67th PsalmO Sing to the Lord, Whose Bountiful Hand
SabaothHoly, Holy, Holy Is the Lord
SabbataSince Jesus Freely Did Appear
SabbathSafely Through Another Week
Sabbath BellWith Thankful Voice Praise Ye the Lord
Sabbath MornWelcome, Delightful Morn
SabbatsdagSwedish for Sabbath.
  1. Day of God, The
  2. Glory to the Father Give
  3. Sabbath Day
SachsenThe German state of Saxony.Out of the Shadow
SacramentoThe city in California.O When Shall I See Jesus?
Sacramentum UnitatisThou, Who at Thy First Eucharist Didst Pray
The Sacred HeartDraw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord
Sacred HarmonyWelcome, Welcome!
Sacred MornHail, Thou Bright and Sacred Morn
Safe HomeHark! Hark! The Notes of Joy
Safe PassageIn the Morning (Pettus)
Safely, SafelySafely, Safely, Gathered In
Saffron WaldenThe town in Essex, England.Dear Father-Mother
SaginaThe sagina plant that was a favorite spring fodder for Roman sheep.
  1. Ancient of Days! The Years Roll On
  2. And Can It Be That I Should Gain?
  3. Before the Great Jehovah’s Bar
  4. Book—Let All Bow Down and Read, The
  5. Faith Means We’re Sure
  6. How Shall the Young Direct Their Way?
  7. Last Prayer, A
  8. Star of the East, How Sweet Art Thou
  9. Thus the Great Lord of Earth and Sea
  10. What Are These Wounds, So Deep, So Wide?
Sagina (Short)
  1. Behold the Servant of the Lord
  2. Modern Christianity
  3. My Reins, My Fabric’s Every Part
  4. O God of Light
  5. O Happy Nation
  6. Object of All Our Knowledge Here
  7. That Man Whose Impious Tongue Denies
SaginawThe city in Michigan.Ask and Ye Shall Receive
Saint-CloudThe commune in the western suburbs of Paris, France.Why Keep Jesus Waiting?
SaipanThe island in the western Pacific.No Abiding City Here
  1. Day of Life
  2. Day After Armageddon, The
  3. Sailing into Port
  4. Weeps the Savior o’er His Foe
Saint LuciaThe Caribbean nation. Keep in Touch with Jesus
SalamancaThe city in Spain. Whom Did Jesus Pity?
SaleO Render Thanks to God Above
Salem (Methfessel)When Mothers of Salem
Salem (Harmonia)Friend of Sinners Dies, The
SalernoThe Italian city.Sin No More (Whittle)
SalesTo Thee, O Comforter Divine
SalfordWith Joy We Meditate the Grace
SalighetsgrundFaith in the Blood
SalinasThe town in California.Potter and the Clay, The
  1. God! The Eternal, Awful Name
  2. Thou Framer of the Light and Dark
SalomeO Come Before the Lord
SalonicaIn Thy Heritage the Heathen
Salus MortaliumOur Lord the Path of Suffering Trod
Salvation (Hays)
  1. Come and Hear the Words of Jesus
  2. Lily of the Valley, The
Salvation (Kentucky)Our Cities Cry to You, O God
Salvation (Kirkpatrick)Jesus Saves
Salvation’s StoryFrom Death unto Life
Salvator (Goss)Savior, Breathe an Evening Blessing
Salvator (Jewson)Lord, Her Watch Thy Church Is Keeping
Salve Domine
  1. Christmas Message, The
  2. Light of the World, We Hail Thee
  3. Light of the World’s Dark Story
Salve Festa DiesHail Thee, Festival Day
Salvete FloresLatin for greetings, flowers.
