Tune NameNamed AfterUsed By
  1. Burden of the Bells, The
  2. Lord, with Glow­ing Heart I’d Praise Thee
FagradalsfjalThe vol­ca­no in Ice­land.Children’s Day
Fahre Fort
  1. Praise the Lord, Praise Our King!
  2. Rise, Arise!
Fair Ha­venHail! Sweet­est, Dear­est Tie That Binds

Also see Auld Lang Syne

Fair Ha­vensPrayer for God’s Bless­ing, A
FairbanksWhere’er His Crea­tures Ga­ther
FairfieldThe Fair­field Mo­ra­vi­an Set­tle­ment in Great­er Man­ches­ter, Eng­land.
  1. Goodly Theme is Mine, A
  2. Let All the Sons of Light

Also see Hitch­cock

FairlopThe dis­trict in Lon­don.Christ Is Born, the Pro­mised Sav­ior
FairviewThe Kan­sas ci­ty.See the Ran­somed Mill­ions Stand
FaithSee Staff of Faith
Faith (Dykes) [Bone Pas­tor]
  1. Lord, When I All Things Would Pos­sess
  2. O Gift of Gifts!
Faith (Mc­Gra­na­han)
  1. Faith Is a Ve­ry Sim­ple Thing
  2. Judah Re­stored
Faith (Ro­ss­ini)Cling to the Mighty One
Faith (Smart)With Hearts Re­newed
Faith (Tuck­er­man)Through Sor­row’s Night and Dan­ger’s Path
Faith (Wes­ley)God of My Sal­va­tion, Hear
Faith Di­vineSee Ca­ma­cha
FaithfulO Bro­ther, Be Faith­ful
Faithfulness (Run­yan)Great Is Thy Faith­ful­ness
Faithfulness (Mac­far­ren)There’s Not a Bird with Lone­ly Nest
Falcon StreetSee Sil­ver Street
FalconerKing Re­joic­eth in Thy Strength, The
FalfieldSavior, Sprin­kle Ma­ny Na­tions
FalkirkStand the Om­ni­po­tent De­cree
FalklandLord God of Hosts, With­in Whose Hand
Fall Ri­verThe Mas­sa­chu­setts ci­ty.’Tis So Sweet to Trust in Je­sus
FallerslebenThe dis­trict in Wolfs­burg, Ger­ma­ny.Quel Bon­heur de Te Con­naître
Famous Ea­gleThe Boy Scout camp near Knob Lick, Mis­so­uri.Hungering and Thirst­ing
Faneuil HallThe build­ing in Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts.
  1. Glory of the Lord, The
  2. Hosannah to the King (Watts)
  3. Israel, Thy Trib­ute Bring
Far and Near (Spa­zier)
  1. Bleak Win­ter Is Sub­dued at Length
  2. Go, and the Sav­ior’s Grace Pro­claim
  3. Hosanna to the Prince of Grace
  4. I Say to All Men Far and Near
  5. Oh, Charge the Waves to Bear Our Friends
  6. Proclaim, Sa­ith Christ, My Won­drous Grace
  7. ’Tis Na­ture’s Voice Which Rea­son Speaks
  8. When Ha­gar Found the Bot­tle Spent
  9. Who Shall In­hab­it in Thy Hill?
Far Off Lands
  1. How Long Wilt Thou For­get Me?
  2. Mine Eyes Look To­ward the Moun­tains
  3. Thou Ten­der, Gra­cious Fa­ther
  4. To Bless the Earth, God Send­eth
FarebrotherCom­pos­er C. Fare­broth­erSing Ye the Songs of Praise
FarehamSee Advent (Goss)
Farewell (Nay­lor)
  1. Bargain, The
  2. Star of Morn Has Ris­en, The
FargoThe city in North Da­ko­ta.Ever On­ward
FaridabadThe In­di­an ci­ty.At Our Post
Farley Cast­leMost Glo­ri­ous Lord of Life
FarmerCom­pos­er John Far­mer.
