New Country
  2. All of Life Is Filled With Wonder
  3. All of You Who Walked in Darkness
  4. All the Music Sung and Played Here
  5. All Those Who Live in Christ Jesus
  6. All Who Call Upon the Lord’s Name
  7. All You Who Thirst, Gather Here At the Waters
  8. Another Son Is Killed
  9. Are You the One Who Is to Come?
  10. Artist Had a Vision, A
  11. As Jesus Faced the Council
  12. Ash Wednesday Comes
  13. At the Dawn of Your Creation
  14. Baby, A Blessing! A Husband and Wife, A
  15. Be Doers of the Word of God
  16. Behold, Said God, I’m Sending One
  17. Bigger Barns
  18. Blessed Are the Poor Among You
  19. Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
  20. Blest Are God’s Peacemaking Ones
  21. By Grace We Have Been Saved Through Faith
  22. Candle of Hope, The
  23. Choose This Day The One You’ll Follow
  24. Children Come, The
  25. Christ Be with Us
  26. Christ, in Capernaum
  27. Christ Taught Us of a Farmer
  28. Christ, When Were You a Stranger?
  29. Christ Would Not Cast the Judgment Stone
  30. Christ, You Are The Savior
  31. Christ, You Often Sat at Dinner
  32. Christ, You Teach Us of Your Kingdom
  33. Christ, You Walked Among the Grain Fields
  34. Come and Join the Celebration
  35. Come, You Hungry Ones
  36. Creator God, You Made the Earth
  37. Creator of the Water
  38. Creator, We Thank You for All You Have Made
  39. Days Are Coming, Said the Lord, The
  40. Do Not Turn Away the Children
  41. Don’t Go ’Round Judging Others
  42. Don’t Show Off Your Giving
  43. Down by the Jordan
  44. Eagle Is Soaring, An
  45. Early on a Sunday
  46. Earth Is the Lord’s, The
  47. Emmaus-Bound on Easter Day
  48. Faithful God, You Sent Your Spirit
  49. Farmer in a Field, A
  50. Father, Forgive Them
  51. Fear Not! the Angel Said
  52. For Everything There Is a Time
  53. For Freedom, Christ Has Set Us Free
  54. For This Land in All Its Wonder
  55. Fruit of the Spirit, The
  56. Gifts of Love Our Lord Has Given
  57. Giving God, We Pause and Wonder
  58. Go Walk with God
  59. God Bless the Poet’s Heart and Hand
  60. God, Each Day You Give Is Precious
  61. God, How Can We Comprehend?
  62. God, How Many Are a Thousand?
  63. God, in Christ You Give Salvation
  64. God, in Joy We Gather
  65. God Made the Heavens and the Earth
  66. God, May Your Justice Roll Down
  67. God of All Learning
  68. God of Creation
  69. God of Generations
  70. God of Love, We Sing Your Glory
  71. God of Mercy, You Have Shown Us
  72. God of the Women
  73. God, Send Your Prophets Here
  74. God, the Mountains Tell Your Glory
  75. God, We Await Your Advent Here
  76. God, We Gather to Remember
  77. God, We Have Come from Our Families and Homes
  78. God, We Have Heard It
  79. God, We Join in Celebration
  80. God, We See What You Have Given
  81. God, We Sing and Worship
  82. God, We Spend a Lifetime Growing
  83. God, We Walk Through Death’s Deep Valley
  84. God, We’ve Known Such Grief and Anger
  85. God, What a Faith-Filled Mystery!
  86. God, When You Called Our Church by Grace
  87. God, Who Made Each Great Wide Ocean
  88. God, Who Ordered All Creation
  89. God, Whose Love Is Always Stronger
  90. God, with Joy We Look Around Us
  91. God, You Alone Know What You’ve Planned
  92. God, You Give Each Generation
  93. God, You Give Us Recreation
  94. God, You Love the World
  95. God, You Spoke Your Word Through Amos
  96. God, You Wrap Your Love Around Us
  97. God Your Blessings Overflow
  98. God, Your Gift of Peace Is Precious
  99. God, Your Love and Care Surround Us
  100. God, Your Love Is Everlasting
  101. God’s Great Love Is So Amazing
  102. God’s People Were Impatient