  1. Hence from My Soul, My Sins, Depart
  2. O Highest Love, in Lowliest Guise
  3. Sweet Flow’rets of the Martyr Band
Salzburg (Haydn)
  1. And Did the Holy and the Just
  2. How Oft, Alas!
  3. Of Justice and of Grace I Sing
Salzburg (Hintze)
  1. At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing
  2. Christ, by Heavenly Hosts Adored
SalzgitterThe city in Germany.Oh, the Debt of Love
SamanthraHis Voice, as the Sound of a Dulcimer Sweet
SamariaThe eastern Mediterranean region.I Am Coming to the Cross
  1. Jesus, We on the Word Depend
  2. Trembling Before Thine Awful Throne
SamsunThe city on the north coast of Turkey.Hark, the Voice of Jesus Calling (March)
Samuel (Monk)Hushed Was the Evening Hymn
Samuel (Sullivan)
  1. Father, Who Art Alone
  2. Hail Brightest, Happiest Morn
  3. Hushed Was the Evening Hymn
  4. Israel in Ancient Days
  5. Lord, Hear Me When I Pray
  6. We Give Immortal Praise
San AndreasThe apostle Andrew.Jesus’ Teaching
San BernardinoThe city in California.Every Step with Jesus
San DiegoThe city in California.Hallelujah to Thy Name!
San DimasThe city in the San Gabriel Valley of California.There Is Always Time for Prayer
San FermínThe first bishop of Pamplona, Spain.Sing, My Soul, from Bondage Free
San FranciscoThe city in California.
  1. Gird on the Sword and Armor
  2. When First This Matchless Story
San JoseThe city in California.God Is Coming
San JuanTruth’s Advent
San LucasThe city in Baja California.Farther Along
San MarcosThe city in Texas.Some Sweet Morn (Marvin)
San MarinoThe Italian microstate.Will You Rise?
San MateoThe city in California.I Come, O Gracious Lord
San Luis ReyThe Spanish mission in California.Christ Alone Has Power to Save
San RafaelThe city in California.Tell the Christmas Story
San SalvadorThe city in El Salvador.Cometh a Blessing Down
Sancti VeniteDraw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord
Sanctuary (Dannström)What Joy There Is
Sanctuary (Dykes)
  1. As Above the Darkest Storm Cloud
  2. Hail the Glorious Golden City
  3. Hark! the Sound of Holy Voices
  4. Messenger, The
Sanctuary (Runyan)Lord, I Have Shut the Door
SanctumLong Ago the Lilies Faded
Sand Hill RoadThe road in Menlo Park, California.Prodigal Child, The
  1. From Out the Depths I Cry, O Lord
  2. God of Our Life
  3. Light of the World! Faint Were Our Weary Feet
  4. Unto the Hills Around Do I Lift Up
SandringhamSee Perfect Love
SandsO Teach Thou Us to Count Our Days
SandysTeach Me, My God and King
SangerhausenThe town in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.Good News from Heaven the Angels Bring
Sanibel IslandThe island off the coast of Florida.Sinner, Jesus Loves You Still
  1. God Loveth the Righteous
  2. Hiding in Thee
Santa ClaraThe city in California.Unfurl the Christian Standard
Santa CruzThe city in California.To Be Lost in the Night
Santa FeThe city in New Mexico.Clefted Rock, The
Santa MonicaThe city in California.Thy Brother Calls to Thee
Santa RosaThe city in California.We’re on the Way to Canaan’s Land
Santa TrinitaO Maker of the Sea and Sky
SantanderThe city in Spain.Call Them In
SantiagoThe city in Chile.
