KabulThe Afghan city.When the Hearts We Fondly Cherish
KaibabThe plateau on the north side of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.Under His Wings (Winthrow)
KairosAncient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment.Lion of Judah (Wilson), The
KalimantanThe region on the island of Borneo.Valley of Vision, The
  1. Jesus, Lord and Precious Savior
  2. Praise the Lord, Each Tribe and Nation
KaloramaThe district in Washington, DC.There’s a Light upon the Mountains
KaltenthalSee Frech.
KampalaThe city in Uganda.Nailed to the Cross
KaneCommit Thou All Thy Griefs
KanoThe city in Nigeria.Standing, Knocking, Waiting
Kansas CityThe city on the Kansas-Missouri border.
  1. As on a Hill Top Gained at Last
  2. Father, I Bless Thy Gentle Hand
  3. There Is a Land Mine Eye Hath Seen
  4. They Who Confess the Savior Here
  5. Thy Promise, Lord, Is Perfect Peace
  6. Whate’er It Be
KarachiThe city in Pakistan.More Than These
KarlsruheThe city in Germany.Thy Name Alone Can Save
KarnatakaThe state in India.My Savior (Wharton)
KashmirMarch Onward!
KategliddenThe Homeland! O the Homeland!
KathmanduThe city in Nepal.Grand Old Ship of Zion, The
KathrineProtect and Save Me, O My God
KatowiceThe city in Poland.In a Moment
Kawaiaha‘oThe church in Honolulu, Hawaii.Jesus Is Seeking
KawasakiThe city in Japan.O, Land of the Blessèd!
Kayseri [Stockwell]The city in Turkey.Blessèd Day
KebleHymnist John Keble.We Bid Thee Welcome in the Name
KeckShepherd of Tender Youth
Kedron (Dare)Ye That Pass by, Behold the Man
Kedron (Spratt)No, Not Despairingly
KeepersComposer Walter Keepers.Come and See
KeighleyJust as Thou Art
Keine Schönheit Hat die WeltGerman for the world has no beauty.Advent Tells Us, Christ Is Near
KelbrookO Tell Me No More of This World’s Vain Store
KelsoSee Every Morning
  1. In the Vineyard of Our Father
  2. Lift Your Heads
  3. Men of God, Go Take Your Stations
  4. To the Ark Away, or Perish
Kendal GreenThe area in Boston, Massachusetts.Wondrous Story
KenilworthWithin the Church’s Sacred Fold
KennebunkportThe town in Maine.There Is a Dwelling Place Above
Kenosis [Water Street]Greek (κένωσις), referring to the self-emptying of one’s own will and becoming entirely receptive to God’s divine will.
  1. He Loved Me
  2. How Can a Sinner Know?
  3. I Gave My Life for Thee
Kensal GreenThe area in London, England.
  1. From Every Earthly Pleasure
  2. Three Mountains, the
KensingtonThe district in West London.Christ in His Heavenly Garden
Kensington NewLord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing (Fawcett)
Kent [Gwennap]Upon the Sixth Day of the Week
KentuckyCharge to Keep I Have, A
KenyaThe country in Africa.Sweet Assurance
KeokukThe city in Iowa.Song of Spring Once More We Sing, A
KeralaThe state in southwest India.Who Are These, and Whence Came They?
KettlebellJesus, My Savior, What Didst Thou See?
Kew GardensBritain’s Royal Botanic Gardens.King’s Call, The
Key BiscayneThe location in Florida.Unto Us a Child Is Born (Sanders)
Key WestThe location in Florida.All-Seeing Eye, The
KiawahThe island in South Carolina.
