1. Blessed Are the Souls That Hear and Know
  2. Come in, Thou Blessèd of the Lord
  3. Is There Ambition in My Heart?
  4. Jesus, My Lord, How Rich Thy Grace!
  5. Light of the Lonely Pilgrim’s Heart
  6. Lord, Thou Wilt Hear Me When I Pray
  7. Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow, The
  8. O Saints of Old, Nor Yours Alone
  9. Thrice Joyful Night
EalingThe London borough.Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts
EardisleyLord, I Would Own Thy Tender Care
EarlGod Who Built the Lofty Sky, The
Earl’s CourtThe district in London.Oh, Send the Bible
East ChurchMy God and Father! While I Stray
East HorndonI Think, When I Read That Sweet Story
East LintonSee Española
EastbourneThe town in East Sussex, England.Great Source of Unexhausted Good
EastcoteThe old village in historic Middlesex (now greater London), England.Jesus Is Mine (Dowling)
Easter AngelsAngels, Roll the Rock Away
Easter ChantLight’s Glittering Morn Bedecks the Sky
Easter ChimesRing, Happy Bells of Easter Time
Easter DawnEaster Day Hath Dawned Again
Easter GlorySee Fred Til Bod
Easter Hymn
  1. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
  2. Lord, We Come and Offer Praise
  3. Lord, Remove the Veil Away
Easter Joy (Lutkin)Joy, Joy, Immortal Joy
Easter SongEaster Song
Easter-Tide [Vreuchten]This Joyful Easter-Tide
Easter-Tide (Sabbath)O Jesus, Lord of Heavenly Grace
EastergateHoly Father, in Thy Mercy
EastonAmong His People God Is Known
EastwickO Lord Most High, Eternal King
EatingtonHappy the Souls to Jesus Joined
Eaton (Chadwick)
  1. No Human Eyes Thy Face May See
  2. O Child of Lowly Manger Birth
  3. One Awful Word Which Jesus Spoke
Eaton (Wyvill)O Light, Whose Beams Illumine All
  1. Ah! Lord God, the World’s Creator
  2. All My Heart This Night Rejoices
  3. Why Should Cross and Trial Grieve Me?
Ebenezer [Tôn-y-Botel]Ebenezer Chapel, near Swansea, Wales, which composer Thomas Williams attended.
  1. Before His Eye
  2. God Has Spoken by the Prophets
  3. O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
  4. Once to Every Man and Nation
  5. Round the Lord in Glory Seated
  6. Ruler’s Daughter, The
  7. Send Thy Spirit, I Beseech Thee
  8. To a Place of Celebration
  9. Who Is This, with Garments Gory
EboracumThe Roman predecessor to the city of York, England.Scatter Golden Grain
Ecce AgnusLatin for behold the lamb.Behold the Lamb of God
Ecce HomoLatin for behold the man.
  1. Bound upon the Accursèd Tree
  2. Earth to Earth, and Dust to Dust
  3. Who Believes the Tidings?
Ecce VenitLatin for behold, he comes.Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh (Moultrie)
Eccles (Boggett)Reverend A. Eccles Farrer.Hail, Co-essential Three
Eccles (Luard-Selby)I Hunger and I Thirst
EckhardtsheimIf Christ Is Mine
Eden (Boston)Voice That Breathed O’er Eden, The
Eden (Feilden)Lord, Be Thy Word My Rule
Eden (Havergal)Eternal Source of Joys Divine
Eden (Mason)
  1. Earth with All Her Fullness Owns, The
  2. God of My Life, Through All My Days
  3. Savior, When to Heaven He Rose, The
Eden of LoveHow Sweet to Reflect on Those Joys
EdengroveThere’s a Friend for Little Children
EdgbastonThe area in Birmingham, England.Christ, We Come Before Thee
EdgecumbeBy Thy Birth, O Lord of All
EdinaSavior, Blessèd Savior (Thring)
EdinburghThe city in Scotland.Forget Not the Dead
EdithWhen the King Comes Back
EdmestonJudge Me, O God, and Plead My Cause (Psalter)
EdmiastonAre You Working?
