Tune NameNamed AfterUsed By
CaballeroSpanish for gentle­man or horse­man.Lord of Life, on This Thy Day
Cabin JohnThe lo­ca­tion in Mar­y­land.Precious Sav­ior, Dear Re­deem­er
Cabo San Lu­casThe Mex­i­can ci­ty.His Com­ing Draw­eth Nigh
CáceresThe Span­ish ci­ty.O Beau­ti­ful for Spa­cious Skies
  1. I Wait­ed Pa­tient for the Lord
  2. On Ju­dah’s Plains as Shep­herds Sat
  3. Thy Mer­cy and Thy Truth, O Lord
CádizThe Span­ish ci­ty.Make Room for Je­sus
CadoganAbide with Me (Lyte)
Caersalem [Bless­ed Lord]Zion, Found­ed on the Moun­tains
CæsareaThe town in Is­ra­el.
  1. Almost Per­suad­ed
  2. Why Un­be­liev­ing?
Cagayan de OroThe ci­ty in Mi­sam­is Or­i­en­tal, Phil­ip­pines.Shine in My Heart, Lord Je­sus
CagliariThe ci­ty on the is­land of Sar­din­ia.Give Me the Bi­ble
Cahokia MoundsThe his­tor­ic site in Col­lins­ville, Il­li­nois.How I Wish I Knew

Holy Fa­ther, in Thy Mer­cy

CairoThe Egypt­ian ci­ty.Still One in Life, and One in Death
CaithnessThe his­to­ric Scot­tish coun­ty.
  1. Among the Princ­es, Earth­ly Gods
  2. Great God, with Won­der and with Praise
  3. Ho! Ye That Thirst, Ap­proach the Spring
  4. My Ne­ver Ceas­ing Songs Shall Show
  5. O for a Clo­ser Walk with God
  6. O Thou Whose Jus­tice Reigns on High
  7. O Thou Whose Spi­rit Wit­ness Bears
  8. Wherefore Is It That Thou, O Lord
Caladesi Is­landThe lo­ca­tion in Flor­i­da.Carried by the An­gels
CalaisThe French ci­ty.White Cof­fin, The
CalaverasThe Ca­li­for­nia coun­ty.Once Was Heard the Song of Child­ren
CalbucoThe Chi­le­an volcano.Christ Is Ris­en (Root)
CalcuttaFrom Green­land’s Icy Moun­tains
CalebThe man in Numbers 13:30.Thanks for the Bi­ble
CaledoniaSoldiers of the Cross, Arise! (Wa­ter­bu­ry)
Caledonia (Gar­butt)God of My Sal­va­tion, Hear
CalgaryThe Ca­na­di­an ci­ty.Lord, I Come to Thee
CaliforniaThe Ame­ri­can state.Service Is Our Watch­word
CalkinAround the Throne of God

Also see St. David (Cal­kin)

Call, TheCome, My Way, My Truth, My Life
Call to Mis­sions—Ma­ce­don­iaMacedonia
CallawayThe gar­dens in Georg­ia.Look Up! Be­hold, the Fields Are White
Calm (Dykes) [Ilk­ley]
  1. Into Thy Gra­cious Hands I Fall
  2. O Lord, My God, My Joy­ful Heart

