Tune NameNamed AfterUsed By
Da Christ­us ge­bor­en
  1. Kindly Spring Again Is Here
  2. Sovereign Rul­er of the Skies
Da Je­sus an des Kreuz­esGerman for Then said Je­sus on the cross.
  1. Forgive, O Fa­ther!
  2. Our Bless­èd Sav­ior Se­ven Times Spoke
DaciaThe pro­vince in the Ro­man Em­pire.Jesus Will Save
Da Pa­cemLatin for Give peace.Give Peace in These Our Days
DaduWinter ca­pi­tal of the Chi­nese Yuan dy­nas­ty.Rest Awhile
DaeguThe Ko­re­an ci­ty.Just Be­yond (Hall)
DaejonThe Ko­re­an ci­ty.Till Christ Shall Come
DagenhamThe sub­urb of East Lon­don.Full Sal­va­tion (Rouse)
DaguesComposer Pi­erre Dagues.Partout avec Jé­sus!
Daily, Daily [Con­quer­or]
  1. Daily, Dai­ly, Sing the Prais­es
  2. Hosts of God Go Forth to Bat­tle
  3. Ring the Joy-Bells, Christ Has Ris­en
DakarThe ci­ty in Sen­e­gal.Song of the Daw­ning, A
Dale Ab­beyWeary Souls, That Wan­der Wide
  1. Come, Thou De­sire of All Thy Saints
  2. Evening Winds Be­gin to Blow, The
  3. I Set the Lord Be­fore My Face
  4. Lord Be with Us, The
  5. Lord Je­sus, Are We One with Thee?
  6. Lord, While for All Man­kind We Pray
  7. My Griev­ing Soul Re­vive, O Lord
  8. O for That Ten­der­ness of Heart
  9. O Thou Who by a Star Didst Guide
  10. There Is a Path That Leads to God
  11. When Men, Pre­tend­ing to Be Wise
  12. Who Is Thy Neigh­bor?
DalkeithO Lord of Health and Life
DallasThine For­ev­er! God of Love
DalmatiaThe Cro­a­tian re­gion.Friend of Sin­ners
  1. Hour Will Quick­ly Come, The
  2. How Pleased and Blest Was I
  3. Lord Je­ho­vah Reigns (2), The
DaltonThe town in Geor­gia.On the Way
DamarisThe wo­man in Acts 17:34.Risen for Me
DamascusThe Syr­i­an ci­ty.Little Child the Sav­ior Came, A
DanThe Is­ra­el­ite tribe.My Sav­ior Knows
Dana [Amen, Je­sus Han Skal Raade]
  1. Master, Speak! Thy Ser­vant Hear­eth
  2. Night of Won­der
Danby’Tis Win­ter Now, the Fall­en Snow
DaniaHear Us, Thou That Brood­est
DanielThe Bib­li­cal pro­phet.Hark! Hark! the Song
DanversBlest Are the Hum­ble Souls That See
Dar es Sa­laamThe Tan­za­ni­an ci­ty.
  1. God Lov­eth the Right­eous
  2. Venid, Pas­tor­ci­llos
DarakHebrew for lead or march.Lead Us by Thy Hand
Dare to Be BraveDare to Be Brave
DarienThe Con­nec­ti­cut town.Sweet Is the Work, My God, My King
  1. Christ’s Birth­day
  2. My God, Ac­cept My Ear­ly Vows
  1. All Ye That Pass By
  2. O Je­sus Our Head
DarmstadtThe Ger­man ci­ty.I Knot Not Why!
Darwall’s 148th [Ports­mouth]Composer John Dar­wall’s mus­ic­al set­ting for the 148th Psalm.
