Tune NameNamed AfterUsed By
BablerThe state park in Ches­ter­field, Mis­sou­ri.Stone Rolled Away, The
A Babe Is BornBabe Is Born, A
Babylon’s Streams
  1. Among th’As­sem­blies of the Great
  2. I Cried to God in My Dis­tress
  3. Lord Je­sus, When We Stand Afar
  4. Now Is the Heal­ing Time De­creed
Baca (Brad­bury)The val­ley in Psalm 84:6.
  1. As Thirsts the Hart for Wa­ter Brooks
  2. Come, Gra­cious Spir­it, Heav’n­ly Dove
Baca (Ha­ve­rgal)The val­ley in Psalm 84:6.I Gave My Life for Thee (Mal­ay­a­lam)
BachComposer Jo­hann Se­bas­ti­an Bach.In Thy Great Name, O Lord, We Come
Back LaneBehold, the Grace Ap­pears!
Back to Zi­onCome, All Ye Sons of God
Bad Can­stattThe sub­urb of Stutt­gart, Ger­ma­ny.I Will Ear­ly Seek the Sav­ior
BadajozThe Span­ish prov­ince and ci­ty.O Thou That Hear­est Pray­er, Now from Thy Throne
  1. Fools in Their Heart Have Said
  2. Use Me (Bo­nar)
BaghdadThe ci­ty in Iraq.Prodigal’s Re­turn, The
BagintonThe War­wick­shire vil­lage where com­pos­er Fred­er­ick Gooch died.My Heart Is Rest­ing, O My God
BagnoletThe area in Pa­ris, France.Close to My Door
BaguioThe Phil­i­ppine ci­ty.Spirit Ho­ly
BahamasThe At­lan­tic ar­chi­pe­la­go.Let Go the An­chor
  1. Blow, Gold­en Trum­pets
  2. Now Be My Heart In­spired to Sing
BajaThe Mex­i­can re­gion.Trusting in Je­sus (Keel­er)
BakersfieldThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.
  1. Come Lead Me to Some Lof­ty Shade
  2. Upheld by Hope
BakuThe ci­ty in Azer­bai­jan.We Shall Rise
Balboa ParkThe park in San Di­e­go, Ca­li­for­nia.Savior, Bro­ther, Friend
BalcluthaEaster Morn Is Break­ing
BalikpapanThe In­do­ne­sian ci­ty.In Our Dear Lord’s Gar­den
BallermaPalermo, It­a­ly.
  1. Alas, What Hour­ly Dan­gers Rise!
  2. Approach, My Soul, the Mer­cy Seat
  3. Hail, Sac­red Truth!
  4. Happy the Souls to Je­sus Joined
  5. Jesus, Who Bought Us with His Blood
  6. O Fa­ther, Kind­ly Deign to Hear
  7. O Hap­py They Who Know the Lord
  8. Plunged in a Gulf of Dark Des­pair
  9. See, World, up­on the Bloody Tree
  10. Though I Am Poor and Sor­row­ful
  11. Thus I Re­solved Be­fore the Lord
BalhamThe Lon­don neigh­bor­hood.God, Who Hath Made the Dai­sies
BalıkesirThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Like a Shep­herd
BallingtonLord, I Will Bless Thee All My Days
Balliol Col­legeThe Ox­ford Un­i­versity co­llege.Day of Christ, The
BallwinThe St. Lo­uis, Mis­sou­ri, sub­urb.Labor’s Strong and Mer­ry Child­ren
BalmAs Pants the Hart for Wa­ter Brooks
BaltimoreThe Mar­y­land ci­ty.
  1. Father, Bless Our School To­day
  2. I Am Hat­ed, Lord
  3. Sin, When Viewed by Scrip­ture Light

