Scripture Verse

He lives on high. Isaiah 33:5


Baylus B. McKinney (1886–1952)

Words: Bay­lus B. Mc­Kin­ney, cir­ca 1921.

Music: From Alo­ha Oe, by Queen Lil­iuo­ka­la­ni of Ha­wa­ii, ar­ranged by Bay­lus Mc­Kin­ney (🔊 pdf nwc).

Queen Liliuokalani (1838–1917)


Christ the Sav­ior came from Hea­ven’s glo­ry,
To re­deem the lost from sin and shame;
On His brow He wore the thorn-crown glo­ry,
And up­on Cal­va­ry He took my blame.


He lives on high, He lives on high,
Triumphant ov­er sin and all its stain;
He lives on high, He lives on high,
Some day He’s com­ing again.

He arose from death and all its sor­row,
To dwell in that land of joy and love;
He is com­ing back some glad to­mor­row,
And He’ll take all His child­ren home above.


Weary soul, to Je­sus come con­fess­ing,
Redemption from sin He of­fers thee;
Look to Je­sus and re­ceive a bless­ing,
There is life, there is joy and vic­to­ry!