  1. Awake, Ye Saints, Awake
  2. Before the Lord We Bow
  3. City of Our God, The
  4. Happy Morn Is Come, The
  5. Hark, ’Tis the Trum­pet’s Sound!
  6. Hills of the North, Re­joice
  7. Join All the Glo­ri­ous Names
  8. Lord Je­ho­vah Reigns, The
  9. Lord of the Worlds Above
  10. Night Is Now Far Spent, The
  11. No Righ­teous­ness of Mine
  12. O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?
  13. O Zi­on, Tune Thy Voice
  14. O’er Hoarse At­lan­tic’s Wave
  15. On What Has Now Been Sown
  16. Praise Ye, Praise Ye the Lord
  17. Rejoice, the Lord Is King
  18. Shall Hymns of Grate­ful Love
  19. Sweet Place
  20. Thy Works, Not Mine, O Christ
  21. Triune God Above, The
  22. Upward I Lift Mine Eyes
  23. What Was It, Bless­èd God?
Darwen [Har­wood, Ra­pture]Composer Ed­ward Har­wood’s home town.Wicked, Watch­ing for Their Prey, The
Das herr­lich ho­he FestMerits of the Saints, The
Das ist meine FreudeDost Thou Tru­ly Seek Re­nown?
Das Leid­en des HerrnO Come and Mourn with Me
Das Lieb­en bringt groß Freud [Lisch­er]German for lov­ing brings great joy.
  1. O for a Shout of Joy
  2. On Wings of Liv­ing Light
  3. Welcome, De­light­ful Morn
Das neu­ge­borne Kind­leinGerman for the new­born child.
  1. Come, Ho­ly Spi­rit, God and Lord!
  2. How Vain Was Im­pi­ous Her­od’s Dread
Das walt’ Gott Va­ter
  1. Bless Thou the Gifts Our Hands Have Brought
  2. Invited Lord, by Bound­less Grace
  3. No More, My God
  4. O Happy Day, When First Was Poured
  5. O Thou Who Gav­est Pow­er to Love
DatchetThe vil­lage in Berk­shire, Eng­land.O Where Are the Reap­ers?
DavaoThe Phil­ip­pine ci­ty.Looking Back­ward Through the Year
DavenportThe ci­ty in Io­wa.Mighty, Yet Meek
DavidFountain of Life and of Grace, A

Also see Mor­ley

David’s HarpWe Saw Thee Not
DavisO Thou in Whose Pre­sence
DavosThe town in the can­ton of Grau­bün­den, Swit­zer­land.Dare to Stand Like Jo­shua
Dawn (Funk)Awake, My Soul, and with the Sun
Dawn (Gou­di­mel)Come, My Soul, Thou Must Be Wak­ing
Dawn (Par­ker)And Is There, Lord, a Rest?
DawsonvilleThe ci­ty in Georg­ia.Come to Je­sus, Dy­ing Sin­ner
Day by Day [Asch­am]Hail, Thou Source of Ev­ery Bless­ing
Day of Rest
  1. Do This; Re­mem­ber Me!
  2. From Be­tha­ny, the Mas­ter
Day-SpringBethlehem Song, The
Day-StarChrist Whose Glo­ry Fills the Skies
Dayspring (Bry­an)This Is the Day of Light
Dayspring (Frey­ling­hau­sen)Dayspring of Eter­ni­ty (Brown-Borth­wick)
DaytonThe Ohio ci­ty.Tell It to Je­sus (Lo­renz)
DaytonaThe Flor­i­da ci­ty.Land Ahead
Daytona BeachThe Flor­i­da ci­ty.Hail, Hail! the Ris­en Son!
De Fleu­rySee Green Fields
De Pro­fun­dis
  1. To My Hum­ble Sup­pli­ca­tion
  2. Whilst the Care­less World Is Sleep­ing
De ReefComposer R. E. De Reef.Father in Hea­ven, We Lift Our Voice to Thee
Dear Je­sus Is the One I LoveNow, in a Song of Grate­ful Praise
DearbornThe Mi­chi­gan ci­ty.Stars of Glo­ry, Shine More Bright­ly
DeathGod the Fa­ther, God the Son
DebdenThe sub­urb of Lough­ton, Ep­ping For­est, Es­sex, Eng­land.My Shep­herd Is the Lord
DeborahThe proph­et­ess in Judg­es 4:4.Little Her­alds
DecalogueA name for the Ten Com­mand­ments.Going Home to Glo­ry (Green­haw)
DeciusTo God on High Be Thanks and Praise
DedekamHow Blest the Man Who Thought­ful­ly
DedhamSee Gar­din­er
Dedication (Cal­kin)My Sins and Faults of Youth
Dedication (Fos­ter)Onward Speed Thy Con­quer­ing Flight
Dedication (Gil­ding)O Word of God Above
Dedication (Mc­Gra­na­han)I Belong to Je­sus
DeemsterWhat Did He Do?
