Scripture Verse

The Lord will hasten it in His time. Isaiah 60:22


Harriet Auber

Words: Har­ri­et Au­ber, Spi­rit of the Psalms 1829.

Music: El­tham Lo­well Ma­son, 1840 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tune:

Lowell Mason


Hasten, Lord, the glorious time
When, beneath Messiah’s sway,
Every nation, every clime,
Shall the Gospel call obey.
Mightiest kings His power shall own,
Heathen tribes His name adore;
Satan and his host o’erthrown,
Bound in chains, shall hurt no more.

As when soft and gentle showers
Fall upon the thirsty plain,
Springing grass and blooming flowers,
Clothe the wilderness again;
So Thy Spirit shall descend,
Softening every stony heart,
And its sweetest influence lend,
All that’s lovely to impart.

Then shall wars and tumults cease,
Then be banished grief and pain,
Righteousness and joy and peace,
Undisturbed shall ever reign.
Bless we, then, our gracious Lord,
Ever praise His glorious name;
All His mighty acts record;
All His wondrous love proclaim.

This hymn was originally written in 4-line verses. With a tune of a different meter, the omitted verse 6 can be used, as well:

Time shall sun and moon obscure,
Seas be dried, and rocks be riv’n.
But His reign shall still endure,
Endless as the days of Heav’n.