Also see Hol­ly­wood

BamakoThe ci­ty in Ma­li.When Christ Was Born in Beth­le­hem (Ne­vin)
BandungThe In­do­ne­si­an ci­ty.There Is a Glo­ri­ous World of Light
BanesNow in Part­ing, Fa­ther, Bless Us
BanffThe town in Al­ber­ta, Can­a­da.Showers of Bless­ing
BangaloreThe In­di­an ci­ty.Lord Will An­swer Pray­er, The
BangkokThe Thai ci­ty.Mine Eyes Shall Be­hold Him
BangladeshThe Asian coun­try.Home of the Soul, The
BangorThe An­ti­phon­a­ry of Ban­gor.
  1. Alas! By Na­ture How De­praved
  2. Awake, My Drow­sy Soul
  3. Dear Lord! Be­hold Our Sore Dis­tress
  4. Eternal God, We Look to Thee
  5. Father and Canst Thou Me Re­ceive?
  6. Foes of Zi­on Quake for Fright, The
  7. Hark! From the Tombs a Dole­ful Sound
  8. How David, When by Sin De­ceived
  9. Long Has Di­vine Com­pas­sion Strove
  10. O God of Mer­cy, Hear My Call
  11. O Zi­on Open Wide Thy Gates
  12. See, Gra­cious God, Be­fore Thy Throne
  13. Spring, Great God, at Thy Com­mand, The
  14. Terrible Thought, Shall I Alone
  15. When Wild Con­fu­sion Wrecks the Air
  16. Why Doth the Lord Stand Off So Far?
  17. Yonder Am­az­ing Sight I See
Bangor (To­ron­to)
  1. Eternal Spir­it, Come
  2. Fly, to the Moun­tains Fly
  3. Hymn on the Ti­tles of Christ
  4. Sinners, Your Hearts Lift Up
BanhamThe vil­lage in Nor­folk, Eng­land.O’er Ju­dah’s Plains
BaniasWe Rise to Praise Thee
Banja LukaThe ci­ty in Bos­nia and Her­ze­go­vi­na.Risen To­day
BankingtonWelcome, Sweet Day of Rest
BannerHold Up the Ban­ner
BanneuxI Will Sing the Won­drous Sto­ry
BannockburnThe area in Stir­ling, Scot­land.Thou, Whose Wide Ex­tend­ed Sway
BanyuwangiThe In­do­ne­sian re­gion.Bringing the World to Christ
  1. Blest Is the Man Whose Bow­els Move
  2. Elisha, Struck with Grief and Awe
  3. For Ev­er Shall My Song Rec­ord
  4. Great God, to Thee My Voice I Raise
  5. O God, Great Fa­ther, Lord and King!
  6. World Is Sad with Hopes That Die, The
Bar HarborThe town in Maine.There Is a Land Im­mor­tal
BarbadosThe Car­ib­be­an is­land.Thy Hand Up­hold­eth Me
BarbicanSee! The Morn­ing Star
BarbudaThe Car­ib­be­an is­land.
  1. Fain Would I, Lord, the Word Re­ceive
  2. Happy the Man, Who Poor and Low
  3. Land of Rest
  4. Thoughtless Brute His Mas­ter Knows, The
BarbySee St. An­drew (Tan­s’ur)
BarcelonaThe Span­ish ci­ty.Long Ago in Beth­le­hem’s Plain
BarfordBeing of Be­ings
BarkingsideThe Lon­don dis­trict.God Holds the Fu­ture in His Hands
Barmouth (Frost)Bounteous Spir­it, Ev­er Shed­ding
Barmouth (Mac­far­ren)At Thy Feet, O Christ
BarnabasO the Depth of Love Di­vine
BarnardGive of Your Best to the Mas­ter
BarnbyCome Hi­ther, Ye Faith­ful
BarnettYe Ang­els Who Stand Round the Throne
BarnsdallStar, a Star is Burn­ing, A
BaronySee Cour­age
BarrO, Wea­ry Wan­der­er, Come Home
  1. Glory to That Vic­to­ri­ous Grace
  2. O Lord, to Whom the Spir­its Live
  3. Spirit of Heav’nl­y Coun­sel, Come
  4. Ye Ang­els, Put the Sic­kle In
BarranquillaThe Co­lom­bi­an ci­ty.
  1. Hail, Sweet Babe, So Pure and Ho­ly
  2. Mercy, O Thou Son of Da­vid!
  1. Jerusalem My Hap­py Home
  2. Praise Ye the Lord, for He Is Good
BarrieThe city in On­tar­io, Ca­na­da.We Shall Know Each Oth­er There (Pear­son)
BarrowO Hap­py Is the Man Who Hears
Bartholdy [Sel­wyn]
  1. Come, Sav­ior, Je­sus, from Above
  2. Dear Ties of Mu­tu­al Suc­cor Bind
BartimeusThe blind man in Mark 10:46.Onward, Her­ald of the Gos­pel
BartimaeusThe blind man in Mark 10:46.Jesus, Full of All Com­pas­sion
BartlettComposer Mar­lo Bart­lett.
  1. Jehovah, God, Thy Gra­cious Pow­er
  2. Jehovah, God, Who Dwelt of Old
BartowOur Fa­ther! Through the Com­ing Year
Bas-QuercyThe re­gion in south­west France.
  1. God of All Pow­er, and Truth, and Grace (1749)
  2. Whence Come This Rush of Wings?
Bas-RhinThe French dé­parte­ment.He’s Com­ing
BaselThe Swiss ci­ty.Hear Me, O God! When Near Thy Throne
BashanThe lo­ca­tion in Gen­e­sis 14:5.No More, My God
BasilicataThe south­ern It­al­ian re­gion.Unto Us a Child is Born (Kirk­land)
BassettPossibly Frank­lin Bas­set, teach­er of com­pos­er Pat­ty Stair.Father, Whose Will Is Life and Good
BatamThe In­do­ne­sian ci­ty.Christian’s Pen­te­cost, The
