Born: Ap­ril 25, 1839, Whit­more, Staf­ford­shire, Eng­land.

Died: No­vem­ber 19, 1900, Char­ter­house, Eng­land.

Buried: West Nor­wood Ce­me­te­ry and Cre­ma­to­ri­um, Lam­beth, Lon­don, Eng­land.



Stone was edu­cat­ed at Char­ter­house and at Pem­broke Col­lege, Ox­ford (BA 1862, MA 1872).

After ta­king Ho­ly Or­ders, he became cur­ate of Wind­sor in 1862, and of St. Paul’s, Hag­gers­ton, in 1870. In 1874, he suc­ceed­ed his fa­ther, Will­iam Stone, at St. Paul’s.

Around 1890, he took the par­ish of All-Hal­lows-on-the-Wall, Lon­don, and spent the rest of his life there.



Hymn for Church Workers

Christ, the Wisdom and the Power!
From our labor’s fleeting hour
To that timeless age of bliss
Which shall crown the toil of this,
Grant that all our life may be
Hidden and revealed in Thee.

That our work may be divine
Seek we not our own but Thine;
Lost to self and found in Thee,
Find we sweet humility,
Zeal by reverent love refined,
True devotion’s single mind.

So in Thee we shall be strong,
Seem the labor light or long;
And, though clouds of self and sin
Darken round us and within,
So not dimly shall we see
Light to lighten all in Thee.

Thus in Thee, O Wisdom, wise,
May we touch the blinded eyes,
Turn the steps that vainly roam
Back to happiness and home,
And in sacred waters sweet
Wash Thy young disciples’ feet.

Thus in Thee, O Power, we go
Through Thy Church’s war below,
In Thy panoply alway
Steadfast through the evil day;
Troubled ever, not distressed,
Moving to Thy Church at rest.

In Thee now, and in Thee then
Now, and when Thou com’st again;
Now at war among Thy foes,
Then at peace in Thy repose,
Brother-man and sovereign Lord,
Thine our work and our reward!

Samuel John Stone (1839–1900)