Deep Har­mo­nySweet Is the Work, My God, My King
DeerhurstLamb of God! Our Souls Adore Thee
DehradunThe In­di­an ci­ty.Praise to God, Our Hea­ven­ly Fa­ther
DeKalbDeKalb Coun­ty, Geor­gia, where com­pos­er Jew­el Burns was born.Remember Your Pro­mise to Je­sus
Del RioThe Tex­as ci­ty.Love and Pow­er of Je­sus, The
Delaware Wa­ter GapThe lo­ca­tion in Penn­syl­vania.Christ Is Ris­en!
DelftThe Dutch ci­ty.Then Tell Jes­us
DeliveranceThou Who Break­est Eve­ry Chain
DelphineMake Haste, O My God, to De­liv­er
DemingThe town in New Mex­i­co.I’m Go­ing to Live with Je­sus
Den die Hir­tenSee Quem Pas­tor­es
Den HaagThe Dutch ci­ty.Judgment (Bo­nar), The
Den Mun Är TystSwedish for the mouth is si­lent.Mute Are the Plead­ing Lips of Him
DenaliThe Alas­kan moun­tain.Little Mis­sions
DenbighHark! ’Tis the Trump of God
DenbyLord, Hear Me in Dis­tress
DenfieldSee Az­mon
DenizliThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Come, List­en to the Story
DenmarkThe north­ern Eu­ro­pe­an coun­try.Praise of Je­sus’ Name, The
DennisPossibly the town in Mas­sa­chu­setts.
  1. And Are We Yet Alive?
  2. Blest Be the Tie That Binds
  3. Give Thou Thy Youth to God
  4. Holy Ghost Has Come, The
  5. How Gen­tle God’s Com­mands
  6. How Ten­der Is Thy Hand
  7. In Eve­ry Try­ing Hour
  8. Man Is Ev­er Bless’d, The
  9. Rites Can­not Change the Heart
  10. To Thee I Lift My Soul
Dennis (Thal­ben-Ball)Belovèd, Let Us Love
DennyO God, Whose Smile Is in the Sky
DenpasarThe ci­ty on the isl­and of Ba­li.Onward! On­ward!
Dent DaleHark! the Her­ald An­gels Sing
DentonFather, What­e’er of Earth­ly Bliss
DenverJesus of Na­za­reth
Deo Gracias [Agin­court]O Love, How Deep
Deo Gra­tiasShips Glide in at the Har­bor’s Mouth, The
DePauwDePauw Un­i­ver­si­ty, Green­cas­tle, In­di­a­na.
  1. Can Aught Be­low En­gross My Thoughts?
  2. Come, Chris­tian Breth­ren!
  3. Easter Flow­ers
  4. Eternal Lord! From Land to Land
  5. Father of Je­sus Christ Our Lord
  6. God of the Seas!
  7. Great God of Ab­ra­ham!
  8. Kindred in Christ, for His Dear Sake
  9. Lord, I Am Thine
  10. My Lord, Didst Thou En­dure Such Smart?
  11. O, Father, Thou Who Giv­est All
  12. Oh Thou Whom Nei­ther Time nor Space
  13. Thou Art, O God! A Spi­rit Pure
  14. Where Should I Be, if God Should Say
  15. Whilst Shep­herds Kept Their Flocks by Night
DeptfordThe dis­trict in south­east Lon­don.I Love the Lord My Sav­ior
Der am KreuzGerman for on the cross.
