Tune NameNamed AfterUsed By
KabulThe Af­ghan ci­ty.When the Hearts We Fond­ly Cher­ish
KahramanmaraşThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Since Je­sus Whis­pered Peace
KaibabThe pla­teau on the north side of the Grand Can­yon in Ar­i­zo­na.Under His Wings (Win­throw)
KairosAncient Greek word mean­ing the right or op­por­tune mo­ment.Lion of Ju­dah (Wil­son), The
KaiserslauternThe Ger­man ci­ty.Sweet Car­ols
KalamazooThe Mi­chi­gan ci­ty.Hiding in Thee
KalimantanThe re­gion on the is­land of Bor­neo.Valley of Vi­sion, The
  1. Jesus, Lord and Pre­cious Sav­ior
  2. Praise the Lord, Each Tribe and Na­tion
KaloramaThe dis­trict in Wash­ing­ton, DC.There’s a Light up­on the Moun­tains
KaltenthalSee Frech
KamloopsThe ci­ty in Bri­tish Co­lum­bia, Ca­na­da.I’m on the Rock
KampalaThe Ugan­dan ci­ty.Nailed to the Cross
KandyThe Sri Lan­kan ci­ty.Waiting by the Ri­ver (Cush­ing)
Kane (Ma­son)Commit Thou All Thy Griefs
KanoThe Ni­ger­i­an ci­ty.Standing, Knock­ing, Wait­ing
KanpurThe In­di­an ci­ty.Let Them Come to Me
Kansas Ci­tyThe ci­ty on the Kan­sas-Mis­sou­ri bor­der.
  1. As on a Hill Top Gained at Last
  2. Father, I Bless Thy Gen­tle Hand
  3. Jesus, Re­deem­er, ere the Light
  4. There Is a Land Mine Eye Hath Seen
  5. They Who Con­fess the Sav­ior Here
  6. Thy Pro­mise, Lord, Is Per­fect Peace
  7. Volunteer’s Bur­i­al, The
  8. Whate’er It Be
KarabükThe Turk­ish town.Lord Will Pro­vide (Whea­ton), The
KarachiThe Pak­is­ta­ni ci­ty.More Than These
KarajThe Ir­an­i­an ci­ty.Wonderful Love (Eno)
KaramanThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Show the World Just Where You Stand
KarlskronaThe Swed­ish ci­ty.Min Vän
KarlsruheThe Ger­man ci­ty.Thy Name Alone Can Save
KarnatakaThe In­di­an state.My Sav­ior (Whar­ton)
KarsThe Turk­ish ci­ty.He Bless­es and Save Me
KashanThe Ir­an­i­an ci­ty.Love Each Oth­er (Hen­ry)
KashmirMarch On­ward!
KastamonuThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Waiting at the Cross
KategliddenThe Homel­and! O the Home­land!
KathmanduThe Ne­pal­ese ci­ty.Grand Old Ship of Zi­on, The
KathrineProtect and Save Me, O My God
KatlaThe vol­ca­no in Ice­land.Lord Will Pro­vide, The
KatowiceThe Po­lish ci­ty.In a Mo­ment
Kawaiaha‘oThe church in Hon­o­lu­lu, Ha­wa­ii.Jesus Is Seek­ing
KawasakiThe Ja­pa­nese ci­ty.O, Land of the Bless­èd!
Kayseri [Stock­well]The Turk­ish ci­ty.Blessèd Day
KearneyThe Ne­bras­ka ci­ty.Goodbye to the Old Year
KebleHymnist John Ke­ble.We Bid Thee Wel­come in the Name
KeckShepherd of Ten­der Youth
Kedron (Dare)Ye That Pass by, Be­hold the Man
Kedron (Ger­man)So Me­lan­cho­ly Why, Poor Heart?
Kedron (Spratt)No, Not Des­pair­ing­ly
KeepersComposer Wal­ter Keep­ers.Come and See
KeighleyJust as Thou Art
Keine Schön­heit hat die WeltGerman for the world has no beau­ty.Advent Tells Us, Christ Is Near
KelbrookO Tell Me No More of This World’s Vain Store
KelownaThe ci­ty in Bri­tish Co­lum­bia, Ca­na­da.Song of the Ag­es
KelsoSee Ev­ery Morn­ing
KelvedenThe vil­lage and ci­vil par­ish in Es­sex, Eng­land.
