From the lips of children and infants You have ordained praise.@Matthew 21:16

Tho­mas A. Sto­well, 1875.

Fryk­man Wal­ter C. Mac­far­ren (1826–1905) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Walter C. Macfarren

Lord, Thy children lowly bending,
Bow before Thy throne;
Praise from youthful lips ascending
Wilt Thou deign to own?
Wilt Thou hear us while we bless Thee,
And confess Thee God alone?

Yes, Thou wilt, for Thou dost love us,
Cam’st for us to die;
Bending from Thy throne above us,
With a pitying eye,
Well we know that Thou art near us,
And will hear us when we cry.

Then our humble praises bringing,
We will seek Thy face;
Hymns with grateful voices singing
In this hallowed place.
We will dare to come before Thee,
And adore Thee, Lord of grace.