  1. Jesus, Grant That Balm and Heal­ing
  2. On My Heart Im­print Thine Im­age
Der Tag bricht anGerman for the day breaks.My God! My God! and Can It Be
Der Tag, der istHoly Spi­rit, God of Love
DerbyThe Eng­lish ci­ty.Hark! What Mean Those Holy Voic­es?
DerbyshireThe coun­ty in the East Mid­lands of Engl­and.Day of Won­der
Derry (Dykes)Forsaken Once, and Thrice De­nied
Derry (Holmes)In the East Is Morn­ing Break­ing
DerwentBehold, How Good a Thing
Des Moines [Auf mein­en lieb­en Gott]The Io­wa ci­ty.In God, My Faith­ful God
Descend on MeSpirit of God, Des­cend up­on My Heart
DesertSee Lyng­ham
DeSotoThe Tex­as ci­ty.Let Ev­en­ing Twi­light Turn to Dawn
DestinThe Flor­i­da ci­ty.Home All Bright and Fair, A
DetroitThe Mi­chi­gan ci­ty.My Life Is Thine, Lord Je­sus
Detroit (Hast­ings)O Lord, Thy Work Re­vive
Deus Tu­o­rum Mi­li­tumLatin for your sol­diers’ God.
  1. Almighty Fa­ther, Who Dost Give
  2. Bless Thou the Gifts Our Hands Have Brought
  3. Eternal Mon­arch, King Most High
  4. From God the Fa­ther, Vir­gin-Born
  5. God Help Our Coun­try to Be Strong
  6. Great God, to Thee My Ev­en­ing Song
  7. Hark! Heard Ye Not the An­cient Seer?
  8. Heart De­ject­ed Sighs to Know, The
  9. How Long Will Ye Des­pise My Name?
  10. I Will Ex­tol Thee, Lord on High
  11. Lord Is King! (Ter­ry), The
  12. Lord, What a Thought­less Wretch Was I
  13. My Soul Once Had Its Plen­te­ous Years
  14. O God, Thy Sol­diers’ Crown and Guard
  15. Return, My Soul, and Seek Thy Rest
  16. See, the De­struc­tion Is Be­gun
  17. Thy Fa­ther’s House
  18. Whom Shall I Send?
Det Är Ett Fast OrdSee Blom­qvist
DevaTell the Bless­èd Tid­ings
DeventerThe Dutch ci­ty.
  1. Great God! Be­neath Whose Pierc­ing Eye
  2. O Thou Who Seal­est Up the Past
  3. Thou Lord of Light, Across the Years
DevizesThe town in Wilt­shire, Eng­land.Thrice Hap­py Souls
DevonshireYear Is Swift­ly Wan­ing, The
Devonshire (Wes­ley)
  1. Lord, How My Nu­mer­ous Foes In­crease
  2. No Com­mon Vi­sion This I See
DevotionSee Tim­na
Devotion (Car­den)O for a Sweet, In­spir­ing Ray
Devotion (Gow­er)Not for Our Sins Alone
  1. Last Great Day Is Draw­ing Nigh, The
  2. ’Twas I That Did It
DhakaThe ci­ty in Ban­gla­desh.Sing to Me of Hea­ven
DiademAll Hail the Pow­er of Je­sus’ Name
  1. Still Will We Trust
  2. Thy Peo­ple, Lord of Ma­ny Lands and Na­tions
DiademataGreek for crowns.
  1. Away, My Need­less Fears
  2. Captain, We Look to Thee
  3. Christians, Dis­miss Your Fear
  4. Crown Him with Ma­ny Crowns
  5. Father, in Whom We Live
  6. Give Thanks to God the Lord
  7. Hark, How the Watch­men Cry
  8. I Lift My Heart to Thee (Stern­hold)
  9. Jesus, the Con­quer­or, Reigns
  10. Lord My Shep­herd Is, The
  11. Make Me a Cap­tive, Lord
  12. Mighty God, the Lord, The
  13. My God, My Strength, My Hope
  14. Now in the Days of Youth
  15. O Thou Who Dwell’st on High
  16. Prisoners of Hope, Arise
  17. Taking of Je­ri­cho, The
  18. Thou Judge of Quick and Dead
  19. Ye Men of Is­ra­el, Hear
Diamond BarThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.He Car­eth for Me (Lew­is)
Dias RidgeThe lo­ca­tion near Sau­sa­li­to, Ca­li­for­nia.Opening Pray­er
DibdinComposer Hen­ry Dib­din.
