Ap­ril 25, 1839, Whit­more, Staf­ford­shire, Eng­land.

No­vem­ber 19, 1900, Char­ter­house, Eng­land.

West Nor­wood Ce­me­te­ry and Cre­ma­to­ri­um, Lam­beth, Lon­don, Eng­land.


Stone was ed­u­cat­ed at Char­ter­house and at Pem­broke Col­lege, Ox­ford (BA 1862, MA 1872).

After ta­king Ho­ly Or­ders, he became Cur­ate of Wind­sor in 1862, and of St. Paul’s, Hag­gers­ton, in 1870. In 1874, he suc­ceed­ed his fa­ther, Will­iam Stone, at St. Paul’s. Around 1890, he took the par­ish of All-Hal­lows-on-the-Wall, Lon­don, and spent the re­main­der of his life there. His works in­clude:

  1. All the Sac­ri­fice Is End­ed
  2. Awake, O Lord, the Zeal of Those Who Stand
  3. Bear the Trou­bles of Thy Life
  4. By Paul at War in Gen­tile Lands
  5. By Shep­herds First Was Heard
  6. By Thy Love Which Shone for Aye
  7. Christ the Wis­dom and the Pow­er
  8. Church’s One Foun­da­tion, The
  9. Dark Is the Sky That Ov­er­hangs My Soul
  10. Deeply Dark and Deep­ly Still
  11. Eastward, Ever East­ward
  12. England, By Thine Own Saint Al­ban
  13. Faith, Who Sees Be­yond the Por­tal
  14. Far Off Our Breth­ren’s Voices
  15. Give the Word, Eter­nal King
  16. Glory in Hea­ven to God
  17. God the Fa­ther, All in One
  18. God the Fat­her’s On­ly Son
  19. God the Spir­it, We Adore Thee
  20. Homeward We Pass in Peace
  21. How Can We Praise Thee, Fa­ther?
  22. Is There No Hope for Those Who Lie?
  23. Jesu, to My Heart Most Pre­cious
  24. Lo! They Were, and They Are, and Shall Be
  25. Lord Christ, My Mas­ter Dear
  26. Lord of Our Soul’s Sal­va­tion
  27. Lord of the Har­vest! It Is Right and Meet
  28. Mistful Are Our Wait­ing Eyes
  29. Most True, Most High
  30. My Savior! I Be­hold Thy Life
  31. Need Hath the Gold­en Ci­ty None
  32. None Else but Thee, For­ev­er­more
  33. O Fa­ther, in Whose Great De­sign
  34. O Joy, the Pur­est, Nob­lest
  35. O Thou, Be­fore Whose Pre­sence
  36. O Thou by Whom the Saints Abide
  37. O Thou Whose Love Pater­nal
  38. Old Year’s Long Cam­paign Is O’er, The
  39. On Ol­iv­et a Lit­tle Band
  40. Our God of Love, Who Reigns Above
  41. Peace: Le­ga­cy of Mys­tic Pow­er
  42. Remember Me, Show Forth My Death
  43. Round the Sac­red City Ga­ther
  44. Son For­sook the Fa­ther’s Home, The
  45. Sower Went to Sow His Seed, A
  46. Their Names Are Names of Kings
  47. There Is an An­cient Ri­ver
  48. Thou Who Hast Charged Thine El­der Sons
  49. Thou Who Didst Love Us When Our Woes Began
  50. Through Mid­night Gloom from Ma­ce­don
  51. Unchanging God, Hear from Eter­nal Heav’n
  52. Weary of Earth and La­den with My Sin
  53. While the Shep­herds Kept Their Vi­gil
  54. Whole Cre­a­tion Groans and Cries, The
  55. Winter in His Heart of Gloom
  56. World Is Sad with Hopes That Die, The
  57. Ye Faith­ful Few of Is­ra­el’s Cap­tive Days