1. Burden of the Bells, The
  2. Lord, with Glowing Heart I’d Praise Thee
Fahre Fort
  1. Praise the Lord, Praise Our King!
  2. Rise, Arise!
Fair HavenHail! Sweetest, Dearest Tie That Binds

Also see Auld Lang Syne

Fair HavensPrayer for God’s Blessing, A
FairbanksWhere’er His Creatures Gather
FairfieldThe Fairfield Moravian Settlement in Greater Manchester, England.
  1. Goodly Theme is Mine, A
  2. Let All the Sons of Light

Also see Hitchcock

FairlopThe district in London.Christ Is Born, the Promised Savior
FairviewThe city in Kansas.See the Ransomed Millions Stand
FaithSee Staff of Faith
Faith (Dykes) [Bone Pastor]
  1. Lord, When I All Things Would Possess
  2. O Gift of Gifts!
Faith (McGranahan)Faith Is a Very Simple Thing
Faith (Rossini)Cling to the Mighty One
Faith (Smart)With Hearts Renewed
Faith (Tuckerman)Through Sorrow’s Night and Danger’s Path
Faith (Wesley)God of My Salvation, Hear
Faith DivineSee Camacha
FaithfulO Brother, Be Faithful
Faithfulness (Runyan)Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Faithfulness (Macfarren)There’s Not a Bird with Lonely Nest
Falcon StreetSee Silver Street
FalconerKing Rejoiceth in Thy Strength, The
FalfieldSavior, Sprinkle Many Nations
FalkirkStand the Omnipotent Decree
FalklandLord God of Hosts, Within Whose Hand
Fall RiverThe city in Massachusetts.’Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
FallerslebenThe district in Wolfsburg, Germany.Quel Bonheur de Te Connaître
Famous EagleThe Boy Scout camp near Knob Lick, Missouri.Hungering and Thirsting
Faneuil HallThe building in Boston, Massachusetts.
  1. Glory of the Lord, The
  2. Israel, Thy Tribute Bring
Far and Near (Spazier)
  1. Go, and the Savior’s Grace Proclaim
  2. I Say to All Men Far and Near
  3. Oh, Charge the Waves to Bear Our Friends
  4. Proclaim, Saith Christ, My Wondrous Grace
  5. ’Tis Nature’s Voice Which Reason Speaks
  6. When Hagar Found the Bottle Spent
  7. Who Shall Inhabit in Thy Hill?
Far Off Lands
  1. How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me
  2. Mine Eyes Look Toward the Mountains
  3. Thou Tender, Gracious Father
  4. To Bless the Earth, God Sendeth
FarebrotherComposer C. FarebrotherSing Ye the Songs of Praise
Farewell (Naylor)Star of Morn Has Risen, The
FargoThe city in North Dakota.Ever Onward
Farley CastleMost Glorious Lord of Life
FarmerComposer John Farmer.
  1. Christ Is the World’s Redeemer
  2. Of Mercy and of Justice
  3. Southern Cross, The
FarmingtonThe town in Missouri.Take Care of Me
FarnabyGentle Jesus, Meek and Mild
FarnboroI’ll Speak the Honors of My King
  1. Father, I Sing Thy Wondrous Grace
  2. Great God! Thy Vast and Deep Designs
Farnham (Mason)Ye Glittering Toys of Earth, Adieu
FarrantComposer Richard Farrant.
  1. Rejoice, Believer, in the Lord
  2. To Thee, O God, We Render Thanks
FarringdonThe district in London.Children’s Carol, The
Father All HolyFather All Holy
Father, Let Me DedicateFather, Let Me Dedicate
FátimaThe town in Portugal.Floral Hymn
FeastCome, for the Feast Is Spread
Feather RiverThe river in California.Savior, Whom Our Hearts Adore
Federal Street
  1. All That I Am I Owe to Thee
  2. Behold, a Stranger at the Door
  3. Come, Dearest Lord
  4. Day Draws on with Golden Light, The
  5. High in the Heavens, Eternal God
  6. Holy Song Hath Died Away, The
  7. Jesus, and Shall It Ever Be
  8. Jesus, the Sinner’s Friend
  9. Lord, How Wondrous Are His Ways, The
  10. My Sins Laid Open to the Rod
  11. To Thine Eternal Arms, O God
  12. When Pain and Anguish Seize Me, Lord
  13. While o’er Our Guilty Land, O Lord
FelixSee Consolation (Mendelssohn)