Also see Hast­ings

Calm (Hop­kins)Calm on the Lis­ten­ing Ear of Night
Calon LânWelsh for pure heart.
  1. Abba, Fa­ther! We Ap­proach Thee
  2. Better Far Than Life to Me
  3. Blessèd Sav­ior, Thou Didst Suf­fer
  4. Christ Is Born of Bless­èd Ma­ry
  5. Hand That Rocks the Cra­dle, The
  6. Legion Dis­pos­sessed, The
  7. Lowly Bend­ing at Thy Foot­stool
  8. Wonder of the Sto­ry, The
CalvaIn Vain We La­vish Out Our Lives
Calvary (Monk)
  1. Let Me Dwell on Gol­go­tha
  2. What a Mourn­ful Life Is Mine
  3. When the Gos­pel Race Is Run
Calvary (Squires)Father, I Know That All My Life
Calvary (Stan­ley)
  1. For the Dear Ones Part­ed from Us
  2. Lord of Life and King of Glo­ry
Calvary (Tur­vey)
  1. Brethren, the End Is Near
  2. How Weak the Thoughts, and Vain
Calvat [As­pir­a­tion]More Ho­li­ness Give Me
Camacha [Faith Div­ine]Composer Ben­ja­min Ram­sey’s re­si­dence in Chi­ches­ter, Sus­sex, Eng­land.
  1. Since We Have Con­fi­dence
  2. Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord
CamargoThe Mex­i­can ci­ty.Rally, Sol­diers, One and All
CamasThe ci­ty in Wash­ing­ton state.Great Is the Love of Je­sus
CamberwellSee Cam­bridge
CamborneThe Corn­ish town.Trustingly, Trust­ing­ly
Cambria [St. Ni­cho­las]Here from the World We Turn
Cambridge (Har­ris­on)
  1. Arise, My Gra­cious God
  2. Begin with God
  3. Belovèd, It Is Well!
  4. Come, Ho­ly Spi­rit, Come
  5. Light of the Gen­tile Race
  6. With Joy We Lift Our Eyes
Cambridge (Ran­dall)No Track Is on the Sun­ny Sky
Cambridge (Wal­mis­ley)See Wal­mis­ley
CambridgeshireThe coun­ty in east Eng­land.Song of Christ­mas Eve
CamdenSee Wal­tham (Cal­kin)
Camden Mar­ketThe ar­ea in Lon­don.Under the Stars
Camden RoadO God, by Whom the Seed Is Giv­en
CameroniaHe Wants Not Friends That Hath Thy Love
Camino Re­alSpanish for roy­al road or king’s high­way.Let the Lit­tle Child­ren Come
CampLord Our God Alone Is Strong, The
Camp Sa­ki­maThe Boy Scout camp near Knob Lick, Mis­sou­ri.
  1. Spirit Tells Me So, The
  2. We Seek a Rest Be­yond the Skies
CampaniaThe re­gion in south­ern It­a­ly.Missionary Hymn
CampecheThe Mex­i­can ci­ty.I Re­mem­ber Cal­va­ry
CampinasThe Bra­zi­li­an ci­ty.Except Ye Re­pent
Campmeeting [Be­lief]
  1. Happy the Man to Whom His God
  2. O Lord, An­oth­er Day Is Flown
  3. Prayer Is the Soul’s Si­ncere De­sire
  4. Thus Sa­ith the Lord, Your Work Is Vain
CanaThe site of Je­sus’ first mi­ra­cle (John 2:1).O God, Be Me­rci­ful
Cana of Ga­li­leeRejoice, Re­joice, Be­liev­ers
CanaanGladsome Hymn of Praise We Sing, A
CañadaThe lo­ca­tion in San­ta Fe Coun­ty, New Mex­i­co.Christ on the Mount
ÇanakkaleThe Tur­kish ci­ty.Something to Do in Hea­ven
CanarsieThe area in Brook­lyn, New York.Golden Ca­rol, The
Canary WharfThe area in Lon­don.Christ, Thou Alone
CanberraThe Aus­tra­li­an ci­ty.I Saw One Hang­ing on a Tree
CancúnThe Mex­i­can ci­ty.Storm the Fort
CandlerMethodist bi­shop War­ren A. Cand­ler.Come, O Thou Trav­el­er Un­known
CannesThe French ci­ty.In a Low­ly Man­ger Sleep­ing
  1. Awake, Ye Sleep­ing Souls, Awake
  2. O Kind Cre­at­or, Bow Thine Ear
  3. O Lord, Make Haste to Hear My Cry
CanonburyThe dis­trict in the Lon­don bo­rough of Is­ling­ton.
  1. Children of God, Re­nounce Your Fears
  2. Father, to Thy Kind Love We Owe
  3. Glory to God, Whose Sov­er­eign Grace
  4. How Beau­te­ous Were the Marks Di­vine
  5. I Love the Lord, for My Re­quest
  6. Lord, My Weak Thought in Vain Would Climb
  7. Lord, Speak to Me
  8. My Soul Com­plete in Je­sus Stands
  9. O Bow Thine Ear, Eter­nal One
  10. O God, Thy World Is Sweet with Pray­er
  11. O Grant Us Light
  12. O Je­sus, Youth of Na­za­reth
  13. O Thou, Whose Glo­ry Shone Like Fire
  14. Oh, Sweet­ly Breathe the Lyres Above
  15. Sweet Hour of Ho­ly, Thought­ful Pray­er
CantabriaThe re­gion in Spain.Was It for Me? (Whyte)
Cantate Do­mi­noLatin for sing to the Lord.Sing, My Soul, to God Who Made Thee
  1. Christ from Whom All Bless­ings Flow
  2. Come, and Let Us Sweet­ly Join
  3. Depth of Mer­cy
  4. Holy Spi­rit, Truth Di­vine
  5. Jesu, Grant Me This, Pray
  6. Ruler of the Hosts of Light
Canterbury (Hench­man)Ye Hosts of Hea­ven, Ye Migh­ty Ones
Cantique de Si­mé­on
[Nunc Dim­it­tis, Nun preis­et alle]
O Glad­some Light
Cantique de Za­cha­rieCantique De Zach­a­rie
CantusYet There Is Room
Cantus Glor­i­o­susIt Came up­on the Mid­night Clear
Cape CodThe area in Mas­sa­chu­setts.Jesus Is His Name
Cape Hat­ter­asThe area in North Car­o­li­na.Ring Out, Ye Bells
Cape Ver­deThe ar­chi­pel­a­go off the north­west coast of Af­ri­ca.All Hail Glad Day
CapelGod Make My Life a Lit­tle Light
CapelloMy Son, Know Thou the Lord
  1. Gracious Spi­rit, Ho­ly Ghost
  2. Three in One and One in Three
ČapljinaThe city in Bos­nia and Her­ze­go­vi­na.Blood-Bought
CapriThe Ita­li­an island.O, the Bless­èd Pro­mise
CaptivaThe island near Fort Mey­ers, Flor­i­da.Sovereign of Heav’n
CapulinThe vol­can­ic cin­der cone in New Mex­i­co.Let Earth Re­sound Again
CaputLatin for head.Head of the Hosts in Glo­ry!
  1. Oh, When the Sab­bath’s Chim­ing
  2. When I Awake from Slum­ber
CaraboboThe Ven­e­zue­lan state.I Know There’s a Rest
CarcassonneThe French ci­ty.Now I’m Com­ing Home
CárdenasThe Cu­ban ci­ty (San Juan de Di­os de Cár­de­nas).Jesus Loves Me (Good­e­nough)
CardiffThe Welsh ci­ty.Come, Ho­ly Ghost, All-Quick­en­ing Fire
CarewWe Give Thee but Thine Own
CareyLaborers of Christ, Arise
Carey’s Sur­rey
  1. Come, O My Soul, the Call Obey
  2. Creator Spi­rit, by Whose Aid
  3. Give Me the Faith Which Can Re­move
  4. He That Has God His Guar­di­an Made
  5. I Walk with Love Along the Way
  6. Leader of Faith­ful Souls
  7. Lord My Pas­ture Shall Pre­pare, The
  8. My Heart Is Full of Christ
  9. O Love, I Lan­guish at Thy Stay
  10. We Have Not Known Thee as We Ought
  11. What Am I, O Thou Glo­ri­ous God!
CaridadFreedom in Christ
CarillonHallelujah! Hal­le­lu­jah! (Fran­cis)
CarinthiaSwift as an Ea­gle’s Flight
Caritas [Ten­der­ness]One Is Kind Above All Oth­ers

