Before Abraham was, I am.@John 8:58
Johann Scheffler (1624–1677)

Samuel Johnson, Hymns of the Spirit 1864.

Culbach, from Heilige Seelenlust, by Johann Scheffler, 1657 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Samuel Johnson (1822–1882)

Life of ages, richly poured,
Love of God, unspent and free,
Flowing in the prophet’s word,
And the people’s liberty.

Never was to chosen race
That unstinted tide confined
Thine is every time and place,
Fountain sweet of heart and mind.

Breathing in the thinker’s creed,
Pulsing in the hero’s blood,
Nerving noblest thought and deed,
Freshening time with truth and good.

Consecrating art and song,
Holy book and pilgrim way,
Quelling strife and tyrant wrong,
Widening freedom’s sacred sway.