BatangasThe Phil­ip­pine ci­ty.Salvation Morn­ing
BataviaThe Il­li­nois ci­ty.Love of God (Ly­on), The
Batchellor [On­slow]Composer Dan­i­el Bat­chel­lor.Father, We Thank Thee
BatemanAgain Our Earth­ly Cares We Leave
Bath (Cooke)
  1. Friend Af­ter Friend De­parts
  2. Why Do the Peo­ple Rage?
Bath (Har­mo­nia)Triumphs of the Saints, The
BatisteComposer An­toine Ba­tiste.Glory to Je­sus
Baton RougeThe Lou­i­si­a­na ci­ty.Blood of Je­sus, The
BatterseaWe Ga­ther
BattleLong Did I Toil
Battle CreekThe Mi­chi­gan ci­ty.Give This Year to Je­sus
Battle CryRise at the Cry of Bat­tle
Battle HymnEternal Fa­ther, Thou Hast Said
Batty [El­ler­ker]
  1. Happy Soul, Thy Days Are End­ed
  2. Jesus, While Our Hearts Are Bleed­ing
  3. Lord, Re­buke Me Not in An­ger
  4. Sweet the Mom­ents, Rich in Bless­ing
BaurComposer Ben­ja­min Baur.What the World Needs Is Je­sus
BavaSavior of All, to Thee We Bow
BavariaO God, Thy Sol­diers’ Great Re­ward
BavenoThe Ital­i­an ci­ty.Hark! The Gos­pel News Is Sound­ing
BawardyVictorious Love
Bay RidgeThe Brook­lyn, New York, neigh­bor­hood.When This Song of Praise Shall Cease
BayamónThe Puer­to Ri­can ci­ty.Blessèd Sav­ior
BaytownThe Tex­as ci­ty.Onward, Up­ward, Home­ward
Be Thou Ex­alt­edBe Thou Ex­alt­ed
Beach Spring
  1. God, Whose Love Is Al­ways Strong­er
  2. Listen, Sis­ters! Listen, Bro­thers!
  3. Prayer for Cre­a­tion
BeachleySee Cott­man
Beacon HillThe neigh­bor­hood in Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts, and the hill up­on which the Mass­a­chu­setts State House sits.
  1. Are Ye Able?
  2. Go Ev­an­gel­ize the Na­tions
  3. Through the Ag­es Saints Have Won­dered
BeallCassie Beall Smith.Is Thy Heart Athirst to Know?
BealothThe ci­ty in Ju­dah (Jo­shua 15:24).
  1. And Must This Bo­dy Die?
  2. Come Ye That Seek the Lord
  3. Father, Our Hearts We Lift
  4. Help, Lord! The Bu­sy Foe
  5. O Night of Nights!
  6. Signal Star, The
  7. Sinners, the Call Obey
  8. Spirit of Faith, Come Down
  9. Thou Fair­est Child Di­vine
Bear ButteThe South Da­ko­ta butte.Rejoice, and Be Glad
Beata No­bis Gau­diaSing We Tri­um­phant Hymns of Praise
Beati Im­ma­cu­la­tiLatin for bless­ed are the blame­less.
  1. As Now Thy Child­ren Low­ly Kneel
  2. Blest Be the Wis­dom and the Pow­er
  3. Blest Is the Man Who Shuns the Place
  4. Blest Is the Na­tion Where the Lord
  5. Hear What the Lord in Vi­sion Said
  6. I Love the Lord; He Heard My Cries
  7. Jesus Has Lived!
  8. Lift Up to God the Voice of Praise
  9. My Fa­ther, for An­o­ther Night
  10. Now from the Roar­ing Li­on’s Rage
  11. Now Plead My Cause, Al­migh­ty God
  12. Saints Should Ne­ver Be Dis­mayed, The
  13. We Walk by Faith (Al­ford)
  14. With My Whole Heart I’ll Raise My Song
BeatitudoLatin for hap­pi­ness or con­di­tion of bless­ed­ness. Ro­man states­man Mar­cus Tul­li­us Ci­ce­ro is said to have coined the word.
  1. Abundant Fields of Grain Shall Wave
  2. Christmas Hymn, The
  3. Come, Let Us Join with One Ac­cord
  4. Earth For­ev­er Is the Lord’s, The
  5. Father, How Wide Thy Glo­ries Shine
  6. Here at Beth­es­da’s Pool
  7. Lamp of Our Feet
  8. Life Is a Span, a Fleet­ing Hour
  9. Like as a Mo­ther Com­fort­eth
  10. My Lord, My Love, Was Cru­ci­fied
  11. My Times of Sor­row and of Joy
  12. O Christ, the Way, the Truth, the Life
  13. O Thou, from Whom All Good­ness Flows
  14. One Pray­er I Have
  15. Searcher of Hearts, from Mine Erase
  16. Son of the Car­pen­ter, Re­ceive
  17. Today Be Joy in Ev­ery Heart
  18. Try Us, O God
  19. Well of Sy­char, The
  20. What Poor Des­pis­èd Com­pa­ny
  21. When Mus­ing Sor­row Weeps the Past
  22. Will God for Ev­er Cast Us Off?
  1. Name of Je­sus, Soft­ly Steal­ing
  2. Part in Peace: Is Day Be­fore Us?
BeatusLord, to Our Hum­ble Pray­ers At­tend
Beau Val­lonThe lo­ca­tion in the Sey­chelles.We Bless Thee, Lord
BeaufortO Trou­bled Sea of Ga­li­lee
BeaumontThe Boy Scout camp near High Ridge, Mis­sou­ri.Sweet Peace on Earth
BeauraingLight of Life, Se­ra­phic Fire
BeauvaisThe French ci­ty.Jasper Sea, The
BeazleyComposer Sam­u­el Beaz­ley.After the Mid­night
BecclesThe town in Suf­folk, Eng­land.Great Fore­run­ner of the Morn, The

