May 16, 1850, Nor­wich, Nor­folk, Eng­land.

No­vem­ber 19, 1929, Cam­bridge, Eng­land.


Mann was ed­u­cat­ed at New Col­lege, Ox­ford (MusB 1874, MusD 1882).

He was a cho­ris­ter and as­sist­ant or­gan­ist at Nor­wich Ca­thed­ral, and played the or­gan for short per­i­ods at St. Pe­ter’s, Wol­ver­hamp­ton (1870); Tet­ten­hall Pa­rish Church (1871); and Bev­er­ley Min­ster (1875).

He then served as or­gan­ist at King’s Col­lege Cha­pel, Cam­bridge (1876–1929); Un­i­ver­si­ty Or­gan­ist (1897–1929); and mu­sic mas­ter and or­gan­ist at the Leys School, Cam­bridge (1894–1922).

In ad­di­tion to com­pos­ing an or­a­to­rio and a num­ber of hymn tunes, Mann was mu­sic ed­it­or of the 1894 Church of Eng­land Hym­nal.

  1. Angel’s Sto­ry
  2. Aristides
  3. Benediction
  4. Berno
  5. Claudius
  6. New Year, The
  7. Silesius
  8. Wilton

Mann’s bu­ri­al place