  1. Christ Is the World’s Re­deem­er
  2. Of Mer­cy and of Jus­tice
  3. Southern Cross, The
FarmingtonThe Mis­sou­ri town.Take Care of Me
FarnabyGentle Jesus, Meek and Mild
FarnboroI’ll Speak the Hon­ors of My King
  1. Father, I Sing Thy Won­drous Grace
  2. God, to Cor­rect a Guil­ty World
  3. Great God! Thy Vast and Deep De­signs
  4. When So­dom’s Sin, an Aw­ful Cry
Farnham (Ma­son)Ye Glit­ter­ing Toys of Earth, Ad­ieu
FarrantCom­pos­er Ri­chard Far­rant.
  1. Rejoice, Be­liev­er, in the Lord
  2. To Thee, O God, We Ren­der Thanks
FarringdonThe dis­trict in Lon­don.Children’s Ca­rol, The
Father All Ho­lyFather All Ho­ly
Father, Let Me Ded­i­cateFather, Let Me Ded­i­cate
FátimaThe Por­tu­guese town.Floral Hymn
FavershamThe town in Kent, Eng­land.Gentle Star of Beth­le­hem
FeastCome, for the Feast Is Spread
Feather Ri­verThe riv­er in Ca­li­for­nia.Savior, Whom Our Hearts Adore
Federal Street
  1. All That I Am I Owe to Thee
  2. Behold, a Strang­er at the Door
  3. Come, Dear­est Lord
  4. Day Draws on with Gold­en Light, The
  5. Great Source of Life, Our Souls Con­fess
  6. High in the Hea­vens, Eter­nal God
  7. Holy Song Hath Died Away, The
  8. Jesus, and Shall It Ev­er Be
  9. Jesus, the Sin­ner’s Friend
  10. Lord, How Won­drous Are His Ways, The
  11. My Sins Laid Op­en to the Rod
  12. To Thine Eter­nal Arms, O God
  13. When Pain and Ang­uish Seize Me, Lord
  14. While o’er Our Guil­ty Land, O Lord
FelixSee Consolation (Men­dels­sohn)
FellowshipI Lit­tle See
FenburnAnd Will the God of Grace
FenelonWherefore Should Man, Frail Child of Clay
FenwickSee Some­thing for Je­sus
  1. Dear Lord and Mas­ter Mine
  2. Down to the Sac­red Wave
  3. Great Is the Lord Our God
  4. Thy Boun­ties, Gra­cious Lord
  1. Come, Ho­ly Ghost, Who Ev­er One
  2. O God of Truth, O Lord of Might
  1. Linked in the Bond of Peace
  2. O Where Shall Rest Be Found?
FerraraThe Ital­ian ci­ty. Angels’ Song, The
  1. In the Morn­ing I Will Raise
  2. Jesus, Ho­ly, Un­de­filed
  3. O This Soul, How Dark and Blind
FerrinHymnist Clau­dia Fer­rin.Jesus Saves! O Bless­èd Sto­ry
Fertile PlainsO Love of God, How Strong and True
FestalCome, Ho­ly Ghost, Who Ev­er One
Festal Song
  1. Begin a Joy­ful Song
  2. Behold, the Grace Ap­pears!
  3. Believe Not Those Who Say
  4. Christ’s Day of Pow­er
  5. Give to the Winds Thy Fears
  6. Revive Thy Work, O Lord
  7. Rest for the Toil­ing Hand
  8. Rise Up, O Men of God
FestgesangLong Years Ago o’er Beth­le­hem’s Hills
FestubertLift Up Thy­self, My Soul
Festum DeiO Bread to Pil­grims Given
  1. How Fast Their Guilt and Sor­rows Rise
  2. Now with Cre­a­tion’s Morn­ing Song
  1. Friend of the Home
  2. Lord, What a Change With­in Us
  3. O Thou Great Friend
Fiat LuxLatin for let there be light.Life, We Learn of Thee
  1. Sing Aloud Je­ho­vah’s Prais­es
  2. Weep No More This Ho­ly Morn­ing
FiduciaBlessèd Mas­ter, I Have Pro­mised
FieldWe Thank Thee, Lord, Thy Paths of Ser­vice Lead
Field (Sab­bath)Sweet Is the Work, O Lord
Field ClubThe neigh­bor­hood in Oma­ha, Ne­bras­ka.Christmas Hymn
FifeThe coun­ty in Scot­land.My Sav­ior’s Foot­steps
FigueroaThe street in Los An­ge­les, Ca­li­for­nia.Peace, Peace Is Mine
Filius DeiTo Thee and to Thy Christ, O God
FillmoreTo God Will I Direct My Pray­er
Final De­ci­sionThat Great, Tre­men­dous Day’s Ap­proach­ing
FinchleyThe dis­trict in London.Little While, A
FingalYe Hum­ble Souls That Seek the Lord
Finger LakesThe re­gion in New York.Happiness Com­plete
FinistèreThe French dé­parte­ment in west­ern Brit­ta­ny.Christian Grac­es, The
FinlandLord of My Life!
