TabascoThe Mexican state.I Am Thine Own
Table MountainThe mountain near Cape Town, South Africa.Learning of My Savior
TablerBlest Be the Lord, Our Fathers’ God
TacomaThe city in Washington state.Perfect Peace
TahitiThe island in French Polynesia.No, Not My Power
TaipeiThe city in Taiwan.They’ll Soon Be O’er
Take a StandTake a Stand for Jesus
TallahasseeThe city in Florida.Cross of Christ
TallinnThe city in Estonia.Missionary Triumph, The
Tallis’ Canon
  1. All Praise to Thee, My God, This Night
  2. Jehovah Hear Thee in Thy Grief
  3. Man Who Once Has Found Abode, The
  4. When Mary Hugged Her Newborn Son
Tallis’ Evening HymnAll Praise to Thee, My God, This Night
Tallis’ Lamentation
  1. Smoke Alas, Must Still Ascend, The
  2. Thou, Lord, Who Didst Our Faith Bestow
  3. While Sounds of War Are Heard Around
Tallis’ OrdinalComposer Thomas Tallis.
  1. Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, Come
  2. Come, Mighty Spirit
  3. Father of Mercies, in Thy Word
  4. Great God! to Me the Sight Afford
  5. In Stature Grows the Heavenly Child
  6. My Shepherd Is the Lord My God
  7. O God, We Praise Thee, and Confess
  8. O Holy Spirit, Lord of Grace
  9. O Where Are Kings and Empires Now?
  10. When All Thy Mercies, O My God
  11. With Joy We Meditate the Grace
  12. Ye Wretched, Hungry, Starving Poor
  13. Year Is Gone, Beyond Recall, The
Talmar [Dorrnance]
  1. From the Table Now Retiring
  2. Mindful of Our Human Frailty
  3. Take My Heart, O Father!
Tamil NaduThe region in India.Cast Thy Cares upon the Savior
TampaThe city in Florida.We Shall Shine as the Stars
TampicoThe city in Mexico.Savior Bids Us Watch and Pray, The
TamworthHark, the Judgment Trumpet Sounding
Tantum Ergo [Corinth, Dulce Carmen]Latin for only then.
  1. Alleluia, Song of Gladness
  2. Word Supreme, Before Creation
TappanLord Our God Is Clothed with Might, The
TarragonaThe city in Spain.Songs of Gladness
TarringChild of Sin and Sorrow
Tarry with MeTarry with Me (Scott)
TartuThe city in Estonia.O Rock of Ages
TasmaniaThe Australian island state.Savior with Me, The
TauntonMaiden name of Isaac Watts’ mother.
  1. Herdsmen Keeping Lonely Vigil
  2. Triumphal Entry
Tavy CleaveThe valley in Dartmoor, England.Come, Ye Disconsolate
TavoyLo! Round the Throne at God’s Right Hand
Taylor (Lowry)
  1. Battle Song of the Church, The
  2. Something to Feast the Soul
Taylor (Proctor)Father of Light, Conduct My Feet
TbilisiThe city in Georgia.There Is Rapture Tonight
Te Deum [Grosser Gott, Pascal]Probably from the opening words of the hymn Te Deum Laudamus, written by Caesarius, Abbot of Lérins, circa 500.Holy God, We Praise Thy Name
Te Laudant OmniaLatin for all praise to you.All Things Praise Thee
Te LucisBefore the Ending of the Day
Teacher’s Dedication HymnO God, My Powers Are Thine
TehranThe city in Iran.Is It for Me?
TeignmouthThe town in Devon, England.While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
TelanganaThe Indian state.I Will Trust My Redeemer
Telemann’s ChantGeorg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767).Praise the Lord—His Power Confess
TempeThe city in Arizona.Royal Road, The
Temple (Davies)O King Enthroned on High
Temple (Hopkins)God, That Madest Earth and Heaven
Temple (North)Lord Jehovah, in Thy Temple
Temple BoroGod Is Known Among His People
Tempus Adest FloridumLatin for spring has unwrapped her flowers.
  1. Flower Carol
  2. Gentle Mary Laid Her Child
  3. Good King Wenceslas
Tender ThoughtArise, My Tenderest Thoughts, Arise
TendernessSee Caritas.
TenerifeThe largest of the Canary Islands.Praise Ye the Lord (Hoffman)
TennentFrom Ocean Unto Ocean
