HaarlemGod of Grace, O Let Thy Light
  1. Come On, My Partners in Distress
  2. How Happy Is the Pilgrim’s Lot
HabanaThe city in Cuba.
  1. Christian! Walk Carefully
  2. Help Us to Worship Thee
  1. Come, Every Pious Heart
  2. Jehovah’s Perfect Law
Haf Trones Lampa FärdigSee Vigil
HagåtñaThe city on Guam.Our Fathers Long Ago
HagerupSee Grieg.
HagerstownGreat God, Indulge My Humble Claim
HagueIn Heav’n Above
Hainault [Rawlins]The location in London.I Will Go
HaitiThe Caribbean nation.Patriot’s Prayer, The
HaldonOh! Come to the Merciful Savior
Halifax (Greenwood)We Sing the Praise of Him Who Died
Hall (Jones)Onward, Onward, Men of Heaven
Hall (Laufer)Take Thou Our Minds, Dear Lord
HalleSee the Destined Day Arise
Halle (Haydn)
  1. Now from Labor and from Care
  2. Praise the Lord, for He Is Good
HallelWith Gladness We Worship
HallettGod of Mercy, God of Grace
HälsokällanSee Kjellman
Halton Holgate [Boyce, Sharon]The village in the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England.
  1. Light of Those Whose Dreary Dwelling
  2. Lord and Savior, True and Kind
  3. Where Is This Stupendous Stranger?
HambridgeIn Paradise Reposing
Hamburg [Boston]
(see also Komm, Seele)
  1. Alpha, Omega
  2. Amidst Us Our Beloved Stands
  3. Before Messiah’s Presence Meet
  4. Christ a Redeemer and Friend
  5. Ere Mountains Reared Their Forms Sublime
  6. Father, Whose Everlasting Love
  7. الله روح عادل
  8. My Lord, How Full of Sweet Content
  9. O Lord My God! How Great Art Thou!
  10. O That My Load of Sin Were Gone!
  11. O Thou That Hear’st When Sinners Cry
  12. Peace, Troubled Soul
  13. Royal Banners Forward Go, The
  14. Shall I, for Fear of Feeble Man
  15. Thy Will Be Done, I Will Not Fear
  16. ’Tis Finished! so the Savior Cried
  17. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
HamiltonWhen at This Distance, Lord, We Trace
Hammersmith (Filby)Hammersmith, London, where composer William Filby played the organ at St. Peter’s Church.Far Down the Ages Now
Hammersmith (Gladstone)Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
Hampden-Sidney [Lebbaeus]Jesus, Son of God Most High
HampshireThe county in southern England.Lord, a Little Band and Lowly
Hampstead (Davies)O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go
Hampstead (Horner)Giver of Concord, Prince of Peace
Hampstead (Smallwood)When, Gracious Lord, When Shall It Be?
HamptonFar from My Thoughts
Hamsher HighThe high school in Webster Groves, Missouri.There Is Room for Thee
Han LefverSwedish for He lives.He Lives! O Fainting Heart, Anew
Hanalei BayThe location in Kauaʻi, Hawaii.Hear Thou My Prayer
HananiahThe Israelite captive in Babylon (Daniel 1:6)I Trust in Thee
HanbyProbably Benjamin R. Hanby. He and composer William Lanthurn were both ministers with the United Brethren in Christ.Peace, Peace Is Mine
HandyDeceit and Falsehood I Abhor
Hanford (Sullivan)Hanford, Dorsetshire, England, where composer Arthur Sullivan often stayed at the home of Mrs. Gertrude Clay-Ker-Seymer.
  1. From North and South and East and West
  2. From Out the Depths I Cry to Thee
  3. Jesus, My Savior, Look on Me
  4. Lord, Let Us Feel That Thou Art Near
  5. My God and Father, While I Stray
  6. Through Good Report and Evil, Lord
HanforthTo God Be Glory
HankeyHymnist Katherine Hankey.
  1. I Love to Tell the Story
  2. Ô Merveilleuse Histoire
HannahMy Mother’s Prayer (Van DeVenter)
HanoiThe city in Vietnam.Onward, Upward, Homeward
  1. Disposer Supreme, and Judge of the Earth
  2. O Come All Ye Saints
  3. O Praise Ye the Lord
  4. O What Shall I Do, My Savior to Praise
  5. Omnipotent Lord, My Savior and King
  6. People of God, The
  7. We Praise Thee, O God
Hanson PlaceHanson Place Baptist Church, Brooklyn, New York, where composer Robert Lowry was pastor.
