Scripture Verse

My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me? Psalm 22:1


Words: From The New Me­tri­cal Ver­sion of the Psalms (Pitts­burgh, Penn­syl­van­ia: Unit­ed Pres­by­ter­ian Board of Pub­li­ca­tion, 1909), pag­es 30–31.

Music: Heb­ron Lo­well Ma­son, 1830 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Lowell Mason (1792–1872)


My God, my God, I cry to Thee
O why hast Thou for­sak­en me?
Afar from me, Thou dost not heed,
Though day and night for help I plead.

But Thou art ho­ly in Thy ways.
Enthroned upon Thy peo­ple’s praise
Our fa­thers put their trust in Thee,
Believed, and Thou didst set them free.

They cried, and, trust­ing in Thy name,
Were saved, and were not put to shame;
But in the dust my hon­or lies,
While all re­proach and all des­pise.

My words a cause for scorn they make,
The lip they curl, the head they shake.
And, mock­ing, bid me trust the Lord
Till He sal­va­tion shall af­ford.

My trust on Thee I learned to rest
When I was on my mo­ther’s breast
From birth my life has ev­er known
Thy care: Thou art my God alone.

O let Thy strength and pres­ence cheer,
For trou­ble and dis­tress are near;
Be Thou not far away from me,
For I have none to help but Thee.

Unnumbered foes would do me wrong;
They press about me, fierce and strong;
Like beasts of prey their rage they vent;
My cour­age fails, my strength is spent.

Down unto death Thou lead­est me,
Consumed by thirst and ago­ny;
With cru­el hate and an­ger fierce
My help­less hands and feet they pierce.

While on my wast­ed form they stare,
The gar­ments torn from me they share,
My shame and sor­row heeding not,
And for my robe they cast the lot.

O Lord, afar no long­er stay;
Thou my help­er, haste, I pray;
From death and ev­il set me free.
I live! for Thou didst an­swer me.

I live and will de­clare Thy fame
Where breth­ren ga­ther in Thy name;
Where all Thy faith­ful peo­ple meet,
I will Thy wor­thy praise re­peat.

All ye that fear Je­ho­vah’s name,
His glo­ry tell, His praise pro­claim;
Ye child­ren of His chos­en race,
Stand ye in awe be­fore His face.

The suf­fer­ing one He has not spurned
Who un­to Him for suc­cor turned;
From him He has not hid His face,
But an­swered his re­quest in grace.

Lord, Thy good­ness makes me raise
Amid Thy peo­ple songs of praise
Before all them that fear Thee, now
I wor­ship Thee and pay my vow.

For all the meek Thou wilt pro­vide,
They shall be fed and sa­tis­fied;
All they that seek the Lord shall live
And ne­ver-end­ing prais­es give.

The ends of all the earth shall hear
And turn un­to the Lord in fear
All kin­dreds of the earth shall own
And wor­ship Him as God alone.

For His the king­dom, His of right
He rules the na­tions by His might;
All earth to Him her hom­age brings,
The Lord of lords, the King of kings.

Both rich and poor, both bond and free,
Shall wor­ship Him with bend­ed knee,
And child­ren’s child­ren shall pro­claim
The glo­ri­ous hon­or of His name.

The Lord’s un­fail­ing right­eous­ness
All ge­ne­ra­tions shall con­fess;
From age to age shall men be taught
What won­drous works the Lord has wrought.