  1. In the Vine­yard of Our Fa­ther
  2. Lift Your Heads
  3. Men of God, Go Take Your Sta­tions
  4. Thus Saith God of His Anoint­ed
  5. To the Ark Away, or Per­ish
Kendal GreenThe ar­ea in Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts.Wondrous Sto­ry
KenilworthWithin the Church’s Sac­red Fold
KennebunkportThe town in Maine.There Is a Dwell­ing Place Above
Kenosis [Wa­ter Street]Greek (κένωσις), re­fer­ring to the self-emp­ty­ing of one’s own will and be­com­ing en­tire­ly re­cep­tive to God’s di­vine will.
  1. He Loved Me
  2. How Can a Sin­ner Know?
  3. I Gave My Life for Thee
  4. Who of the Great, or Wise
Kensal GreenThe ar­ea in Lon­don, Eng­land.
  1. From Ev­ery Earth­ly Plea­sure
  2. Three Moun­tains, the
Kensington (Gaunt­lett)The dis­trict in West Lon­don.Ye Flam­ing Hosts En­throned in Light
Kensington (Mac­La­gan)The dis­trict in West Lon­don.Christ in His Hea­ven­ly Gar­den
Kensington NewLord, Dis­miss Us with Thy Bless­ing (Faw­cett)
Kent [Gwen­nap]
  1. Rise Ev­ery Soul in Je­sus’ Name
  2. Upon the Sixth Day of the Week
Kentucky [San­dus­ky]Charge to Keep I Have, A
KenyaThe Af­ri­can coun­try.Sweet As­sur­ance
KeokukThe Io­wa ci­ty.Song of Spring Once More We Sing, A
KeralaThe state in south­west In­dia.Who Are These, and Whence Came They?
KermanshahThe Iran­i­an ci­ty.Leaving All to Fol­low Je­sus
KettlebellJesus, My Sav­ior, What Didst Thou See?
Kew Gar­densBritain’s Ro­yal Bo­tan­ic Gar­dens.King’s Call, The
Key Bis­cayneThe lo­ca­tion in Flor­i­da.Unto Us a Child Is Born (San­ders)
Key WestThe lo­ca­tion in Flor­i­da.All-Seeing Eye, The
KharkivThe Ukrain­i­an ci­ty.Voices o’er the Sea
KhartoumThe Su­da­nese ci­ty.My God, Is Any Hour So Sweet
KhersonThe Ukrain­i­an ci­ty.Faithful Work­ers
KiawahThe South Car­o­li­na is­land.
  1. He Came in Weak­ness, Comes in Pow­er
  2. I Left the God of Truth and Light
  3. Jesus, Thou God of Na­tions, Bend
  4. O King of Saints with Pi­ty­ing Eye
  5. Place Pre­pared, The
  6. Throughout My Fall­en Soul I Feel
KidlingtonSee Elles­mere
KielceThe Po­lish ci­ty.Jesus Will Ne­ver For­get
KievThe Ukrain­i­an ci­ty.Oh, Come at Once to Je­sus
KigaliThe Rwan­dan ci­ty.Vale of Beu­lah
KilaueaThe Ha­wa­ii­an vol­ca­no.Hark! Hark, My Soul! (Fa­ber)
KilmarnockCome, Let Us to the Lord Our God
KilmoreyThe Cross of Cal­va­ry
KimballHasten, Lord, the Glo­ri­ous Time
KimptonEaster Li­lies, The
King Al­fredJesu! Speak to Me in Love
King Ci­tyThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.I Am Trust­ing in My Sav­ior
King Ed­wardBelieve Not Those Who Say
King of Glo­ry and PeaceKing of Glo­ry, King of Peace
King of Kings (Ma­rtin)
  1. Billows Swell, the Winds are High, The
  2. Come, O My Chos­en Peo­ple, Come
  3. Here at Thy Cross, My Dy­ing God
  4. How Beau­ti­ful His Feet Ap­pear
  5. I Love the Lord, Who Died for Me
  6. Lord, the Judge, His Church­es Warns, The
