Scripture Verse

Jesus had compassion on them. Matthew 20:34


Words: Da­ni­el Tur­ner, in the Bap­tist Col­lect­ion, by Ash and Ev­ans (Bris­tol, Eng­land: 1769).

Music: Bar­ti­mae­us Da­ni­el Read, 1804 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Daniel Read (1757–1836)


Jesus, Je­sus, full of all compassion,
Hear Thy humble suppliant’s cry;
Let me know Thy great sal­va­tion,
See, I languish, faint and die.

Guilty, but with heart relenting,
Overwhelmed with helpless grief,
Prostrate at Thy feet repining,
Send, O send me quick relief.

Whither should a wretch be flying,
But to Him who comfort gives?
Whither, from the dread of dying,
But to Him who ever lives?

While I view Thee, wounded, grieving,
Breathless, on the cursèd tree,
Fain, I’d feel my heart be­liev­ing,
That Thou suffered thus for me.

With Thy right­eous­ness and Spi­rit,
I am more than angels blest;
Heir with Thee, all things inherit,
Peace, and joy, and endless rest.

Saved! The deed shall spread new glo­ry
Through the shining realms above;
Angels sing the pleasing story,
All enraptured with Thy love.