Scripture Verse

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. Psalm 68:11


Benjamin Carr

Words: Sam­u­el J. Stone, 1871. Wri­tten for the First Day of In­ter­ces­sion for For­eign Mis­sions.

Music: Ma­drid (Carr) tra­di­tion­al Spa­nish tune. Ar­ranged by Ben­ja­min Carr, 1824 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:

Samuel J. Stone


Give the word, eternal King;
Swift and fair from hill to hill
Speed the angel feet that bring
News of glory and goodwill,
News of freedom’s open door,
Thy redemption’s sweet release,
Priceless treasure to the poor,
To the weary perfect peace.

Give the word, ascended Son;
By the travail of Thy soul,
By the triumph it hath won,
Let the tidings onward roll;
In the depth and o’er the height
Thy love’s banner be unfurled;
Make Thine own, in hell’s despite,
All the kingdoms of the world.

Give the word, O Holy Ghost:
West and East and South and North
Make a second Pentecost;
Bid Thy companies go forth,
Bearing all the gifts of grace
On Thy wings, O mystic Dove,
Visions of the Savior’s face,
Music of the Father’s love.

Father, Son, and Spirit, God,
By the sum of human ill,
By Thy dread avenging rod,
By Thine all absolving will,
Lo, before Thy feet we fall!
Holy, holy, holy Lord;
Three in One, and All in All,
Hear our cry and give the word.