Terra BeataLatin for blessed earth.
  1. Fear Not!, the Angel Said
  2. Forever with the Lord
  3. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!
  4. I Had a Dream of Heaven
  5. Messiah, Prince of Peace
  6. This Is My Father’s World
TetworthO the Bitter Shame and Sorrow
ThalbergComposer Sigismond Thalberg.My Sins, My Sins, My Savior
ThanetEre I Sleep, for Every Favor
Thanksgiving (Basswood)Can a Little Child Like Me
Thanksgiving (Gilbert)Bethlehem Sleeps Beneath the Stars
Thanksgiving (Statham)Arm of the Lord, Awake, Awake!
  1. Come, Holy Spirit, Come (Beddome)
  2. Man That Fears the Lord, The
ThaxtedThe village in Essex, England, where composer Gustav Holst lived for several years.
  1. I Vow to Thee, My Country
  2. Mighty God, Come Build Your Mighty Church
Theodora (Handel)
  1. Angels Ever Bright and Fair
TheodoreAmerican president Theodore Roosevelt.Our Fathers’ God, to Thee We Raise
Theodora (Legge)Rest of the Weary
TheoktistusTheoktistus of the Studium.Jesu! Name All Names Above
TheophanyWho’ll Send the News?
Third Mode MelodyWhen Rising from the Bed of Death
ThirstingI Thirst, but Not as Once I Did
This Endris NyghtMiddle English for the other night or a few nights ago.
  1. Behold the Great Creator Makes
  2. Behold We Come, Dear Lord, to Thee
  3. This Endris Night
  4. What Grace, O Lord, and Beauty Shone
ThompsonSoftly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling
ThornburyThe market town near composer Basil Harwood’s birth place of Olveston.Thy Hand, O God, Has Guided
Thornton’Twas I That Did It
Thou Wilt Remember MeThou Wilt Remember Me
Thurland CastleThe location in Lancashire, England.Not One Forgotten
Thy Brother Calls to TheeThy Brother Calls to Thee
Thy LifeI Gave My Life for Thee
TianjinThe city in China.Acquaint Thyself with Jesus
TibbertonThe village in Shropshire, England.Crown Him with Many Crowns
TichfieldSee Titchfield.
Tidings (Allan)What’s the News?
Tidings (Walch)
  1. Hark, Hark, My Soul! (Allon)
  2. O Come, My Soul, Bless Thou the Lord Thy Maker
  3. O Zion, Haste
TijuanaThe city in Mexico.Transformation
Tillkomme Ditt RikeO Father, Thy Kingdom Is Come upon Earth
Tiltey AbbeyThe monastery in Essex, England.O for a Closer Walk with God
Times SquareThe location in New York City.Live for Jesus
TimiosSee Reeves.
TimișoaraThe city in Romania.Some Day (Elliott)
TimnaO Jesus, Delight of My Soul
TiranaThe city in Albania.Praise to the Holy One
TiruchirappalliThe city in IndiaAid
TirunelveliThe city in India.Fear Not! (Taylor)
Tis Midnight HourHow Far from Home?
’Tis Not Far to Jesus’Tis Not Far to Jesus
TisburyLet Every Mortal Ear Attend
Titchfield [Tichfield]See How Great a Flame Aspires
TivertonBehold the Messengers of Christ
TjänaHark! What Mean Those Holy Voices?
To God Be the Glory
  1. To God Be the Glory
  2. Whole-Hearted Thanksgiving to Thee I Will Bring
ToledoThe city in Ohio.Gathering Jewels
TompkinsSongwriter Jesse Tompkins.Heal Me Now
Ton-MânWhen the Day of Toil Is Done
Ton-y-BotelSee Ebenezer
ToowoombaThe city in Australia.We Take the Guilty Sinner’s Name
TopekaThe city in Kansas.Everlasting Hills, The
TopladyRock of Ages
Torn SailWhen Through the Torn Sail
TorquaySee Confidence (Youens)
Totally Surrendered Make Me a Captive, Lord
TotlandProbably the parish on the Isle of Wight.From Every Stormy Wind
TottenhamHappy the Souls in Jesus Joined
TotteridgeRise in the Strength of God
  1. God of the Nations, Who from Dawn of Days
  2. God of the Prophets, Bless the Prophets’ Sons
  3. I Greet Thee, Who My Sure Redeemer Art
  4. I May Not Go Tonight to Bethlehem
  5. Immanuel
  6. Immortal Honors Rest on Jesus’ Head
  7. Sea Is His, The

