Sep­tem­ber 13, 1827, Ely Place, Hol­born, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Ju­ly 1, 1878, near Ge­ne­va, Switz­er­land.

Mon­ne­tier, Sa­voy, Switz­er­land.

Plaque in Bristol Cathedral

Winkworth spent most of her life in Man­ches­ter, Eng­land. The not­a­ble ex­cep­tion was the year she spent in Dres­den, Ger­ma­ny.

Around 1854, she pub­lished Ly­ra Ger­man­i­ca, con­tain­ing num­er­ous Ger­man hymns trans­lat­ed in­to English. She went on to pub­lish an­o­ther ser­ies of Ger­man hymns in 1858. In 1863, she came out with The Cho­rale Book for Eng­land, and in 1869, Chris­tian Sing­ers of Ger­ma­ny.

More than any oth­er sin­gle per­son, she helped in­tro­duce the Ger­man chor­ale tra­di­tion to the Eng­lish speak­ing world.

  1. Ah, Dear­est Je­sus
  2. Ah! Lord Our God, Let Them Not Be Con­found­ed
  3. Alas, My God, My Sins Are Great
  4. All Glo­ry Be to God on High
  5. All Men Liv­ing Are but Mor­tal
  6. All My Heart This Night Re­joic­es
  7. All Things Hang on Our Pos­ses­sing
  8. All Ye Gen­tile Lands Awake!
  9. Arise, Sons of the King­dom
  10. Arise, the King­dom Is at Hand
  11. Awake, Thou Care­less World, Awake!
  12. Awake, Thou Spir­it, Who Didst Fire
  13. Baptized in­to Thy Name Most Ho­ly
  14. Blessèd Je­sus, at Thy Word
  15. Blessèd Je­sus, Here We Stand
  16. Christ, the Life of All the Liv­ing
  17. Christ the Lord Is Ris­en Again
  18. Christ Will Ga­ther in His Own
  19. Come, Ho­ly Spir­it, God and Lord!
  20. Comfort, Com­fort Ye My Peo­ple
  21. Dayspring of Eter­ni­ty
  22. Deck Thy­self, My Soul, with Glad­ness
  23. Dread Hath Come on Me, A
  24. Ere Yet the Dawn Has Filled the Skies
  25. Eternity! Eter­ni­ty!
  26. Ever Would I Fain Be Read­ing
  27. Faith Is a Liv­ing Pow­er from Hea­ven
  28. Farewell I Glad­ly Bid Thee
  29. Fear Not, O Lit­tle Flock
  30. From God Shall Naught Di­vide Me
  31. From Hea­ven Above to Earth I Come
  32. Gentle Shep­herd, Thou Hast Stilled
    • Tender Shep­herd, Thou Hast Stilled
  33. Give Heed, My Heart
  34. Go and Dig My Grave To­day
  35. God’s Word Is Like a Flam­ing Sword
  36. Hark, the Church Pro­claims Her Hon­or
  37. Help Us, O Lord!
  38. Holy Ghost, My Com­fort­er
  39. How Bright­ly Beams the Morn­ing Star!
  40. How Shall I Meet Thee?
  41. I Say to All Men Far and Near
  42. If You Will On­ly Let God Guide You
  43. In God, My Faith­ful God
  44. In Thee Is Glad­ness
  45. In Thee, Lord, Have I Put My Trust
  46. Is Thy Heart Athirst to Know?
  47. Jehovah, Let Me Now Adore Thee
  48. Jerusalem, Thou Ci­ty Fair and High
  49. Jesus Christ, My Sure De­fense
  50. Jesus, Price­less Trea­sure
  51. Let the Earth Now Praise the Lord
  52. Let Us All with Glad­some Voice
  53. Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Migh­ty Gates
  54. Light of Light, En­light­en Me
  55. Light of the Gen­tile Na­tions
  56. Lord God, We Wor­ship Thee
  57. Lord Je­sus Christ, Be Pre­sent Now
  58. Lord Je­sus Christ, My Life, My Light
  59. Lord, Keep Us Stead­fast in Thy Word
  60. Lord, to Thee I Make Con­fess­ion
  61. Lord, Thee I Love with All My Heart
  62. My Cause Is God’s
  63. My Soul, Now Praise Thy Mak­er
  64. Now All the Woods Are Sleep­ing
  65. Now Fain My Joy­ous Heart Would Sing
  66. Now God Be with Us, for the Night Is Clos­ing
  67. Now Let All Loud­ly Sing Praise
  68. Now Thank We All Our God
  69. O Bless­èd Je­sus! This
  70. O Christ, Our True and On­ly Light
  71. O Dark­est Woe
  72. O Dear­est Je­sus
  73. O Fa­ther-Heart, Who Hast Cre­at­ed All
  74. O God, Thou Faith­ful God
  75. O Ho­ly Spir­it, En­ter In
  76. O Je­sus Christ, Our Lord Most Dear
  77. O Je­sus, King of Glo­ry
  78. O King of Glo­ry! Da­vid’s Son!
  79. O Liv­ing Bread from Hea­ven
  80. O Love, Who Formedst Me to Wear
  81. O Morn­ing Star, How Fair and Bright
  82. O Sav­ior of Our Race
  83. O That I Had a Thou­sand Voices
  84. O Thou Es­sen­tial Word
  85. O Watch­man, Will the Night of Sin
  86. Oh, En­ter, Lord, Thy Tem­ple
  87. Oh, Re­joice, Ye Chris­tians, Loud­ly
  88. Oh, World! Be­hold up­on the Tree
  89. Oh Wouldst Thou in Thy Glo­ry Come
  90. Old Year Now Hath Passed Away, The
  91. Once He Came in Bless­ing
  92. Open Now Thy Gates of Beau­ty
  93. Out of the Depths I Cry to Thee
  94. Praise to the Lord, the Al­migh­ty
  95. Redeemer of the Na­tions, Come!
  96. Rejoice, Re­joice, Ye Chris­tians
  97. Rise, My Soul, to Watch and Pray
  98. Rise, O Sa­lem, Rise and Shine
  99. Since Je­sus Is My Friend
  100. Spread, O Spread, Thou Migh­ty Word
  101. Strive Aright When God Doth Call
  102. Sweetest Joy the Soul Can Know
  103. Thank God That To­wards Eter­ni­ty
  104. Thee, O Im­man­u­el, We Praise
  105. Thee Will I Love, My Strength, My Tow­er
  106. Thou Fair­est Child Di­vine
  107. Thou Who Break­est Ev­ery Chain
  108. Thy Word, O Lord, Like Gen­tle Dews
  109. True Mir­ror of the God­head! Per­fect Light
  110. Wake, Awake, for Night Is Fly­ing
  111. We Be­lieve in One True God
  112. We Chris­tians May Re­joice To­day
  113. Welcome, Thou Vic­tor in the Strife
  114. What With­in Me and With­out
  115. Whate’er My God Or­dains Is Right
  116. When in the Hour of Ut­most Need
  117. When the Lord Re­calls the Ban­ished
  118. When o’er My Sins I Sor­row
  119. Whene’er Again Thou Sink­est
  120. Wherefore Dost Thou Long­er Tar­ry?
  121. While Yet the Morn Is Break­ing
  122. Who Keep­eth Not God’s Word
  123. Who Knows How Near My End May Be?
  124. Ye Heav’ns, Oh Haste Your Dews to Shed
  125. Zion Mourns in Fear and Ang­uish