September 12, 1768, London, England.

May 24, 1831, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


After studying music under Samuel Arnold & Charles Wesley II, Carr emigrated to America in 1794, setting up music publishing businesses in Philadelphia and New York City. His 1794 Federal Overture marked the first American printing of Yankee Doodle and Hail Columbia. His 1796 The Archers, or the Mountaineers of Switzerland, based on the story of Swiss national hero William Tell, is one of the first American operas of which pieces still survive. He also ran Carr’s Musical Repository, thought to be the first music store in Philadelphia. Carr served as organist at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, and, beginning in 1801, as music director at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Philadelphia. His works include:

  1. Madrid (Carr)