Also see Old 124Th

ToulouseThe city in France.Are You Ready? (Rexford)
TourianArmenian Primate Leon Tourian.Holiness Becomes Thy House
Tours [Berthold]
  1. Come, Ye That Fear Jehovah
  2. From Glory Unto Glory
  3. To Thee, My God and Savior
  4. When, His Salvation Bringing
  5. With Happy Voices Ringing
TowerHis Word a Tower
Town of BethlehemWinter Night Was Dark and Still, The
TownerO Thou God of My Salvation

Also see Brink

TrabzonThe city in Turkey.Then Tell Jesus
TracyComposer George Lowell Tracy.To Crucify Each Selfish Need
TrafalgarThe 1805 naval battle off Cape Trafalgar, Spain.
  1. God of Our Fathers, Unto Thee
  2. Seven Words on the Cross, The
TranmereThere Is a Book That All May Read
Tranquility (Booth)I Sought the Lord
Tranquility (Mountain)Jesus, I Am Resting, Resting
Transfiguration (Lutkin)O Love! O Life!
Transfiguration (Anketell)Lord Jesus, on the Holy Mount
Transporting VisionBurst, Ye Emerald Gates

Also see Merdin.

TransylvaniaLord of All Being
TraskBehold the Bridegroom Cometh (Moultrie)
Tread SoftlyTread Softly
TreasureIn Heavenly Love Abiding
TrellAwake, Our Souls, Away, Our Fears
TrenthamThe village in Staffordshire, England.
  1. Breathe on Me, Breath of God
  2. Firm and Unmoved Are They
  3. From Homes of Quiet Peace
  4. Give to the Father Praise
  5. Jesus, Our Lord and King
  6. O Love of God Most Full
  7. There Is No Night in Heaven
  8. This Is Thy Will, I Know
  9. What Raised the Wondrous Thought
TrentinoThe province in Italy.Odi Koodin Yeshuvodu
TrevisoThe city in Italy.Lights Along the Shore
TrewenSovereign Protector I Have, A
TribecaThe neighborhood in New York City (the triangle below Canal Street).Worship of God, The
Tribulation [Youthful Piety]Come, Let Us Now Forget Our Mirth
TriesteThe city in Italy.Jesus Leads His Army
TrimnellGranted Is the Savior’s Prayer
Trinity (Stone)Holy, Holy, Holy
Trinity (Wesley)Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord, Thy Disciples
Trinity College
  1. Father’s Sole Begotten Son, The
  2. From East to West, from Shore to Shore
TripoliThe city in Libya.Then Tell Jesus
TrisagionGreek for thrice holy.Stars of the Morning
Tristes ErantLatin for we were sad.Light’s Glittering Morn Bedecks the Sky
TriumphTo the Name of Our Salvation

Also see Newkirk

Triune AdorationMy Father God of Pow’r and Might
TrocadéroThe area in Paris, France.Beside the Still Waters
True-HeartedTruehearted, Wholehearted, Faithful and Loyal
TrumanI Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
TruroThe city in Cornwall.
  1. Awake, Ye Nations of the Earth
  2. Deluge at th’Almighty’s Call, The
  3. Ere the Blue Heav’ns Were Stretched Abroad
  4. Eternal Power, of Earth and Air!
  5. Father in Heaven, Who Lovest All
  6. Go, Worship at Immanuel’s Feet
  7. God of My Life, Thy Constant Care
  8. God of the Nations, Hear Our Call
  9. Jesus, the Truth and Power Divine
  10. Jesus, Thou Everlasting King
  11. Let God Arise, and by His Might
  12. Lord, When Thou Didst Ascend on High
  13. More Light Shall Break
  14. O Let the Heart Beat High with Bliss
  15. O Render Thanks to God Above
  16. Rejoice Ye People, Homage Give
  17. Servants of God, in Joyful Lays
  18. Shout, for the Blessèd Jesus Reigns
  19. Thee, O Immanuel, We Praise
  20. Thou Lord of Hosts
  21. ’Tis Christmas Morn
  22. To Us a Child of Royal Birth
  23. When Adam Fell
  24. Yes, God Is Good
  25. Zion Is Glad This Glorious Morn
Trust (Mendelssohn)Come, O Lord, Like Morning Sunlight
Trust (Stockton)Come, Every Soul by Sin Oppressed
Trust (Torrance)O Savior, I Have Naught to Plead
TruthMy Maker and My King
Truth from AboveO Chief of Cities, Bethlehem
Tryggare Kan Ingen VaraAlleluia! Lord Most Holy
TryphenaA Christian worker mentioned by the Apostle Paul (Romans 16:12).God Shall Wipe All Tears Away
TrystHere from the World We Turn
TuamThe town in County Galway, Ireland.Lord God, the Holy Ghost
TuckerSend the Fire
TucsonThe city in Arizona.Millennial Dawn, The
TudorJesus, My Lord, How Rich Thy Grace!
TugwoodSing We Triumphant Hymns of Praise
TulsaThe city in Oklahoma.Christ, the King of Zion
TunbridgeSinful, Sighing to Be Blest

Also see Tidings

TunguskaThe river in Siberia.On the Shores of Galilee
TunisThe city in Tunisia.Our Light and Life
TunisiaThe north African country.Everything for Jesus
TurinThe city in Italy.As the Hart, with Eager Looks
TurkuThe city in Finland.City of Light, The
TurnerGuide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
TuscanyThe region in Italy.Clinging and Resting
Twentynine PalmsThe city in California.Grow Like Jesus
Twenty-Fourth [Chelmsford, Primrose, Memphis]
  1. Consider All My Sorrows, Lord
  2. Hail, Tranquil Hour of Closing Day
  3. Holy and Reverend Is the Name
  4. Keep Silence, All Created Things
  5. Love Consecrates the Humblest Act
TwilightSun Is Sinking Fast, The
TyreThe city in Lebanon.Passing Onward, Quickly Passing
TyrolThe region in Austria.Come, Shepherds, Come!
TyroneO How I Love Jesus
TythertonSee Moravia (West)