Scripture Verse

The angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, to a virgin…[whose] name was Mary. Luke 1:26–27


Hartnack O. K. Zinck (1746–1832)

Words: Tho­mas H. Kin­go, 1689 (Nu kom der bud fra En­glekor). Trans­lat­ed from Da­nish to Eng­lish by Paul C. Paul­sen in the Hym­nal for Church and Home (Blair, Ne­bras­ka: Da­nish Lu­the­ran Pub­lish­ing House, 1927), num­ber 84.

Music: Es­bjerg Hart­nack O. K. Zinck, 1801 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Thomas H. Kingo (1634–1703)



There came a mes­sage from the sky:
God has the earth be­friend­ed;
His Son who dwells in Hea­ven high,
By an­gel hosts at­tend­ed,
Will now your flesh and blood put on
As Da­vid’s Son;
Your wretch­ed state is ended.

It first to Na­za­reth did come
By Ga­bri­el ex­pound­ed;
To Mary, in her hum­ble home,
So won­der­ful it sound­ed:
“O Ma­ry, hail, thou shalt not fear,
The Lord is near,
To thee hath grace abound­ed!

“Thou shalt a son con­ceive and bear,
Who is the Prince of Hea­ven,
Who shall to Da­vid’s throne be heir
And Ja­cob’s house be giv­en;
He shall ex­tend to ev­ery race
His reign of grace,
His king­dom, like a leav­en.

The Ho­ly Spir­it shall to thee
His bound­less power ren­der,
Abundant shall the mer­cy be
From Him, thy strong de­fend­er;
This child is there­fore from above,
Whom thou shalt love
As mo­ther kind and tender.

Come, Christ­mas-Child, and be my guest,
Give me Thy Ho­ly Spir­it;
Prepare my heart and make it blest
Forever through Thy mer­it,
That I at last may dwell with Thee,
Thy king­dom see,
And all its gifts in­her­it.