CaballeroSpanish for gentleman or horseman.Lord of Life, on This Thy Day
Cabin JohnThe location in Maryland.Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer
Cabo San LucasThe city in Mexico.His Coming Draweth Nigh
CáceresThe city in Spain.O Beautiful for Spacious Skies
  1. I Waited Patient for the Lord
  2. On Judah’s Plains as Shepherds Sat
  3. Thy Mercy and Thy Truth, O Lord
CádizThe city in Spain.Make Room for Jesus
CadoganAbide with Me (Lyte)
Caersalem [Blessed Lord]Zion, Founded on the Mountains
CæsareaThe town in Israel.
  1. Almost Persuaded
  2. Why Unbelieving?
Cagayan de OroThe city in Misamis Oriental, Philippines.Shine in My Heart, Lord Jesus
CagliariThe city on the island of Sardinia.Give Me the Bible
Cahokia MoundsThe historic site in Collinsville, Illinois.How I Wish I Knew
  1. Holy Father, in Thy Mercy
CairoThe city in Egypt.Still One in Life, and One in Death
  1. Among the Princes, Earthly Gods
  2. Great God, with Wonder and with Praise
  3. Ho! Ye That Thirst, Approach the Spring
  4. My Never Ceasing Songs Shall Show
  5. O for a Closer Walk with God
  6. O Thou Whose Justice Reigns on High
  7. O Thou Whose Spirit Witness Bears
  8. Wherefore Is It That Thou, O Lord
Caladesi IslandThe location in Florida.Carried by the Angels
CalaisThe city in France.White Coffin, The
CalbucoThe Chilean volcano.Christ Is Risen (Root)
CalcuttaFrom Greenland’s Icy Mountains
CalebThe man in Numbers 13:30.Thanks for the Bible
CaledoniaSoldiers of the Cross, Arise! (Waterbury)
Caledonia (Garbutt)God of My Salvation, Hear
CalkinAround the Throne of God

Also see St. David (Calkin).

Call, TheCome, My Way, My Truth, My Life
CallawayThe gardens in Georgia.Look Up! Behold, the Fields Are White
Calm (Dykes) [Ilkley]
  1. Into Thy Gracious Hands I Fall
  2. O Lord, My God, My Joyful Heart