  7. O Dear­er to My Thank­ful Heart
  8. O Lord, by Thy Sup­port­ing Hand
  9. Supreme of Be­ings, with De­light
  10. Though Cloudy Skies and North­ern Blasts
  11. What Mys­ter­ies, Lord, in Thee Com­bine
  12. Who Shall Con­demn to End­less Flames
  13. Why, Cru­el Her­od, Dost Thou Fear? (Hu­sen­beth)
Kingdom Loud to the Prince of Heav’n
Kingdom of Song
  1. Anthem the An­gels Were Sing­ing, The
  2. Kingdom of Song, The
Kingley ValeLord, En­throned in Hea­ven­ly Splen­dor
Kingman ParkThe Wash­ing­ton, DC, neigh­bor­hood.Could We Re­fuse
KingoHymnist Tho­mas Kin­go.Når Je­sus Kom­mer Med Sin Nåde
King’s Col­legeThe school at Cam­bridge Un­i­ver­si­ty.Who Shall Roll the Stone Away? (Croll)
King’s Lang­leyWinter’s Sleep Was Long and Deep, The
King’s LynnThe town in Nor­folk, Eng­land.O God of Earth and Al­tar
King’s Nor­tonThe area in Bir­ming­ham, Eng­land.O Je­su, Thou the Beau­ty Art
King’s Wes­tonThe ar­ea in Bris­tol, Eng­land.At the Name of Je­sus (No­el)
KingsbridgeGreat God, In­dulge My Hum­ble Claim
KingsfoldThe town in Sus­sex, Eng­land, where ar­rang­er Ralph Vaugh­an Will­iams first heard the tune.
  1. Come, Let Us Use the Grace Di­vine
  2. For Zi­on’s Sake I Will Not Rest
  3. How Shall I Meet Thee?
  4. Hymn for the Twen­ty-Se­cond of De­cem­ber
  5. Hymn to a Gra­cious Sov­er­eign
  6. I Feel the Winds of God To­day
  7. Long, Long Ago in Man­ger Low
  8. O Je­sus, Crowned with All Re­nown
  9. O King of Glo­ry! Da­vid’s Son!
  10. O Sing a Song of Beth­le­hem
  11. Prayer in Time of War, A
  12. ’Twas in the Wat­ches of the Night
  13. When Je­sus Left His Fa­ther’s Throne
KingsleyComposer George Kings­ley.Almighty God! In Hum­ble Pray­er
KingstonSee Mag­da­len Col­lege
KingstownThe ci­ty in Saint Vin­cent and the Gre­na­dines.Holy Spir­it, Come with Pow­er
KingwoodWhen with a Mind Di­vine­ly Pressed
KinkelComposer Jo­han­na Kin­kel.O Lord, Re­mem­ber Me
KingtonThe town of King­ton Mag­na in Dor­set, Eng­land.Blest Christ­mas Morn
KinrossPraise Je­ho­vah, All Ye Na­tions
KinshasaThe ci­ty in the Con­go.Little Stars
KinsmanKinsman, Ohio, where com­pos­er James Mc­Gra­na­han lived.Most Per­fect Is the Law of God
Kirby Be­donThe town near Nor­wich, Eng­land.
  1. Christ in His Word Draws Near
  2. Father of Love and Pow­er
KiribatiThe Pa­cific is­land coun­try.Land Above, The
Kirk EllaThe vil­lage on the west­ern edge of King­ston up­on Hull, Eng­land.Angels Speak, Let Man Give Ear
KirkbraddanThe old par­ish church in Brad­dan, Isle of Man.From the East­ern Moun­tains
Kirken Den Er EtNorwegian for The Church it is.
  1. Built on the Rock
  2. Eternity! Eter­ni­ty!
KirklandThe Se­at­tle, Wash­ing­ton, su­burb.Across the Blue
KirkpatrickPrecious Love of Je­sus, The
KirkwoodThe sub­urb of St. Lou­is, Mis­sou­ri.Soldiers of Christ, Arise
KirnOur Lord Christ Hath Ris­en
KishonThe ri­ver that flows in­to the Me­di­ter­ra­ne­an Sea near Hai­fa, Is­ra­el.
