Scripture Verse

This God is our God for ever and ever: He will be our guide even to the end. Psalm 48:14


Henry K. Oliver (1800–1885)

Words: Tho­mas W. Hig­gin­son, in A Book of Hymns for Pub­lic and Pri­vate De­vo­tion, by Sam­uel Long­fel­low & Sam­uel John­son, 1846.

Music: Fe­de­ral Street Hen­ry K. Ol­iv­er, 1832 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Thomas W. Higginson (1823–1911)


To Thine eter­nal arms, O God,
Take us, Thine err­ing child­ren, in;
From dan­ger­ous paths too bold­ly trod,
From wan­der­ing thoughts and dreams of sin.

Those arms were round our child­hood’s ways,
A guard through help­less years to be;
O leave not our ma­tur­er days!
We still are help­less without Thee.

We trust­ed hope and pride and strength;
Our strength proved false, our pride was vain;
Our dreams have fad­ed all at length—
We come to Thee, O Lord, again!

A guide to trem­bling steps yet be!
Give us of Thine eter­nal pow­er!
So shall our paths all lead to Thee,
And life still smile, like child­hood’s hour.