Also see Hastings

Calm (Hopkins)Calm on the Listening Ear of Night
Calon LânWelsh for pure heart.
  1. Abba, Father! We Approach Thee
  2. Better Far Than Life to Me
  3. Blessèd Savior, Thou Didst Suffer
  4. Legion Dispossessed, The
  5. Wonder of the Story, The
CalvaGod Is a Spirit, Just and Wise
Calvary (Monk)
  1. Let Me Dwell on Golgotha
  2. What a Mournful Life Is Mine
  3. When the Gospel Race Is Run
Calvary (Squires)Father, I Know That All My Life
Calvary (Stanley)
  1. For the Dear Ones Parted from Us
  2. Lord of Life and King of Glory
Calvary (Turvey)
  1. Brethren, the End Is Near
  2. How Weak the Thoughts, and Vain
Calvat [Aspiration]More Holiness Give Me
Camacha [Faith Divine]Composer Benjamin Ramsey’s residence in Chichester, Sussex, England.
  1. Since We Have Confidence
  2. Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord
CamargoThe city in Mexico.Rally, Soldiers, One and All
CamberwellSee Cambridge
CamborneThe town in Cornwall.Trustingly, Trustingly
Cambria [St. Nicholas]Here from the World We Turn
Cambridge (Harrison)
  1. Arise, My Gracious God
  2. Begin with God
  3. Come, Holy Spirit, Come
  4. Come, Sound His Praise Abroad
  5. With Joy We Lift Our Eyes
Cambridge (Randall)No Track Is on the Sunny Sky
Cambridge (Walmisley)See Walmisley
CamdenSee Waltham (Calkin)
Camden MarketThe area in London.Under the Stars
Camden RoadO God, by Whom the Seed Is Given
CameroniaHe Wants Not Friends That Hath Thy Love
CampLord Our God Alone Is Strong, The
Camp SakimaThe Boy Scout camp near Knob Lick, Missouri.
  1. Spirit Tells Me So, The
  2. We Seek a Rest Beyond the Skies
CampaniaThe region in southern Italy.Missionary Hymn
CampecheThe city in Mexico.I Remember Calvary
CampinasThe city in Brazil.Except Ye Repent
Campmeeting [Belief]
  1. Happy the Man to Whom His God
  2. O Lord, Another Day Is Flown
  3. Prayer Is the Soul’s Sincere Desire
  4. Thus Saith the Lord, Your Work Is Vain
CanaThe site of Jesus’ first miracle (John 2:1) O God, Be Merciful
CanaanGladsome Hymn of Praise We Sing, A
CanarsieThe area in Brooklyn, New York.Golden Carol, The
Canary WharfThe area in London.Christ, Thou Alone
CanberraThe city in Australia.I Saw One Hanging on a Tree
CancúnThe city in Mexico.Storm the Fort
CandlerMethodist bishop Warren A. Candler.Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown
CannesThe city in France.In a Lowly Manger Sleeping
  1. Awake, Ye Sleeping Souls, Awake
  2. O Kind Creator, Bow Thine Ear
  3. O Lord, Make Haste to Hear My Cry
CanonburyThe residential district in the north London borough of Islington.
  1. Glory to God, Whose Sovereign Grace
  2. How Beauteous Were the Marks Divine
  3. I Love the Lord, for My Request
  4. Lord, My Weak Thought in Vain Would Climb
  5. Lord, Speak to Me
  6. My Soul Complete in Jesus Stands
  7. O Bow Thine Ear, Eternal One
  8. O God, Thy World Is Sweet with Prayer
  9. O Grant Us Light
  10. O Jesus, Youth of Nazareth
  11. O Thou, Whose Glory Shone Like Fire
  12. Oh, Sweetly Breathe the Lyres Above
  13. Sweet Hour of Holy, Thoughtful Prayer
CantabriaThe region in Spain.Was It for Me? (Whyte)
Cantate DominoLatin for sing to the Lord.Sing, My Soul, to God Who Made Thee
  1. Christ from Whom All Blessings Flow
  2. Come, and Let Us Sweetly Join
  3. Depth of Mercy
  4. Holy Spirit, Truth Divine
  5. Jesu, Grant Me This, Pray
  6. Ruler of the Hosts of Light
Canterbury (Henchman)Ye Hosts of Heaven, Ye Mighty Ones
Cantique de Siméon
[Nunc Dimittis, Nun Preiset Alle]
O Gladsome Light
Cantique de ZacharieCantique De Zacharie
CantusYet There Is Room
Cantus GloriosusIt Came upon the Midnight Clear
Cape CodThe area in Massachusetts.Jesus Is His Name
Cape HatterasThe area in North Carolina.Ring Out, Ye Bells
Cape VerdeThe archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa.All Hail Glad Day
CapelGod Make My Life a Little Light
CapelloMy Son, Know Thou the Lord
  1. Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
  2. Three in One and One in Three
CapriThe Italian island.O, the Blessèd Promise
CaptivaThe island near Fort Meyers, Florida.Sovereign of Heav’n
CapulinThe extinct volcanic cinder cone in New Mexico.Let Earth Resound Again
  1. Oh, When the Sabbath’s Chiming
  2. When I Awake from Slumber
CaraboboThe Venezuelan state.I Know There’s a Rest
CarcassonneThe city in France.Now I’m Coming Home
CardiffThe city in Wales.Come, Holy Ghost, All-Quickening Fire
CarewWe Give Thee but Thine Own
CareyLaborers of Christ, Arise
Carey’s Surrey
  1. Come, O My Soul, the Call Obey
  2. Creator Spirit, by Whose Aid
  3. Give Me the Faith Which Can Remove
  4. I Walk with Love Along the Way
  5. Leader of Faithful Souls
  6. Lord My Pasture Shall Prepare, The
  7. My Heart Is Full of Christ
  8. O Love, I Languish at Thy Stay
  9. We Have Not Known Thee as We Ought
  10. What Am I, O Thou Glorious God!
CaridadFreedom in Christ
CarillonHallelujah! Hallelujah! (Francis)
CarinthiaSwift As an Eagle’s Flight
Caritas [Tenderness]One Is Kind Above All Others