  1. O How Blest to Be a Pilgrim
  2. Shall We Gather at the River?
Lo! the Lord, the Mighty Savior
Happy FacesCome with Happy Faces
Happy Land
  1. Cry of the Heathen, The
  2. There Is a Happy Land
Happy Little PilgrimsHappy Little Pilgrims
Happy Town of SalemHappy Town of Salem
HarareThe city in Zimbabwe.Immanuel, Prince of Peace
HarbridgeThe village in Hampshire, England.Martyr’s Grave, The
HardingIt Was for Me
HarewoodChrist Is Our Cornerstone
Harington [Retirement]Composer Henry Harington.O Thou from Whom All Goodness Flows
Hark, the VoiceHark, the Voice of Jesus Calling (March)
HarlechThe town in Merionethshire, Wales.
  1. Attend, While God’s Exalted Son
  2. Lord Is King! (Perronet), The
HarlesdenThe area in the London Borough of Brent.Now He Will Save
Harmony GroveLook from Thy Sphere of Endless Day
HaroldHarold B. Ware, a World War I aviator from Scranton, Pennsylvania, who died of influenza in November 1918, a few days before the end of the war.Be Strong!
HarperAll Things Praise Thee
HarrowThe borough of London.Fall Down, Ye Nations!
HarstonForth in Thy Name, O Lord
HartelBehold, a Stranger at the Door
HartfordSee Blairgowrie
HarthamLo, a Loving Friend Is Waiting
HartingLife and Strength of All Thy Servants
HartsoughComposer Lewis HartsoughHigher Rock, The
HarvatMichael E. Harvat, Ministry Specialist for Music & Youth at Community Covenant Church, Omaha, Nebraska.Hark! What Sounds Are Sweetly Stealing?
HarvestLord of the Harvest! It Is Right and Meet
Harvest-tideO Praise Ye the Name of Jehovah
Harvey’s ChantWith Joy and Gladness in My Soul
HarvingtonGod of Abraham Praise, The
  1. Hark, Ten Thousand Harps and Voices
  2. Lord, in Love Thou Didst Receive Us
  3. Praise the Savior, All Ye Nations
Harwich (Mason)Lord of Earth and Sky, The
HarwoodSee Darwen.
HaslingdenO Christ, Our Joy, Gone Up on High
Hastings [Calm]How Calm and Beautiful the Morn
HattieGiver and Guardian of My Sleep
HauppageThe town in New York.Walk to Emmaus, The
Haven (Hastings)O God, Give Ear
Haven (Lemare)Father, Let Thy Smiling Face
HawardenThere Is a Blessèd Home
HawesComposer James Hawes.Have You Not a Word for Jesus?
HawkhurstCome, Gracious Spirit, Heav’nly Dove
  1. Father of All, Whose Powerful Voice
  2. O Master, It Is Good to Be
HaywardThe city in California.Look to Jesus, When in Trouble
HazelwoodThe suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.Choose Ye This Day
He Leadeth Me [Aughton]
  1. Can We in Unbelievers Find
  2. Christmas Morning (Field)
  3. Eternal, Spotless Lamb of God
  4. He Leadeth Me
  5. No Change of Time
  6. Thro’ the New Heav’n What Voices Ring
  7. We Homage Pay
He Lifted MeIn Lovingkindness Jesus Came
He Lives Again
  1. He Lives Again
  2. Jesu, Show Us Thy Salvation
Headstone LaneThe location in London.Happy New Year!
Healing BalmSee Ward
Heart Ever FaithfulO Joyous Easter Morning
Heart of JesusIn the Heart of Jesus
HeathSee Schumann
Heathen Perish, TheHeathen Perish, The
  1. All Things Praise Thee
  2. Jesus, Lamb of God, for Me
  3. Now the Busy Week Is Done
  1. How Fair upon the Mountains
  2. Story Sweet and True, A
HeavenWhen We All Get to Heaven
Heavenly Father
  1. Heavenly Father, We Beseech Thee
  2. Welcome, Welcome, Quiet Morning
Heavenly FlightWhile on the Verge of Life I Stand
Heavenly FoldO Praise the Lord, for He Is Good (118)
Heavenly Home (Towner)How They Sing Up Yonder!