EdomWho Is This That Comes from Edom
EdwardsWith Joy We Meditate the Grace
  1. O Thou, Our Savior, Brother, Friend
  2. Thine Earthly Sabbaths, Lord, We Love
  3. When Shall Thy Lovely Face Be Seen?
Egg RockThe outcrop of at the confluence of the Assabet and Sudbury rivers in Concord, Massachusetts.Half Was Never Told, The
EgloshayleThe village in north Cornwall.Sown in Tears
EgyptThe north African country.And Must This Body Die?
  1. Look, O Christian!
  2. Who Is This, So Weak and Helpless?
EighmeyC. H. Eighmey, of Dubuque, Iowa.Oft in Sorrow, Oft in Woe
EignbrookBrethren in Christ, and Well Beloved
Ein Feste Burg
  1. Be Strong in God
  2. Mighty Fortress Is Our God, A
  3. Rejoice Today with One Accord
  4. Safe Stronghold Our God Is Still, A
  5. We Bless the Triune God of Might
EindhovenThe city in Holland.What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Eins Ist NotOne Thing’s Needful
EireneWe Are the Lord’s
EisenachArranger Bach’s home town in Thuringia.
  1. Captain of Israel’s Host
  2. Come Then, Thou Prophet of the Lord
  3. Great God, Who, Hid from Mortal Sight
  4. Let Us Go Forth
  5. One Sits upon the Throne
  6. Thou Hallowed Chosen Morn of Praise
  7. To Realms of Glory
El CobreSpanish for copper.Study of God’s Word, The
El KaderMy Maker and My King
El NathanI Know Whom I Have Believed
El NiñoSpanish for Christ Child.My God, Thy Boundless Love I Praise
El ParanThe location in Genesis 14:6.Another Six Days’ Work Is Done
El SegundoThe city in California.Little Captive Maid, The
El PasoThe city in Texas.
  1. Life’s Airline to Heaven
  2. Life’s Railway to Heaven
Elephant and CastleThe road junction in London.Be Still
  1. My Gracious Redeemer I Love
  2. No Prophet or Dreamer of Dreams
  3. O Come Let Us Sing to the Lord
ElfåkerO How Happy Are They Who the Savior Obey
EliadaDavid’s son (2 Samuel 5:16).Though Sorrows Rise and Dangers Roll
Elim (Calkin)My Sins, My Sins, My Savior
Elim (Greatorex) [Geer]The location in Exodus 15:27.
  1. Are Sinners Now so Senseless Grown
  2. How Bright These Glorious Spirits Shine
  3. Lord, He Is Our Sun and Shield, The
  4. There Is a Fold Whence None Can Stray
  5. Who Can Declare the Day or Hour?
ElizabethJudge My Integrity
  1. Joy Is a Fruit That Will Not Grow
  2. When Cold Our Hearts
EllaSave Me, O God
EllacombeThe village in Devon, England.
  1. Ah! Woe Is Me, Constrained to Dwell
  2. Arise, the Kingdom Is at Hand
  3. Branch of Jesse’s Stem, Arise
  4. Come, Sing with Holy Gladness
  5. Glory Be to God on High
  6. God of Might Dispels the Night, The
  7. Fill Thou My Life
  8. Hail to the Lord’s Anointed
  9. Hosanna, Loud Hosanna
  10. Jehovah Reigns in Majesty
  11. Jesus, My Master, and My Lord
  12. Lord! How Tender Is His Love, The
  13. My Master Was a Worker
  14. O God of Mighty Wind and Flame
  15. O Lord, by Thee Delivered
  16. Roseate Hues of Early Dawn, The
  17. Sword of the Lord and of Gideon (Thwaites), The
  18. When Mary Poured a Rich Perfume
  19. Ye Sons of Pride
Ellan VanninJesus Only (Conrey)
EllerkerSee Batty
  1. By Babel’s Riverside
  2. Change, The
  3. Divine Wrath
  4. He Gave Himself
  5. How Wonderful It Is to Walk with God
  6. In Hope We Lift Our Wishful, Longing Eyes
  7. Lighten the Darkness
  8. Savior, Again to Thy Dear Name
  9. Search Me, O Lord
  10. Thy Lovingkindness, Lord, Is Good and Free
  11. Through Death to Life
  12. We Praise Thee, Lord, with Earliest Morning Ray
EllertonSee Adoro Te
  1. Gracious Father, Guard Thy Children