Also see Gordon
CarletonO Love Divine and Golden
  1. God of Almighty Love
  2. Thou Art My Portion, Lord
  1. Friend of Sinners, Lord of Glory
  2. Hail! Thou God of Grace and Glory!
CarminaDay Is Fast Approaching, The
CarnelianCome Hither, All Ye Weary Souls
  1. Hark! The Cry, Behold, He Cometh
  2. Hark! What Mean Those Lamentations?
  1. For Unto Us a Child Is Born
  2. It Came upon the Midnight Clear
CarolynBehold the Western Evening Light
CarondeletThe neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri.Shine on Our Land
CarradaleThe village in Scotland.
  1. Be Merry All
  2. I Am Not Skilled to Understand
  3. I Love the Holy Son of God
CarrowMy God, I Thank Thee
CartagenaThe city in Colombia.His Little Ones
  1. In Doubt and Temptation
  2. No Room in the Inn
Carter LakeThe lake in Omaha, Nebraska.When I Behold Him
CartonI’ve Found the Pearl
CaryHymnist Phoebe Cary.One Sweetly Solemn Thought
CarylAsleep in Jesus
  1. Savior, Let Thy Sanction Rest
  2. Sion’s Daughter, Weep No More
  3. What Our Father Does Is Well
CassellChristian Hearts, in Love United
CastilloHeaven at Last
Castle EdenPriceless Is Thy Treasure
Castle RisingRoseate Hues of Early Dawn, The
CastlefordBorough of the City of Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England.With Songs and Honors Sounding Loud
CastrovilleThe town in Texas.Others He Saved
CaswellSee Alexandria
CaterhamGod of Nature and of Grace, The
CathcartFling Out the Banner
Cathedral ChantLord Will Come! the Earth Shall Quake, The
CatherineBe Thou My Helper in the Strife
CaumartinThe street in Paris.Paul and Silas
CaymanThe Caribbean islands.Master Has Come over Jordan, The
CebuThe city in the Philippines.I Know Who Pilots Me
CedarCedar of Lebanon, The
CelebrationGod’s Mighty Wonders
CelesteHow Good Is the God We Adore
  1. Bright and Glorious Is the Sky
  2. Hark, the Heav’nly Voices Sing
Celestial VoicesIn Our Hearts Celestial Voices
Central ChurchThou Knowest, Lord
Central ParkThe park in New York City.God Bless Our School Today
CephasThou Art the Christ, O Lord
CeutaThe Spanish city in North Africa.Glory to God (Weckerly)
CeylonThe former name for Sri Lanka.Father of Life, Confessing
ChadThe African country.Little Soldiers (Neubert)
ChalfontThe town in Pennsylvania.Last Dread Trump Is Sounding, The
ChalveyFew More Years Shall Roll, A
ChamorroThe Austronesian language.Promised Star Appeareth, The
ChamouniThere’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy
ChamperretWhilst Bethlehem’s Shepherds Kept Their Flocks
ChandlerAbove the Clear Blue Sky
ChandosHandel’s Chandos anthem series.Lord, Give Me Light to To Do Thy Work
ChantillyThe town in Virginia.Sufficient Grace
Chapel Royal
  1. Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lay
  2. Great Mover of All Hearts
  3. If Death My Friend and Me Divide
ChapinO Where Shall Rest Be Found?
ChapmanOne Day
  1. Chariot, The
  2. Lord’s Knocking, The
CharitasLatin for charity.Lord of Glory, Who Hast Bought Us
CharityGracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
CharlotteThe city in North Carolina, birthplace of evangelist Billy Graham.Flocks Were Wrapped in Slumber, The
  1. O God, Our Maker, Throned on High
  2. We Leave Thy House, but Leave Not Thee
CharlesElizabeth R. Charles.Is Thy Cruse of Comfort Wasting?
Charles (Parker)Elizabeth R. Charles.Lo, the Day, the Day of Life!
CharlestonThe city in South Carolina.Hail! My Ever Blessèd Jesus
CharterhouseO Son of Man, Our Hero Strong and Tender
  1. Saw You Never, in the Twilight?
  2. See the Blessèd Savior Dying
  3. Spake the Glorious Lord in Heaven
Château de VincennesThe castle in Paris.There Came Three Kings from Far Away
ChathamSpirit Divine, Attend Our Prayer
ChattanoogaThe city in TennesseeNew Song (Pierson), The
ChautauquaThe lake in New York, where composer William Sherwin was music director.
  1. Day Is Dying in the West
  2. Thou Has Been Our Guide This Day
ChelmsfordThe town in Massachusetts.Eternal Source of Life and Light
Also see Twenty-fourth
Chelsea (Attwood)Come, Let Us to the Lord Our God