Heavenly Home, TheO Spirit, Freed from Earth
Heavenly HostO Lord, Give Heed Unto Our Plea
Heavenly JerusalemJerusalem My Happy Home
Heavenly MusicWhat Heavenly Music
Heavenly PowerIt’s Filling Me
Heber (Hopkins)Hymnist Reginald Heber.God Is Love, by Him Upholden
Heber (Kingsley)
  1. Jesus, I Love Thy Charming Name
  2. O Come, My People, to My Law
HebronThe place in Genesis, near the oaks of Mamre, where Abraham built an altar to God.
  1. Awake, My Soul, to Joyful Lays
  2. Beset with Snares on Every Hand
  3. Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing, Lord
  4. Eternal Son, Eternal Love
  5. Lord, Cause Thy Face on Us to Shine
  6. Lord, ’Tis a Pleasant Thing to Stand
  7. My God, My God, I Cry to Thee
  8. O Christ, Who Hast Prepared a Place
  9. Ride On, Ride On in Majesty!
  10. So Let Our Lips and Lives Express
  11. Thus Far the Lord Hath Led Me On
  12. Thy Foes Succeeding Times Shall Own
  13. Ye Servants of th’Almighty King
HeidelbergThe city in Germany.Tell Them
Heiliger GeistGerman for Holy Ghost.Holy Ghost, My Comforter
HeimwehGerman for homesickness.As the Hart, with Eager Looks
Heinlein [Aus der Tiefe Rufe Ich]
  1. Christ Will Gather in His Own
  2. Forty Days and Forty Nights
  3. Heavenly Father, Bless Me Now
  4. Holy Father, Hear My Cry
  5. It Is Finished, All the Pain
  6. Jesu, Savior, Son of God
  7. On the Banks Where Jordan Rolled
HelenWho, O Lord, with Thee Abiding
Helft Mir Gott’s GüteTo God the Anthem Raising
HemsfordWith Christ We Share a Mystic Grave
HelmsleyLo, He Comes with Clouds Descending
Help MeHelp Me, O Lord
HelsinkiThe city in Finland.Redeemed by the Blood
HendonA village in Middlesex, England (now a London suburb), which composer César Malan reportedly visited.
  1. Angels, Roll the Rock Away
  2. Ask Ye What Great Thing I Know
  3. Be Now Imitators of Your Lord
  4. Christ, of All My Hopes the Ground
  5. Come, Thou Savior of Our Race
  1. Dear God, Our Father
  2. Father, in Thy Mysterious Presence Kneeling
HenriettaHenrietta Blair, a pseudonym of Fanny Crosby.Thy Holy Spirit, Lord, Alone
HenryHark, the Glad Sound!
HepherThe youngest son of Gilead (Numbers 26:32).Delay Not, O Sinner, Draw Near
Hereford (Ouseley)
  1. Death Cannot Make Our Souls Afraid
  2. Mistaken Souls, That Dream of Heav’n
  3. Once More the Solemn Season Calls
  4. With My Whole Heart I’ve Sought Thy Face
Hereford (Wesley)O Thou Who Camest from Above
HergaChristians, Sing the Incarnation
Heri Mundus ExultavitLatin for yesterday, the world rejoices.Yesterday, with Exultation
  1. O God, My Strength and Fortitude
  2. Sweet Is the Memory of Thy Grace
  1. All the Happy Children
  2. Golden Harps Are Sounding
  3. Jesus, Blessèd Savior
  4. On Our Way Rejoicing
  1. Have You Not Known, Have You Not Heard
  2. My Faithful Shepherd Is the Lord
  3. We Love the Venerable House
HermosaSpanish for beautiful.When in the Gates of Zion
HeroldWhy, O God, Thy People Spurn?
HerongateIt Is a Thing Most Wonderful
Herr Gott VaterSun of My Soul
Herr, Ich Habe MissgehandeltLord, to Thee I Make Confession
Herr Jesu Christ
  1. Gospel Shows the Father’s Grace, The
  2. Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now
  3. Lord Jesus Christ, We Humbly Pray
  4. O Come, Loud Anthems Let Us Sing
  5. Old Year Now Hath Passed Away, The
Herr Jesu Christ (Bach)Arise, O Lord, Our God, Arise
Herr Jesu Christ, Mein’sLord, Help Us Ever to Retain
Herr und Ältster DeinerGerman for Lord and your elder.Now, My Soul, Arise
Herr Jesu Christ, Wahr Mensch und GottRoyal Banners Forward Go, The
Herr Wie DuLord Jesu! May Thy Grief
Herr, Wie Du WillstGerman for Lord, as You will.
