Scripture Verse

Where is thy God? Psalm 42:3


Thomas T. Lynch (1818–1871)

Words: Tho­mas T. Lynch, The Ri­vu­let (Lon­don: Ro­bert Theo­bald, 1855), num­ber 53.

Music: Blay­don Hen­ry W. Lit­tle (1853–1913) (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a good pho­to of Lit­tle (head & shoul­ders, at least 200×300 pix­els),


Where is thy God, my soul?
Is He with­in thy heart;
Or rul­er of a dist­ant realm
In which thou hast no part?

Where is thy God, my soul?
Only in stars and sun;
Or have the ho­ly words of truth
His light in ev­ery one?

Where is thy God, my soul?
Confined to Scrip­ture’s page;
Or does His Spir­it check and guide
The spir­it of each age?

O Rul­er of the sky,
Rule Thou with­in my heart;
Oh, great Adorn­er of the world,
Thy light of life im­part.

Giver of ho­ly words,
Bestow Thy ho­ly pow­er;
And aid me, whe­ther work or thought
Engage the va­ry­ing hour.

In Thee have I my help,
As all my fa­thers had;
I’ll trust Thee when I’m sor­row­ful,
And serve Thee when I’m glad.