Chelsea BridgeThe bridge in London connecting Chelsea and Battersea.It Reaches Me
ChenangoThe town in New York.Lord, Thou Wilt Bring the Joyful Day
  1. Ere God Had Built the Mountains
  2. Heavens Declare Thy Glory (Birks), The
  3. In Homes Where Pride and Splendor
  4. O Star of Truth, Down-Shining
  5. To Thee, in Youth’s Bright Morning
  6. When Jesus Comes in Glory
  7. Where’er His Creatures Gather
ChennaiThe Indian city.By the Gate They’ll Meet Us
ChereponiJesu, Jesu
CherubimRosy Dawn, with Locks of Gold
CheshamNow We Bring Our Christmas Treasures
  1. Angel Comes, He Comes to Reap, The
  2. He Reigns—th’Almighty Reigns Supreme
  3. Lord, from the Ill and Froward Man
  4. O Savior, May We Never Rest
  5. Rulers of Sodom! Hear the Voice
  6. Save Me, O God, the Swelling Floods
  7. Weep Not for Him Who Onward Bears
  8. When the Great Judge
  9. Woe to the Men on Earth Who Dwell
Cheshunt CollegeThee Will I Love, My Strength, My Tower
Chester (Billings)Let Tyrants Shake Their Iron Rods
Chester (Oratory)Thou Art My Hiding Place, O Lord
Chester (Stanley)Let Every Creature Join
ChesterfieldSee Richmond (Haweis)
Chestnut HillCome, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain
ChesworthBehold the Morning Sun
Chevy ChaseThe town in Maryland.Our Royal Christmas Gift
ChiapasThe Mexican state.Songs by Night
ChibaThe prefecture on the eastern edge of Tokyo, Japan.Christ Has Risen
ChicopeeThe city in Massachusetts.No Room in the Inn
ChicagoThe city in Illinois.Onward, Upward
Chichen ItzaThe Mayan site in Yucatan.When the King Comes!
ChigwellThe town in Epping Forest, Essex.Jesus, o’er the Grave Victorious
ChihuahuaThe Mexican state.I Will Never Leave Thee
Child in the MangerChild in the Manger
  1. I Love to Think That Jesus Saw
  2. It Fell upon a Summer Day
  3. God Speaks to Us in Bird and Song
  4. They All Were Looking for a King
Children’s OfferingsBeauteous Are the Flowers of Earth
Children’s PraiseWilt Thou Hear the Voice of Praise?
Children’s PraisesAround the Throne of God in Heaven
Children’s VoicesAbove the Clear Blue Sky
ChileThe South American country.Autumn
ChiltonWho o’er the Waves from Shore to Shore
Chilton FoliatThe village in Wiltshire, England.Almighty Father of All Things That Be
ChimesAlmighty Father, Heav’nly King
Chimney RockThe rock formation in western Nebraska.O Sing a Song of Bethlehem
ChinaWhy Do We Mourn Departing Friends?
Chinese MelodyLet Us with a Gladsome Mind
ChinoThe city in California.
  1. Redeemed, and with the Price of Blood
  2. Thou, Whom Their Maker Heaven and Earth
ChiosMy People, Give Ear
Chipping OngarThe town in Epping Forest, Essex, England.All Hail the Gladsome Easter Morn
ChiselhurstWe Give Thee but Thine Own
ChișinăuThe capital of Moldova.Savior’s Care, The
Chiswick ParkThe area in London.Alleluia! King Victorious
ChongqingThe city in China (formerly known as Chungking).Return Ye
ChopeIn the Field with Their Flocks Abiding
ChopinO Come and to Jehovah Sing
ChorleywoodThe town in Hertfordshire, England.O’er Bethl’hem’s Hill, in Time of Old
ChouteauThe 18th & 19th Century French fur trading family in the American Midwest.
  1. Just Outside the Door
  2. Thy Church, O God, Shall Find Fulfilled
Christ AroseLow in the Grave He Lay
Christ Church (Steggall)
  1. Atoning Work Is Done, The
  2. By Whom Was David Taught?
  3. Descend, Celestial Dove
  4. Great King of Glory, Come
  5. Jerusalem on High
  6. Jesus the Lord Is Born
  7. Let All the World Rejoice
  8. O Ye Immortal Throng
  9. Rejoice, the Savior Reigns!
Christ Church (Ouseley)Sweet Savior, Bless Us Ere We Go
Christ Is ComingChrist Is Coming
Christ Lag in TodesbandenChrist Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands
Christ Unser HerrGerman for Christ our Lord.To Jordan Came Our Christ, the Lord
Christe Du BeistandFather Most Holy, Merciful and Tender
Christe SanctorumLatin for Christ’s saints.
  1. Christ Is the World’s Light
  2. Cross of Christ, The
  3. Father Most Holy, Merciful, and Loving
  4. Father, We Praise Thee
Christi MutterIt Is Finished! Man of Sorrows