Also see Ach Gott und Herr.

BechlerSing Hal­le­lu­jah, Praise the Lord!
BecontreeThe lo­ca­tion in Lon­don.Perfect Peace (San­ford)
  1. If God Is Mine
  2. Let Ev­ery Tongue Thy Good­ness Speak
  3. O Help Us Lord, Each Hour of Need
  4. Spirit of Truth, on This Thy Day
  5. With Songs and Hon­ors Sound­ing Loud
  6. Ye Who the Name of Je­sus Bear
BeebeCome, Ye Dis­con­so­late
BeecherHenry Ward Beech­er.
  1. Church of God, Bel­oved and Chos­en
  2. Gentle Je­sus, Pure and Ho­ly
  3. God Our Fa­ther, We Adore Thee
  4. Holy Spir­it, Source of Glad­ness
  5. In a Feed Box, in a Sta­ble
  6. Lord, Thou Lov’st the Cheer­ful Giv­er
  7. Love Di­vine, All Loves Ex­cel­ling
  8. Mary Heard the Ang­el’s Mes­sage
  9. Now with Joy­ful Ex­ul­ta­tion
  10. O’er the Track­less Ocean Guid­ed
  11. On This Morn We See the Dawn­ing
  12. One Day There’ll Be New Earth and Hea­ven
  13. Through the Night of Doubt and Sor­row
  14. Your Mis­sion
BeechwoodGod, Who Made the Earth
Beer-SheanThe ci­ty at the junc­tion of the Jor­dan River and Jez­reel val­leys (al­so known as Beit She’an and Bei­san). The bo­dies of Saul and his sons were dis­played on the ci­ty wall there af­ter they died in bat­tle (1 Sam­u­el 31:10–12).Zion, Awake, Thy Strength Re­new
BeethovenLudwig van Beet­ho­ven.Father, Whose Ev­er­last­ing Love
Beethoven (Ma­son)How Sweet to Leave the World Awhile
BefiehlThy Way and All Thy Sor­rows
BeginningsThis Is a Day of New Be­gin­nings
Behold the Bride­groom (Wer­de­baugh)Behold the Bride­groom (Me­tho­di­us)
BeijingThe Chi­nese ci­ty.We Shall Sleep, but Not For­ev­er
BekasiThe In­do­ne­sian ci­ty.Sabbath Ev­en­ing
BelarusThe Eur­o­pe­an coun­try.Use Me
BeldenComposer Frank­lin Bel­den.We Would See Je­sus (War­ner)
BelénSpanish for Beth­le­hem.Christ’s Ev­er­last­ing Gos­pel
BelfastThe North­ern Ire­land ci­ty.Child, Your Fa­ther Calls
BelfieldWith Songs and Hon­ors Sound­ing Loud
BelfortThe French ci­ty.Help Me, Dear Sav­ior
BelgiumSeeds of Pro­mise
BelgradeThe Ser­bi­an ci­ty.Blithely from the Moat­ed Church­yard
BelgraveWhen All Thy Mer­cies, O My God
BeliefSee Camp­meet­ing
BelizeThe South Amer­i­can coun­try.Mother’s Grave
BellevilleLord, Thou Hast Pro­mised Grace for Grace
Bellefontaine Neigh­borsThe St. Lou­is, Mis­sou­ri, su­burb.Invitation, The
BellendenPeace Be to This Ha­bi­ta­tion
BelllinghamThe ci­ty in Wash­ing­ton State.O Lit­tle Town of Beth­le­hem
BellmanHearts to Hea­ven and Voic­es Raise
  1. By Cool Si­lo­am’s Sha­dy Rill
  2. Christmas Hymn, A
  3. Come, Let Us Who in Christ Be­lieve
  4. How Sweet to Be Al­lowed to Pray
  5. I Wor­ship Thee, Sweet Will of God
  6. I’m Not Ashamed to Own My Lord
  7. Into Thine Hand, O God of Truth
  8. Lord, All I Am Is Known to Thee
  9. Lord, Thou on Earth Didst Love Thine Own
  10. O Thou Whose Boun­ty Fills My Cup
  11. Offering on the Al­tar Burned, The
  1. I Thirst, Thou Wound­ed Lamb of God
  2. My Shep­herd Is the Liv­ing Lord
  3. O How I Love Thy Ho­ly Word
  4. O Lord, Thou Judge
BelovedRedeemer of Is­ra­el
Belsize (Hy­att)The area in Lon­don.O for the Tongue of an An­gel
Belsize (El­li­ott)Before Eli­sha’s Gate
BelvilleLord My Pas­ture Shall Pre­pare, The
Bemerton (Cas­wall)The sub­urb of Sal­is­bury, Wilt­shire.
  1. Glory Be to Je­sus
  2. Holy Spir­it, Hear Us (Mohr)
  3. Jesus, Stand Among Us
  4. Wise Men Seek­ing Je­sus
Bemerton (Great­or­ex)
  1. How Help­less Guil­ty Na­ture Lies
  2. O Thou, to Whom All Crea­tures Bow
Ben AvonThe bor­ough in Al­leg­he­ny Coun­ty, Penn­syl­van­ia.
  1. All Peo­ple That Dwell on the Earth
  2. Escape from the Per­il­ous Plain
  3. How Frail Are These Bo­dies of Clay!
  4. Seedling of Jes­se Shall Flow­er, A
Ben Rhy­ddingThe town in West York­shire, Eng­land.
  1. My Soul, Re­peat His Praise
  2. When Man Grows Bold in Sin
Benediction (Haydn) [Corinth]Of the Glo­ri­ous Bo­dy Tell­ing
Benediction (Mann)
  1. Come, Thou Soul Trans­form­ing Spir­it
  2. Darkness Long Hath Veiled the Na­tions
  3. Fly, Ye Sea­sons
  4. God Has Said, For­ev­er Bless­èd
  5. God of Our Sal­va­tion! Hear Us
  6. Lo! He Com­eth!
  7. ’Mid the Splen­dors of the Glo­ry
  8. Savior, Send a Bless­ing to Us
  9. See, Ye Heirs of Sure Sal­va­tion
  10. Sing with Joy­ful Ac­cla­ma­tion
  11. Yes! We Trust the Day Is Break­ing
BeneventoThe south­ern It­al­ian pro­vince.
  1. Dust to Dust, the Mor­tal Dies
  2. Happy Souls That Christ Obey
  3. Holy, Ho­ly, Ho­ly Lord (Wes­ley)
  4. Pleasant Are Thy Courts Above
  5. Saw Ye Not the Cloud Arise?
  6. See the Gloomy Ga­ther­ing Cloud
  7. Sion, Haste to Meet Thy King
  8. While with Cease­less Course the Sun
BengaluruThe In­dian ci­ty.Will You Go? (Jukes)
BenghaziThe Li­by­an ci­ty.
  1. I’m Stand­ing on the Rock of Ag­es
  2. Say, Is This Wild Cor­rupt­ed Na­tion?
BeninThe Afr­i­can coun­try.Day Is Fast Ap­proach­ing, The
BenjaminThe Isr­a­el­ite tribe.Praise, My Soul, the King of Hea­ven
BenningtonThe Ne­bras­ka ci­ty.Whosoever Means Me
BenkeThere’s a Cho­rus Ev­er Ring­ing
BensonHymnist Lou­is Ben­son.Clearly in the East It Shone
  1. Come un­to Me, Ye Wea­ry
  2. I Know No Life Di­vid­ed
  3. When Shall the Voice of Sing­ing
BentonThou Who Didst Stoop Be­low
  1. From Na­za­reth
  2. How Kind the Good Sa­ma­ri­tan
  3. Lord, When in Si­mon’s House of Yore
  4. O Thou to Whose All Search­ing Sight
  5. Say, Sin­ner! Hath a Voice With­in
  6. Signs Which God to Gi­de­on Gave, The
  7. This Spa­cious Earth Is All the Lord’s
  8. Thou, O Je­ho­vah, Shalt En­dure
  9. ’Tis Night—But O the Joy­ful Morn
  10. Way of So­rrows, The
  11. While I Keep Si­lence, and Con­ceal
  12. With Firm Re­solve I Held My Peace
Bereden väg för Her­ranPrepare Thy Way, O Zi­on!
BergamoThe north­ern It­al­ian ci­ty.Watch by Day­light
Bergen Må Vi­kaCurrently un­used (score)
BerggrenLord, Let Thy Spir­it
BerkeleyThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Everlasting Arms, The
BerkshireThe Eng­lish coun­ty.To Us a Child of Roy­al Birth
Berlin (Gou­di­mel)Jesus Christ, My Sure De­fense
Berlin (Har­mo­nia)I Send the Joys of Earth Away
  1. Favor and Peace on Earth
  2. God Will Take Care of You (Cros­by)
BernThe Swiss ci­ty.Avançons-Nous Jo­yeux
Bernal HeightsThe San Fran­cis­co, Ca­li­for­nia, neigh­bor­hood.I’m Glad I Count­ed the Cost
BernardHymnist Ber­nard of Mor­laix.For Thee, O Dear, Dear, Coun­try
BernoO Word of God In­car­nate
BerthaBreak, Day of God, Oh Break
BertholdSee Tours
BertschJe Veux Ex­al­ter la Gloire
BesançonShepherds! Shake off Your Drow­sy Sleep
Best Choice, TheI Love My Je­sus Quite Alone
BethaniaSee Be­tha­ny (Smart)
Bethany (Ma­son) [Ex­cel­si­or]The town where Je­sus raised La­za­rus from the dead (John 11:11).
  1. Help Me, My Lord to Grow
  2. Jesus, My All
  3. Light of the Wan­der­ing
  4. Nearer, My God, to Thee
  5. Savior! I Fol­low On
  6. When Shall I See the Day?
Bethany (Smart) [Be­than­ia, Cru­ci­fer]
  1. Son of God, Eter­nal Sav­ior
  2. Sow the Seed Be­side All Wa­ters
BethelLet Si­on and Her Sons Re­joice
Bethlehem (Fink) [Ev­an­gel, Ser­aph]
  1. All Na­ture’s Works His Praise De­clare
  2. Arise, Sad Heart, Arise in Haste
  3. Behold a Sow­er! from Afar
  4. Father, We Come Not as of Old
  5. Lift Up Your Heads in Joy­ful Hope
  6. Lord, Who at Ca­na’s Wed­ding Feast
  7. Newborn King Who Comes To­day, The
  8. O God, Whose Love Is ov­er All
  9. O Je­sus, Once a Na­za­reth Boy
  10. O Lord of Life, and Love, and Pow­er
  11. There’s Joy in Hea­ven
  12. Thy Word Is Like a Gar­den, Lord
  13. While Hum­ble Shep­herds Watched Their Flocks
  14. Whom Je­sus’ Blood Doth Sanc­ti­fy

