Scripture Verse

When shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of Thy coming, and of the end of the world? Matthew 24:3


The Eve of the Deluge
John Martin (1789–1854)

Words: Ca­ro­lyn W. Gil­lette, 1998.

Music: An­gel’s Story Ar­thur H. Mann, in The Me­tho­dist Sun­day School Hymn­book (Lon­don: 1881) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Carolyn W. Gillette (1961–)


There is a migh­ty quest­ion
We ask when na­tions rage:
Just when will be Christ’s com­ing,
The end­ing of the age?
Take care, said Je­sus clear­ly,
For ma­ny will ap­pear;
They’ll claim to be Mes­si­ah,
Yet peo­ple should not fear.

For in the days of No­ah,
The peo­ple went along
In eat­ing and in drink­ing,
In mer­ri­ment and song—
Then sud­den­ly the world changed
With great, sur­pris­ing pow­er;
So too will be Christ’s com­ing,
And no one knows the hour.

So keep awake and watch­ful;
Salvation is at hand!
Our hope is in Christ Je­sus,
And by God’s grace we stand.
The night is almost over,
We wait for God’s new day,
And through the Ho­ly Spir­it,
We fol­low Je­sus’ way.

Be rea­dy in your liv­ing,
For when you feed the poor,
Or give to thirs­ty child­ren
The wa­ter they long for,
And when you wel­come stran­gers
And help the ones in need,
Christ says: Re­ceive my king­dom,
For you are serv­ing me.