ChristineNow Is the Saint’s Salvation Come
  1. Angels Rejoiced and Sweetly Sung
  2. Awake, My Soul, Stretch Every Nerve
  3. Hark from on High Those Blissful Strains!
  4. Hosanna! Raise the Pealing Hymn
  5. May I Throughout This Day of Thine
  6. Mortals Awake, with Angels Join
  7. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night
Christmas Brings JoyChristmas Brings Joy to Every Heart
Christmas CarolKind Friends Have Decked the Christmas Tree
Christmas ChimesHark! The Merry, Merry Bells
Christmas Eve (Zundel)Hark! What Celestial Sounds
Christmas Eve (Knudsen)
  1. I Am So Glad Each Christmas Eve
  2. Shepherds, Rejoice! Lift Up Your Eyes
Christmas IslandThe Australian territory.Death Shall Not Destroy My Comfort
Christmas Morn (Conant)Blest Christmas Morn
Christmas Morn (Hopkins)Wise May Bring Their Learning, The
Christmas MorningLittle Children, Can You Tell
Christmas Song
  1. Destruction of Sennacherib, The
  2. Look Aloft
  3. There’s a Garden
  4. There’s a Song in the Air
ChristosTo Thee and to Thy Christ, O God
Christum Wir Sollen Loben SchonNow Praise We Christ, the Holy One
Christus ConsolatorArt Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid?
Christus, Der Ist Mein LebenGerman for Christ, who is my life.
  1. Abide, O Dearest Jesus
  2. What Sweet of Life Endureth?
Christus Der Uns Selig MachtGerman for Christ who blesses us.In the Tomb Behold He Lies
Chula VistaThe city in California.Easter Flowers, Easter Carols
ChurThe city in Switzerland.Lost Sheep, The
  1. O Lord, Thy Perfect Righteousness
  2. Shall Atheists Dare Insult the Cross?
Church Triumphant
  1. Again the Lord’s Own Day Is Here
  2. Arm of the Lord, Awake!
  3. Awake, Arise, Behold the Day
  4. Give to the Lord, Ye Sons of Fame
  5. Hail to the Prince of Life and Peace
  6. Happy the Man Who Feareth God
  7. Hark! Hark! What News the Angels Bring
  8. My Soul Is Grieved
  9. Now Dawning Glows the Day of Days
  10. Now Let Our Faith with Joy Survey
  11. O Christ, the Heavens’ Eternal King
  12. On All the Earth Thy Spirit Shower
  13. Praise of Sion Waits for Thee, The
  14. We Build Our School on Thee
Church VigilantO Thou Who Turnest Into Morning
CiceroThe town in Illinois.Wide, Wide, World, The
CidentonSong writer A. C. Cidenton.Tomorrow
CincinnatiThe city in Ohio.Opening Hymn
City of LightKing of the City Splendid
City RoadO How Happy Are They Who the Savior Obey
Civitas DeiLatin for city of God.Fathers Built This City, The
ClaflinWe Thank Thee, O Our Father
ClairvauxBernard of Clairvaux.Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee
  1. Thou Lord, Art Love, and Everywhere
  2. Thy Goodness, Lord, Our Souls Confess
ClaremontJoin All the Glorious Names
Clarendon (Tucker)What Shall I Render to My God? (Watts)
Clarendon StreetSee Gordon.
ClarionOld Year’s Long Campaign is O’er, The
ClarissaCurrently unused (NWC, PDF)
Clark’s GroveI Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
ClarksvilleMy God, It Was Thy Grace
  1. Behold, He Comes—The Judge Appears
  2. Lord, the Judge, Before His Throne, The
  3. O Weep Not o’er Thy Children’s Tomb
  4. Vain Man, Thy Fond Pursuits Forbear
  5. When Threatening Enemies Assail
Clay’s LitanyJesus, with Thy Church Abide
Cleansing for MeCleansing for Me
Cleansing Fountain [Fountain]
  1. Let All the God of Daniel Praise
  2. Men Who Slight Thy Faithful Word, The
  3. My Business Lays at Wisdom’s Gate
  4. Thanksgiving, A
  5. There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood
ClearwaterThe city in Florida.Abiding Rest
CleethorpesAgain the Morn of Gladness
CleggHow Heavy Is the Night
ClephaneHymnist Elizabeth Clephane.Beneath the Cross of Jesus
ClevedonThe town in North Somerset, England.Holy Ghost, Dispel Our Sadness
ClevelandThe city in Ohio.Pilgrim’s Journey, The
ClewerO Let Him Whose Sorrow
Cliffe WoodSinging for Jesus! Praising His Name!
Clifton (Turpin)Behold the Messengers of Christ
Clifton College
  1. Lord, Behold Us with Thy Blessing
  2. Savior, Come, Thy Friends Are Waiting
ClintonO Lord, Our Lord