FellowshipI Little See
FenburnAnd Will the God of Grace
FenwickSee Something for Jesus
  1. Dear Lord and Master Mine
  2. Down to the Sacred Wave
  3. Great Is the Lord Our God
  4. Thy Bounties, Gracious Lord
  1. Come, Holy Ghost, Who Ever One
  2. O God of Truth, O Lord of Might
  1. Linked in the Bond of Peace
  2. O Where Shall Rest Be Found?
FerraraThe city in Italy. Angels’ Song, The
  1. In the Morning I Will Raise
  2. Jesus, Holy, Undefiled
  3. O This Soul, How Dark and Blind
FerrinHymnist Claudia FerrinJesus Saves! O Blessèd Story
Fertile PlainsO Love of God, How Strong and True
FestalCome, Holy Ghost, Who Ever One
Festal Song
  1. Behold, the Grace Appears!
  2. Believe Not Those Who Say
  3. Give to the Winds Thy Fears
  4. Revive Thy Work, O Lord
  5. Rest for the Toiling Hand
  6. Rise Up, O Men of God
FestgesangLong Years Ago O’er Bethlehem’s Hills
FestubertLift Up Thyself, My Soul
Festum DeiO Bread to Pilgrims Given
  1. How Fast Their Guilt and Sorrows Rise
  2. Now with Creation’s Morning Song
  1. Friend of the Home
  2. Lord, What a Change Within Us
  3. O Thou Great Friend
Fiat LuxLatin for let there be light.Life, We Learn of Thee
  1. Sing Aloud Jehovah’s Praises
  2. Weep No More This Holy Morning
FiduciaBlessèd Master, I Have Promised
FieldWe Thank Thee, Lord, Thy Paths of Service Lead
Field (Sabbath)Sweet Is the Work, O Lord
Field ClubThe neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska.Christmas Hymn
FigueroaThe street in Los Angeles, California.Peace, Peace Is Mine
Filius DeiTo Thee and to Thy Christ, O God
FillmoreTo God Will I Direct My Prayer
Final DecisionThat Great, Tremendous Day’s Approaching
FinchleyThe district in London.Little While, A
FingalYe Humble Souls That Seek the Lord
Finger LakesThe region in New York.Happiness Complete
FinlandLord of My Life!
  1. Be Still, My Soul
  2. We Rest on Thee
Fire IslandThe New York island.Sabbath Bell, The
Firenze (Casini)The Italian city.Souls of Men, Why Will Ye Scatter?
Firenze (Towner)The Italian city.Let Me Not Forget
First CommandmentFather, Lead Thy Little Children
First Fruits (Dykes)God the Father! Whose Creation
First Fruits (Paine)In Us the Hope of Glory
First Mode Melody
  1. Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lies
  2. Jesus, Our Help in Time of Need
  3. Lord, Teach Us How to Pray Aright
  4. Now Our Lips with Holy Fear
  5. Unknown Traveler to Emmaus, The
Fisher IslandThe island near Miami, Florida.Will I Be There?
Fisherman’s WharfThe area in San Francisco, California.It Is Finished!
FiskHear This, All Ye People, Hear
FitchburgThe city in Massachusetts.Oh, City of the Angels!
FitzroyChrist Is Risen! Christ Is Risen!
FitzwilliamFrom Foes That Would the Land Devour
FlandrensisLatin for Fleming (literally, from Flanders); named for pastor Scott Fleming at Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church, Harrisville, Pennsylvania.As in the Days of Haggai When
FlatbushThe neighborhood in New York City.Praise Waits for Thee in Zion
Fleet StreetThe London street.Angels, Assist to Sing
FleetwoodComposer Henry Fleetwood Sheppard.Lift the Gospel Banner
Flemming [Integer Vitae]Composer Friedrich Flemming.
  1. Father Almighty, Bless Us with Thy Blessing
  2. Father in Heaven, in Thy Love Abounding
  3. Hear Me, O Father
  4. Merciful Savior, Come and Be My Comfort
  5. Night’s Shadows Falling
  6. Now God Be with Us
  7. O Holy Savior, Friend Unseen
  8. Oh, My Lord Jesus
  9. Praise Ye the Triune God
  10. When on My Day of Life
FlensburgMy God, I Love Thee
FletcherSee Alexandria
FlintshireThe county in northeast Wales.Make Haste, O My God, to Deliver
FloraAwake, Glad Soul
FlorenceOh, Sweetly Breathe the Lyres Above
FlorissantThe suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.Angelic Guards
FogoPortuguese for fire.Oh, Revive Us by Thy Word
Foel FrasThe mountain in Wales.Teach Me, O Lord, Thy Holy Way
Folkestone ProcessionalSt. Michael’s and All Angels Church, Folkestone, England.There Is Sound of Rejoicing
FolkinghamThe town in Lincolnshire, England.
  1. Adored by the Acclaiming Crowd
  2. Come, King of Saints, So Long Concealed
  3. God of Our Fathers, Known of Old
  4. Total Eclipse
  5. Tremendous Lord, Thy Voice We Hear
Follow JesusWe Will Follow Jesus
FolsomBrightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning
FontanaThe city in California.Redeeming Love
Footprints of Jesus
  1. Everyone Should Be Quick to Listen
  2. Footprints of Jesus
FordO Merciful Creator, Hear
Ford (Mason)Jesus Demands the Voice of Joy
Ford CottageO Holy City, Seen of John
Forest [Rockbridge]Come, Let Our Voices Join to Raise
Forest GlenSpirit Binds Us to Our Lord, The
Forest GreenThe village in Surrey, England, where arranger Ralph Vaughan Williams first heard this folk tune.