  1. Daughters of Pi­ty, Tune the Lay
  2. Mortals, Give Ear
Die güld­ne Son­neGerman for the golden sun.Evening and Morn­ing
Die helle Sonn’ leuch­t’t jetzt her­fürGerman for the bright sun shines forth now.Radiant Sun Shines in the Skies, The
Dies Do­mi­ni­caWe Pray Thee, Heav­en­ly Fa­ther
Dies Est Læ­ti­tiæLatin for day of joy.Royal Day That Chas­eth Gloom
Dies Ir­ae (Dykes)Latin for day of wrath.
  1. Day of Wrath (O’Ha­gan)
  2. Day of Wrath, O Day of Mourn­ing
Dies Ir­ae (Hill­er)Day of Wrath (Fa­ber & Ir­ons)
Dies Ir­ae (Mont­real)Day of An­ger, Day of Won­der
Dies Ira­e (Par­ry)
  1. Jerusalem! Thy Judge Will Come
  2. Y Dydd Olaf
Dies sind die Heil’genGerman for these are the saints.That Man a God­ly Life Might Live
  1. Father, Bless the Gifts We Bring Thee
  2. In the Land of An­ci­ent Sto­ry
DiliThe ci­ty in East Ti­mor.We Are Com­ing (Cros­by)
DiligenceLet Ev­ery Lamp Be Burn­ing Bright

Also see Work Song

DilwynHome town of John Ev­ans, who pro­vid­ed the mel­o­dy for the Ox­ford Book of Ca­rols.Dives and La­za­rus
DimanOh, Bless­èd Life!
Dir, Dir, Je­ho­vah [Cras­se­li­us]German for You, You, Je­ho­vah
  1. Jehovah, Let Me Now Adore Thee
  2. Lift Up the Ban­ner of Sal­va­tion
Dirge (Gib­son)Sleep, Thou Dust and Ash­es
Dirge (Han­del)Unveil Thy Bo­som, Faith­ful Tomb
DismissalGracious Sav­ior, Gen­tle Shep­herd
DisneyComposer Ja­cob Dis­ney.
  1. Waiting for Thy Com­ing (Wins­low)
  2. We Are Com­ing (Dis­ney)
DistressSo Fades the Love­ly, Bloom­ing Flow­er
Diva Ser­va­trixNow God Be with Us
Divine De­pen­denceOur God, Our Help in Ag­es Past
Divine Friend, TheThere’s No Oth­er Friend Like Je­sus
Divine Her­i­tageO God, Be­neath Thy Guid­ing Hand
Divine Pro­tec­tionHow Are Thy Ser­vants Blest, O Lord!
DivinityAwake, Awake the Sacr­ed Song
Di­vin­um Mys­ter­i­umLatin for di­vine mys­te­ry.Of the Fa­ther’s Love Be­got­ten
  1. As with Glad­ness, Men of Old
  2. Blessed Sav­ior, Thee I Love
  3. Chief of Sin­ners
  4. Come, Di­vine In­ter­pret­er
  5. Father, Glor­i­fy Thy Son
  6. For the Beau­ty of the Earth
  7. Holy, Ho­ly, Ho­ly, Lord (Words­worth)
  8. Let Us Go to Beth­le­hem
  9. Lord, Thy Child­ren Guide and Keep
  10. O Give Thanks to Him Who Made
  11. Rebels, Who Had Dared to Show
  12. Touch Me Not, to Ma­ry Said
DiyarbakırThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Sinner’s Awak­en­ing, The
DniproThe Ukrain­i­an ci­ty.Safe in the Arms of Je­sus
DoaneComposer How­ard Doane.Jesus, Thou Migh­ty Lord

Also see Wal­tham (Cal­kin)

DodgeO Lord Our God, with Ea­rnest Care
DohaThe ci­ty in Qa­tar.No Room in the Inn (Hawes)
DolgellyThe Welsh town (now named Dol­gel­lau).