  2. It Is Good to Sing Thy Praises
  3. Lord, Her Watch Thy Church Is Keeping
  4. Vain Are All Terrestrial Pleasures
Ellesmere [Kidlington]Jehovah Reigns—He Dwells in Light
Ellingham (Godfrey)Fear Not of Christmas-Tide, The
Ellingham (Wesley)Thy Kingdom Come! O Father, Hear Our Prayer
EllonWise May Bring Their Learning, The
ElmO Thou Who Driest the Mourner’s Tear
ElmcroftI Plead Thy Love
  1. O God of Love, to Thee We Bow
  2. O God of Mercy, God of Might
  3. Send Thou, O Lord, to Every Place
ElmiraThe city in New York.Jesus, King Most Wonderful
ElnoHigh in the Heavens, Eternal God
ElthamHasten, Lord, the Glorious Time
EltonGive to Our God Immortal Praise
  1. Dead Be My Heart to All Below
  2. My Soul Before Thee Prostrate Lies
  1. How Vain the Cruel Herod’s Fear
  2. O Jesus, Lord of Heavenly Grace
  3. What Thanks and Praise to Thee We Owe
EmbarcaderoThe area in San Francisco, California.Ruth the Gleaner
Embry [Annie]Composer James C. EmbryHither, Ye Faithful
EmeraldOn the Dewy Breath of Even
Emerald CoastThe area in northwest Florida.Old Jordan’s Waves I Do Not Fear
EmesaThe Roman name for the city of Homs, on the Orontes River in Syria, known in Biblical times as Kadesh (Numbers 13:26).Currently unused (score)
EmilieEmily Baume, sister of composer John Baume.Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heart
  1. Behold How Sinners Disagree
  2. Behold the Glorious Dawning Bright
  3. Blush, Atheists, Blush
  4. Fountain of Grace
  5. Glory to God Who Reigns Above
  6. Happy Christmas Comes Once More, The
  7. O Father, Take the New-Built Shrine
  8. Spirit Moved upon the Waves, The
EmmausTeach Me, My God and King
Emmelar [Armstrong]
  1. Bartimeus
  2. Lord, Through All the Generations
  3. My Mother’s Prayer (O’Kane)
  4. Yes, for Me He Careth
Emmons [Rhine]Thou Dear Redeemer, Dying Lamb
EmswilerComposer Ruth Emswiler.O Cry Aloud and Spare Not
EmsworthThe town in Hampshire, England.Thou Who Wast Once a Child
Endless PraiseSee Alstyne.
  1. Let the God of Truth and Love
  2. O Christ, Thou Hast Ascended
  3. We Thank Thee, O Our Father
EnergyGrace, ’Tis a Charming Sound
Enfield (Bede)Shall We Gather at the River?
EngediLo! Now the Time Accepted Peals
England’s LaneSing, O Sing, This Blessèd Morn
EnglewoodThe city in Colorado.Gather and Sing
EnniusThe Latin poet.
  1. Little Travelers Zionward
  2. People of the Living God
  3. Pilgrim, Burdened with Thy Sin
  4. Stillness Reigns
EntreatyBehold, a Stranger at the Door
EpaphroditusThe man in Philippians 2:25.Abundantly Able to Save
EpenetusThe first Christian convert in the Roman province of Asia (Romans 16:5).Tell It Out (Havergal)
EphratahThe village of Bethlehem.O Little Town of Bethlehem
EpimelDon’t You Know He Cares?
Epiphany (Filby)
  1. Lift Your Glad Voices in Triumph on High
  2. Praise the Redeemer, Almighty to Save
Epiphany (Smith)Three Came Three Kings
Epiphany (Thrupp)Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning
Epiphany (Wesley)Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning
Epping ForestThe woodland in southeast England, on the border between Essex and Greater London.Sing the Glorious Victory
EpsomCurrently unused (score)
EpsteinComposer A. Epstein.I Bless Thee, Father, for the Grace
EquatoriaThe region in South Sudan.Wonderful Place, A
  1. Lord Will Come! the Earth Shall Quake, The
  2. O Christ, Redeemer of Our Race

Also see Ilse

ErfyniadHere, O My Lord, I See Thee
Erhalt Uns, HerrGerman for preserve us, Lord or sustain us, Lord.