Also see Gor­don

CarletonO Love Di­vine and Gol­den
  1. God of Al­migh­ty Love
  2. Thou Art My Por­tion, Lord
CarlsbadThe Cal­i­for­nia ci­ty.Our Child­ren
CarlsruheThe Ger­man ci­ty of Karls­ruhe.Father, We Hum­bly Pray
Carlton [Ave­ling]
  1. Friend of Sin­ners, Lord of Glo­ry
  2. Hail! Thou God of Grace and Glo­ry!
  3. Onward, Bro­thers
CarmiThe son of Reu­ben (Gen­e­sis 46:9). Lord, I Will Bless Thee All My Days
CarminaDay Is Fast Ap­proach­ing, The
CarnelianCome Hi­ther, All Ye Wea­ry Souls
  1. Hark! The Cry, Be­hold, He Com­eth
  2. Hark! What Mean Those La­men­ta­tions?
  1. For un­to Us a Child Is Born
  2. It Came up­on the Mid­night Clear
CarolynBehold the West­ern Ev­en­ing Light
CarondeletThe neigh­bor­hood of St. Lou­is, Mis­sou­ri.Shine on Our Land
CarradaleThe Scot­tish vil­lage.
  1. Be Mer­ry All
  2. I Am Not Skilled to Un­der­stand
  3. I Love the Ho­ly Son of God
CarrowMy God, I Thank Thee
ÇarşambaThe Tur­kish town and dis­trict.Rejoice Ev­er­more
Carson CityThe Ne­va­da ci­ty.I’ll Be with You
CartagenaThe ci­ty in Co­lom­bia.His Lit­tle Ones
  1. In Doubt and Temp­ta­tion
  2. No Room in the Inn
Carter LakeThe lake in Oma­ha, Ne­bras­ka.When I Be­hold Him
CartmelProbably the vil­lage in Cum­bria, Eng­land.O That Mine Eye Might Clos­èd Be
CartonI’ve Found the Pearl
CaryHymnist Phoe­be Ca­ry.One Sweet­ly Sol­emn Thought
CarylAsleep in Je­sus
CasertaThe Ital­i­an ci­ty.Again We Meet in Gla­dness
  1. Savior, Let Thy Sanc­tion Rest
  2. Sion’s Daugh­ter, Weep No More
  3. What Our Fa­ther Does Is Well
CassellChristian Hearts, in Love Unit­ed
Castalian SpringsThe vil­lage in Ten­nes­see.This Wide World for Je­sus
CastellónThe Span­ish prov­ince.Save Me, Gra­cious God
CastilloHeaven at Last
Castle EdenPriceless Is Thy Trea­sure
Castle Ris­ingThe 12th Cen­tu­ry cas­tle in Kings Lynn, Nor­folk, Eng­land.Roseate Hues of Ear­ly Dawn, The
CastlefordBorough of the City of Wake­field in West York­shire, Eng­land.With Songs and Hon­ors Sound­ing Loud
CastrovilleThe Tex­as town.Others He Saved
CaswellSee Al­ex­an­dria
CataniaThe Si­ci­li­an ci­ty.Father of All, in Whom Alone
CatatumboThe ri­ver in Co­lom­bia and Ve­ne­zue­la.Have Faith in the Blood
CaterhamGod of Na­ture and of Grace, The
CathcartFling Out the Ban­ner
Cathedral ChantLord Will Come! The Earth Shall Quake, The
CatherineBe Thou My Help­er in the Strife
CattaraugusThe New York coun­ty.Hear the Gos­pel Call (Holtz­claw)
CaumartinThe Pa­ri­sian street.Paul and Si­las
CaymanThe Car­ib­bean is­lands.Master Has Come ov­er Jor­dan, The
CayugaFountain of Life and of Grace, A
CebuThe Phil­ip­pine ci­ty.I Know Who Pi­lots Me
CedarCedar of Leb­a­non, The
CelebrationGod’s Migh­ty Won­ders
CelesteHow Good Is the God We Adore
  1. Bright and Glo­ri­ous Is the Sky
  2. Hark, the Heav’n­ly Voic­es Sing
Celestial Voic­esIn Our Hearts Ce­les­ti­al Voic­es
CensorinusAll Things Bless Thee
  1. God of the Past, Ac­cept Our Praise
  2. O God, Thou Po­ten­tate of All
Central ChurchThou Know­est, Lord
Central ParkThe New York Ci­ty park.God Bless Our School To­day
CephasThou Art the Christ, O Lord
CeutaThe Spani­sh ci­ty in North Af­ri­ca.Glory to God (Wec­ker­ly)
CeylonThe for­mer name for Sri Lan­ka.Father of Life, Con­fess­ing
ChadThe Af­ri­can coun­try.Little Sol­diers (Neu­bert)
ChalfontThe Penn­syl­van­ia town.Last Dread Trump Is Sound­ing, The
ChalveyFew More Years Shall Roll, A
ChamorroThe Aus­tro­ne­sian lan­guage.Promised Star Ap­pear­eth, The
ChamouniThere’s a Wide­ness in God’s Mer­cy
ChamperretWhilst Beth­le­hem’s Shep­herds Kept Their Flocks
ChandigarhThe In­di­an ci­ty.Be a Wit­ness for the Mas­ter
ChandlerAbove the Clear Blue Sky
ChandosHandel’s Chan­dos an­them series.Lord, Give Me Light to Do Thy Work
ChangchunThe Chi­nese ci­ty.He Is Ris­en (Ri­chards)
ChangshaThe Chi­nese ci­ty.One by One (Dunn)
ChantillyThe town in Vir­gin­ia.Sufficient Grace
ChapekComposer Jo­seph H. Cha­pek.Little Child’s Gift Ca­rol
Chapel Roy­al
  1. Come, See the Place Where Je­sus Lay
  2. Great Mov­er of All Hearts
  3. If Death My Friend and Me Di­vide
ChapinO Where Shall Rest Be Found?
ChapmanOne Day
CharenteThe French dé­parte­ment and ri­ver.Be Not Af­raid, On­ly Be­lieve
  1. Chariot, The
  2. Lord’s Knock­ing, The
CharitasLatin for char­i­ty.Lord of Glo­ry, Who Hast Bought Us
Charity (Spark)Shout, Ye Low­er Sons of Men
Charity (Stain­er)Gracious Spi­rit, Ho­ly Ghost
CharlotteThe North Car­o­li­na ci­ty where ev­an­gel­ist Bil­ly Gra­ham was born.Flocks Were Wrapped in Slum­ber, The
CharleroiThe Bel­gian ci­ty.We Con­se­crate Our­selves Anew
CharlesElizabeth R. Charles.Is Thy Cruse of Com­fort Wast­ing?
Charles (Park­er)Elizabeth R. Charles.Lo, the Day, the Day of Life!
CharlestonThe South Car­o­li­na ci­ty.Hail! My Ev­er Bless­èd Je­sus
CharlottesvilleThe Vir­gin­ia ci­ty.We See Not, Know Not
  1. O God, Our Ma­ker, Throned on High
  2. We Leave Thy House, but Leave Not Thee
CharterhouseO Son of Man, Our He­ro Strong and Ten­der
  1. Saw You Ne­ver, in the Twi­light?
  2. See the Bless­èd Sav­ior Dy­ing
  3. Spake the Glo­ri­ous Lord in Hea­ven
Château de Vin­cennesThe Pa­ri­sian cas­tle.There Came Three Kings from Far Away
ChathamSpirit Di­vine, At­tend Our Pray­er
ChattanoogaThe Ten­nes­see ci­ty.New Song (Pier­son), The
ChautauquaThe New York lake.
  1. Day Is Dy­ing in the West
  2. Thou Has Been Our Guide This Day
ChebarThe ri­ver where the pro­phet Eze­ki­el saw his vi­sions (Ezekiel 1:1).There Is an An­cient Ri­ver
ChecotahThe Ok­la­ho­ma town.Coming to Thee
ChelmsfordThe Mas­sa­chu­setts town.Eternal Source of Life and Light

