Kate Burr

September 24, 1842, Woodbridge, Michigan.

Sunnyside Cemetery, Williamson, New York.


Wife of Dr. Henry Newton Burr, Kate lived in Walworth, New York. She contributed several poems to the Independent and other journals.

  1. At This Welcome Hour of Prayer
  2. Blessed Sabbath, Bright and Fair
  3. Christmas Morn
  4. Follow Me, in Life’s Fair Morning
  5. Get Ready
  6. He Saves from Guilt, His Name Is Jesus
  7. Holy Spirit, Ever Blest
  8. Homeward Ever We Are Sailing
  9. Hosanna, Hosanna, of Old the Children Sang
  10. I’ll Take My Cross
  11. Jesus Is Mine, from Glory Bright
  12. Jesus Is Tenderly Calling
  13. Lamb of God, So Meek and Lowly
  14. Lord Hath Risen, The
  15. Lovingly, Gently, Bear Her to Rest
  16. New Year, The
  17. O Let Me Tell It Once Again
  18. O Toiler in the Vineyard
  19. Only Believe in Jesus
  20. Remember the Sabbath Day
  21. Rise, Sun of Righteousness
  22. Say, Where Are the Loved Ones
  23. Song of Welcome
  24. Sound the Trumpet, Loud and Long
  25. There Remaineth a Rest to the People
  26. We Have Found the Messiah
  27. Whosoever, Let the Children
  28. Work and Pray

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