CloistersBending Before Thee
  1. Haste, Traveler, Haste!
  2. I Shall Not Want
  3. Jesus, Whose Blood so Freely Streamed
ClooneyThe parish in County Clare, Ireland.Upward Path, The
Closer WalkJust a Closer Walk with Thee
CloudPraise Him
ClydePrecious, Precious Blood of Jesus
ClydesdaleThe draft horse breed developed from the farm horses of Clydesdale, Scotland.O Lovely Voices of the Sky
ClyneHymnist Norval Clyne.
  1. Blasts of Chill December, The
  2. To Sin, the World, and Satan Sold
CoachellaThe valley in California.In the Hollow of His Hand (Everett)
CoathamSee Sawley.
Cobb [Lauda Sion Salvatorem]
  1. Come, Pure Hearts
  2. Zion, to Thy Savior Singing
CoblentzAll My Hope on God Is Founded
CochranLight of the World! Whose Kind and Gentle Care
CockfostersThe area in London, England.By Name
Cœlites Plaudant
  1. Christ, the Fair Glory of the Holy Angels
  2. Honor and Glory, Power and Salvation
Cœna DominiDraw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord
CoimbatoreThe city in India.Some Day at Home
CoimbraThe city in Portugal.Man the Life-Boat (Clements)
ColbyHymnist H. F. ColbyMy Faith Still Clings
Colchester (Wesley)With Solemn Faith We Offer Up
Colchester (Williams)Come, Lord, and Warm Each Languid Heart
ColdreyJesus, Sun and Shield Art Thou
ColeraineVictim Divine, Thy Grace We Claim
ColeshillSee Dublin
ColimaThe city in Mexico.Speed the Gospel Army
CollegeThou Didst Teach the Thronging People
College ParkThe city in Maryland.King Has Come, The
College StationThe city in Texas.Climbing Zion’s Mountain
Colliers WoodThe area in southwest London.List the Music Pealing
ColmarThe town in northeastern France.Hark! Upon the Morning Breezes
ColoFly, Ye Seasons
ColomaThe site in California where gold was discovered in 1848.Easter Gifts
ColombiaThe South American country.Winter
ColomiersThe city in France.Old Fashioned Story, The
ColomboThe city in Sri Lanka.Until He Come!
Colonel HillThe town in the Bahamas.Song of the New Creation
ColónThe city in Panama.Half Has Never Been Told, The
Colorado SpringsThe city in Colorado.Church of Christ, O Sleep No More
ColporteurForward, Men and Brothers!
ColumbiaSee St. Frances
Columbia HeightsThe neighborhood in Washington, DC.Holy Father, We Adore Thee
ColumbusThe city in Ohio.I Am Waiting for the Dawning
Colwyn BayThe location in Wales.O Lord, Be Thou My Helper True
ColytonOn Our Way Rejoicing
Come and SeeWho Is This of Whom Ye Tell?
Come Faithful PeopleCome, Faithful People
Come SingCome Sing, Ye Choirs Exultant
Come unto MeCome unto Me, Ye Weary (Dix)
Comfort (Gabriel)O Sleepless Nights, O Cheerless Days
Comfort (Nickens)Comfort in Trouble
Comfort (Psalter)O Jehovah, Hear My Words
Comfort (Toronto)My God, I Am Thine
Comforter DivineTo Thee, O Comforter Divine
Commandments (Bourgeois)Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended, The
Comme an AgneauFrench for like a lamb.Comme un Agneau, Tu Te Laissas Meurtrir
CommemorationO Father, by Whose Servants
CommendatioLatin for recommendation.And Now, Beloved Lord, Thy Soul Resigning
CommonwealthWhen Wilt Thou Save the People?
CommunionNearer, My God, to Thee
ComorosThe Indian Ocean nation.Keep in the Line
CompassioOh! Come to the Merciful Savior
CompassionAnd Didst Thou Love the Race
Complete in Thee
  1. Angels Gazed to See Their God, The
  2. Jesus, the Cause Belongs to Thee
  3. Jesus, What Grace Dost Thou Bestow
  4. Master, We Call to Mind Thy Word
  5. Must We Not Then in Patience Wait?
  6. We Worship Thee
  7. Woe to the Man, Eternal Woe
Compton (English)God, Our Father, Made the Daylight
Compton (Greatorex)Lord, in Thy Sight, O Let My Prayer
ConcepciónThe city in Chile.Judgment Day, The
ConchitaGrant Thy Blessing
ConcordThe city in New Hampshire.Faint, Yet Pursuing
CondescensionThere Is a House Not Made with Hands
ConditorLatin for founder.Creator of the Stars of Night
Confidence (Chamberlain)Just as Thou Art
Confidence (Harmonia)When Hannah, Pressed with Grief
Confidence (Moore)
  1. Th’Almighty Reigns Exalted High
  2. Faith Is a Living Power from Heaven

