Scripture Verse

If ye will hear His voice, harden not your hearts. Hebrews 3:15


John B. Dykes (1823–1876)

Words: Ho­ra­ti­us Bo­nar, Hymns of Faith and Hope, se­cond ser­ies (Lon­don: James Nis­bet, 1861), pag­es 47–48, alt.

Music: Fer­ri­er John B. Dykes, 1862 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Horatius Bonar (1808–1889)


O this soul, how dark and blind;
O this foolish, earthly mind;
Ever froward selfish will,
Which refuses to be still!

O these ever roaming eyes,
Upward that refuse to rise;
These still wayward feet of mine,
Found in every path but Thine!

O these pulses felt within,
Beating for the world and sin;
Sending round the fevered blood,
In a fierce and carnal flood!

O this stubborn prayerless knee,
Hands so solemn clasped to Thee,
Longings of the soul that go,
Like the wild wind to and fro.

To and fro without an aim,
Turning idly whence they came,
Bringing in no joy, no bliss—
Adding to my weariness!

Giver of the heav’nly peace,
Bid, O bid, these tumults cease;
Minister Thy holy balm,
Fill me with Thy Spi­rit’s calm.

Thou the life, the truth, the way,
Leave me not in sin to stay;
Bearer of the sinner’s guilt,
Lead me, lead me, as Thou wilt.