  1. From California’s Vineyards
  2. From China’s Dark Dominions
  3. Return of Summer
Santo DomingoThe city in the Dominican Republic.Christ Is Coming (Stow)
SantoriniThe Grecian island.Precious Words (Rogers)
SantosThe city in Brazil.Kindly and Graciously
São PauloThe city in Brazil.We Come in Childhood’s Joyfulness
São ToméThe island off the coast of West Africa.Wanderer’s Prayer, The
SapientiaLatin for wisdom.Children’s Song
Sarah (Arnold)Messiah, Full of Grace
Sarah (Gabriel)
  1. Eternal Spirit, God of Truth
  2. Gentiles by Nature
  3. Thy Promised Mercies Send to Me
  4. To Thee, O God! Our Thanks We Rear
SarajevoThe city in Bosnia-Herzegovina.Jesus Christ Is Passing By
SaratogaThe lake in New York.Old Parson’s Story, The
  1. Christians, Lo, the Star Appeareth
  2. May the Grace of Christ Our Savior
SarpyThe county in Nebraska.In Thy Glorious Resurrection
SarrattThe town in Hertfordshire, England, where composer Geoffrey Ryley was born.
  1. All Hail, Ye Little Martyr Flowers
  2. O God, Thou Art My God Alone
SarumFor All the Saints
SaskatchewanThe Canadian province.From Cross to Crown
Satisfied (Williams)Satisfied (Williams)
SatorAre There No Years in Heaven?
Savannah [Höchster Priester]
  1. Come, My Soul, Thy Suit Prepare
  2. Holy Lamb, Who Thee Confess
  3. Jesus, Lord, We Look to Thee
  4. Let Us Plead for Faith Alone
  5. Lord, as We Thy Name Profess
  6. Praise to God, Your Praises Bring
Savannah (Pleyel)Hail, Happy Day!
Savannah (Robinson)Lord All Worlds (Dwight)
SavileGod Made Me for Himself
Saving HealthSing Praise to God Who Reigns Above
SavoieThe region in the French Alps.Blessèd Are They That Are Persecuted
Savoy Chapel
  1. And Is the Time Approaching?
  2. For All Thy Care We Bless Thee
  3. I Need Thee, Precious Jesus
  4. ’Tis Not That I Did Choose Thee
  5. To Thee, O Dear, Dear Savior!
  6. We Love the Good Old Bible
Sawley [Coatham]The village in Lancashire, England.
  1. Earth, with Its Dark and Dreadful Ills
  2. Eternal Source of Life and Light
  3. Jehovah, God the Father, Bless
  4. Jesus, These Eyes Have Never Seen
  5. Jesus, Thou Art the Sinner’s Friend
  6. Lord Shall Come in Dead of Night, The
  7. O How the Thought of God Attracts
  8. O Teach Me More!
  9. O Why so Far Removed?
  10. Sinners, Behold That Downward Road
  11. Speak Gently
SawstonThe village in Cambridgeshire, England.Faith of Our Fathers
SaxbySee Storrs
SaxonyBy Precepts Taught of Ages Past
Saxony (Hammerschmidt)Jesus! Shall Our Watchword Be
Saxony (Kirkpatrick)
  1. I Thought upon the Days of Old
  2. King, O Lord, with Songs of Praise, The
  3. O Lord, Our Lord, How Wondrous Great
Saxony (Oliver)Jesus, o’er the Grave Victorious
ScarthoThe town in Lincolnshire, England.Sons of Men, Behold from Far
SchillingComposer Frederick Schilling.Hark! A Burst of Heavenly Music
SchindlerBetty Jane Schindler.Cross of My Redeemer, The
Schmücke DichDeck Thyself, My Soul, with Gladness
SchroederRod of the Root of Jesse
SchubertO God the Rock of Ages
SchultzO Christian Home
Schumann [Heath]
  1. Hail to the Sabbath Day
  2. Jesus Invites His Saints
  3. Let Songs of Praise Arise
  4. Not by Thy Mighty Hand
  5. O Blessèd Son of God
  6. Our of Day of Praise Is Done
  7. Parting Hymn We Sing, A
  8. We Give Thee but Thine Own
ScienceNow Sweeping Down the Years Untold
ScotiaThe former Roman name for Ireland.Far Beyond the Dark Blue Sea
ScotlandVoice of Free Grace Cries, The
Scudamore Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire, where composer Richard Chope was curate.Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise
SeadriftThe city in Texas.Carefully, Tearfully
Seasons (Mendelssohn)Crown with Thy Benediction
Seasons (Pleyel)
  1. At Thy Command, Our Dearest Lord
  2. Praise, Lord, for Thee in Zion Waits
SeattleThe city in Washington state.Beautiful Bible
Sebastian (Freylinghausen)It is Finished

Also see Snohomish

Sebastian (Hodges)Middle name of composer John Hodges.Hush! The Virgin’s Song Is Ringing
SeccombO He Whom Jesus Loved
SeduliusFrom East to West, from Shore to Shore
Seelenbräutigam [Rochelle, Spire]Dutch/Low German for spiritual bridegroom.
