September 4, 1824, Mount Healthy, Ohio.

July 31, 1871, Newport, Rhode Island.

Her body was returned from All Souls for burial in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York, next to her sister.


Cary and her sister Alice wrote poetry that appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines. They moved to New York in 1852. Phoebe’s works include:

One of Phoebe’s poems, written on the death of a loved one:


I thought to find some healing clime
For her I loved; she found that shore,
That city, whose inhabitants
Are sick and sorrowful no more.

I asked for human love for her;
The Loving knew how best to still
The infinite yearning of a heart
Which but infinity could fill.

Such sweet communion had been ours,
I prayed that it might never end;
My prayer is more answered; now
I have an angel for my friend.

I wished for perfect peace, to soothe
The troubled anguish of her breast;
And numbered with the loved and called,
She entered on untroubled rest.

Life was so fair a thing to her,
I wept and pleaded for its stay;
My wish was granted me, for lo!
She hath eternal life to-day.

  1. Go and Sow Beside All Waters
  2. Great Waves of Plenty Rolling Up
  3. I Had Drunk, with Lips Unsated
  4. One Sweetly Solemn Thought