  1. Awhile in Spirit, Lord, to Thee
  2. Fiery Trial, The
  3. How Great, How Terrible That God
  4. In Vain the Savior’s Mightiest Foes
  5. Law of God Is Good and Wise, The
  6. Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Thy Word
  7. Lord, Open Thou My Heart
  8. No God for Me! The Fool Exclaims
  9. See the Old Dragon from His Throne
  10. Thine Honor Save, O Christ, O Lord
  11. When Christ’s Appearing Was Made Known
  12. When Israel, Freed from Pharaoh’s Hand
Erie [Converse]The city in Pennsylvania.
  1. Dark and Thorny is the Desert
  2. From House to House
  3. Though I Speak
  4. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
ErkSing Praise to God Who Reigns Above
ErlangenThe Bavarian city.By the Grace of God
ErlesdeneSavior, I Know Thy Gracious Will
Ermuntre DichBreak Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light
  1. And Art Thou Come with Us to Dwell
  2. Happy the Church, Thou Sacred Place
  3. He Wills That I Should Holy Be
  4. It May Not Be Our Lot
  5. Jesus a Child His Work Begun
  6. Lands That Long in Darkness Lay, The
  7. Life’s Orient Morn Hath Passed Away
  8. Lord Proclaims His Grace Abroad, The
  9. Star of Bethlehem (Cheyney), The
  10. We Thank Thee Lord, for This Fair Earth
  11. Where Two or Three, with Sweet Accord
ErnsteinHoly Spirit, Hear Us
Erschienen IstGerman for appeared.
  1. Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lay
  2. We Sing, Immanuel, Thy Praise
  3. We Thank Thee, Jesus, Dearest Friend
ErskineThough Mighty Foes Assail Me, Lord
ErsurgeO Golden Day! so Long Desired
Es Ist das HeilGerman for There is salvation.Salvation unto Us Has Come
Es Ist ein Ros’German for There is a rose.
  1. Great and Mighty Wonder, A
  2. Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming
Es Ist VollbrachtGerman for It is finished.All Is Fulfilled
Es Ist GewisslichGerman for It is most certainly.
  1. O Holy Spirit, Grant Us Grace
  2. ’Tis Sure, That Awful Time Will Come
Es Ist Kein TagGerman for It’s not a dayO Lord of Heav’n and Earth and Sea
Es Kommt ein Schiff
  1. Down Headlong from Their Native Skies
  2. Es Kommt Ein Schiff Geladen
  3. I Lift My Banner, Saith the Lord
Esca ViatorumLatin for Food for pilgrims.O Food That Weary Pilgrims Love
EscoffierConverted to Jesus
EscondidoThe city in California.All for Jesus (Atchinson)
EshtemoaThe man mentioned in 1 Chronicles 4:17.Jesus, Master, Hear Me Now
EskişehirThe city in Turkey.Holy Spirit
EskridgeLaw That the Lord Has Ordained, The
Española [East Linton]The city in New Mexico.I’ll Live for Him
EsromJesus’ ancestor (Matthew 1:3).Is Jesus Able to Redeem?
EssenThe German city.O Love Divine! Where’er I Am
Essex [Sudbury]Praise the Lord! Ye Heavens, Adore Him
EstoniaThe European country.Angel’s Message, The
EstrellasSpanish for stars.Holy Spirit, The
EstudilloLove of God Be with Us, The
Eternal LightEternal Light
EternityGod of Pity, God of Grace
EthelbergSee Alsace
EthelbertComposer Ethelbert Bullinger.Morning, the Bright and the Beautiful Morning, The
Etiam et MihiLatin for even me.Even Me
EthiopiaThe African country.We Homage Pay
EtonDay of Judgment! Day of Wonders!
Eton CollegeLord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing (Buckoll)
ÉtretatThe town in the Seine-Maritime department in Haute-Normandie, France.What Is the Message?
