Scripture Verse

Father, I have sinned against Heaven, and before thee. Luke 15:18


Catherine Winkworth (1827–1878)

Words: Jo­hann Franck, in Geist­liche Kirch­en­me­lo­di­en, by Jo­hann Crü­ger (Leip­zig, Ger­ma­ny: 1649) (Herr, ich habe miss­ge­han­delt). Trans­lat­ed from Ger­man to Eng­lish by Ca­the­rine Wink­worth, Cho­rale Book for Eng­land, 1863, num­ber 44.

Music: Herr, ich habe miss­ge­han­delt Jo­hann Crü­ger, 1649 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Johann Crüger (1598–1662)


Lord, to Thee I make con­fess­ion;
I have sinned and gone as­tray,
I have mul­ti­plied trans­gress­ion,
Chosen for my­self my way.
Led by Thee to see my er­rors,
Lord, I trem­ble at Thy ter­rors.

Yet, though con­science’s voice ap­pall me,
Father, I will seek Thy face;
Tho’ Thy child I dare not call me,
Yet re­ceive me to Thy grace.
Do not for my sins for­sake me;
Do not let Thy wrath o’er­take me.

For Thy Son did suf­fer for me,
Gave Him­self to res­cue me,
Died to heal me and re­store me,
Reconciled me un­to Thee.
’Tis alone His cross can van­quish
These dark fears and soothe this ang­uish.

Then on Him I cast my bur­den,
Sink it in the depths be­low.
Let me know Thy gra­cious par­don,
Wash me, make me white as snow.
Let Thy Spir­it leave me ne­ver;
Make me on­ly Thine for­ev­er.