  1. All Praise to God on High
  2. Thou, Lord, Has Pow­er to Heal
  3. Ye Ser­vants of the Lord (Wes­ley)
Dolomite ChantNot so in Haste, My Heart
Domine Pro­bas­tiThou, Lord, by Strict­est Search Hast Known
  1. Behold, the Lof­ty Sky
  2. O Ev­er­last­ing Light
  3. Thou That Dost Sav­est Through Pain
Dominus Re­git MeOpening words of Psalm 23 in the La­tin Vul­gate Bi­ble. In En­glish, “The Mas­ter Rules Me.”King of Love My Shep­herd Is, The
DonaSee Roth­ley
DonauGerman name for the Dan­ube Ri­ver.Jesus Was a Child Like Me (Cros­by)
Doncaster [As­war­by, Beth­le­hem]The ci­ty in York­shire, Eng­land.
  1. Advent of Our God, The
  2. Maker and Sov­er­eign Lord
  3. O Lord, Our Heav’n­ly King
  4. Put Thou Thy Trust in God
DonegalThe Ir­ish coun-ty.Nearing the Bet­ter Land
DongguanThe Chi­nese ci­ty.Second Tem­ple, The
DonoraBy All Whom Thou Hast Made
Donne Se­coursFrench for give help.
  1. O Son of God, Our Cap­tain of Sal­va­tion
  2. Our Na­tion, God, Its Heart to Thee Up­rais­eth
Donum DeiLatin for gift of God.O Gift of God, We Praise Thee
DoomsdayBehold! With Aw­ful Pomp
Door of HopeTeach Us to Pray
Dorchester [Bruns­wick]Why Doth the Man of Rich­es Grow?
DordogneThe French dé­parte­ment.I Am Je­sus’ Lit­tle Friend
DorkingThe town in Sur­rey, Eng­land.O God, Thy Sol­diers’ Great Re­ward
DorrnanceSee Tal­mar
DortThe 1618 Syn­od of Dort (Dor­drecht).
  1. Sound, Sound the Truth Abroad
  2. Thou, Whose Al­migh­ty Word
DortmundThe Ger­man ci­ty.O to Abide in Je­sus
DoualaThe ci­ty in Cam­er­oon.Go On!
DouglasDouglas Coun­ty, Ne­bras­ka.
  1. In Ju­dah God of Old Was Known
  2. Oh, Won­drous Name!
Dover [Hud­ders­field]O God, My Heav­en­ly King
  1. Jesus, My Ad­vo­cate Above
  2. O Life That Mak­est All Things New
  3. O Lord, Thou Art My God and King
  4. Why, Her­od, Why the God­head Fear?
Down Amp­neyComposer Ralph Vaugh­an Will­iams’ birth­place in Glou­ces­ter­shire, Eng­land.Come Down, O Love Di­vine
DowneyThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Christian Liv­ing
  1. As When the He­brew Pro­phet Raised
  2. Blest Are the Un­de­filed in Heart
  3. But Few Among the Car­nal Wise
  4. Come, Ye That Know and Fear the Lord
  5. Lord, at Thy Ta­ble I Be­hold
  6. Lord, I Es­teem Thy Judg­ments Right
  7. My God, My Ev­er­last­ing Hope
  8. No, I Shall En­vy Them No More
  9. Prepare, Ye Saints, to Meet Your Lord
  10. Steps of Those Whom He Ap­proves, The
  11. To Thee This Tem­ple We De­vote
DragicevicLove That Res­cued Me, The
DraperIn Our Day of Thanks­giv­ing
DresdenSee Wir pflü­gen
DretzelThrough the Day Thy Love Has Spared Us
Drink to Me On­ly
  1. How Blest a Home!
  2. Lord Je­sus, Who Didst Once Ap­pear
Du Lif­vets BrödSwedish for Thou Bread of Life.
