De­cem­ber 16, 1826, Clerk­en­well, Mid­dle­sex, Eng­land.

June 15, 1893, Tor­quay, Dev­on, Eng­land.

Tor­quay, Dev­on, Eng­land.


Ellerton grad­u­at­ed from Trin­i­ty Col­lege, Cam­bridge, and en­tered the min­is­try in 1850. He served as vi­car at St. Ni­cho­las’, Bright­on, and Crewe Green, Che­shire.

He was a rec­og­nized au­thor­i­ty on hymns, con­trib­ut­ed to Hymns An­cient and Mod­ern, and wrote or trans­lat­ed over 80 hymns.

His works in­clude:

  1. Again the Morn of Glad­ness
  2. Another Day Be­gun!
  3. Before the Day Draws Near Its End­ing
  4. Behold Us, Lord, a Lit­tle Space
  5. Bride of Christ, Whose Glo­ri­ous War­fare
  6. Come Forth, O Chris­tian Bro­thers
  7. Day Thou Gav­est, Lord, Is End­ed, The
  8. Father, Name of Love and Fear
  9. From East to West, from Shore to Shore
  10. Giver of the Per­fect Gift
  11. God, Cre­at­or and Pre­serv­er
  12. God of the Liv­ing, in Whose Eyes
  13. God, the Om­ni­po­tent!
  14. Hail to the Lord Who Comes
  15. House of Our God
  16. In the Name Which Earth and Hea­ven
  17. Joy! B­ecause the Circ­ling Year
  18. King, Mes­si­ah, Long Ex­pect­ed
  19. King of Saints, to Whom the Num­ber
  20. Lift the Strain of High Thanks­giv­ing
  21. Lord Be with Us, The
  22. Mary at the Mas­ter’s Feet
  23. Now the La­bor­er’s Task Is O’er
  24. O Father, All Cre­at­ing
  25. O Father, Bless the Child­ren
  26. O Je­ru­sa­lem the Bliss­ful
  27. O Lord of Life and Death
  28. O Shin­ing Ci­ty of Our God
  29. O Son of God, Our Cap­tain of Sal­va­tion
  30. O Strength and Stay
  31. O Thou in Whom Thy Saints Re­pose
  32. O Thou Who Giv­est Food to All
  33. O Thou Whose Beau­ty Fills the Earth
  34. Oh How Fair the Morn­ing Broke
  35. Our Day of Praise Is Done
  36. Praise Our God for All the Won­ders
  37. Praise Our God, Whose Open Hand
  38. Praise to Our God, Whose Boun­te­ous Hand
  39. Praise to the Hea­ven­ly Wis­dom
  40. Savior, Again to Thy Dear Name!
  41. Shine Thou up­on Us, Lord
  42. Sing Al­le­lu­ia Forth in Du­te­ous Praise
  43. This Day the Lord’s Dis­ci­ples Met
  44. This Is the Day of Light
  45. Thou in Whose Name the Two or Three
  46. Thou Who Sent­est Thine Apos­tles
  47. Thou Who Wear­ied by the Well
  48. Throned up­on the Aw­ful Tree
  49. We Sing the Glo­ri­ous Con­quest
  50. Welcome, Hap­py Morn­ing!
  51. When the Day of Toil Is Done