Also see Don­cas­ter

Bethlehem (Main)Glory in the High­est (Walk­er)
Bethlehem-Ju­dahSoftly up­on Beth­le­hem’s Plains
Bethlehem’s StarSilent Night! Hal­lowed Night!
Bethnal GreenThe ar­ea in Lon­don’s East End.Thanks We Give
BettendorfThe Io­wa ci­ty.Let the Child­ren Come (Hel­mer)
Better Land
  1. Christ Is Come
  2. Land to Which We Go, The
  3. Praise Je­ho­vah for His Love
Better WorldWhy This Dole­ful Wail?

Also see Hay­hurst

Bettever’s ChantFaint Falls the Gen­tle Voice of Pray­er
BeulahWe Have Not Seen, We Can­not See
BevanSupported by the Word
BeverleyThou Art Com­ing, O My Sav­ior
Beverly ParkHear Him Plead­ing
BewdleyChildren of the Heav­en­ly King
BezaleelThe man in Ex­o­dus 31:2.Come, Je­sus, and Bless Me
BéziersThe sub­pre­fec­ture of the Hé­rault dé­parte­ment in south­ern France.On Christ­mas Day (Cooke)
BhutanThe As­ian coun­try.Resting in Je­sus
BiałystokThe Po­lish ci­ty.Sound the Trum­pet (West)
BiberachBirth place of com­pos­er Jus­tin Knecht.Christian, the Morn Breaks
BickleighLo! The Migh­ty God Ap­pear­ing
BickleyO Fa­ther, in Whose Great De­sign
BidefordFrom North and South and East and West
BielefeldThe Ger­man ci­ty.Jesus, Gen­tle Sav­ior
Big BenThe great bell of the clock at the north end of the Pal­ace of West­min­ster in Lon­don.Advent Song
Big BendThe na­tion­al park in west Tex­as.Star of Beth­le­hem (Ray)
Big SurCan a Boy For­get His Mo­ther?
BiharThe east In­di­an state.Had I the Tongues of Greeks and Jews
BijakovićiThe vil­lage in Bos­nia and Her­ze­go­vi­na.Hark! Up­on the Morn­ing Breez­es
BijeljinaThe ci­ty in Bos­nia and Her­ze­go­vi­na.I Love to Hear the Sto­ry
BilbaoThe Span­ish ci­ty.Yielded to God
BiloxiThe Mis­sis­sip­pi ci­ty.Jesus Will Save You
BinchesterHappy Are They, They That Love God
  1. Give Me the Wings of Faith
  2. Help, Lord, for Men of Vir­tue Fail
  3. Let World­ly Minds the World Pur­sue
  4. O Lord, How Are My Foes In­creased
  5. There is a Lit­tle Lone­ly Fold
  6. Why Did the Gen­tiles Tu­mults Raise?
BinghamtonThe New York town where com­pos­er John Sum­ner died.Child of the King, A
BingölThe Turk­ish ci­ty.How Sweet to Trust in Je­sus
BirdComposer G. W. Bird.Take Me, O My Fa­ther, Take Me
BirdstownLord un­to His Christ Has Said, The
BirkdaleDay Is End­ed, The
BirkenheadThe town in Che­shire, Eng­land.If I Come to Je­sus
Birmingham (Cunn­ing­ham)Abide in Thee
Bis will­kom­menKing Might Miss the Guid­ing Star, A
BishopSee Ills­ley
Bishop (Hol­brook)Teach Me, O Lord
  1. For My Sake, and the Gos­pel’s
  2. To Thee, O Lord, Our Hearts We Raise
  3. Who Trusts in God, a Strong Abode
  1. Before Thy Mer­cy Seat, O Lord
  2. How Love­ly Are Thy Dwell­ings Fair
  3. Soon as I Heard My Fa­ther Say
  4. What Though No Flow­ers the Fig Tree Clothe?
BismarckThe North Da­ko­ta ci­ty.No Oth­er Now but Je­sus
BissauThe ca­pi­tal of Gui­nea-Bis­sau.Come Now, Sa­ith the Lord
BitlisThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Will the An­gels Come for Me?
BixbyComposer Sam­u­el Bix­by.Spirit of God, Des­cend up­on My Heart
Black For­estThe re­gion in south­west­ern Ger­ma­ny.Blessèd Sav­ior, Thee I Love
Black HillsThe South Da­ko­ta moun­tain range.Good News (Bil­horn)
BlackburnMy Spir­it Looks to God Alone
BlacklandsHe Giv­eth More Grace
BlacksburgThe Vir­gin­ia town.Awake, Ye Sol­diers
Blackwater FallsThe wa­ter­fall in the Black­wa­ter Ri­ver of West Vir­gin­ia.He’s Lead­ing Me
BlackwellThe Ok­la­ho­ma ci­ty.Song of Con­se­cra­tion, A
BlaencefnO’er Those Gloomy Hills of Dark­ness
BlaenhafrenThe lo­ca­tion in Haf­ren For­est, Wales.
  1. Battle of Cal­va­ry, The
  2. Dread Je­ho­vah, God of Na­tions
  3. Humbly Now, with Deep Con­tri­tion
  4. Jesus Comes, the Judge of All
  5. Jesus, Full of Grace and Mer­cy
  6. Judge Me, God of My Sal­va­tion
  7. We Are Liv­ing, We Are Dwell­ing
  8. We Were Crowd­ed in the Ca­bin
BlaenwernA farm in Pem­broke­shire, Wales, where com­pos­er Will­iam Row­lands con­va­lesced as a youth.What a Friend We Have in Je­sus
BlagdonO Je­ru­sa­lem the Bliss­ful
BlagnacThe French ci­ty.Truehearted, Whole­heart­ed, Faith­ful and Loy­al
Blairgowrie [Hart­ford, Union Square]The town in Perth­shire.
  1. Hasten the Time Ap­point­ed
  2. Lord Je­sus, Bless­èd Giv­er
  3. O Love Di­vine and Gold­en
  4. O Sing Ye Hal­le­lu­jah
  5. O Young and Fear­less Pro­phet
  6. Today Thy Mer­cy Calls Me
BlakeThou On­ly Sov­er­eign of My Heart
BlandfordSee Ware­ham
BlaydonWhere Is Thy God, My Soul?
Bleecker StreetThe New York Ci­ty street.Fully Per­suad­ed
BlendenHow Bless­èd, from the Bonds of Sin
BlendonJesus, and Shall It Ev­er Be
Bless the LordO Thou My Soul, Bless God the Lord
Blessèd Be the NameBlessèd Be the Name
Blessèd CityBlessed Ci­ty, Heav­en­ly Sa­lem
Blessed Home, TheLift Up Your Heads, Re­joice
Blessed InfancyThy Life I Read
Blessed LightAs Light, O Christ
Blessèd LordSee Caer­sa­lem
Blessed SaviourSavior, Bless­èd Sav­ior
BlessingThy Bless­ing, O Lord
BlissComposer Phil­ip Bliss.I Bring My Sins to Thee
BlockleyThe town in Glou­ces­ter­shire, Eng­land.Father of Hea­ven
BlomqvistComposer Jo­el Blom­qvist.O Breath of Life
BlomstertidHow Mar­vel­ous God’s Great­ness
Blood Root Val­leyThe park on Sta­ten Island, New York.O Je­ho­vah, Hear My Words
BloomfieldAlas, My Ach­ing Heart
BloomingtonThe In­di­a­na ci­ty.Reach Out Thine Hand
Blott en DagSwedish for just a day.
  1. Count It Joy
  2. Day by Day
  3. Gather Jew­els for the King
  4. Lord, How Sweet Thy Joy That Ev­er Flow­eth
Blue GrassBeautiful Morn­ing
BlumenGerman for flow­ers.Here, Lord, We Of­fer Thee
  1. Savior, Who Thy Life Didst Give
  2. Savior, When in Dust to Thee
  3. Shepherd of the Ho­ly Hills
Boa VistaThe Cape Verde is­land.Nacelle en Si­lence, Une
  1. Chosen Three, on Moun­tain Height, The
  2. Earth, with All That Dwell There­in, The
Boca RatonThe Flor­i­da ci­ty.I Can­not Be Idle
BochumThe Ger­man ci­ty.These Are the Crowns That We Shall Wear
Bocking [Words­worth]The ci­ty in Es­sex, Eng­land.Son of Thy Sire’s Eter­nal Love
BodøThe Nor­we­gian ci­ty.
  1. I Know
  2. Now Rests Her Soul in Je­su’s Arms
BogotáThe Co­lom­bi­an ci­ty.Coming One, The
Bognor RegisThe town in Sus­sex, Eng­land.Lost Soul, The
BohemiaIn the Win­try Hea­ven
BoiseThe Ida­ho ci­ty.Enough for Me
BoliviaLord Is My Shep­herd (John­ston), The
BolognaThe Ital­i­an ci­ty.On the Field of Work
BoltonNot I, but Christ
BoluThe Turk­ish ci­ty.I Will Sing of Thy Re­demp­tion
BolwellThou to Whom the Sick and Dy­ing
BolzanoThe It­al­ian ci­ty.He Leads Us On
Bona PatriaFor Thee, O Dear, Dear Coun­try
Bonar (Brunk)I Heard the Voice of Je­sus Say
Bonar (Cal­kin)Ho­ra­ti­us Bo­nar.
  1. Easter Morn­ing
  2. In Her Lord His Church Re­joic­es
  3. In Thy Glo­ri­ous Res­ur­rect­ion
  4. Upward Where the Stars Are Burn­ing
Bonar (Steg­gall)Members of Christ Are We
Bone PastorSee Faith (Dykes)
BonhamThe Tex­as ci­ty where com­pos­er James Ro­se­crans lived at one time.Buckle on the Ar­mor
BonnThe Ger­man ci­ty.To the Hills I Lift Mine Eyes
BonnerPraise Him, All Ye Lit­tle Child­ren
Book Di­vineHoly Bi­ble, Book Di­vine
BopfingenThe Ger­man town.Gott will’s mach­en
BorThe Ser­bi­an town.Look Up! Be­hold, the Fields Are White
BordeauxThe French ci­ty.Prayer Song
BorneoStars of Glo­ry, Shine More Bright­ly
BornoThe Ni­ger­i­an state.Only Be­lieve (Tut­tle)
BosniaThe Eur­o­pe­an coun­try.Hail, Thou Glo­ri­ous Eas­ter Morn­ing
BorrowComposer Will­iam H. Bor­row.
  1. In the Ear­ly Morn­ing
  2. Now the Green Blade Ris­es
  3. Slowly Fall the Snow­flakes
BossineyHoly Ghost, Come Down up­on Thy Child­ren
Boston (Bill­ings)Shepherds, Re­joice! Lift Up Your Eyes

