Scripture Verse

I will praise Your name forever and ever. Psalm 145:1


Edward J. Hopkins (1818–1901)

Words: John El­ler­ton, 1866. Ell­er­ton wrote this hymn for the Fes­ti­val of the Mal­pas, Mid­dle­wich and Nant­wich Cho­ral As­so­cia­tion in Che­shire, Eng­land.

Music: Ell­ers Ed­ward J. Hop­kins, in the Sup­ple­ment­al Tune-Book, by Ro­bert Brown-Borth­wick, 1869 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tune:

John Ellerton (1826–1893)


Savior, again to Thy dear name we raise
With one ac­cord our part­ing hymn of praise;
We stand to bless Thee ere our wor­ship cease;
Then, lowly kneel­ing, wait Thy word of peace.

Grant us Thy peace up­on our home­ward way;
With Thee be­gan, with Thee shall end the day.
Guard thou the lips from sin, the hearts from shame,
That in this house have called upon Thy name.

Grant us Thy peace, through this ap­proach­ing night;
Turn Thou for us its dark­ness in­to light;
From harm and dan­ger keep Thy child­ren free,
For dark and light are both alike to Thee.

Grant us Thy peace—the peace Thou didst be­stow
On Thine apos­tles in Thine hour of woe;
The peace Thou brought­est, when at ev­en­tide
They saw Thy pierc­èd hands, Thy wound­ed side.

Grant us Thy peace through­out our earth­ly life;
Peace to Thy church from er­ror and from strife;
Peace to our land, the fruit of truth and love;
Peace in each heart, Thy Spir­it from above.

Thy peace in life, the balm of ev­ery pain;
Thy peace in death, the hope to rise again;
Then, when Thy voice shall bid our con­flict cease,
Call us, O Lord, to Thine eter­nal peace.

Ellerton’s original first verses:

Father, once more be­fore we part, we raise
With one ac­cord our part­ing hymn of praise:
Once more we bless Thee, ere our songs shall cease,
Then, lowly kneel­ing, pray Thee for Thy peace.

Grant us Thy peace, Lord, through the com­ing night,
Turn Thou for us its dark­ness into light.
From harm and dang­er, fear and shame kept free,
For dark and light are both alike to Thee.