Also see Twen­ty-fourth

Chelsea (Att­wood)Come, Let Us to the Lord Our God
Chelsea BridgeThe bridge con­nect­ing Chel­sea and Bat­ter­sea, Lon­don.It Reach­es Me
ChenangoThe New York town.Lord, Thou Wilt Bring the Joy­ful Day
ChengduThe Chi­nese ci­ty.To Thee, O God
CheniesThe pa­rish in Buck­ing­ham­shire, Eng­land.
  1. Before Thy Foot­stool Kneel­ing
  2. Ere God Had Built the Moun­tains
  3. Heavens De­clare Thy Glo­ry (Birks), The
  4. In Homes Where Pride and Splen­dor
  5. Light for All
  6. O Star of Truth, Down-Shin­ing
  7. Sky Can Still Re­mem­ber, The
  8. To Thee, in Youth’s Bright Morn­ing
  9. When Je­sus Comes in Glo­ry
  10. Where’er His Crea­tures Ga­ther
ChennaiThe In­di­an ci­ty.By the Gate They’ll Meet Us
ChereponiJesu, Je­su
CherkasyThe Ukrain­i­an ci­ty.Prayer for Guid­ance, A
CherubimRosy Dawn, with Locks of Gold
CheshamNow We Bring Our Christ­mas Trea­sures
  1. Angel Comes, He Comes to Reap, The
  2. He Reigns—th’Al­migh­ty Reigns Su­preme
  3. Lord, from the Ill and Fro­ward Man
  4. O Sav­ior, May We Ne­ver Rest
  5. Rulers of So­dom! Hear the Voice
  6. Save Me, O God, the Swell­ing Floods
  7. Weep Not for Him Who On­ward Bears
  8. When the Great Judge
  9. Woe to the Men on Earth Who Dwell
Cheshunt Col­legeThee Will I Love, My Strength, My Tow­er
Chester (Bill­ings)Let Tyr­ants Shake Their Iron Rods
Chester (Or­a­to­ry)Thou Art My Hid­ing Place, O Lord
Chester (Stan­ley)Let Ev­ery Crea­ture Join
ChesterfieldSee Rich­mond (Ha­weis)
Chestnut HillCome, Ye Faith­ful, Raise the Strain
ChesworthBehold the Morn­ing Sun
Chevy ChaseThe Mar­y­land town.Our Roy­al Christ­mas Gift
ChhattisgarhThe In­di­an ci­ty.Descend up­on Us
Chiang MaiThe Thai ci­ty.Use Me, Sav­ior
ChiapasThe Mex­i­can state.Songs by Night
ChibaThe pre­fec­ture on the east­ern edge of To­kyo, Ja­pan.Christ Has Ris­en
ChicopeeThe Mas­sa­chu­setts ci­tyNo Room in the Inn
ChicagoThe Il­li­nois ci­ty.
  1. In the Floods of Tri­bu­la­tion
  2. Onward, Up­ward
Chichen It­zaThe May­an site in Yu­ca­tan.When the King Comes!
ChickashaThe Ok­la­ho­ma ci­ty.Hide Not Thy Face
ChicopeeThe Mas­sa­chu­setts ci­ty.No Room in the Inn
ChiesaItalian for church.Come, O Thou Migh­ty Sav­ior
ChigwellThe town in Ep­ping For­est, Essex, Eng­land.Jesus, o’er the Grave Vic­tor­ious
ChihuahuaThe Mex­i­can state.I Will Ne­ver Leave Thee
Child in the Man­gerChild in the Man­ger
  1. I Love to Think That Je­sus Saw
  2. It Fell up­on a Sum­mer Day
  3. God Speaks to Us in Bird and Song
  4. They All Were Look­ing for a King
Children’s Of­fer­ingsBeauteous Are the Flow­ers of Earth
Children’s PraiseWilt Thou Hear the Voice of Praise?
Children’s Prais­esAround the Throne of God in Hea­ven
Children’s Voic­esAbove the Clear Blue Sky
ChileThe South Amer­i­can coun­try.Autumn
ChillicotheThe Mis­sou­ri town.Sound the Trum­pet (Burr)
ChiltonWho o’er the Waves from Shore to Shore
Chilton Fo­li­atThe vil­lage in Wilt­shire, Eng­land.Almighty Fa­ther of All Things That Be
ChimesAlmighty Fa­ther, Heav’n­ly King
Chimney RockThe rock for­ma­tion in west­ern Ne­bras­ka.O Sing a Song of Beth­le­hem
ChinaWhy Do We Mourn De­part­ing Friends?
Chinese Mel­o­dyLet Us with a Glad­some Mind
ChinoThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.
  1. Redeemed, and with the Price of Blood
  2. Thou, Whom Their Ma­ker Hea­ven and Earth
ChiosMy Peo­ple, Give Ear
Chipping On­garThe town in Ep­ping Forest, Es­sex, Eng­land.All Hail the Glad­some East­er Morn
ChiselhurstThe su­bur­ban dis­trict in the Lon­don bo­rough of Brom­ley.Can Sin­ners Hope for Hea­ven?
ChișinăuThe ca­pi­tal of Mol­do­va.Savior’s Care, The
Chiswick ParkThe area in Lon­don.Alleluia! King Vic­tor­i­ous
Chon BuriThe Thai city and pro­vince.No Sur­ren­der!
ChongqingThe Chi­nese ci­ty (for­mer­ly known as Chung­king).Return Ye
ChongjinThe Ko­re­an ci­ty.Angels Are Com­ing for Me, The
ChopeIn the Field with Their Flocks Abid­ing
ChopinO Come and to Je­ho­vah Sing
ChorleywoodThe town in Hert­ford­shire, Eng­land.
  1. Hymn for Christ­mas
  2. O’er Beth­l’hem’s Hill, in Time of Old
ChouteauThe 18th & 19th Cen­tu­ry French fur trad­ing fa­mi­ly in the Amer­i­can Mid­west.
  1. Just Out­side the Door
  2. Thy Church, O God, Shall Find Ful­filled
ChrismataSee Ad­vent (Goss)
Christ AroseLow in the Grave He Lay
Christ Church (Steg­gall)
  1. Atoning Work Is Done, The
  2. By Whom Was Da­vid Taught?
  3. Descend, Ce­les­ti­al Dove
  4. Great King of Glo­ry, Come
  5. Jerusalem on High
  6. Jesus the Lord Is Born
  7. Let All the World Re­joice
  8. March On, My Soul, with Strength
  9. O Ye Im­mor­tal Throng
  10. Rejoice, the Sav­ior Reigns!
Christ Church (Ou­se­ley)Sweet Sav­ior, Bless Us Ere We Go
Christ Is Com­ingChrist Is Com­ing
Christ lag in Tod­es­band­enChrist Je­sus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands
Christ the LordChrist the Lord, the Lord Most Glo­ri­ous
Christ un­ser HerrGerman for Christ our Lord.To Jor­dan Came Our Christ, the Lord
Christe du bei­standFather Most Ho­ly, Mer­ci­ful and Ten­der
Christe Sanc­tor­umLatin for Christ’s saints.
  1. Christ Is the World’s Light
  2. Cross of Christ, The
  3. Father Most Ho­ly, Mer­ci­ful, and Lov­ing
  4. Father, We Praise Thee
Christi Mut­terIt Is Fi­nished! Man of Sor­rows
Christian En­dea­vorLord, from Far Se­vered Climes We Come
ChristineNow Is the Saint’s Sal­va­tion Come
  1. Angels Re­joiced and Sweet­ly Sung
  2. Awake, My Soul, Stretch Ev­ery Nerve
  3. Hark from on High Those Bliss­ful Strains!
  4. Hosanna! Raise the Peal­ing Hymn
  5. May I Through­out This Day of Thine
  6. Mortals Awake, with An­gels Join
  7. While Shep­herds Watched Their Flocks (Tate)
Christmas Brings JoyChristmas Brings Joy to Ev­ery Heart
Christmas Ca­rolKind Friends Have Decked the Christ­mas Tree
Christmas ChimesHark! The Mer­ry, Mer­ry Bells
Christmas Eve (Zun­del)Hark! What Ce­les­ti­al Sounds
Christmas Eve (Knud­sen)
  1. I Am So Glad Each Christ­mas Eve
  2. Shepherds, Re­joice! Lift Up Your Eyes
Christmas Is­landThe Aus­tral­ian ter­ri­to­ry.Death Shall Not Des­troy My Com­fort
Christmas Morn (Co­nant)Blest Christ­mas Morn
Christmas Morn (Hop­kins)Wise May Bring Their Learn­ing, The
Christmas Morn (Spiel­man)This Is the Hap­py Christ­mas Morn
Christmas Morn­ingLittle Child­ren, Can You Tell
Christmas Song
  1. Destruction of Sen­nach­er­ib, The
  2. I Ex­tol You, O Lord
  3. Look Aloft
  4. Stable at Beth­le­hem, The
  5. There’s a Gar­den
  6. There’s a Song in the Air
ChristosTo Thee and to Thy Christ, O God
Christum wir soll­en lob­en schonNow Praise We Christ, the Ho­ly One
Christus Con­sol­a­torArt Thou Wea­ry, Art Thou Lan­guid?
Christus, der ist mein Le­ben [Hei­del­berg]German for Christ, who is my life.
  1. Abide, O Dear­est Je­sus
  2. For Me to Live Is Je­sus
  3. What Sweet of Life En­dur­eth?
Christus der uns sel­ig machtGerman for Christ who bless­es us.In the Tomb Be­hold He Lies
Chula Vis­taThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Easter Flow­ers, Eas­ter Ca­rols
ChurThe Swiss ci­ty.Lost Sheep, The
  1. O Lord, Thy Per­fect Right­eous­ness
  2. Shall Ath­e­ists Dare In­sult the Cross?
Church Tri­um­phant
  1. Again the Lord’s Own Day Is Here
  2. Arm of the Lord, Awake!
  3. Awake, Arise, Be­hold the Day
  4. Blest Be th’Eter­nal In­fin­ite!