Also see Ham­burg

Boston (Bur­nap)To Thee, O God, We Ren­der Thanks
BotafogoThe neigh­bor­hood in Rio de Jan­ei­ro, Bra­zil.Complete in Christ
BothellThe town in Wash­ing­ton State.He Set the Joy-bells Ring­ing
BotswanaThe Af­ri­can coun­try.Just for You
Bouches-du-RhôneThe French dé­parte­ment.Blind Bartimeus
BoulogneThe French ci­ty.The Ang­els Sang Around the Stall
Boundless Mer­cyCome, O Spir­it
BourbonFrom Deep Dis­tress and Trou­bled Thoughts
Bourbon StreetThe New Or­leans street.We’ll Meet in Hea­ven
BoveyFestal Morn, My God, Is Come, The
BovinaAmid the Throng­ing Wor­ship­pers
Bow Brick­hillThe vil­lage in Buck­ing­ham­shire, Eng­land.We Sing the Praise of Him Who Died
BowdlerI Love to Hear the Sto­ry
Bowen [Ot­ter­bourne]
  1. My God, Now I from Sleep Awake
  2. With One Con­sent Let All the Earth
BowieThe Mar­y­land ci­ty.Reflect the Christ
Boyce (Shar­on)See Hal­ton Hol­gate
BoylstonThe Mas­sa­chu­setts town.
  1. And Let Our Bo­dies Part
  2. Charge to Keep I Have, A
  3. His Be the Vic­tor’s Name
  4. Holy Ghost Is Here, The
  5. My Few Re­volv­ing Years
  6. Let Par­ty Names No More
  7. Lord, at This Clos­ing Hour
  8. O Save Me by Thy Name
  9. Our Sol­diers’ Graves
  10. Resignation, The
BoyntonHad Not the Lord Been Is­ra­el’s Help
BoxelderBoxelder Creek in Doug­las Coun­ty, Ne­bras­ka.Welcome to Christ­mas
BracondaleMy Soul, Awake
BradburySavior, Like a Shep­herd Lead Us
BradfordO Christ, Our Hope, Our Heart’s De­sire
BradnorBehold Thy Wait­ing Ser­vant, Lord
BraintreeThe Mas­sa­chu­setts ci­ty.Love of Je­sus On­ly, The
BramcoateTime Is Near, The
BrañaviejaThe vill­age in Can­ta­bria, Spain.Holy Name of Je­sus
BranscombeFather, Whose Love We Have Wronged by Trans­gres­sion
BrantfordDay by Day in Love and Fa­vor
BrasíliaThe Bra­zil­i­an ci­ty.Always Cheer­ful
BrastedChildren of the Heav­en­ly King
BratislavaThe Slo­va­ki­an ci­ty.Everywhere with Je­sus
Brattle StreetThe street in Cam­bridge, Mas­sa­chu­setts.While Thee I Seek, Pro­tect­ing Pow­er
BraunAll Men on Earth That Live
BraunschweigThe Ger­man ci­ty.I Looked to Je­sus
BrazoriaThe in Tex­as coun­ty.Jesus, Sav­ior, Friend of Sin­ners
BrazosThe Tex­as ri­ver.Hope Cheers Us On
BrazzavilleThe ci­ty in the Re­pu­blic of the Con­go.I Am Com­ing Back
Bread of Hea­venSprings and Streams No Long­er Bless
Bread of Life
  1. Break Thou the Bread of Life
  2. Here at Thy Ta­ble, Lord
Breaking MornChristian, the Morn Breaks
BrecknockFormer name of Brecon.
  1. Thus Far on Life’s Be­wild­er­ing Path
  2. Who Knows How Near My End May Be?
BreconThe town in Powys, Wales.Spirit Di­vine, At­tend Our Pray­er
BréguetWith Joy the Morn Is Wak­ing
Bremen (Hast­ings)I’ll Bless Je­ho­vah’s Glo­ri­ous Name
Bremen (Neu­mark)
  1. As Oft, with Worn and Wea­ry Feet
  2. O Love, Who Formedst Me to Wear
BrentO God, Hear Thou the Na­tion’s Pray­er
Brent TorThe hill on the west­ern edge of Dart­moor, Engl­and.Cur­rent­ly un­used (score)
BrentfordTurf Shall Be My Frag­rant Shrine, The
Brentwood (Ni­chol)Come Ho­ly Spir­it, Dove Di­vine (Hic­kok)
Brentwood (Small­wood)Full of Pro­vi­den­tial Love
BresciaThe ci­ty and com­mune in Lom­bar­dy, north­ern It­a­ly.Babe of Beth­le­hem (Dy­er), The
BreslauFormer name of Wro­cław, Po­land.
  1. Behold, My Soul, Thy Sav­ior King
  2. Behold, There Comes an Hour Un­known
  3. God Call­ing Yet
  4. God Who Sits En­throned on High, The
  5. If So­lo­mon for Wis­dom Prayed
  6. It Is the Lord! Be­hold His Hand
  7. Lord Ap­pears to Earth Again, The
  8. Murder of the In­no­cents
  9. O Christ, Our True and On­ly Light
  10. O Heav­en­ly Word
  11. Renew Me, O Eter­nal Light
  12. Repent, the King­dom Draw­eth Nigh
  13. We Sing the Praise of Him Who Died
  14. What Var­i­ous Hin­dranc­es We Meet
BrestDay of Judg­ment! Day of Won­ders!
BrewerWhat Hap­py Men, or Ang­els, These?
Bridal Cho­rusSee Glo­ry to God (Wag­ner)
Bride of ChristBride of Christ, Whose Glo­ri­ous War­fare
Bridegroom (Cutts)
  1. As the Bride­groom to His Chos­en
  2. Like the Mur­mur of the Dove’s Song
Bridegroom (Mac­far­ren)Behold the Bride­groom Com­eth (Moul­trie)
BridgetownThe ci­ty in Bar­ba­dos.I Live for Those Who Love Me
Bridehead [Lons­dale]O Lord! How Hap­py Should We Be
BridgeportThe Con­nec­ti­cut ci­ty.Only Je­sus Feels and Knows
Bridgewater (Wes­ley)Tho’ Wick­ed Men Grow Rich or Great
BridgmanBird, Let Loose in Eas­tern Skies, The
BridgwaterSee Him in Rai­ment Rent
BriesenAll My Heart This Night Re­joic­es
BrignallThe vil­lage in Coun­ty Dur­ham, Eng­land.When We Can­not See Our Way
BriggsWhy Stand­est Thou Afar, O Lord?
BrightnessBehold the Sun
BrightonO God, Thy Right­eous­ness We Own
Brighton (Sab­bath)
  1. How Free the Foun­tain Flows
  2. My Soul! Weigh Not Thy Life
Brighton (Wes­ley)Lord of the Worlds Above
BrindisiThe Ita­li­an ci­ty.Be Rea­dy To­day
Bringhurst StreetPossibly the street in Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia.O Lord, Our King, How Ex­cel­lent
Brink [Tow­ner]Composer Dan­i­el Town­er.Help Me to Be Ho­ly
BrisbaneThe Aus­tral­i­an ci­ty.
  1. Easter Li­lies (Plantz)
  2. Trim Thy Lamp
Bristol (Hodg­es)The ci­ty in south­west Eng­land.Hark, the Glad Sound!
Bristol (Ra­vens­croft)
  1. Down from the Worlds of Ra­di­ant Light
  2. How Long Wilt Thou Con­ceal Thy Face?
  3. Show Mer­cy, Lord, Re­veal Thy Pow­er