  1. Holy Trinity, Thanks and Praise to Thee
  2. Jesus, Still Lead On
  3. Round Me Falls the Night
SeftonPraise for Thee, Lord, in Zion Waits
SegoviaThe city in Spain.Praise to Jesus
SegurYes, My Native Land, I Love Thee
SelafoO Touch Him Too!
SelbyO for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
SeldenRest for the Toiling Hand
  1. All Things Are Possible
  2. How Many Pass the Guilty Night
  3. O Love Divine, What Hast Thou Done
  4. To Christ the Lord
SellingeWe Know Thee Who Thou Art
SelmaFair Waved the Golden Corn
SelvinIf, on a Quiet Sea
SelwynSee Bartholdy
Semper Aspectemus
  1. For Ever Would We Gaze on Thee
  2. Hail Father, Whose Creating Call
SenegalThe African country.Tell the Glad Story Abroad
SeraphSee Bethlehem
SeraphimJesus, I My Cross Have Taken
  1. Blest Christmas Morn
  2. Immortal Love, Forever Full
  3. O God, the God That Saveth Me
  4. O Lord, While We Confess the Worth
  5. O Mind of God
  6. O Thou, in All Thy Might so Far
  7. We May Not Climb the Heavenly Steeps
SerugThe great-grandfather of Abraham (Genesis 11:20).O God, Within Whose Sight
ServiceToil of Brain, or Heart, or Hand, The
  1. Lord, We Are Blind
  2. To God for Help Will I Repair
  3. Wait, O My Soul, Thy Maker’s Will
SethComposer Seth Mitchell.Currently unused (score)
SewardThe town in Nebraska.
  1. God Almighty in His Wisdom
  2. I Believe in God the Father
SewallComposer Frank Sewall.My God, and Is Thy Table Spread?
SeychellesThe Indian Ocean island nation.Birth of Our Savior, The
Seymour [Weber]Mr. Seymour, a bass in the choir at Center Church, Hartford, Connecticut (the church of composer Henry Greatorex).
  1. God of Mercy, God of Grace (Taylor)
  2. Holy Spirit, from on High
  3. Holy Spirit, Pity Me
  4. Lord, I Cannot Let Thee Go
  5. Lord, This Day Thy Children Meet
  6. Lord to Me Thy Ways Make Known
  7. Slowly, by God’s Hand Unfurled
  8. Softly Now the Light of Day
  9. Suppliant, Lo!
  10. Zion, at Thy Shining Gates
SexagesimaThat Fearful Day
ShackelfordWhile Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
  1. Child Is Born in Bethlehem, A
  2. Jehovah Reigns, His Throne Is High
ShamokinSee Laus Regis
ShanghaiThe city in China.There Is None Like Thee
SharonSee Halton Holgate
Sharon (Gore-Ouseley)Be Near Us, Holy Trinity
Sharon (Wallhead)When Downward to the Darksome Tomb
ShawmutMy Former Hopes Are Dead
Shawnee LodgeThe Boy Scout Order of the Arrow chapter in St. Louis, Missouri.