FinlandiaFinland, the home­land of com­pos­er Jean Si­be­li­us.
  1. Be Still, My Soul
  2. He Lead­eth Me Be­side the Still Wa­ters
  3. We Rest on Thee
Fire IslandThe New York is­land.Sabbath Bell, The
Firenze (Ca­si­ni)The Ital­ian ci­ty.Souls of Men, Why Will Ye Scat­ter?
Firenze (Tow­ner)The Ital­ian ci­ty.Let Me Not For­get
First Com­mand­mentFather, Lead Thy Lit­tle Child­ren
First Fruits (Dykes)God the Fa­ther! Whose Cre­a­tion
First Fruits (Paine)In Us the Hope of Glo­ry
First Mode Me­lo­dy
  1. Come, See the Place Where Je­sus Lies
  2. Jesus, Our Help in Time of Need
  3. Lord, Look on This, Our Pant­ing Earth!
  4. Lord, Teach Us How to Pray Aright
  5. Now Our Lips with Ho­ly Fear
  6. Oh God That Mad­est Earth and Sky
Fisher Is­landThe is­land near Mi­a­mi, Flor­i­da.Will I Be There?
Fisherman’s WharfThe area in San Fran­cis­co, Ca­li­for­nia.It Is Fi­nished!
FiskHear This, All Ye Peo­ple, Hear
FitchburgThe Mas­sa­chu­setts ci­ty.Oh, Ci­ty of the An­gels!
FitzroyChrist Is Ris­en! Christ Is Ris­en!
FitzwilliamFrom Foes That Would the Land De­vour
FlagstaffThe Ar­i­zo­na ci­ty.More About Je­sus
FlandrensisLatin for Flem­ing (lit­er­al­ly, from Flan­ders). Named for pas­tor Scott Flem­ing at Rocky Springs Pres­by­ter­ian Church, Har­ris­ville, Penn­syl­van­ia.As in the Days of Hag­gai When
FlatbushThe New York Ci­ty neigh­bor­hood.Praise Waits for Thee in Zi­on
Fleet StreetThe Lon­don street.Angels, As­sist to Sing
FleetwoodCom­pos­er Hen­ry Fleet­wood Shep­pard.Lift the Gos­pel Ban­ner
Flemming [In­te­ger Vitae]Com­pos­er Fried­rich Flem­ming.
  1. Father Al­migh­ty, Bless Us with Thy Bless­ing
  2. Father in Hea­ven, in Thy Love Abound­ing
  3. Hear Me, O Fa­ther
  4. Merciful Sav­ior, Come and Be My Com­fort
  5. Night’s Sha­dows Fal­ling
  6. Now God Be with Us
  7. O Ho­ly Sav­ior, Friend Un­seen
  8. Oh, My Lord Je­sus
  9. Praise Ye the Tri­une God
  10. When on My Day of Life
FlensburgThe Ger­man town.My God, I Love Thee
FletcherSee Al­ex­an­dria
FlintshireThe coun­ty in north­east Wales.Make Haste, O My God, to De­liv­er
Flora (Le Jeune)Awake, Glad Soul
FlorenceOh, Sweet­ly Breathe the Lyres Above
FlorissantThe sub­urb of St. Lou­is, Mis­sou­ri.Angelic Guards
FogoPortuguese for fire.Oh, Re­vive Us by Thy Word
Foel FrasThe Welsh moun­tain.Teach Me, O Lord, Thy Ho­ly Way
FoggiaThe Ital­ian ci­ty.Singing, Glad­ly Sing­ing
Folkestone Pro­ces­sion­alSt. Mi­chael’s and All An­gels Church, Folke­stone, Eng­land.There Is Sound of Re­joic­ing
FolkinghamThe town in Lin­coln­shire, Eng­land.
