Scripture Verse

His face did shine as the sun, and His raiment was white as the light. Matthew 17:2


John M. Neale (1818–1866)


Words: Cos­mas the Me­lo­dist, 8th Cen­tu­ry (Χο­ρός ’Ισ­ρα­ήλ). Trans­lat­ed from Greek to Eng­lish by John M. Neale, Hymns of the East­ern Church, 1862.

Music: Au­re­lia Sam­uel S. Wes­ley, in A Se­lect­ion of Psalms and Hymns, by Charles Kem­ble (Lon­don: John F. Shaw, 1864), num­ber 122 (🔊 pdf nwc).

God Speaks to Israel at Sinai
Gerard Hoet (1648–1733)


In days of old on Sinai
The Lord Almighty came
In majesty of terror,
In thunder cloud and flame:
On Tabor, with the glo­ry
Of sunniest light for vest,
The excellence of beauty
In Je­sus was expressed.

All light created paled there,
And did Him worship meet;
The sun itself adored Him,
And bowed before His feet;
While Moses and Elias,
Upon the holy mount,
The co-eter­nal glo­ry
Of Christ our God recount.

O holy, wondrous vision!
But what when, this life past,
The beauty of Mount Tabor
Shall end in Heav’n at last?
But what when all the glo­ry
Of uncreated light
Shall be the promised guerdon
Of them that win the fight?