  1. Calvary
  2. Was It for Me?
SheenFrom Glory to Glory Advancing
Sheffield [Attercliffe]Sovereign of All the Worlds on High
SheppardMatt Sheppard, Assistant Band Director at Millard West High School, Omaha, Nebraska.God Is Love!
ShelteredJesus Alone Can Save
Sheltered DaleProdigal Son, The
Sheltering Wing [Guildhall]
  1. No Longer of Him Be It Said
  2. O Zion, ’Tis Thy God’s Command
ShenzhenThe city in China. Christmas Bells Are Ringing, The
ShephamEternal Power, Almighty God
ShepherdSee St. David (Calkin)
Shepherd CareLovingly the Shepherd
ShepherdsThat Day of Wrath
Shepton-BeauchampThe village in Somerset, England.Fight the Good Fight with All Thy Might
Sherborne (Mendelssohn)See the Gold upon the Hills
Sherborne (Monk)Bishop of the Souls of Men
SherbourneLet the World Their Virtue Boast
  1. Away with Our Fears!
  2. O Jesus, Our King
SherburneTo God Our Voices Let Us Raise
SheridanThe city in Wyoming.Children of the Temple, The
SherlockLord, We Come Before Thee Now
SherwinSing Always
  1. Beyond, Beyond That Boundless Sea
  2. From Bethlehem to Calvary
ShildonFountain of Mercies, God of Love
ShillingstoneThe village and parish in Dorset, England.Sleep Thy Last Sleep
ShindlerO Sing to Me of Heav’n
ShiplakeUnchanging God, Hear from Eternal Heav’n
ShipstonFirmly I Believe and Truly
ShiptonHymnist Anna Shipton.Call Them In
ShirlandThe parish in Derbyshire, England.My God, My Life, My Love
  1. Who Is This Fair One in Distress?
  2. Worthy the Lamb of Boundless Sway
ShoemakerTo Thee, O Gracious Lord, We Sing
ShorehamBy Christ Redeemed, in Christ Restored
ShorterMy Infant, Lord, to Thee I Gladly Bring
ShortleHenry Shortle, of Provincetown, Massachusetts, father-in-law of composer Charles Goodrich.
  1. O Lord, Our God, Almighty King
  2. O People Blest, Whose Sons in Youth
ShotterySweet Savior! in Thy Pitying Grace
  1. Jesus Asked One Day
  2. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
Showers of Blessing (MacLagan)Even Me
ShropshireJesu, the World’s Redeeming Lord
ShubahSee Invitation (Hastings).
SialkotO God, Be Merciful and Bless
SiciliaItalian for Sicily.
  1. How Can I Keep from Singing?
  2. Shepherd of Souls, Thy Sheep Behold
Sicilian Mariners
  1. Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing
  2. Now in Parting, Father, Bless Us
  3. O Thou Joyful Day
  4. O Thou Joyful, O Thou Wonderful

Also see Mariners

SidonFather of Peace, and God of Love
Sieh, Hier Bin IchIn His Temple Now Behold Him
SiennaCome, Lord, and Tarry Not
Sierra LeoneThe African country.This Is Our Endeavor
Sierra VistaThe city in Arizona.Soft the Bells Are Ringing
SilchesterMarching to Zion
Silent ReverenceLet All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
Silent WorshipLet All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
SilesiaFormer region of Germany, now in Poland.To Thy Pastures Fair and Large
SilesiusPseudonym of Johann Scheffler.Thee Will I Love, My Strength, My Tower (Wesley)
SilksworthLet the Song Go Round the Earth
SiloamThe pool in Jerusalem (John 9:7).