  103. Good Shepherd, We Are Not Alone
  104. Happy Are Those Who Walk in Your Ways
  105. Have the Mind That Was in Jesus
  106. He Shall Be the One of Peace
  107. Hear My Prayer for Unity
  108. Here’s a Promise We Can Count On
  109. How Can It Be
  110. How Can We Sing a Joyful Song?
  111. How Long, O Lord? I Mourn and Pray
  112. How Lovely Is Your Church, O Lord!
  113. I Believe
  114. I Have Brought You Out of Egypt
  115. If Only I Had Known
  116. In a Feed Box, in a Stable
  117. In Cana at a Wedding Feast
  118. In Haiti, There Is Anguish
  119. In Halls of Wealth and Power
  120. In Times of Great Decision
  121. In Your Kingdom Celebration
  122. Is It Lawful to Pay Taxes?
  123. Jesus Asked One Day
  124. Jesus Sat and Watched the Crowd
  125. Jesus, You Once Called Disciples
  126. Jesus, We Know Your Love in This
  127. Jesus Went Out to a Garden
  128. Jesus, You Once Called Disciples
  129. John Came Preaching, Bearing Witness
  130. John Went Out to Preach God’s Word
  131. Joseph Heard the Troubling News
  132. Joseph Was His Father’s Favorite
  133. King Once Told His Servants, A
  134. King Planned a Party, A
  135. Listen, Sisters! Listen, Brothers!
  136. Long Ago, as Evening Gathered
  137. Long Ago, God Reached in Love
  138. Long Ago, When Pharaoh’s Daughter
  139. Looking Back, O God, We Wonder
  140. Lord, Hear the Cries of Children
  141. Lord, Let Your Servant Go in Peace
  142. Lord, What a Cloud of Witnesses!
  143. Lord, What a Parade!
  144. Lord, What Is All Our Fighting For?
  145. Lord, What Must I Do?
  146. Lord, When Were You a Stranger?
  147. Lord, When Were You in Prison?
  148. Lord, You Are My Shepherd
  149. Lord, You Teach Us to Be Humble
  150. Love of Christ Jesus Is Urging Us On, The
  151. Man Owned a Vineyard, A
  152. Man Who Could Not See, A
  153. Mary Gladly Told Her Cousin
  154. Mary Heard the Angel’s Message
  155. Nicodemus Sought Out Jesus
  156. No Longer
  157. No One Knows the Day or Hour
  158. O Christ, When You Ascended
  159. O Christ, You Are Life
  160. O Christ, Your Friends Were Gathered
  161. O God, Be Merciful to Me
  162. O God, Come Sunday Morning
  163. O God, Creator of All Things
  164. O God, Each Day You Bless Us
  165. O God, from Our Working You Call Us Away
  166. O God, I Seek Your Grace
  167. O God, in Christ You Call Us
  168. O God, in Raising Jesus
  169. O God, in Your Love
  170. O God of Creation, We See All Around Us
  171. O God of Life, Your Healing Touch
  172. O God of Light, May Our Light Shine
  173. O God of Love, the Fast You Choose
  174. O God of Mighty Wind and Flame
  175. O God of Truth and Glory
  176. O God Our Creator, You Work Every Day
  177. O God, Our Hearts Were Shattered
  178. O God, Our Words Cannot Express
  179. O God, the Great Wide Seas are Yours
  180. O God, the Things That Make for Peace
  181. O God, This Time of Grieving
  182. O God, We Hear of Suffering
  183. O God, We Hear Your Word of Grace
  184. O God, We Rage at Hurtful Things
  185. O God, We Yearn for Safety
  186. O God, When Your Land
  187. O God, Who Formed Creation
  188. O God, Whose Loving Has No End
  189. O God, You Call for Justice
  190. O God, You Give Welcome
  191. O God, You Love the Needy
  192. O God, You Made the Sabbath Day
  193. O God, You Send Us Out to Walk
  194. O God, You Sent Us Jesus Christ
  195. O God, You Tell Us Of a Day
  196. O God, Your Creatures Fill the Earth
  197. O God, Your Grace Has Now Appeared
  198. O God, You’ve Led Us By Your Grace
  199. O Jesus, You Were Born to Be
  200. O Lord, as You Were on Your Way
  201. O Lord, May All We Say and Do