  1. Lord, as Thou Wilt
  2. Lord Jesus Christ, Thou Living Bread
Herre, Jeg Har Handlet IlleGod’s Eternal Word Is Spoken
Herre Jesu KristLord Jesus Christ, My Savior Blest
Herre Utransaka MigLet Us All with Gladsome Voice
HerrnhutJesus Makes My Heart Rejoice
Herrnhut (Crüger)My Song Shall Be of Jesus
HertfordshireThe location in England.Meadow Song, The
HerveyPeople of the Living God
Herzlich LiebLord, Thee I Love with All My Heart
Herzlich Tut Mich ErfreuenDay of Resurrection, The
Herzliebster Jesu
  1. Ah, Holy Jesus
  2. De Quelle Offense Portes-tu La Peine?
  3. From the Recesses of a Lowly Spirit
  4. O, Dearest Jesus
  5. O Lord, Our Father, Shall We Be Confounded?
Hesperus [Quebec, Whitburn, Venn]
  1. Arise, O Lord, with Healing Rod
  2. Behold, the World’s Redeeming Light
  3. Bright King of Glory
  4. Complete in Thee
  5. Father and Friend! Thy Light, Thy Love
  6. Happy the Man That Finds the Grace
  7. Help Us, O Lord, Thy Yoke to Wear
  8. If Solomon for Wisdom Prayed
  9. Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts
  10. Let the Seventh Angel Sound on High
  11. Lord, Guard and Guide the Men Who Fly
  12. My Lord, I Do Not Ask to Stand
  13. Not to Ourselves
  14. O God of Love, O King of Peace
  15. O God of Mercy! Hearken Now
  16. O Lord and Savior, We Recline
  17. O Lord of Hosts, Almighty King
  18. See! Roused by Discord’s Fierce Alarms
  19. Thou, Lord of Life
  20. When Jordan Hushed His Waters Still
Hetch HetchyThe valley in California.
  1. Millennium Hymn
  2. My Trust Is in the Lord (Lyte)
Hezekiah See Song 22
Hic Breve ViviturBrief Life Is Here Our Portion
HidalgoThe Mexican state.Softly the Silent Night
High in the HeavensHigh in the Heavens, Eternal God
Higher Ground
  1. Give Thanks to God, He Reigns Above
  2. Higher Ground
  3. What Good Can Come?
  4. Word, the Uncreated Son, The
  1. Bishop of Souls, Regard Our Cry
  2. How Precious, Lord, Thy Sacred Word
HighwaySee Indiana.
HighwoodHark, What a Sound
HilderstonePraise to Our God, Whose Bounteous Hand
HillhurstI Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
HillsboroThe town in Missouri.Trusting and Hoping
HillsdaleThe town in Missouri.We Are Going (Foster)
HiloThe city in Hawaii.We’ll All Stand Up for Jesus
Hilton HeadThe island in South Carolina.With Jesus
Himmel [Light of the World]Holy Ghost, Dispel Our Sadness
HinchmanLight of Light, Enlighten Me
HinghamLife Is the Time to Serve the Lord
HinsdaleDear Lord, Who Dwellest with Us Now
His BloodHis Blood Has Made Me Whole
His Wondrous WaysWe Will Exalt You, Our God the King
Hitchcock [Fairfield]With Reverence Let the Saints Appear
HixsonHow Sang the Heavenly Army
HobartThou Art My Portion, Lord
Höchsten NöthenJesus, Thy Name Has Power to Bless
Höchster PriesterSee Savannah
HoddersonHead of Thy Church Triumphant
HodgesO Day of Rest and Gladness
HoffmanHymnist Elisha Hoffman.
  1. Bethlehem-Town
  2. It Was His Love
HogarthHad I the Tongues of Greeks and Jews
HohenwerfenThe Austrian castle.Tell Jesus All
HokkaidoThe Japanese island.Moments of Blessing
Holborn HillThe location in London.
