Scripture Verse

It is finished. John 19:30


Henry T. Smart

Words: Sam­uel J. Stone, Ly­ra Fi­de­li­um (Lon­don: Par­ker, 1866).

Music: Re­gent Square Hen­ry T. Smart, in Psalms and Hymns for Di­vine Wor­ship (Lon­don: 1867) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Samuel J. Stone


All the sac­ri­fice is ended,
Breathed His bo­dy’s lat­est breath,
And His hu­man soul hath wend­ed
Where the wea­ry rest be­neath;
Christ as man hath com­pre­hend­ed
All the hu­man law of death!

Yet not there His soul re­main­eth
Nor His bo­dy in the tomb:
Lo! what sud­den glo­ry gain­eth
Quick do­minion o’er the gloom!
Yea, o’er death and hell He reign­eth
Bursting back the gates of doom!

Manifold the at­tes­tation:
Brethren tell the mar­vel o’er,
And the sol­diers from their sta­tion,
And the an­gels at the door,
And His own Word’s re­ve­la­tion,
Lo! I live for ev­er­more.

Hail, thou morn of re­sur­rect­ion,
Primal ho­ly East­er Day!
Now the hours of deep de­ject­ion
’Neath the night-clouds’ dark ar­ray,
Foes’ re­vil­ing, friends’ de­fect­ion,
In thy glo­ry pass away!

Now He lives and reigns for ev­er!
That we too may enter in
Where eter­nal life shall ne­ver
Taste of sorrow or of sin,
Where from Him no death shall se­ver
Those He vanquished death to win.

Savior! in our night of weeping
Tell us of the joyful morn,
Guard our souls, their vigil keep­ing
In the hours of hate and scorn:
Raise us falling, wake us sleep­ing,
Till our East­er Day be born.