  5. Come, Na­tions, Come
  6. Give to the Lord, Ye Sons of Fame
  7. Hail to the Prince of Life and Peace
  8. Happy the Man Who Fear­eth God
  9. Hark! Hark! What News the An­gels Bring
  10. My Soul Is Grieved
  11. Now Dawn­ing Glows the Day of Days
  12. Now Let Our Faith with Joy Sur­vey
  13. O Christ, the Heav’ns’ Eter­nal King
  14. On All the Earth Thy Spi­rit Show­er
  15. Praise of Si­on Waits for Thee, The
  16. We Build Our School on Thee
Church Vi­gi­lantO Thou Who Turn­est in­to Morn­ing
CiceroThe Il­li­nois town.Wide, Wide, World, The
CidentonSong writ­er A. C. Ci­den­ton.Tomorrow
CincinnatiThe Ohio ci­ty.Opening Hymn
CirebonThe In­do­ne­sian ci­ty.Oh, Speak to Me, My Sav­ior
ČitlukThe ci­ty in Bos­nia and Herz­e­gov­i­na.Are You Rea­dy for the Judg­ment?
City of God (Wool­sey)Lord Will Pro­vide (Wool­sey), The
City of LightKing of the Ci­ty Splen­did
City RoadThe Joy of Christ­mas
Civitas DeiLatin for ci­ty of God.Fathers Built This Ci­ty, The
ClaflinWe Thank Thee, O Our Fa­ther
ClairvauxBernard of Clair­vaux.Jesus, the Ve­ry Thought of Thee
  1. Thou Lord, Art Love, and Ev­ery­where
  2. Thy Good­ness, Lord, Our Souls Con­fess
ClaremontJoin All the Glo­ri­ous Names
Clarendon (Tuck­er)What Shall I Ren­der to My God? (Watts)
Clarendon StreetSee Gor­don
ClarionOld Year’s Long Cam­paign is O’er, The
ClarissaCurrently un­used (NWC, PDF)
Clark’s GroveI Heard the Voice of Je­sus Say
ClarksvilleMy God, It Was Thy Grace
ClaudeGod of Thun­der and the Light­ning
  1. Behold, He Comes—The Judge Ap­pears
  2. Castle of the Hu­man Heart, The
  3. Lord, the Judge, Be­fore His Throne, The
  4. O Weep Not o’er Thy Child­ren’s Tomb
  5. Sovereign of Life, I Own Thy Hand
  6. Vain Man, Thy Fond Pur­suits For­bear
  7. When Threat­en­ing En­e­mies As­sail
Clay’s Li­ta­nyJesus, with Thy Church Abide
Cleansing for MeCleansing for Me
Cleansing Foun­tain [Foun­tain]
  1. And Are Thy Plagues and Mer­cies, Lord
  2. Let All the God of Da­ni­el Praise
  3. Men Who Slight Thy Faith­ful Word, The
  4. My Bus­i­ness Lays at Wis­dom’s Gate
  5. Thanksgiving, A
  6. There Is a Foun­tain Filled with Blood
ClearwaterThe Flor­i­da ci­ty.Abiding Rest
CleethorpesAgain the Morn of Glad­ness
CleggHow Hea­vy Is the Night
ClemsonThe South Ca­ro­li­na ci­ty.Still with Thee, O My God
ClephaneHymnist Eliz­a­beth Cle­phane.Beneath the Cross of Je­sus
ClermontThe French ci­ty.Beside the Man­ger
ClevedonThe town in North So­mer­set, Eng­land.Holy Ghost, Dis­pel Our Sad­ness
ClevelandThe Ohio ci­ty.Pilgrim’s Jour­ney, The
ClewerO Let Him Whose Sor­row
Cliffe WoodSinging for Je­sus! Prais­ing His Name!
Clifton (Brab­ham)Alas, My Ach­ing Heart
Clifton (Tur­pin)Behold the Mes­sen­gers of Christ
Clifton Col­lege
  1. Lord, Be­hold Us with Thy Bless­ing
  2. Savior, Come, Thy Friends Are Wait­ing
ClintonO Lord, Our Lord
CloistersBending Be­fore Thee
  1. Haste, Trav­el­er, Haste!
  2. I Shall Not Want
  3. Jesus, Whose Blood So Free­ly Streamed
ClooneyThe par­ish in Coun­ty Clare, Ire­land.Upward Path, The
Closer WalkJust a Clos­er Walk with Thee
CloudPraise Him
ClovisThe New Mex­i­co town.My Great Phy­si­cian
Cluj-Na­po­caThe Ro­ma­ni­an ci­ty.Looking on the Bright Side
ClydePrecious, Pre­cious Blood of Je­sus
ClydesdaleThe draft horse breed de­vel­oped from the farm hors­es of Clydes­dale, Sco­tland.O Lovely Voic­es of the Sky
ClyneHymnist Nor­val Clyne.
  1. Blasts of Chill De­cem­ber, The
  2. To Sin, the World, and Sa­tan Sold
CoachellaThe Ca­li­for­nia val­ley.In the Hol­low of His Hand (Ev­er­ett)
CoahuilaThe Mex­i­can state.Evening Hymn (Bohne)
CoathamSee Saw­ley
Cobb [Lau­da Si­on Sal­va­tor­em]
  1. Come, Pure Hearts
  2. Zion, to Thy Sav­ior Sing­ing
CoblentzAll My Hope on God Is Found­ed
CochranLight of the World! Whose Kind and Gen­tle Care
CockfostersThe area in Lon­don, Eng­land.By Name
Cœlites Plaud­ant
  1. Christ, the Fair Glo­ry of the Ho­ly An­gels
  2. Honor and Glo­ry, Pow­er and Sal­va­tion
Cœna Do­mi­niDraw Nigh and Take the Bo­dy of the Lord
CoimbatoreThe In­di­an ci­ty.Some Day at Home
CoimbraThe Por­tu­guese ci­ty.Man the Life-Boat (Cle­ments)
ColbyHymnist H. F. Col­byMy Faith Still Clings
Colchester (Wes­ley)With Sol­emn Faith We Of­fer Up
Colchester (Will­iams)Come, Lord, and Warm Each Lan­guid Heart
ColdreyJesus, Sun and Shield Art Thou
ColeraineVictim Di­vine, Thy Grace We Claim
Coleshill [Mep­sell]See Dub­lin
ColimaThe Mex­i­can ci­ty.Speed the Gos­pel Ar­my
CollegeThou Didst Teach the Throng­ing Peo­ple
College ParkThe Mar­y­land ci­ty.King Has Come, The
College Sta­tionThe Tex­as ci­ty.Climbing Zi­on’s Moun­tain
Colliers WoodThe area in south­west Lon­don.List the Mu­sic Peal­ing
ColmarThe town in north­east­ern France.Hark! Up­on the Morn­ing Breez­es
ColoFly, Ye Sea­sons
ColomaThe Cal­i­forn­ia site where gold was dis­cov­ered in 1848.Easter Gifts
ColombiaThe South Amer­i­can coun­try.Winter
ColomiersThe French ci­ty.Old Fa­shioned Sto­ry, The
ColomboThe ci­ty in Sri Lan­ka.Until He Come!
Colonel HillThe town in the Ba­ha­mas.Song of the New Cre­a­tion
ColónThe Pa­na­ma­ni­an ci­ty.Half Has Ne­ver Been Told, The
Colorado SpringsThe Co­lo­ra­do ci­ty.Church of Christ, O Sleep No More
ColporteurForward, Men and Bro­thers!
ColumbiaSee St. Fran­ces
Columbia HeightsThe Wash­ing­ton, DC, neigh­bor­hood.Holy Fa­ther, We Adore Thee
ColumbusThe Ohio ci­ty.I Am Wait­ing for the Dawn­ing
Colwyn BayThe lo­ca­tion in Wales.O Lord, Be Thou My Help­er True
ColytonOn Our Way Re­joic­ing
Come and SeeWho Is This of Whom Ye Tell?
Come Faith­ful Peo­pleCome, Faith­ful Peo­ple
Come SingCome Sing, Ye Choirs Ex­ult­ant
Come un­to MeCome un­to Me, Ye Wea­ry (Dix)
Comfort (Ga­bri­el)O Sleep­less Nights, O Cheer­less Days
Comfort (Har­mo­nies)O God of Glo­ry!
Comfort (Nick­ens)Comfort in Trou­ble
Comfort (Psal­ter)O Je­ho­vah, Hear My Words
Comfort (To­ron­to)My God, I Am Thine
Comforter Di­vineTo Thee, O Com­fort­er Di­vine
Commandments (Bour­geois)Day Thou Gav­est, Lord, Is End­ed, The
Comme an Agn­eauFrench for like a lamb.Comme un Ag­neau, Tu Te Lais­sas Meur­trir
CommemorationO Fa­ther, by Whose Ser­vants
CommendatioLatin for re­com­men­da­tion.And Now, Be­lov­èd Lord, Thy Soul Re­sign­ing
CommonwealthWhen Wilt Thou Save the Peo­ple?
Communion (Wes­ley)Nearer, My God, to Thee
ComorosThe In­di­an Ocean na­tion.Keep in the Line
CompassioOh! Come to the Mer­ci­ful Sav­ior
CompassionAnd Didst Thou Love the Race?
Complete in Thee
  1. Angels Gazed to See Their God, The
  2. Blest Is the Man, Su­preme­ly Blest
  3. Jesus, the Cause Be­longs to Thee
  4. Jesus, What Grace Dost Thou Be­stow
  5. Master, We Call to Mind Thy Word
  6. Must We Not Then in Pa­tience Wait?
  7. We Wor­ship Thee
  8. Woe to the Man, Eter­nal Woe
Compton (Eng­lish)God, Our Fa­ther, Made the Day­light
Compton (Grea­tor­ex)Lord, in Thy Sight, O Let My Pray­er
ConcepciónThe Chi­le­an ci­ty.Judgment Day, The
ConchitaGrant Thy Bless­ing
ConcordThe New Hamp­shire ci­ty.Faint, Yet Pur­su­ing (Gris­wold)
CondescensionThere Is a House Not Made with Hands
ConditorLatin for found­er.Creator of the Stars of Night
Confidence (Cham­ber­lain)Just as Thou Art
Confidence (Har­mon­ia)When Han­nah, Pressed with Grief
Confidence (Moore)
  1. Th’Al­migh­ty Reigns Ex­alt­ed High
  2. Faith Is a Liv­ing Pow­er from Hea­ven