  1. My Thoughts, That Oft­en Mount the Skies
  2. O Lord, the Sav­ior and De­fense
KissimmeeThe Flor­i­da ci­ty.Lost in Sight of Home
KitchenerThe town in On­tar­i­o, Ca­na­da.Go Pro­claim the Won­drous Sto­ry
KitsapThe Wash­ing­ton coun­ty.When Child­ren Lift Their Voic­es
KlaipėdaThe Li­thu­a­ni­an ci­ty.Saved Through the Blood
Kjellman [Häl­so­käl­lan]Composer Ger­da Kjell­man.Healing Foun­tain, The
KlamathThe ri­ver in Or­e­gon and Ca­li­for­nia.How Long, O Lord?
KlatteComposer Ross Klatte.City of Our God, The
KleinDays and Years of Time Are Fled, The
KlondikeThe Ca­na­di­an re­gion.Christ’s Com­ing
KnightsbridgeHail the Bless­èd East­er Morn­ing
KnightonJesus Is God!
KnightswoodI Heard the Voice of Je­sus Say
Knob LickThe com­mu­ni­ty in St. Fran­cois Coun­ty, Mis­sou­ri.King’s Tre­asures, The
KnowheadAll Who, with Heart Con­fid­ing
KnoxComposer James Knox.It Came up­on the Mid­night Clear
KobeThe Ja­pa­nese ci­ty.Dear Child­ren Far Away
KocherGreat and Migh­ty Wonder (Lu­ther­an), A
KochiThe ci­ty in Ke­ra­la, In­dia.Will You Miss Me?
KodambakkamThe neigh­bor­hood in Chen­nai, In­dia.Oh, the Pre­cious Love of Je­sus
KodiakThe Alas­kan is­land.Last Ap­peal, The
KoenigsbergSee Al­bert
KoldingThe Dan­ish ci­ty.There’s a Song in the Air
KolkataThe In­di­an ci­ty.Spend One Hour with Je­sus
KollamThe In­di­an ci­ty.What Shall I Do with Je­sus?
KölnThe Ger­man ci­ty.Mother’s Grave
Komm, Gott Schöp­ferGerman for Come, Cre­at­or God.Come Ho­ly Ghost, Cre­at­or Blest
Komm, O komm, du GeistGerman for Come, O come, Thou Spir­it.Come, O Come, Thou Quick­en­ing Spir­it
Komm, Seele [Ham­burg]Remember All the Peo­ple
Kommet Ihr Hir­tenCome, All Ye Shep­herds
Kommt her zu mir
  1. I Do Not Come Be­cause My Soul
  2. Lord of the Church, We Hum­bly Pray
  3. O Bless­èd Home Where Man and Wife
KönigsbergThe for­mer Ger­man name of Ka­lin­in­grad, Rus­sia.Wonderful Sav­ior (Cros­by)
KonyaThe Turk­ish ci­ty.What Hin­ders?
KoreaOn a Day When Men Were Count­ed
KošiceThe Slo­va­ki­an ci­ty.Chalice, The
KosovoThe re­gion in the Bal­kans.Vesper Hour, The
KottayamThe ci­ty in Ke­ra­la, In­dia.I Am Je­sus’ Lit­tle Lamb
KowloonThe area in Hong Kong.In Low’r­ing Gloom and Cloud­i­ness
KozhikodeThe In­di­an ci­ty.Faint Not, nor Fal­ter in the Way
KrakówThe Po­lish ci­ty.That Bless­èd Eas­ter Day
KramarikGlory un­to God
KremserComposer Ed­uard Krem­ser.
  1. Lord, in His Right­eous­ness, Judg­es the Peo­ple, The
  2. We Ga­ther To­ge­ther
  3. We Praise Thee, O God, Our Re­deem­er, Cre­at­or
KrewsonCome, Sound His Praise Abroad
KriževacSabbath School Greet­ing
Kuala Lum­purThe Ma­lay­si­an ci­ty.Jesus, Our Gra­cious Lord
KütahyaThe Turk­ish ci­ty.God Is the Life, the Truth, the Way
KyotoThe Ja­pa­nese ci­ty.Hero That I Sing, The
  1. Come, Ye Wea­ry Souls Op­pressed
  2. Jésus Est l’A­mi Su­prême