  1. All Beautiful the March of Days
  2. Come, Let Us Join Our Friends Above
  3. I Sing the Mighty Power of God
  4. O God of Love, Grant Us Your Peace
  5. O Lord of Life
  6. O Spirit of the Living God (Tweedy)
Forgiveness [Furness]Come, Said Jesus’ Sacred Voice
Förlossningen Är VunnenSwedish for the birth is won.
  1. In Triumph Our Redeemer
  2. Now Hail We Our Redeemer
Fort MeyersThe city in Florida.Christian’s Open Door, The
Fort PolkThe military base near Leesville, Louisiana.Away! with Loyal Hearts and True
Fort WorthThe city in Texas.On Many a Favored Vineyard
Fortitude (Filby)Breast the Wave, Christian
Fortitude (Smith) [Smith]Be Strong!
FortunatusWelcome, Happy Morning!
Forward (Kettle)Savior, Blessèd Savior (Thring)
Forward (Smart)Forward! Be Our Watchword
FosterSaved to Serve (Morgan)
FoundationSee Protection
FountainSee Cleansing Fountain
FoweyThe town in Cornwall.Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies
FowlerMy God, I Thank Thee
FoxLet All Our Tongues Be One
FoxellSavior, to Thee We Raise Our Hymn
FrançaisBehold, What Light Rolls Back the Sky?
  1. All Wise, All Good, Almighty Lord
  2. Annunciation, The
  3. Begin, My Soul, th’Exalted Lay
  4. Behold What Splendor, Hear That Shout
  5. Come, Let Us Sing with Joyful Mirth
  6. Jesu, Thy Weak Disciples See
  7. Jesus, Thy Saving Name I Bless
  8. Let All the Earth Jehovah Fear
  9. Not of Terrestrial Mortal Themes
  10. O Let Your Mingling Voices Rise
  11. Stay, Thou Too Happy Sinner, Stay
  12. To Whom in Peril and Distress
  13. What Angel Can the Grace Explain
  14. Ye Righteous, in the Lord Rejoice
Franconia (König)
  1. Blest Are the Pure in Heart
  2. Lord of Our Highest Love!
  3. Savior Kindly Calls, The
  4. Within the Father’s House
Franconia (Hastings)Jesus, Wondrous Savior
FranklinLet Heav’n and Earth Rejoice and Sing
FraternityMade of One Blood
Frech [Aspurg, Kaltenthal]
  1. O Make a Joyful Noise
  2. There’s Peace and Rest in Paradise
Fred til Bod [Easter Glory]
  1. Father, Who the Light This Day
  2. Hallelujah! Jesus Lives!
FrederickRev. Frederick T. GrayI Would Not Live Alway
Free GraceVoice of Free Grace Cries, The
FreeholdThe township in New Jersey.Would I Know Him?
FreemanMartha Freeman, pastor at Community Covenant Church, Omaha, Nebraska.He Cometh, Father, as He Came of Old
FreeportHail, Happy Day!
FreetownJesus, I My Cross Have Taken
FreiburgOnce He Came, How Meek and Lowly
FremontThe town in Nebraska.Homeland
FrenchSee Dundee.
Frenchman MountainThe mountain near Las Vegas, Nevada.Gently Falls the Winter Snow
FrenorIndulgent Lord, Thy Goodness Reigns
FresnoThe city in California.Draw Me Nearer
Freu Dich Sehr
  1. Jesus, in My Walk and Living
  2. O’er Jerusalem Thou Weepest
  3. Praise to Thee and Adoration
  4. Print Thine Image, Pure and Holy
Freuet Euch, Ihr ChristenOh, Rejoice, Ye Christians, Loudly
Freut Euch, Ihr LiebenBridegroom Soon Will Call Us, The
FreylinghausenComposer Johann Freylinghausen.Dreadful Day Is Come
FriendBehold, How Pleasant and How Good
Friend UnfailingO Jesus, Friend Unfailing
FriesenThe town in Haut Rhin, France.Thou My Shield
FroelichComposer G. FroelichCedars and the Pines, The
FrommerFrom the German expression frommer Gott.
  1. Lord Jesus, Who Art Come
  2. Jesus, O Precious Name
  3. O God, Forsake Me Not!
FrumentiusThe first Bishop of Aksum, credited with bringing Christianity to the Aksumite kingdom.
  1. Christians! The Glorious Hope Ye Know
  2. How Can the Brethren Testify?
  3. I’ll Work for Thee
  4. On Thee, Great God, We Still Attend
  5. Stupendous Mystery of Grace
  6. True Witness of the Father’s Love
FrykmanNils FrykmanLord, Thy Children Lowly Bending
FukuokaThe city in Japan.My Heart, My Life, to Thee
FuldaSee Germany
Fully TrustingFully Trusting
FulneckThe Moravian settlement near Pudsey, West Yorkshire, England.Praise Ye the Lord (106)
Fulton (Bradbury)Wherefore Do the Nations Wage?
Fulton (Praetorius)John FultonUnto Us a Child Is Born
Fulton StreetThe street in Brooklyn, New York.Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens
Funeral ThoughtHark! from the Tombs a Doleful Sound
FurnessSee Forgiveness.
FutureMy Future