Also see Accrington

Confidence (Ouseley)Forty Days Thy Seer of Old
Confidence (Rodeheaver)Walk Thou with Me
Confidence (Merrill)As the Sun Doth Daily Rise
Confidence (Youens) [Torquay]I Know That My Redeemer Lives (Medley)
ConformityJesus, My Savior, Let Me Be
CongletonThe town in Cheshire, England.Here, O My Lord, I See Thee
CongoThe African river.Lord Is Risen, The
ConisboroughMaster’s Touch, The
ConquerorWhat a Friend We Have in Jesus

Also see Daily, Daily.

Consecration (Aldrich)These Are the Crowns That We Shall Wear
Consecration (Vincent)When My Love to God Grows Weak
Consolation (Cramer)Gentle Shepherd, Thou Hast Stilled
Consolation (Lindeman)Come to Calvary’s Holy Mountain
Consolation (Mendelssohn) [Felix, Raynolds, Reynolds, Aspiration]
  1. As Pants the Hart for Streams
  2. How Long?
  3. I Hear Thy Voice
  4. Still, Still with Thee

Also see Ghaziabad

Consolation (Ulster)
  1. Ballad of Wise Men, A
  2. Out from the Rising of the Sun
Consolator [Alma, Alma Redemptoris]
  1. Blood of His Covenant
  2. Come, Ye Disconsolate
Constance (Gauntlett)Ye Servants of Our Glorious King
Constance (Sullivan)
  1. Almighty Lord, Whose Sovereign Right
  2. Give Thanks to God, for Good Is He
  3. I’ve Found a Friend
Contemplation (Gore-Ouseley)Amazing Sight: The Savior Stands
Contemplation (Funk)When Quiet in My House I Sit
ContrastSee Green Fields
ContritionJesus, Let Thy Pitying Eye
ConverseSee Erie.
ConwayHail, Mighty Jesus!
Cook IslandsThe Pacific island nation.O Child of God
  1. I Know Not What the Future Hath
  2. I Worship Thee, O Holy Ghost
  3. O Could I Find, from Day to Day
Cooling StreamsAs Pants the Hart for Cooling Streams
CopacabanaThe neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Perishing Millions, The
CopelandHymnist Benjamin Copeland.Christ’s Life Our Code
CopenhagenJoy to the World
Corbet (Macfarren)Hymnist Richard Corbet Singleton.With Gladsome Feet We Press
Cordis DonumTo Thee My Heart I Offer
CórdobaThe city in Spain.Man the Life-Boat!
CordovaThe city in Alabama.Wonderful Love! (Crosby)
CorinthSee Benediction, Tantum Ergo
CorneliusThe centurion in Acts 10:1.Crowned with Thorns upon the Tree
  1. Let Zion’s Watchmen All Awake
  2. Our God Is Love
  3. Thus Saith the Lord, The Spacious Fields
CorningThe city in New York.Sing of Jesus’ Love
CornwallO Love Divine, How Sweet Thou Art
CoronadoGod the Giver
  1. Bright with All His Crowns of Glory
  2. Christ Is Born, Go Tell the Story
  3. Come, Thou Conqueror of the Nations
  4. Gathered Here in That Great Presence
  5. God Almighty and All Seeing
  6. God Is Love, by Him Upholden
  7. Lord, Thy Word Abideth Ever
  8. Mighty Lord, Extend Thy Kingdom
  9. Savior, Hasten Thine Appearing
  10. Thou, Jehovah, Art My Shepherd
  11. Who but Thou, Almighty Spirit?
CoronationFrom the line crown Him Lord of all in All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.
  1. All Hail the Coming Son of God
  2. All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
  3. Now Blessèd Be Jehovah, God
  4. Our God, Our God, Thou Shinest Here
  5. Welcome, Thou Victor in the Strife
Corpus DominiLatin for body of God.Jesus, Son of Mary, Fount of Life Alone
CoruñaThe city in Spain.Hope On
CorwinGod’s Trumpet Wakes the Slumbering World
CorydonLord, Thy Church Hath Seen Thee Rise
Costa MesaThe city in California.Shepherds Their Watch Amid Their Flocks
Côte d’IvoireThe African country.Thyself Instead
Cottman [Beachley]Composer Arthur Cottman.
  1. Dying Souls, Fast Bound in Sin
  2. Follow Me, the Master Said
Courage [Barony]Courage, Brother, Do Not Stumble
CourcellesThe town in Hainaut, Belgium.Arise, Ye Soldiers of the Cross
Court SquareThe location in Boston, Massachusetts.Currently unused (score)
Cova da IriaThe location near Fátima, Portugal.So I Can Wait
Covenant (Stainer)God of Abraham Praise, The
Covenant (Towner)God of My Life, Through All My Days
Coventry (Dorrell)O Perfect God, Thy Love
Coventry (Mason)O, for a Faith That Will Not Shrink
Coventry (Root)God Who Made Both Heaven and Earth, The
Covent GardenThe district in London.Suffer Little Children
Covington (Doane)Composer Howard Doane’s Connecticut birthplace.O Thou That Hearest Prayer, Now to My Soul
Cow HollowThe neighborhood in San Francisco, California.I Will Help Thee
CowperHymnist William Cowper.There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood
CozumelThe city in Mexico.Where Is Thy Sting?
Cradle Song
  1. O Mercy Divine, O Couldst Thou Incline
  2. We Rear Not a Temple
CraigHow Happy Are They
CranbrookGrace, ’Tis a Charming Sound
CranhamComposer Gustav Holst’s birthplace near Cheltenham, England.
  1. In the Bleak Midwinter
  2. While the World Awaited
Crawford (Emerson)On the Dewy Breath of Even
CreationHaydn’s oratorio Creation; the melody is from the chorus The heavens are telling.
  1. Exalt the Lord, His Praise Proclaim
  2. Far as Creation’s Bounds Extend
  3. Head of Thy Suffering Church Below
  4. Lord! In the Unbeginning Years
  5. O God, I Cried, No Dark Disguise
  6. O God, Today We May Forget
  7. Savior of Men, Our Joy Supreme
  8. Spacious Firmament on High, The
  9. Stupendous Grace!
  10. Sweet Easter Bells
  11. Welcome the Bright Millennial Day