Also see Ac­cring­ton

Confidence (Ou­se­ley)Forty Days Thy Seer of Old
Confidence (Rod­e­heav­er)Walk Thou with Me
Confidence (Mer­rill)As the Sun Doth Dai­ly Rise
Confidence (You­ens) [Tor­quay]I Know That My Re­deem­er Lives (Med­ley)
ConformityJesus, My Sav­ior, Let Me Be
CongletonThe town in Che­shire, Eng­land.Here, O My Lord, I See Thee
CongoThe Af­ri­can ri­ver.Lord Is Ris­en (Da­vis­on), The
ConisboroughMaster’s Touch, The
ConquerorWhat a Friend We Have in Je­sus

Also see Dai­ly, Dai­ly.

Consecration (Al­drich)These Are the Crowns That We Shall Wear
Consecration (By­ers)Consecration (How­ard)
Consecration (Vin­cent)When My Love to God Grows Weak
Consolation (Cra­mer)Gentle Shep­herd, Thou Hast Stilled
Consolation (Lin­de­man)Come to Cal­va­ry’s Ho­ly Moun­tain
Consolation (Men­dels­sohn) [Fe­lix, Ray­nolds, Rey­nolds, As­pir­a­tion]
  1. As Pants the Hart for Streams
  2. How Long?
  3. I Hear Thy Voice
  4. Still, Still with Thee