  1. He Came in Weakness, Comes in Power
  2. O King of Saints with Pitying Eye
  3. Place Prepared, The
KidlingtonSee Ellesmere
KievThe Ukrainian city.Oh, Come at Once to Jesus
KigaliThe city in Rwanda.Vale of Beulah
KilaueaThe volcano in Hawaii.Hark! Hark, My Soul! (Faber)
KilmarnockCome, Let Us to the Lord Our God
KilmoreyThe Cross of Calvary
KimballHasten, Lord, the Glorious Time
King AlfredJesu! Speak to Me in Love
King CityThe California city.I Am Trusting in My Savior
King EdwardBelieve Not Those Who Say
King of Glory and PeaceKing of Glory, King of Peace
King of Kings
  1. Billows Swell, the Winds are High, The
  2. Come, O My Chosen People, Come
  3. How Beautiful His Feet Appear
  4. I Love the Lord, Who Died for Me
  5. Lord, the Judge, His Churches Warns, The
  6. O Lord, by Thy Supporting Hand
  7. Supreme of Beings, with Delight
  8. Though Cloudy Skies and Northern Blasts
  9. What Mysteries, Lord, in Thee Combine
Kingdom of Song
  1. Anthem the Angels Were Singing, The
  2. Kingdom of Song, The
Kingley ValeLord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor
Kingman ParkThe Washington, DC, neighborhood.Could We Refuse
KingoHymnist Thomas Kingo.Når Jesus Kommer Med Sin Nåde
King’s CollegeThe school at Cambridge University.Who Shall Roll the Stone Away? (Croll)
King’s LangleyWinter’s Sleep Was Long and Deep, The
King’s LynnThe town in Norfolk, England.O God of Earth and Altar
King’s NortonThe area in Birmingham, England.O Jesu, Thou the Beauty Art
KingsbridgeGreat God, Indulge My Humble Claim
KingsfoldThe town in Sussex, England, where arranger Ralph Vaughan Williams first heard the tune.
  1. Come, Let Us Use the Grace Divine
  2. For Zion’s Sake I Will Not Rest
  3. How Shall I Meet Thee?
  4. Hymn to a Gracious Sovereign
  5. I Feel the Winds of God Today
  6. Long, Long Ago in Manger Low
  7. O Jesus, Crowned with All Renown
  8. O King of Glory! David’s Son!
  9. O Sing a Song of Bethlehem
  10. Prayer in Time of War, A
  11. ’Twas in the Watches of the Night
  12. When Jesus Left His Father’s Throne
KingstonSee Magdalen College
KinsmanKinsman, Ohio, where composer James McGranahan lived.Most Perfect Is the Law of God
KingtonThe town of Kington Magna in Dorset, England.Blest Christmas Morn
KinrossPraise Jehovah, All Ye Nations
KinshasaThe city in the Congo.Little Stars
Kirby BedonThe town near Norwich, England.
  1. Christ in His Word Draws Near
  2. Father of Love and Power
KiribatiThe Pacific Island country.Land Above, The
Kirk EllaThe village on the western edge of Kingston upon Hull, England.Angels Speak, Let Man Give Ear
KirkbraddanThe old parish church in Braddan, Isle of Man.From the Eastern Mountains
Kirken Den Er Et
  1. Built on the Rock
  2. Eternity! Eternity!
KirklandThe suburb of Seattle, Washington.Across the Blue
KirkpatrickPrecious Love of Jesus, The
KirkwoodSoldiers of Christ, Arise
KirnOur Lord Christ Hath Risen
KissimmeeThe city in Florida.Lost in Sight of Home
KitchenerThe town in Ontario, Canada.Go Proclaim the Wondrous Story
Kjellman [Hälsokällan]Healing Fountain, The
KlamathHow Long, O Lord?
KleinThough Sorrows Rise and Dangers Roll
KnightsbridgeHail the Blessèd Easter Morning
KnightonJesus Is God!
KnightswoodI Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
Knob LickThe community in St. Francois County, Missouri.King’s Treasures, The
KnowheadAll Who, with Heart Confiding
KnoxComposer James Knox.It Came upon the Midnight Clear
KobeThe city in Japan.Dear Children Far Away
KoenigsbergSee Albert
KoldingThe city in Denmark.There’s a Song in the Air
KolkataThe city in India.Spend One Hour with Jesus
KölnThe city in Germany.Mother’s Grave
Komm, Gott SchöpferCome Holy Ghost, Creator Blest
Komm, O Komm, Du GeistCome, O Come, Thou Quickening Spirit
Komm, Seele [Hamburg]Remember All the People
Kommet Ihr HirtenCome, All Ye Shepherds
Kommt Her zu Mir
  1. I Do Not Come Because My Soul
  2. Lord of the Church, We Humbly Pray
  3. O Blessèd Home Where Man and Wife
KönigsbergThe former name of Kaliningrad, Russia.Wonderful Savior (Crosby)
KonyaThe city in Turkey.What Hinders?
KoreaOn a Day When Men Were Counted
KosovoThe region in the Balkans.Vesper Hour, The
KottayamThe city in Kerala, India.I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb
KowloonThe area in Hong Kong.In Low’ring Gloom and Cloudiness
KramarikGlory unto God
  1. We Gather Together
  2. We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer, Creator
KrewsonCome, Sound His Praise Abroad
KriževacSabbath School Greeting
KyotoThe city in Japan.Hero That I Sing, The
KyrieTake My Life and Let It Be