Also see Faneuil Hall

CreatorCreator Spirit, by Whose Aid
CreditonThe town in Devon, England.
  1. Father of Peace, and God of Love
  2. Our Souls with Pleasing Wonder View
CredoWe Saw Thee Not
Credo DomineMy Sins Have Taken Such a Hold on Me
CrestwoodThe suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.Seed Is Sown, The
Creve CoeurThe suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.Go, Tell the Nations Christ Is King
CrewdsonJoy in Sorrow
CrimeaThe Black Sea peninsula.
  1. God in His Earthly Temple Lays
  2. How Vainly Strive Ungodly Foes
  3. Let Sion in Her King Rejoice
  4. O God, Who Metest in Thy Hand
  5. When Marshaled on the Nightly Plain
CrimondThe town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where composer Jessie Irvine lived.Lord’s My Shepherd, The
CrimsonThough Your Sins Be as Scarlet
Crimson TideSee Riyadh.
CrispusThe man in Acts 18:8.Flee Away, Ye Shades of Night!
CristóbalThe city in Panama.O Tyre
CritchlowGive Me the Wings of Faith
CroatiaDon’t Stop Praying
CroftonO Happy Home
Croft’s 136thYe Holy Angels Bright
Croft’s 148thLo! from the Desert Homes
Croix BoissièreFrench for wooden cross.Since Jesus Came to Dwell with Me
  1. All Mortal Vanities, Begone
  2. Countless Multitudes on High, The
  3. O Christ, Our King, Creator, Lord
  4. To God, the Universal King
  5. Who Shall the Lord’s Elect Condemn?
CrosbyFanny Crosby.Join All Ye Joyful Nations
Cross and Crown (Elliott)Who Is This so Weak and Helpless
Cross and Crown (Houseley)While Sinks Our Land to Realms of Night
Cross of Jesus (Stainer) [Crucifixion]
  1. Cross of Jesus
  2. O the Darkness, O the Sorrow
Cross of Jesus (Doane)Cross of Jesus, The
CrosshillAt Calvary
CrowboroughWhat Various Hindrances We Meet
  1. Dwelling Place of God, The
  2. Is There a World of Bitter Woe?
  3. Jesus, We Own Thy Saving Power
  4. O God, My God! Why, in This Hour?
  5. Powers of Earth and Hell Combine, The
  6. When Christ to Judgment Shall Descend
  7. When Filthy Passions, or Unjust
Croydon (Ching)The town in Surrey, England.God Will Take Care of Me
Croydon (Hodges)The town in Surrey, England.Our Mother
Croyland (Latrobe)Met Around the Sacred Tomb
Croxley GreenThe village in Hertfordshire, England.Just as Thou Art (Ballard)
CruciferLift High the Cross

Also see Bethany (Smart)

Crucifix’Tis Not That I Did Choose Thee
CrucifixionSee Cross of Jesus
Crucis MilitesSoldiers of the Cross, Arise! (How)
Crucis UmbraBeneath the Cross of Jesus
Crucis VictoriaLift Up Your Heads, Ye Gates of Brass
Crusaders’ Hymn [Ascalon]The Crusaders of the Middle Ages, whom some believe sang the tune en route to the Holy Land.
  1. Fairest Lord Jesus
  2. Jerusalem Divine
  3. My Heart and Voice I Raise
  4. O God of Loveliness
CrügerComposer Johann Crüger.Hail to the Lord’s Anointed
Crux CrudelisVoice upon the Midnight Air, A
Crux ChristiantiSee Angel’s Story
Cry of FaithLord, When Thy Kingdom Comes
CrystalBy the Sea of Crystal
Crystal PalaceThe exhibition hall built in London in 1851.Arm of Redemption, The
Crystal SeaSavior, I by Faith Am Touching
  1. Abide in Me, O Lord
  2. He Is Risen (Bonar)
CuckfieldThe village in West Sussex, England.Trusting in Jesus (Stanton)
CuencaThe city in Ecuador.Shield of Faith, The
CuestaAs the Dew from Heaven
CugnauxThe city in France.He Took My Place
CulbachLife of Ages, Richly Poured
  1. Go, Ye Messengers of God
  2. Jesu, for the Beacon-Light
  3. Jesu, Name of Sweetest Thought
  4. See How Great a Flame Aspires
  5. Thou, the Christ Forever One
  6. Virgin Mother, Oh, Rejoice!
  7. What Are These in Bright Array
CullingworthThou Knowest, Lord (Hawkes)
CumberlandMy Soul, Inspired with Sacred Love
CupertinoThe city in California.
  1. Lord’s My Redeemer, The
  2. Night Cometh, The
  3. While Shepherds in Jewry
CuraçaoThe Caribbean island.Remember Me
CurfewPeacefully Round Us the Shadows Are Falling
CushmanWe Would See Jesus
  1. Calm Was the Hallowed Night!
  2. God, Who Omniscient Art
  3. My Steadfast Heart, O God
Cuttle MillsJesus, Friend of Little Children
Cutty SarkThe 19th Century clipper ship.Take Our Gifts
Cuvil Remember Thy Creator
CuylerTheodore Ledyard Cuyler, founding pastor of the Lafayette Avenue Church, Brooklyn, New York.Rock of Ages
Cwm RhonddaThe valley of the Rhondda, in Wales.
  1. Come Ye Saints, Look Here and Wonder
  2. God of Grace and God of Glory
  3. Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
  4. Let Us Rise in Early Morning
CyprusThe Mediterranean island.Ye Christian Heralds, Go Proclaim
CyrusThe Persian king who conquered Babylon and freed the captive Israelites (Ezra 1:1).Spring