  202. O Lord, You Called Disciples
  203. O Teacher, Don’t You Care?
  204. Old Abram Was Blest
  205. Old Isaac Asked His Nearby Son
  206. On the Beach, the Waves of Waters
  207. On The Night He Was Arrested
  208. On This Day of Celebration
  209. Once a Farmer Went Out Sowing
  210. Once a Father Told His Children
  211. Once a Woman Seeking Water
  212. Once For All, God Came From Heaven
  213. Once Long Ago
  214. One Day as Jesus Reached a Town
  215. One Day Jesus Climbed a Mountain
  216. One Day the News Was Grim
  217. One Person’s Sin Changed Every Life
  218. Open Wide Your Heavens!
  219. Our God, We Are a Church Reformed
  220. Our God, We Sing and Celebrate
  221. Our God, You Called to Moses
  222. Our Lord, You Stood in Pilate’s Hall
  223. Our Lord, You Were Sent
  224. Peace That We Share, The
  225. Pentecost Had Come
  226. Perhaps You Have Been Chosen
  227. Persian King Was Angry, The
  228. Peter Said, I’m Going Fishing
  229. Pharisee Was Praying, A
  230. Praise the Lord of Our Salvation
  231. Prayer for Our Children, A
  232. Prophet Has a Lonely Task, A
  233. Remember Me
  234. Remember There Was Once a Day
  235. Roman Centurion Sought Out the Lord, A
  236. See! Now Is the Time!
  237. Shades of Purple, Shades of Blue
  238. She Came to Jesus
  239. She Suffered Twelve Long Years
  240. Sing Out, All God’s People!
  241. Sing Out! Sound the Trumpets!
  242. Some Say It’s Nothing
  243. Spirit of God
  244. Storm Came to Honduras, The
  245. Take On the Mind of Christ the Lord
  246. Ten Bridesmaids Waited for the Time
  247. Ten Who Suffered Sought Out Jesus
  248. Terrible Sin of the People of Nineveh, The
  249. There Are Many Gifts for Sharing
  250. There Are Many Ways of Sharing
  251. There Is a Mighty Question
  252. There’s Not a Thing That God Can’t Do
  253. They Met to Read the Bible
  254. They Raged at Jesus’ Sermon
  255. To a Place of Celebration
  256. To What Can the Kingdom of God Be Compared
  257. Up on a Mountaintop
  258. Voice Was Heard in Ramah, A
  259. Water God Gives Us, The
  260. We Are His Witnesses
  261. We Come to This Table
  262. We Enter Your Church, Lord
  263. We Gather at Your Table, Lord
  264. We Gather Together
  265. We Hear, Lord, Your Promise
  266. We Hope Against All Hope
  267. We Join in Proclaiming
  268. We Look to You, O Jesus
  269. We Love to Sound Your Praises
  270. We Played the Flute! the Children Said
  271. We Pray for Youth We Dearly Love
  272. We Thank You, God, for Teachers
  273. Welcoming God
  274. Well-Loved Traditions, The
  275. We’re Children of God
  276. We’re Citizens of Heaven
  277. What a Joy, This Habitation!
  278. What a World of Sound
  279. Whatever Gains I’ve Had
  280. Whatever You Do
  281. When Abraham Went Up
  282. When Christ Went to the Temple
  283. When Did We See You Hungry, Lord?
  284. When Giving Your Gifts
  285. When Hands Reach Out
  286. When Jesus Called You Father
  287. When John the Baptist Preached
  288. When Mary Hugged Her Newborn Son
  289. When Mary Poured a Rich Perfume
  290. When Old Zechariah Saw What God Had Done
  291. When Thomas Heard from Jesus
  292. When Waters Roar and Foam
  293. When We Were a Younger Nation
  294. When You Are Praying
  295. Where Is Bread?
  296. Who Is My Neighbor?
  297. Why Is This Night Different?
  298. You Call Us, Lord, to Worship
  299. You Formed Us in Your Image, Lord
  300. You Give Us Hope This Easter Day
  301. You Have Searched Me, Lord, And Known Me
  302. You Made Us in Your Image
  303. You, O Christ, Are Resurrection
  304. Your Word Is Like a Lamp, O Lord
  305. You’ve Called Us Together
  306. Zacchaeus Was a Tax Man