  1. God Gives His Mercies to Be Spent
  2. My Gracious Lord, I Own Thy Right
  3. O Lord, How Many Are My Foes
  4. On Thee, Great Ruler of the Skies
  5. Praise Waits in Zion
  6. Together, Lord, We Come to Thee
  7. Upon the Gospel’s Sacred Page
  8. When God, Provoked with Daring Crimes
Hold the Fort
  1. Hold the Fort
  2. Praise the Lamb
Hold Thou My HandHold Thou My Hand
HoldemanLavern Holdeman, former pastor at Community Covenant Church, Omaha, Nebraska.Immortal Babe, Who This Dear Day
HoldenSend Forth, O God, Thy Light and Truth
Holiness [Longstaff]Take Time to Be Holy
HollandHow Oft, O Lord, Thy Face Hath Shone
  1. Grace and Truth Shall Mark the Way
  2. Great God, and Wilt Thou Condescend?
  3. O Thou Through Suffering Perfect Made
  4. Softly Fades the Twilight Ray
  5. Thou Gracious Power
  6. Thou Sweet, Belovèd Will of God
HollingsideHollingside Cottage, near Durham, England, where composer John Dykes lived.
  1. Jesus, Merciful and Mild
  2. Pour Thy Blessings, Lord, Like Showers
  3. Time, with an Unwearied Hand
  4. What Are These Ethereal Strains?
HollisterThe city in California.Blessèd Book
Holly SpringsThrough the Day Thy Love Has Spared Us
Hollywood [Baltimore]The city in California.Through the Night of Doubt and Sorrow
Holmby HillsThe neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.Learn of Jesus
HolmfirthHow Happy Every Child of Grace
Holy AnthemHoly Anthem, The
Holy ChurchLord of the Living Harvest
Holy ComfortIn the Hour of My Distress
Holy Communion Lord, Hear My Prayer
Holy Cross
  1. Great Is the Lord, His Works of Might
  2. His Wide Dominion Shall Extend
  3. How Condescending and How Kind
  4. In Life’s Gay Dawn
  5. Not All the Outward Forms on Earth
  6. O Jesus, King Most Wonderful
  7. Prayer Is the Breath of God in Man
  8. Ye Islands of the Northern Sea
Holy Day (Gower)Lord, on Thy Returning Day
Holy Day (Parker)Come, Let Us All with One Accord
Holy FaithJesus, My Lord, My God, My All
Holy GhostLord, in This Thy Mercy’s Day
Holy GuideWhat Time I Am Afraid
Holy Hill
  1. Behold the Rose of Sharon Here
  2. O Thou, Whom All Thy Saints Adore
  3. Thy Wisdom and Thy Might Appear
  4. United Prayers Ascend to Thee
Holy MannaBrethren, We Have Met to Worship
Holy Place
  1. In Thy Holy Place
  2. Righteous God, Whose Vengeful Phials
Holy RoodRevive Thy Work, O Lord
Holy SepulchreBy Jesus’ Grave on Either Hand
Holy Trinity
  1. All Faded Is the Glowing Light
  2. Another Year of Setting Suns
  3. There Is No Sorrow, Lord, Too Light
  4. Why Should the Children of a King
  5. With Glorious Clouds Encompassed Round
Holy WarChristian, Dost Thou See Them?
HolyroodFair Waved the Golden Corn
HolywellI Sing the Mighty Power of God
HolywoodSee St. Thomas (Webbe)
HomeCurrently unused (score)
HomecomingYour Word Is a Lamp for My Feet
Homeland (Booth)Great God, the World Is Full of Thee
Homeland (Sullivan)Homeland! O the Homeland!, The
HomerFount of Everlasting Love
HonitonThe town in Devon, England, where composer Edwin Flood was an organist.Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Hosts
Honaunau BayThe location in Hawaii.Waiting for Thy Coming
HonoluluThe city in Hawaii.No Tears in Heaven
Honor OakThe location in Lewisham, London.Blessèd Gospel
Honoro PatrisLatin for in honor of the Father.Eternal God, Mover Unmoved
Hope (Hayden)Father! I Go to Thee!
Hope (Irons)O God, I Thank Thee for Each Sight
HopkinsWhen from the East the Wise Men Came
HopkintonJudge Me, O God, and Plead My Cause (Barlow)
HorburyNearer, My God, to Thee
HordvilleThe town in Nebraska.Hearts and Hands
HorebNow God Be with Us
HornbridgeThe town in East London.Certainly I Will Be with Thee
HornseyAt Midnight—A Cry
HorshamThrough the Night Thy Angels Kept
HorsleyComposer William Horsley.
  1. God of Our Life! Thy Various Praise
  2. How Bitter-sweet the Mystery
  3. Whatever Dims Thy Sense of Truth
HortonLove for All!