EucharistWhen I Survey the Wondrous Cross
Eucharistic HymnBread of the World, in Mercy Broken
EudoraHow Strong and Sweet My Father’s Care
  1. Father, Who Hast Gathered
  2. Jesus, Kneel Beside Me
  3. Let Me Learn of Jesus
EugeneThe Oregon city.How Can I Let Thee Go?
EuphemiaLord I Will at All Times Bless, The
EuphonyWould Jesus Have the Sinner Die?
EuropaO My God, I Fear Thee!
EuropeSee Hymn to Joy
  1. Blest Be the Dear Uniting Love
  2. Dread Sovereign! Let My Evening Song
  3. Eternal Sun of Righteousness
  4. Fools in Their Heart Believe and Say
  5. Him Whom the Skies, the Earth, the Sea
  6. I Love to Sing of That Great Power
  7. In Mercy, Lord, Remember Me
  8. Jesus, Great Shepherd of the Sheep
  9. Lord, I Believe a Rest Remains
  10. Lord, It Belongs Not to My Care
  11. Lord, When Wilt Thou Extend Thy Sway?
  12. Mind at Perfect Peace, A
  13. O Blessèd Lord, What Hast Thou Done!
  14. Our Savior’s Voice Is Soft and Sweet
  15. Sweet Was the Time When First I Felt
  16. To Praise the Ever Bounteous Lord
  17. When Blooming Youth Is Snatched Away
EvangelTell Me the Old, Old Story

Also see Bethlehem (Fink)

EvangelistSing to the Great Jehovah’s Praise
EvansWelcome, Day of Sweet Repose
EvanstonFather of Jesus Christ, My Lord
Evelyn (Ashford)They Who Seek the Throne of Grace
Evelyn (Sullivan)Spirit Blest, Who Art Adored
EvelynsAt the Name of Jesus
Even Me
  1. Even Me
  2. Lord, Thou Knowest All the Hunger
Evening HymnEvensong Is Hushed in Silence
Evening LightWhen Comes the Golden Sunset
Evening PraiseLord, Our Lord, Thy Glorious Name
Evening Prayer (Randegger)Grace and Truth Shall Mark the Way
Evening Prayer (Stebbins)
  1. From the Depths Do I Invoke Thee
  2. Savior, Breathe an Evening Blessing
Evening Prayer (von Weber)Softly Sighs the Breath of Evening
Evening TwilightSee Martyrdom
  1. Inside the Veil
  2. Nipa ife Olugbala
  1. Abide with Me
  2. And Is It So
  3. As Shadows Lengthen
  4. Go to the Grave in All Thy Glorious Prime
Ever FaithfulLet Us with a Gladsome Mind
EvergreenGather Round the Christmas Tree
Everlasting Love
  1. I Am His, and He Is Mine
  2. One Named Lazarus
EvermoreThine Forever! God of Love
  1. No Rod of Vengeance Jesus Takes
  2. O Father, Hear My Morning Prayer
EvertonKing of Saints, to Whom the Number
Every Morning [Kelso]Every Morning Mercies New
Every Day and Every HourSavior, More Than Life
EwingComposer Alexander Ewing.
  1. Bend to Our Hymns, Redeemer
  2. From All Thy Saints in Warfare
  3. Heaven at Home
  4. I Cannot Think or Reason
  5. I Could Not Do Without Thee
  6. Immanuel, God with Us!
  7. In God’s Most Holy Presence
  8. Jerusalem the Golden
  9. Light Came Out of Darkness, A
  10. Lord My Shepherd Holds Me, The
  11. O Savior, Precious Savior
  12. Oh, Land Relieved from Sorrow
ExcelsiorLooking Upward Every Day

Also see Bethany (Mason)

Exeter (Mason)I Know Not How That Bethlehem’s Babe
Exeter (Tilleard)Heavenly Father, All Creation
ExmouthSee Purleigh
ExodusFar Be Sorrow, Tears, and Sighing
  1. Delay Not, O Sinner, Draw Near
  2. O Turn Ye, for Why Will Ye Die
EzanaThe king of Aksum, the first major ruler to embrace Christianity.Servant of All
EzurumThe city and province in Turkey.O Blessèd Day of Days