  1. Day Is Sure­ly Draw­ing Near, The
  2. Lord Je­sus Christ, Thou Hast Pre­pared
Du Frie­dens­fürst, Herr Je­su ChristGerman for Prince of Peace, Lord Jesus ChristDay Is Past and Ov­er, The
Du meine Seele, singeLift Up Your Hearts, Ye Peo­ple
Duane Street
  1. Come Back, Come Back Again
  2. Day, the Gos­pel Day Draws Near, The
  3. From Ev­ery Spire on Christ­mas Eve
  4. Hail, Sov­er­eign Love
  5. I Saw One Wea­ry
  6. Lord of All Worlds
  7. O That the Race of Men Would Raise
  8. Sing to the Lord with Joy­ful Voice
  9. That Man No Guard or Wea­pons Needs
DübenHail, Thou Source of Ev­ery Bless­ing
Dublin (Bar­ton) [Coles­hill]Out of the Deeps of Long Dis­tress
Dublin (Smith)
  1. As Ga­thered in Thy Pre­cious Name
  2. My God, I Love Thee for Thy­self
  3. Oft Have I Sat in Sec­ret Sighs
DubrovnikThe Cro­a­tian ci­ty.Cross and Crown
Duci Cru­en­to Mar­tyr­umLo! Round the Throne a Glo­ri­ous Band
DudleyCity Paved with Gold, The
DugdaleScott Dug­dale, for­mer mu­sic teach­er at Mil­lard West High School, Oma­ha, Ne­bras­ka.Forth in the Dawn-Light
DuisburgThe Ger­man ci­ty.After
Duke Street [New­ry]The street in St. Hel­en’s, town­ship of Win­dle, where com­pos­er John Hat­ton lived.
  1. Almighty Fa­ther, Bless the Word
  2. Awake, My Tongue, Thy Trib­ute Bring
  3. Awakened by Thy Threat­en­ings, Lord
  4. Come, Let Us Tune Our Lof­ti­est Song
  5. For Thee, O God, Our Con­stant Praise
  6. Forever Set­tled in the Hea­vens
  7. Forth in Thy Name, O Lord
  8. From All That Dwell Be­low the Skies
  9. Glory to God the Tri­ni­ty
  10. God of Glo­ry Walks His Round, The
  11. God of the Morn­ing, at Whose Voice
  12. How Long, Ye Sons of Men?
  13. Hues of the Rich Un­fold­ing Morn
  14. I Know That My Re­deem­er Lives
  15. Jesus Shall Reign
  16. Lo, in the East a Star Ap­pears
  17. Now at the Lamb’s Im­per­i­al Feast
  18. Now Let Our Souls on Wings Sub­lime
  19. Now to the Lord a No­ble Song
  20. O God, Above the Drift­ing Years
  21. O God, Ben­eath Thy Guid­ing Hand
  22. O Hap­py, Ho­ly Eas­ter Morn
  23. O Lord, Thou Art My God and King
  24. O Thou Whose Per­fect Good­ness Crowns
  25. Our Lord Is Ris­en from the Dead
  26. Perfect World, by Ad­am Trod, The
  27. Pour Out Thy Spi­rit from on High
  28. Shepherd of Souls, with Pi­ty­ing Eye
  29. Soon May the Last Glad Song Arise
  30. Sovereign of Worlds! Dis­play Thy Pow­er
  31. ’Tis by the Faith of Joys to Come
  32. To Ad­am Thus Je­ho­vah Spake
  33. To Thee, O God, Whose Guid­ing Hand
  34. Unto Thy Tem­ple, Lord, We Come
  35. Ye Na­tions Round the Earth, Re­joice
  36. Ye Sim­ple Men of Hearts Sin­cere
Dulce Car­menLatin for sweet song.See Tantum Er­go
Dulce Do­mumLatin for sweet home.