  1. Adored by the Ac­claim­ing Crowd
  2. Come, King of Saints, So Long Con­cealed
  3. God of Our Fa­thers, Known of Old
  4. Total Eclipse
  5. Tremendous Lord, Thy Voice We Hear
Follow Je­susWe Will Fol­low Je­sus
FolsomBrightest and Best of the Sons of the Mor­ning
FontanaThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Redeeming Love (Hew­itt)
Footprints of Je­sus
  1. Everyone Should Be Quick to Lis­ten
  2. Footprints of Je­sus
FordO Merciful Cre­at­or, Hear
Ford (Ma­son)Jesus De­mands the Voice of Joy
Ford Cot­tageO Ho­ly Ci­ty, Seen of John
Forest [Rock­bridge]Come, Let Our Voic­es Join to Raise
Forest GlenSpirit Binds Us to Our Lord, The
Forest GreenThe vil­lage in Sur­rey, Eng­land, where ar­rang­er Ralph Vaugh­an Will­iams first heard this folk tune.
  1. All Beau­ti­ful the March of Days
  2. Come, Let Us Join Our Friends Above
  3. I Sing the Migh­ty Pow­er of God
  4. O God of Love, Grant Us Your Peace
  5. O Lord of Life
  6. O Spir­it of the Li­ving God (Twee­dy)
Forgiveness [Fur­ness, Gar­retts]Come, Said Je­sus’ Sac­red Voice
Förlossningen Är Vun­nenSwedish for the birth is won.
  1. In Tri­umph Our Re­deem­er
  2. Now Hail We Our Re­deem­er
Fort Col­linsThe Co­lo­ra­do ci­ty.Jesus Knows Thy Sor­row
Fort My­ersThe Flor­i­da ci­ty.Christian’s Op­en Door, The
Fort PolkThe mil­i­tary base near Leesv­ille, Lou­i­si­a­na.Away! with Loy­al Hearts and True
Fort WorthThe Tex­as ci­ty.On Ma­ny a Fa­vored Vine­yard
Fortitude (Fil­by)Breast the Wave, Chris­tian
Fortitude (Smith) [Smith]Be Strong!
FortunatusWelcome, Hap­py Morn­ing!
Forward (Ket­tle)Savior, Bless­èd Sav­ior (Thring)
Forward (Smart)Forward! Be Our Watch­word
FosterCom­pos­er Per­cy Fos­ter.
  1. Let the Hor­rif­ic King Ap­pear
  2. Saved to Serve (Mor­gan)
FoundationSee Pro­tect­ion
FountainSee Cleans­ing Foun­tain
Fountain of GraceFountain of Life and of Grace, A
Fountain of PeaceFountain of Life and of Grace, A
FoweyThe town in Corn­wall.Christ, Whose Glo­ry Fills the Skies
FowlerMy God, I Thank Thee
FoxLet All Our Tongues Be One
FoxellSavior, to Thee We Raise Our Hymn
FrançaisBehold, What Light Rolls Back the Sky?
  1. All Wise, All Good, Al­migh­ty Lord
  2. Annunciation, The
  3. Begin, My Soul, th’Ex­alt­ed Lay
  4. Behold, the Awful Day Comes On
  5. Behold What Splen­dor, Hear That Shout
  6. Come, Let Us Sing with Joy­ful Mirth
  7. Jesu, Thy Weak Dis­ci­ples See
  8. Jesus, Thy Sav­ing Name I Bless
  9. Let All the Earth Je­ho­vah Fear
  10. Not of Ter­res­tri­al Mor­tal Themes
  11. O Let Your Ming­ling Voic­es Rise
  12. Stay, Thou Too Hap­py Sin­ner, Stay
  13. To Whom in Per­il and Dis­tress
  14. What An­gel Can the Grace Ex­plain
  15. Ye Right­eous, in the Lord Re­joice
Franconia (Kö­nig)