Also see Ghaz­i­abad

Consolation (Ul­ster)See Morn­ing Song.
Consolator [Al­ma, Al­ma Re­demp­tor­is]
  1. Blood of His Co­ve­nant
  2. Come, Ye Dis­con­so­late
Constance (Gaunt­lett)Ye Ser­vants of Our Glo­ri­ous King
Constance (Sul­li­van)
  1. Almighty Lord, Whose Sov­er­eign Right
  2. Give Thanks to God, for Good Is He
  3. I’ve Found a Friend
  4. Today in Beth­le­hem Hear I
ContagemThe ci­ty in Min­as Ger­ais, Bra­zil.Twilight Is Fall­ing
Contemplation (Gore-Ou­se­ley)
  1. Amazing Sight: The Sav­ior Stands
  2. Oh, Bright and Hap­py Ol­iv­et
  3. So New-Born Babes De­sire the Breast
Contemplation (Funk)When Qui­et in My House I Sit
Contra Cos­taThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Our Pro­mised Help
ContrastSee Green Fields
ContritionJesus, Let Thy Pi­ty­ing Eye
ConverseSee Erie
ConwayHail, Migh­ty Je­sus!
Cook Is­landsThe Pa­ci­fic is­land na­tion.O Child of God
CookhamPossibly the vil­lage and ci­vil par­ish in Berk­shire, Eng­land.Hark! the Her­ald An­gels Sing
  1. I Know Not What the Fu­ture Hath
  2. I Wor­ship Thee, O Ho­ly Ghost
  3. O Could I Find, from Day to Day
Cooling StreamsAs Pants the Hart for Cool­ing Streams
CopacabanaThe neigh­bor­hood in Rio de Ja­nei­ro, Bra­zil.Perishing Mill­ions, The
CopelandHymnist Ben­ja­min Cope­land.Christ’s Life Our Code
CopenhagenJoy to the World
CoquitlamThe ci­ty in Bri­tish Co­lum­bia, Ca­na­da.How Can I Live for Jesus?
Corbet (Mac­far­ren)Hymnist Ri­chard Sin­gle­ton.With Glad­some Feet We Press
Cordis Do­numTo Thee My Heart I Of­fer
CórdobaThe Span­ish ci­ty.Man the Life-Boat!
CordovaThe Al­a­ba­ma ci­ty.Wonderful Love! (Cros­by)
CorinthSee Ben­e­dic­tion, Tan­tum Er­go
CorneliusThe cen­tur­i­on in Acts 10:1.Crowned with Thorns up­on the Tree
  1. Let Zi­on’s Watch­men All Awake
  2. Our God Is Love
  3. Thus Sa­ith the Lord, the Spa­cious Fields
CorningThe New York ci­ty.Sing of Je­sus’ Love
CornwallO Love Di­vine, How Sweet Thou Art
CoronadoGod the Giv­er
  1. Bright with All His Crowns of Glo­ry
  2. Christ Is Born, Go Tell the Sto­ry
  3. Come, Thou Con­quer­or of the Na­tions
  4. Gathered Here in That Great Pre­sence
  5. God Al­migh­ty and All See­ing
  6. God Is Love, by Him Up­hol­den
  7. Last Judg­ment, The
  8. Lord, Thy Word Abid­eth Ev­er
  9. Mighty Lord, Ex­tend Thy King­dom
  10. Savior, Has­ten Thine Ap­pear­ing
  11. Thou, Je­ho­vah, Art My Shep­herd
  12. Who but Thou, Al­migh­ty Spi­rit?
CoronationFrom the line crown Him Lord of all in All Hail the Pow­er of Je­sus’ Name.
  1. All Hail the Com­ing Son of God
  2. All Hail the Pow­er of Je­sus’ Name
  3. Come All Ye Peo­ple, Great and Small
  4. Now Bless­èd Be Je­ho­vah, God
  5. Our God, Our God, Thou Shin­est Here
  6. Welcome, Thou Vic­tor in the Strife
Corpus Do­mi­niLatin for bo­dy of God.Jesus, Son of Ma­ry, Fount of Life Alone
CorrientesThe Ar­gen­tin­i­an ci­ty.I Dreamed That the Great Judg­ment Morn­ing
ÇorumThe Turk­ish ci­ty and pro­vince.Ask Him Now
CoruñaThe Span­ish ci­ty.Hope On
CorwinGod’s Trum­pet Wakes the Slum­ber­ing World
CorydonLord, Thy Church Hath Seen Thee Rise
Costa Me­saThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Shepherds Their Watch Amid Their Flocks
Côte d’AzurThe Me­di­ter­ra­ne­an coast of south­east­ern France.Behold He Com­eth
Côte d’I­voireThe Af­ri­can coun­try.Thyself In­stead
Cottman [Beach­ley]Composer Ar­thur Cott­man.
  1. Dying Souls, Fast Bound in Sin
  2. Follow Me, the Mas­ter Said
CottonwoodThe Ar­i­zo­na ci­ty.Good Shep­herd (Web­ster), The
Courage [Bar­ony]Courage, Bro­ther, Do Not Stum­ble
CourcellesThe town in Hai­naut, Bel­gium.Arise, Ye Sol­diers of the Cross
Court SquareThe lo­ca­tion in Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts.Currently un­used (score)
Cova da Ir­iaThe lo­ca­tion near Fá­ti­ma, Por­tu­gal.So I Can Wait
Covenant (Barn­by)Whence Shall My Tears Be­gin?
Covenant (Stain­er)God of Ab­ra­ham Praise, The
Covenant (Town­er)God of My Life, Through All My Days
Coventry (Dor­rell)O Per­fect God, Thy Love
Coventry (Ma­son)O, for a Faith That Will Not Shrink
Coventry (Root)God Who Made Both Hea­ven and Earth, The
Covent Gar­denThe dis­trict in Lon­don.Suffer Lit­tle Child­ren
Covington (Doane)Composer How­ard Doane’s Con­nec­ti­cut birth­place.O Thou That Hear­est Pray­er, Now to My Soul
Cow Hol­lowThe neigh­bor­hood in San Fran­cis­co, Ca­li­for­nia.I Will Help Thee
CowperHymnist Will­iam Cow­per.There Is a Foun­tain Filled with Blood
CozumelThe Mex­i­can ci­ty.Where Is Thy Sting?
Cradle Song
  1. How Blest Is the Sea­son
  2. O Mer­cy Di­vine, O Couldst Thou In­cline
  3. We Rear Not a Tem­ple
CraigHow Hap­py Are They
CranbrookGrace, ’Tis a Charm­ing Sound
CranhamComposer Gus­tav Holst’s birth­place near Chel­ten­ham, Eng­land.
  1. In the Bleak Mid­win­ter
  2. While the World Await­ed
CrasseliusSee Dir, Dir, Je­ho­vah
Crawford (Em­er­son)On the Dewy Breath of Ev­en
CreationHaydn’s or­a­torio Cre­a­tion. The me­lo­dy is from the chor­us The hea­vens are tell­ing.
  1. Child Is Born—The Birth Pro­claim, A
  2. Exalt the Lord, His Praise Pro­claim
  3. Far as Cre­a­tion’s Bounds Ex­tend
  4. Head of Thy Suf­fer­ing Church Be­low
  5. Lord! In the Un­be­gin­ning Years
  6. O God, I Cried, No Dark Dis­guise
  7. O God, To­day We May For­get
  8. Oh Realm of Light
  9. Savior of Men, Our Joy Su­preme
  10. Spacious Fir­ma­ment on High, The
  11. Stupendous Grace!
  12. Sweet East­er Bells
  13. Thy Glo­ry, Lord, the Hea­vens De­clare
  14. Welcome the Bright Mil­len­ni­al Day