Also see Broc­kham

Bristol RoadThe road in Birm­ing­ham, Eng­land, where com­pos­er E. J. T. Pit­man lived.Ye Crowned Kings, Ap­proach Ye
British Gren­a­diers
  1. Going Home
  2. Joyful Morn Is Break­ing, The
BrixenThe town in South Ty­rol, It­a­ly.When Mar­shaled on the Night­ly Plain
BrnoThe ci­ty in Czechia.Thou Dost Love Us Ev­er
Brockham [Bris­tol]
  1. How Glo­ri­ous Is the Life Above
  2. Lord, I Will Bless Thee All My Days
  3. Lord, If Thou Dost Not Soon Ap­pear
  4. Lord Je­sus, Let Thy Watch­ful Care
  5. Lord, Thou Hast Seen My Soul Sin­cere
  6. My Mas­ter
  7. On Ol­iv­et a Lit­tle Band
  8. Saint Who First Found Grace to Pen, The
  9. To Realms Bey­ond the Sound­ing Sea
BrocklesbyBrocklesby, Eng­land, where com­pos­er Char­lotte Bar­nar­d’s hus­band was a par­son.
  1. Always with Us
  2. Christmas Mes­sage, A
  3. Crown His Head with End­less Bless­ing
  4. He That Go­eth Forth with Weep­ing
  5. Long Ago the Li­lies Fad­ed
  6. Lord, We Know That Thou Art Near Us
  7. Lord, We See the Day Ap­proach­ing
  8. Savior, Who Thy Flock Art Feed­ing
BromhamSinging for Je­sus, Our Sav­ior and King
Bromley (Clarke)
  1. O Blest Cre­at­or of the Light
  2. O Tri­ni­ty of Bless­èd Light
Bromley (Lon­don)
  1. Jesu, Great Re­deem­er, Hear
  2. Where Shall True Be­liev­ers Go?
BromsgroveThe town in Wor­ces­ters­hire, Eng­land.These Glo­ri­ous Minds, How Bright They Shine
BrondesburyThere Is a Ho­ly Land
BronxThe New York Ci­ty bo­rough.In the Vine­yard of Our Fa­ther
  1. Almighty Rul­er of the Skies
  2. Ambassadors of God
  3. Awake, My Zeal; Awake, My Love
  4. Give Me, O Lord, a Heart of Grace
  5. Go Forth to Life, O Child of Earth
  6. Help, Lord, for Those Who Love Thee Fail
  7. It Is a Thing Most Won­der­ful
  8. O Hap­py Time! Aus­pi­cious Morn!
  9. O Love of God, How Strong and True
  10. O Son of Man, Thou Mad­est Known
  11. O Thou, Who Gav’st Thy Ser­vant Grace
  12. Peace Which God Alone Re­veals, The
  13. Thy Won­drous Tes­ti­mo­nies, Lord
  14. While o’er the Deep Thy Ser­vants Sail
BrooklineThe Mas­sa­chu­setts ci­ty.O Low­ly, Sac­red Sta­ble
BrooklynThe New York Ci­ty bo­rough.
  1. Fair Shines the Morn­ing Star
  2. We Can­not Build Alone
BroomsgroveHark! ’Tis the Watch­man’s Cry
Brother James’ Air [Ma­ro­sa]Composer James Bain.Awake, Awake to Love and Work
BrothertonConsider the Li­lies
BroughtonCome, Soul, and Find Thy Rest
BrowardThe Flo­ri­da coun­ty.Voyage of Life
  1. Attend, My Peo­ple, to My Law
  2. Awake with Joy­ful Strains of Mirth
  3. Behold He Comes!
  4. Grave It­self a Gar­den Is, The
  5. I Am the Life
  6. I Ask My Dy­ing Sav­ior Dear
  7. Jesus, the Word of Mer­cy Give
  8. Winds Were Howl­ing o’er the Deep, The
  9. With Joy We Hail the Sac­red Day
  1. All Glo­ry to Our Gra­cious Lord
  2. Band of Herds­men Tar­ried Late, A
  3. Eye Hath Not Seen, Ear Hath Not Heard
  4. I Call the World’s Re­deem­er Mine
  5. Jesu, the Grow­ing Work Is Thine
  6. Jesus, Thou Art That Morn­ing Star!
  7. Plea for Ser­vice, A
  8. Sinners, Be­lieve the Gos­pel Word
  9. That Man Is Blest Who Stands in Awe
  10. ’Tis Come, the Time So Oft Fore­told
  11. They Seek the Babe
  12. What Shall I Do, My God to Love?
BrownvilleThe Tex­as ci­ty.I Come to Thee (Cros­by)
BroxburnThe town in Scot­land.Be Thou My Help­er in the Strife
  1. Lord, We Wait
  2. Thine Are All the Gifts, O God
BruggeThe Bel­gian ci­ty. Master Call­eth, The
Bruneau DunesThe sand dunes in south­west Id­a­ho.Thy Praise, Dear Lord, We’ll Sing
BrunswickFor­mer name of Braun­schweig, Ger­ma­ny.Dismiss Me Not Thy Ser­vice, Lord