  1. Alas, What Mean Those Fears?
  2. One Sweet­ly Sol­emn Thought
  3. What Wait I for but Thee?
Dulce No­menLatin for sweet name.There Is No Name So Sweet on Earth
DulcettaGod Is Love; His Mer­cy Bright­ens
DulcianaBy Faith I View My Sav­ior Dy­ing
DuluthThe Min­ne­so­ta ci­ty.Some Glad Day
DulwichThe area in south Lon­don.Oh, to Love Thee
Dulwich Col­legeThe school in Lon­don.This Is the Day of Light
DumfriesThe Scot­tish mar­ket town.Prince of Glo­ry, The
Dunbar [No Sor­row There]
  1. I Love to Sing of Hea­ven
  2. There’ll Be No Sor­row There
Dundee [French]
  1. Abashed Be All the Boast of Age!
  2. Above the Trem­bling El­e­ments
  3. Blest News! To Us a Child Is Born
  4. Father of Mer­cies, Hea­ven­ly Friend
  5. God Makes a Path
  6. God Moves in a Mys­ter­i­ous Way
  7. He That Doth in the Sec­ret Place
  8. How Long Shall Death, the Ty­rant, Reign?
  9. I to the Hills Will Lift My Eyes
  10. King of Heav’n His Ta­ble Spreads, The
  11. Let Child­ren Hear the Migh­ty Deeds
  12. Let Saints on Earth in Con­cert Sing
  13. Lion That on Samp­son Roared, The
  14. Little Flock! So Calls He Thee, A
  15. New Won­ders of Thy Migh­ty Hand
  16. Now Bless­èd Be the Lord Our God
  17. O God, Though Count­less Worlds of Light
  18. O Happy Place That Heard the Voice
  19. O Lord, Be Us When We Sail
  20. O Thou, Who Didst with Love Un­told
  21. Thy Who Thy­self Didst Sanc­ti­fy
  22. Thou, Whose Un­mea­sured Tem­ple Stands
  23. Why Do We Mourn De­part­ing Friends?
  24. Ye Lit­tle Flock Whom Je­sus Feeds
  1. Almighty God, Your Word Is Cast
  2. And Now the Scales Have Left Mine Eyes
  3. Maker of Earth, to Thee Alone
  4. O God, Thou Hast Re­ject­ed Us
  5. O Lord, Our Lord
Dunlap’s CreekSee Aw­ful Ma­jes­ty
DunsmuirThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Speak, Lord, for Thy Ser­vant Hear­eth
Dunstan [Just as I Am]
  1. Drawn to the Cross
  2. Before Thy Peo­ple, I Con­fess
  3. I Wait­ed for the Lord Most High
  4. Just as I Am, Thine Own to Be
DuntroonI Will Not Be Af­raid
Dupont Cir­cleThe lo­ca­tion in Wash­ing­ton, DC.Savior, Bless­èd Sav­ior
DupuytrenCome, Sin­ners, to the Gos­pel Feast
DuquesneThe Penn­syl­van­ia ci­ty.We Will Chant in Psalms of Glo­ry
DuraHark! Up­on the Morn­ing Breez­es
DurbanThe South Af­ri­can ci­ty.We’ve Been Sing­ing
DurfeeLove Sur­pass­ing Hu­man Love
DurhamO Thou, the Con­trite Sin­ner’s Friend
Durrow Clouds of Judg­ment Ga­ther, The
Dursley The town in south­ern Glou­ces­ter­shire, Eng­land.Thou Shep­herd of Is­ra­el, and Mine
DusseldorfHigh in the Hea­vens, Eter­nal God
Dutch Har­borThe Alas­kan har­bor.Jesus, I Love Thee
DüzceThe Turk­ish pro­vince and ci­ty.Some Day, Be­yond the Val­ley
  1. God of the World! Thy Glo­ries Shine
  2. Let Me but Hear My Sav­ior Say
Dyb Af Kjær­lighedChrist for the World We Sing
Dying Ste­phenHead of Thy Church Tri­umph­ant