Scripture Verse

Now are they many members, yet but one body. 1 Corinthians 12:20


Arthur H. Mann

Words: Sam­uel J. Stone, 1871. Writ­ten for the First Day of In­ter­ces­sion for For­eign Mis­sions. Pub­lished in Stone’s Knight of In­ter­ces­sion, 1872.

Music: An­gel’s Sto­ry Ar­thur H. Mann, in The Me­tho­dist Sun­day School Hymn­book (Lon­don: 1881) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Samuel J. Stone


Far off our brethren’s voices
Are borne from alien lands,
Far off our Fa­ther’s children
Reach out their waiting hands:
Give us, they cry, our portion;
Co-heirs of grace divine:
Give us the word of promise,
Give us the Threefold line.

Yea, though the world of waters
Between us ever rolls,
No ocean wastes may sever
The brotherhood of souls.
Far from us, they are of us;
No bound of all the earth
May part the sons and daughters
Who share the second birth.

One standard floats above us,
One old historic throne;
In nearness or in distance
In loyal faith we own.
So in the things eter­nal
Adore we at one shrine;
And with the nation’s banner
Rear we the Church’s sign.

In happiest, homely commune,
When sweetest songs are sung,
Awakes those alien echoes
One sacred mother tongue.
Then let us praise together!
Together let us pray,
And go together homeward
Upon the ancient day!

Together, heav’nward, homeward;
For ever in our view
One spiritual city—
Jerusalem the new;
For ever drawing nearer
To One beloved, adored,
The Cru­ci­fied who bought us,
The crowned, incarnate Lord.

Lord God! Eternal Fa­ther!
Send down the Holy Dove,
For His dear sake who loved us,
To quicken us in love;
Bless us with His compassion,
That we, or ere we rest,
May work to bless our brethren,
And, blessing, be more blest.