Also see Dor­ches­ter

BrusselsThe Bel­gian ci­ty.Glorious Day When Christ Shall Come
BruxellesThe Bel­gian ci­ty.Tell, O Tell the Wond­rous Sto­ry
BryanDay of Christ, the Day of God, The
BryantWilliam Cul­len Bry­ant.O Mak­er of the Migh­ty Deep
Bryce CanyonThe area in Utah.On Thee My Heart Is Rest­ing
Bryn Cal­fa­riaWelsh for Cal­va­ry Hill.
  1. Blessèd Lord, in Thee Is Ref­uge
  2. Come, Ye Sin­ners, Poor and Wretch­ed
  3. Hark! the Voice of Love and Mer­cy
  4. Look, Ye Saints! the Sight Is Glo­ri­ous
  5. Lord, En­throned in Heav­en­ly Splen­dor
  6. Take Me as I Am, O Sav­ior
Bryniau Cas­sia
  1. How Long Wilt Thou For­get Me, O Lord?
  2. We Stand in Deep Re­pen­tance
  1. Cursed Be the Man, For­ev­er Cursed
  2. Jehovah Reigns, Let Earth Be Glad
  3. Methinks the Last Great Day Is Come
  4. Now May the God of Pow­er and Grace
  1. Christ, En­throned in High­est Hea­ven
  2. While We Low­ly Be­fore Thee
BucaramangaThe Col­om­bi­an ci­ty.O Lord, Re­mem­ber Me
BucharestThe Ro­ma­ni­an ci­ty. Race That Long in Dark­ness Pined, The
Buckhurst HillNowell! Now­ell!
  1. Savior, Who Didst Come to Give
BucklandsStand Up and Bless the Lord
Buckhurst HillThe town in Ep­ping Forest, Es­sex, Eng­land.Nowell! Now­ell!
BuckinghamshireThe coun­ty in south­east Eng­landPurple Sha­dows
BuckleburyLaborer’s Noon-day Hymn, The
BuckleyShadow of the Cross (Bo­nar), The
Buckroe BeachThe neigh­bor­hood in Hamp­ton, Vir­gin­ia.Go Ye in­to All the World (Dar­wood)
BucureştiThe Ro­man­i­an ci­ty.
  1. Laudă per Dom­nul, Su­fle­te
  2. Live With­out Sin! It Can­not Be!
  3. Lord Is King, Ye Saints, Re­joice, The
BudaThe Tex­as town.Jesus, My On­ly Hope
BudapestThe Hun­gar­i­an ci­ty.Yule Re­turns
BuddingtonAwake, and Sing the Song
BudeThe town in Corn­wall.O for a Heart to Praise My God
BudinMy Soul Is Sad and Much Dis­mayed
BudleighI Lift My Heart to Thee
Buena Vis­taThe Co­lo­r­ado ci­ty.Closer, Lord, to Thee
Buenos Ai­resThe Ar­gen­tin­ian ci­ty.Just a Sin­gle Look at Je­sus
BuffaloThe ci­ty in New York.Easter Song (Spar­row)
BulgariaThe Eur­o­pean coun­try.Sing We Mer­ry Christ­mas
BullComposer Ole Bull.Asleep in Je­sus
BullingerComposer Eth­el­bert Bul­lin­ger.
  1. Blessèd Mas­ter, I Have Pro­mised
  2. From the Depths My Pray­er As­cen­deth
  3. He Ex­pect­eth
  4. I Am Trust­ing Thee
  5. When Thy Heart, with Joy O’er­flow­ing
BunessanThe vil­lage on the Ross of Mull, Scot­land, near hymn­ist Ma­ry Mac­don­ald’s birth­place.
  1. Abraham Jour­neyed to a New Coun­try
  2. Always and Ev­er
  3. Child in the Man­ger
  4. How Good It Is, Lord
  5. Life Through the Son
Bunker HillSite of the Re­vo­lu­tion­ary War bat­tle in Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts.
BurbankThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.On the Oth­er Shore
BurdettComposer George Bur­dett.In the Same Coun­try
  1. God of My Life, Look Gent­ly Down
  2. Lord, I Ap­proach Thy Mer­cy Seat
  3. Lord Is in His Ho­ly Place, The
  4. Lord, When We Bend Be­fore Thy Throne
  5. O God, My Ref­uge, Hear My Cries
  6. O Je­su Christ, If Aught There Be
  7. Our Na­tion Seemed to Ru­in Doomed
  8. See, When a Black O’er­spread­ing Cloud
  9. To Cal­va­ry, Lord, in Spir­it Now
BurgThou Art, O God, the God of Might
BurgateBehold the Am­az­ing Gift of Love
BurgosThe Spa­nish ci­ty.Birthday of Je­sus, The
Burleigh (Barn­by)Lead Us, O Fa­ther
Burleigh (Weekes)He Has Come, the Christ of God
BurleithThe Wash­ing­ton, DC, neigh­bor­hood.
  1. Oh Sav­ior of the Faith­ful Dead
  2. Shine on Our Land
BurlinO Je­sus, at Thy Feet We Wait
  1. Glory Gilds the Sac­red Page, A
  2. How Long Shall Earth’s Al­lur­ing Toys
  3. Jesus, Im­mor­tal King, Arise
  4. What Is the Thing of Great­est Price?
BurnabyThe ci­ty in Bri­tish Co­lum­bia, Ca­na­da.Christ the Lord Com­eth?
BurnhamPraise God, for He Is Kind
BurnleyThe town in Lan­ca­shire, Eng­land.
  1. My Re­deem­er
  2. Oh! Quel Bon­heur de Le Con­naître
BurrHymnist Kate Burr.O Let Me Tell It Once Again
BursaThe Tur­kish ci­ty.I Am Com­ing, Gent­le Sav­ior
BurtonThis Is the Word of Truth and Love
BurundiThe Af­ri­can coun­try.Music of God’s Word, The
ButlerWith All My Heart I’ll Praise Thy Name

Also see Wi­no­na Lake

By and By (Bliss)By and by (2)
By and By (Tind­ley)We’ll Un­der­stand It Bet­ter by and By
ByefieldThe Sav­ior Bids Us Watch and Pray
ByzantiumSee Jack­son
BydgoszczThe Po­lish ci­ty.Christ Was Once a Lit­tle Ba­by