I acknowledge my transgressions.@Psalm 51:3
John Hughes (1872–1914)

Author unknown. Appeared in Songs of Gladness (Lon­don: Sunday School Union, 1871), number 54: Abridged from Hymns for Quiet Hours. An 1877 catalog of British books in print lists Hymns for Quiet Hours, showing the author as C. K. T. (apparently Mrs. Dan­i­el Tom­kins, author of Twilight Verses).

Calon Lân John Hughes (1872–1914) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Lowly bending at Thy footstool,
Humbly kneeling at Thy feet,
Lord, I come, with deep contrition,
Thy forgiveness to entreat.
Far from Thee my heart has wandered,
Filled with trifling, earthly thought,
Never do I seem to love Thee,
Or to serve Thee as I ought.

When Thy sacred Book I’m reading,
When its leaves with glory shine,
When the Spirit is revealing
To my soul some truth divine,
Even then there come to vex me
Thoughts I do not love or seek,
Proving that my faith is wavering,
That my strength is growing weak.

Lord, on Thee I cast this burden,
Helpless in this fight am I;
Hear my prayer, O God, for succor,
Hear Thy servant’s earnest cry:
Oh forgive my past transgressions,
All these wandering thoughts remove,
Fill my heart to overflowing
With my precious Savior’s love.