Hos GudHos Gud Er Idel Glede
Hosanna (Dykes)Hosanna to the Living Lord
Hosanna (Elliott)Hosanna to the Living Lord
Hosanna (Gauntlett)Away with Our Fears, Our Troubles and Tears
Hosanna in ExcelsisHosanna in the Highest
Hot SpringsThe city in Arkansas.Sing Praise to Jesus
HotchkissComposer Amelia Hotchkiss.Dear Lord, Ascended Savior
HoudiniAt the Grave
  1. My Soul, Bless the Lord!
  2. O Heavenly King, Look Down from Above
Houghton-le-SpringBread of Heaven, on Thee We Feed
HounslowThe borough of London.Jesus, I Come to Thee
House SpringsThe town south of St. Louis, Missouri.I’ll Feed on Husks No More
HoustonThe city in Texas.Glory Ever Be to Jesus
Howard (Cuthbert)
  1. Do Not I Love Thee, O My Lord?
  2. O Praise and Bless the Lord, My Soul
Howard (Wilson)My Soul in Silence Waits for God
HowcroftI’ll Live for Him
HowellThou Hast Said, Exalted Jesus
Howley PlaceFather, Son and Holy Ghost
HoxtonFather! Who in the Olive Shade
HuachucaThe mountain range in Arizona.
  1. Let Every Tongue My Savior Praise
  2. Ye Soldiers of the King of Kings
HuatulcoThe city in Mexico.I Know Not
HubertComposer Hubert MainBlessèd Rock
HuddersfieldHoly Father, Cheer Our Way

Also see Dover

HudsonAlas! and Did My Savior Bleed?
HuelvaThe city in Spain.My Father Planned It All
HuertaKatherine Huerta-Simpson, music teacher at Millard West High School, Omaha, Nebraska.Just Where Thou Art
HullNo Book Is Like the Bible
Hull NewMaster Comes! He Calls for Thee, The
Humble PraisesTo God the Only Wise
HumboldtThe city in Tennessee.Wondrous Love (Kirkland)
Humility (Goss)See amid the Winter’s Snow
Humility (Tuckerman) [Rowland]
  1. Through All the Years, May Israel Say
  2. O Jesus, Master, When Today
  3. Thou, Who Didst Make and Fashion Me
  1. Daughter of Zion, from the Dust
  2. Great God, the Nations of the Earth
  3. Hosanna! Be the Children’s Song
  4. Lift Up Your Hearts to Things Above
  5. O What Amazing Words of Grace
  1. Behold, I Come, the Savior Cries
  2. My Barns Are Full
  3. See Where the Great Incarnate God
Hunters PointQuiet Hour (McManiman), The
HuronMillions Within Thy Courts Have Met
HursleyThe parish in Hampshire, England, where hymnist John Keble served 30 years.
  1. Behold the Woman’s Promised Seed
  2. Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast
  3. Dawning Day at Length Appears, The
  4. Dear Jesus, in Whose Life I See
  5. Hour of My Departure’s Come, The
  6. O Bless the Hour When Evening Comes
  7. O for a Glance of Heavenly Day
  8. O God, Be Thy Anointed Son
  9. O Thou Who Hast, in Every Age
  10. Sun of My Soul
  11. Who Shall Roll the Stone Away? (Engström)
HurstComposer J. HurstIn His Own Raiment Clad
HutchbyJehovah’s Perfect Law
HydeAll Ye Nations, Praise the Lord
HyderabadThe city in India.Future, The
HyfrydolWelsh for pleasant or melodious.
  1. Alleluia! Sing to Jesus
  2. Blest the Man That Fears Jehovah
  3. Call Jehovah Thy Salvation
  4. Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus
  5. Hearts to Heaven and Voices Raise
  6. Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty
  7. In Thy Heritage the Heathen
  8. Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken
  9. Jesus! What a Friend for Sinners
  10. King, Messiah, Long Expected
  11. Lord, Thy Glory Fills the Heaven
  12. Yonder, See the Lord Descending
Hymn of EveI Will Go in the Strength of the Lord
Hymn to Joy [Europe]
  1. Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna!
  2. Hear What God the Lord Hath Spoken
  3. It Is Good to Praise th’Almighty
  4. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
  5. On This Day of Celebration
Hymnus EucharisticusSee, Father, Thy Beloved Son