Ap­ril 25, 1839, Whit­more, Staf­ford­shire, Eng­land.

No­vem­ber 19, 1900, Char­ter­house, Eng­land.

West Nor­wood Ce­me­te­ry and Cre­ma­to­ri­um, Lam­beth, Lon­don, Eng­land.


Stone was educated at Charterhouse, and at Pembroke College, Oxford (BA 1862, MA 1872). After taking Holy Orders, he became Curate of Windsor in 1862, and of St. Paul’s, Haggerston, in 1870. In 1874, he succeeded his father, William Stone, at St. Paul’s. Around 1890, he took the parish of All-Hallows-on-the-Wall, London, and spent the remainder of his life there. His works in­clude:

  1. All the Sacrifice Is Ended
  2. Awake, O Lord, the Zeal of Those Who Stand
  3. Bear the Troubles of Thy Life
  4. By Paul at War in Gentile Lands
  5. By Shepherds First Was Heard
  6. By Thy Love Which Shone for Aye
  7. Christ the Wisdom and the Power
  8. Church’s One Foundation, The
  9. Dark Is the Sky That Overhangs My Soul
  10. Deeply Dark and Deeply Still
  11. Eastward, Ever Eastward
  12. England, By Thine Own Saint Alban
  13. Faith, Who Sees Beyond the Portal
  14. Far Off Our Brethren’s Voices
  15. Give the Word, Eternal King
  16. Glory in Heaven to God
  17. God the Father, All in One
  18. God the Father’s Only Son
  19. God the Spirit, We Adore Thee
  20. Homeward We Pass in Peace
  21. How Can We Praise Thee, Father?
  22. Is There No Hope for Those Who Lie?
  23. Jesu, to My Heart Most Precious
  24. Lo! They Were, and They Are, and Shall Be
  25. Lord Christ, My Master Dear
  26. Lord of Our Soul’s Sal­va­tion
  27. Lord of the Harvest! It Is Right and Meet
  28. Mistful Are Our Waiting Eyes
  29. Most True, Most High
  30. My Savior! I Behold Thy Life
  31. Need Hath the Golden City None
  32. None Else but Thee, Forevermore
  33. O Father, in Whose Great Design
  34. O Joy, the Purest, Noblest
  35. O Thou, Before Whose Presence
  36. O Thou by Whom the Saints Abide
  37. O Thou Whose Love Paternal
  38. Old Year’s Long Campaign Is O’er, The
  39. On Olivet a Little Band
  40. Our God of Love, Who Reigns Above
  41. Peace: Legacy of Mystic Power
  42. Remember Me, Show Forth My Death
  43. Round the Sacred City Gather
  44. Son Forsook the Father’s Home, The
  45. Sower Went to Sow His Seed, A
  46. Their Names Are Names of Kings
  47. There Is an Ancient River
  48. Thou Who Hast Charged Thine Elder Sons
  49. Thou Who Didst Love Us When Our Woes Began
  50. Through Midnight Gloom from Macedon
  51. Unchanging God, Hear from Eternal Heav’n
  52. Weary of Earth and Laden with My Sin
  53. While the Shepherds Kept Their Vigil
  54. Whole Creation Groans and Cries, The
  55. Winter in His Heart of Gloom
  56. World Is Sad with Hopes That Die, The
  57. Ye Faithful Few of Israel’s Captive Days