Also see Fan­euil Hall

CreatorCreator Spi­rit, by Whose Aid
CreditonThe town in Dev­on, Eng­land.
  1. Father of Peace, and God of Love
  2. Our Souls with Pleas­ing Won­der View
CredoWe Saw Thee Not
Credo Do­mi­neMy Sins Have Ta­ken Such a Hold on Me
CrestwoodThe St. Lou­is, Mis­sou­ri, sub­urb.Seed Is Sown, The
Creve CœurThe St. Lou­is, Mis­so­uri, sub­urb.Go, Tell the Na­tions Christ Is King
CrewdsonJoy in Sor­row
CrimeaThe Black Sea pen­in­su­la.
  1. God in His Earth­ly Tem­ple Lays
  2. How Vain­ly Strive Un­god­ly Foes
  3. Let Si­on in Her King Re­joice
  4. Lord of Hosts, th’Al­migh­ty Lord, The
  5. O God, Who Met­est in Thy Hand
  6. When Mar­shaled on the Night­ly Plain
CrimondThe town in Ab­erd­een­shire, Scot­land, where com­pos­er Jes­sie Ir­vine lived.
  1. Lord’s My Shep­herd, The
  2. Yet God Is Good to Is­ra­el
CrimsonThough Your Sins Be as Scar­let
Crimson TideSee Riy­adh
CrispusThe man in Acts 18:8.Flee Away, Ye Shades of Night!
CristóbalThe Pa­na­ma­ni­an ci­ty.O Tyre
CritchlowGive Me the Wings of Faith
CroatiaDon’t Stop Pray­ing
CroftonComposer Ed­ward Crof­ton.Lord Is My Shep­herd (Lew­is), The
Croft’s 136thYe Ho­ly An­gels Bright
Croft’s 148thLo! from the Des­ert Homes
Croix Bois­si­èreFrench for wood­en cross.Since Je­sus Came to Dwell with Me
  1. All Mor­tal Van­i­ties, Be­gone
  2. Countless Mul­ti­tudes on High, The
  3. O Christ, Our King, Cre­at­or, Lord
  4. To God, the Un­i­vers­al King
  5. Who Shall the Lord’s Elect Con­demn?
CrosbyFanny Cros­by.Join All Ye Joy­ful Na­tions
Cross and Crown (El­li­ott)Who Is This so Weak and Help­less?
Cross and Crown (Hou­se­ley)While Sinks Our Land to Realms of Night
Cross of Je­sus (Stain­er) [Cru­ci­fix­ion]
  1. Cross of Je­sus (Spar­row-Simp­son)
  2. O the Dark­ness, O the Sor­row
Cross of Je­sus (Doane)Cross of Je­sus, The
CrosshillAt Cal­va­ry
CrowboroughWhat Var­i­ous Hin­dranc­es We Meet
CrowellSee Peace (Nar­ra­tive)
  1. Dwelling Place of God, The
  2. Is There a World of Bit­ter Woe?
  3. Jesus, We Own Thy Sav­ing Pow­er
  4. O God, My God! Why, in This Hour?
  5. Powers of Earth and Hell Com­bine, The
  6. When Christ to Judg­ment Shall Des­cend
  7. When Fil­thy Pas­sions, or Un­just
Croydon (Ching)The town in Sur­rey, Eng­land.God Will Take Care of Me
Croydon (Hodg­es)The town in Sur­rey, Eng­land.Our Mo­ther
Croyland (La­trobe)Met Around the Sac­red Tomb
Croxley GreenThe vil­lage in Hert­ford­shire, Eng­land.Just as Thou Art (Ball­ard)
CruciferLift High the Cross

Also see Be­tha­ny (Smart)

Crucifix’Tis Not That I Did Choose Thee
CrucifixionSee Cross of Je­sus
Crucis Mil­i­tesSoldiers of the Cross, Arise! (How)
Crucis Um­braBeneath the Cross of Je­sus
Crucis Vic­tor­iaLift Up Your Heads, Ye Gates of Brass
Crusaders’ Hymn [As­ca­lon]The Cru­sad­ers of the Mid­dle Ag­es, who some be­lieve sang the tune en route to the Ho­ly Land.
  1. Fairest Lord Je­sus
  2. Jerusalem Di­vine
  3. My Heart and Voice I Raise
  4. O God of Love­li­ness
CrügerComposer Jo­hann Crü­ger.Hail to the Lord’s An­oint­ed
Crux Cru­del­isVoice up­on the Mid­night Air, A
Crux Chris­ti­an­tiSee An­gel’s Sto­ry
Cry of FaithLord, When Thy King­dom Comes
CrystalBy the Sea of Crys­tal
Crystal Pal­aceThe ex­hi­bi­tion hall built in Lon­don in 1851.Army of Re­dem­ption, The
Crystal SeaSavior, I by Faith Am Touch­ing
  1. Abide in Me, O Lord
  2. He Is Ris­en (Bo­nar)
CuckfieldThe vil­lage in West Sus­sex, Eng­land.Trusting in Je­sus (Stan­ton)
CuddaloreThe In­di­an ci­ty.Singing I Go
CuencaThe ci­ty in Ecua­dor.Shield of Faith, The
CuestaAs the Dew from Hea­ven
CugnauxThe French ci­ty.He Took My Place
CuiabáThe Bra­zil­i­an ci­ty.Look Away to Je­sus (Hough)
  1. Life of Ag­es, Rich­ly Poured
  2. Ruler of the Dread Im­mense
  1. Go, Ye Mes­sen­gers of God
  2. Jesu, for the Beacon-Light
  3. Jesu, Name of Sweet­est Thought
  4. Loving Shep­herd of Thy Sheep
  5. See How Great a Flame As­pires
  6. Thou, the Christ For­ev­er One
  7. Virgin Mo­ther, Oh, Re­joice!
  8. What Are These in Bright Ar­ray?
CullingworthThou Know­est, Lord (Hawkes)
CumberlandMy Soul, In­spired with Sac­red Love
Cumbre Vi­e­jaThe vol­ca­nic ridge on La Pal­ma, Ca­na­ry Is­lands.With Hap­py Voic­es Ring­ing
CupertinoThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.
  1. Lord’s My Re­deem­er, The
  2. Night Com­eth, The
  3. While Shep­herds in Jew­ry
CuraçaoThe Car­ib­be­an is­land.Remember Me
CurfewPeacefully Round Us the Sha­dows Are Fall­ing
CushmanWe Would See Je­sus
CutlerSee All Saints
  1. Calm Was the Hal­lowed Night!
  2. God, Who Om­nis­ci­ent Art
  3. My Stead­fast Heart, O God
Cuttle MillsJesus, Friend of Lit­tle Child­ren
Cutty SarkThe 19th Cen­tu­ry clip­per ship.Take Our Gifts
CuvilRemember Thy Cre­at­or
CuyahogaThe Ohio ri­ver.Keep Thou My Steps
CuylerTheodore Led­yard Cuy­ler, found­ing pas­tor of the La­fay­ette Ave­nue Church, Brook­lyn, New York.Rock of Ag­es
Cwm Rhon­ddaThe val­ley of the Rhond­da, in Wales.
  1. Come Ye Saints, Look Here and Won­der
  2. God of Grace and God of Glo­ry
  3. Guide Me, O Thou Great Je­ho­vah
  4. Let Us Rise in Ear­ly Morn­ing
CyprusThe Med­i­ter­ran­ean is­land.O Fa­ther, Glo­ri­fy Thy Name
CyrusThe Per­sian king who cap­tured Bab­y­lon and freed the cap­tive Is­ra­el­ites (Ez­ra 1:1).Spring
CzernyComposer Carl Czer­ny.Dieu Fort et Grand!
CzerwonaThe Po­lish vil­lage.Loving Name—Jesus, The
CzęstochowaThe Pol­ish ci­ty.Gloomy Night Em­braced the Place