Scripture Verse

The Gentiles shall come to Thy light, and kings to the brightness of Thy rising. Isaiah 60:3


Samuel S. Wesley

Words: Will­iam San­ders and Hugh Bourne, in the Large Hymn Book for the Use of the Pri­mi­tive Me­thod­ists (Bem­ers­ley, near Tun­stall, Stoke-on-Trent, Eng­land: Pri­mi­tive Met­ho­dist Con­nex­ion, 1824), num­ber 387.

Music: Cam­bridge (Har­ris­on) Ralph Har­ris­on, 1784. Ar­ranged by Sam­u­el S. Wes­ley, 1872 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:

Hugh Bourne


Light of the Gentile race,
Appear in every heart;
And may the nations taste Thy grace,
And with their idols part.

Thou send’st Thy heralds forth,
To preach in every land;
To east and west, to south and north,
They run at Thy command.

Let Jews and Gentiles come,
And fall before Thy throne;
O bring the wandering exiles home,
To Thee the great Three-One.

Now let Thy Gospel run,
And sin and Satan fall,
That all who dwell beneath the sun
May crown Thee Lord of all.