  1. Blest Are the Pure in Heart
  2. Lord of Our High­est Love!
  3. Savior Kind­ly Calls, The
  4. Within the Fa­ther’s House
Franconia (Hast­ings)Jesus, Wond­rous Sav­ior
FrankfortSee Wie Schön Leuch­tet
FranklinLet Heav’n and Earth Re­joice and Sing
FranstadtProbably a mis­spell­ing of Frau­stadt, Prus­sia (now Wscho­wa, Po­land), birth­place of Mel­ch­i­or Tesch­ner.Young Men and Maid­ens
FraternityMade of One Blood
Frech [As­purg, Kal­ten­thal]
  1. O Make a Joy­ful Noise
  2. There’s Peace and Rest in Par­a­dise
Fred til Bod [East­er Glo­ry]
  1. Father, Who the Light This Day
  2. Hallelujah! Je­sus Lives!
FrederickRev. Fred­er­ick T. GrayI Would Not Live Al­way
Free GraceVoice of Free Grace Cries, The
FreeholdThe town­ship in New Jer­sey.Would I Know Him?
FreemanMartha Free­man, for­mer pas­tor of Com­mun­i­ty Co­ve­nant Church, Oma­ha, Ne­bras­ka.He Com­eth, Fa­ther, as He Came of Old
FreeportHail, Hap­py Day!
Freeport (Shoe­mak­er)The Il­li­nois town where com­pos­er Jo­seph Shoe­mak­er died.Father, We Come in Je­sus’ Name
FreetownJesus, I My Cross Have Tak­en
FreiburgOnce He Came, How Meek and Low­ly
FremontThe Ne­bras­ka town.Homeland
FrenchSee Dun­dee
Frenchman Moun­tainThe moun­tain near Las Ve­gas, Ne­va­da.Gently Falls the Win­ter Snow
FrenorIndulgent Lord, Thy Good­ness Reigns
FresnoThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Draw Me Near­er
Freu Dich Sehr
  1. Jesus, in My Walk and Liv­ing
  2. O’er Je­ru­sa­lem Thou Weep­est
  3. Praise to Thee and Ad­or­a­tion
  4. Print Thine Im­age, Pure and Ho­ly
Freuet Euch, Ihr ChristenOh, Re­joice, Ye Chris­tians, Loud­ly
Freut Euch, Ihr Lie­benBridegroom Soon Will Call Us, The
FreylinghausenCom­pos­er Jo­hann Frey­ling­hau­sen.Dreadful Day Is Come
FriendBehold, How Plea­sant and How Good
Friend Un­fail­ingO Je­sus, Friend Un­fail­ing
FriesenThe town in Haut Rhin, France.Thou My Shield
FriscoThe Tex­as city.In the Days of Ear­ly Child­hood
FroelichCom­pos­er G. Froe­lichCedars and the Pines, The
From Strength to StrengthNow in the Days of Youth
Frommer [Mein­ing­en]From the Ger­man ex­pres­sion from­mer Gott.
  1. Lord Je­sus, Who Art Come
  2. Jesus, O Pre­cious Name
  3. O God, For­sake Me Not!
  4. Thou Lord of Life and Death
FrumentiusThe first Bish­op of Ak­sum, cred­it­ed with bring­ing Christ­i­an­i­ty to the east Afr­i­can Ak­sum­ite king­dom.
  1. Christians! The Glo­ri­ous Hope Ye Know
  2. How Can the Breth­ren Tes­ti­fy?
  3. I’ll Work for Thee
  4. On Thee, Great God, We Still At­tend
  5. Stupendous Mys­te­ry of Grace
  6. True Wit­ness of the Fa­ther’s Love
FrykmanNils Fryk­manLord, Thy Child­ren Low­ly Bend­ing
FukuokaThe Ja­pa­nese ci­ty.My Heart, My Life, to Thee
FuldaSee Ger­ma­ny
Fully Trust­ingFully Trust­ing
FulneckThe Mo­ra­vi­an set­tle­ment near Pu­dsey, West York­shire, Eng­land.Praise Ye the Lord (106)
Fulton (Brad­bu­ry)
  1. Sons of God, Tri­um­phant Rise
  2. Wherefore Do the Na­tions Wage?
Fulton (Prae­tor­i­us)John Ful­tonUnto Us a Child Is Born
Fulton StreetThe street in Broo­klyn, New York.Bear Ye One Ano­th­er’s Bur­dens
Funeral ThoughtHark! from the Tombs a Dole­ful Sound
FurnessSee For­give­ness
Fürth [Furth]The Ger­man ci­ty.How Beau­te­ous Are Their Feet
FutureMy Fu­ture