  1. Long Have I Sat Beneath the Sound
  2. Though Troubles Great O’ershadow Me
Silver CordSaved by Grace
Silver HillJesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts
Silver SpringThe city in Maryland.Wonderful Love That Found Us
Silver Street [Falcon Street, Newton]
  1. All Nations, Clap Your Hands
  2. Awake, and Sing the Song
  3. Come, Lift Your Joyous Eyes
  4. Grace, ’Tis a Charming Sound
  5. Sow in the Morn Thy Seed
  6. Stand, Soldier of the Cross
SimeonThe tribe of Israel.Let Us Praise and Adore
SimpsonWhile Thee I Seek
Sinai (Barnby)And Must I Be to Judgment Brought
Sinai (Perrot)Lord of Might from Sinai’s Brow, The
SinaloaThe Mexican state.Learn of Jesus (Crosby)
SinclairIn the Silent Midnight Watches
Sine NomineLatin for without a name.For All the Saints
SingaporeThe city in Asia.My Bud in Heaven
  1. Father, the Watches of the Night Are O’er
  2. In Boundless Mercy
Skara BraeThe Neolithic settlement in Scotland.Earth’s Ten Thousand Voices
Skellig MichaelThe Irish island.O Come and Sing His Praises
SkopjeThe city in Macedonia.Lord Love Thee, The
Slane (Hustad)
  1. Be Thou My Vision
  2. God of Creation, All-Powerful
ŚląskPolish for Silesia.Christ My Helper
Sleepers, WakePraise the Lord Through Every Nation
SloveniaThe European country.Jesus Is Here
SmileySee Palmyra
SmyrnaThe city in Turkey.Christmas Morning (Meigs)
SmythJesus Is My Best of Friends
Snohomish [Sebastian]The town near Seattle, Washington.O God, Most Merciful and True
SnowComposer Frederic Snow.Consecration Hour Is Nigh, The
SnowdenAs Thirsts the Hart for Cooling Flood
SnowfieldThou Shalt, O Lord, Descend
So GehstSo, Lord, Thou Goest Forth to Die
So Giebst DuWilt Thou Forgive?
So Lange Jesus Bleibt der HerrSo Lange Jesus Bleibt Der Herr
So Nimm Denn Meine HändeO Take My Hand, Dear Father
SochiThe Russian city on the Black Sea.Growing Up for Jesus
SofiaThe city in Bulgaria.O Word of God
  1. Lord Will Happiness Divine, The
  2. Morning Bright, The
  3. O Lord of Life, Thy Quickening Voice
  4. See Israel’s Gentle Shepherd Stand
  5. Talk with Us, Lord
  6. To Thee, Before the Dawning Light
SojournerOf Mercy and of Justice
  1. Spirit of God, That Moved of Old
  2. Where High the Heavenly Temple Stands
Soldiers of ChristSoldiers of Christ, Arise
SoldoAfter Awhile
SoledadThe city in California.Christ Is Kind and Tender
Solemnity’Twas on That Dark, That Doleful Night
Solid Rock
  1. Conflicting Feelings
  2. Lord Is Coming, The
  3. My Hope Is Built
  4. With Grateful Heart My Thanks I Bring
Solitude (Downes)
  1. As the Sun’s Enlivening Eye
  2. Lord, Forever at Thy Side
Solitude (Prout)
  1. Angels Unawares
  2. Blessed Is the Man Who Makes the Word
  3. In Christ I Feel the Heart of God
Soll’s SeinSummer Days Are Come Again, The
Sollt Ich Meinem Gott Nicht Singen [Cantate Domino]I Will Sing My Maker’s Praises
SolomonI Love the Lord, He Heard My Voice
SolonThere Is a Fountain Filled with Blood
SolothurnO Thou Who Makest Souls to Shine
SomerleySons of Zion, Raise Your Songs
SomersetDear Shepherd of Thy People, Hear
SomervilleMy Opening Eyes with Rapture See
Something for Jesus [Fenwick]
  1. Come, for the Feast Is Spread
  2. Savior, Thy Dying Love
SommeThe river in France.Lift Up Your Heads, Rejoice
SommerliedGerman for summer song.God, Who Made the Earth
Son of ManYoung and Radiant
Song 1 (Gibbons)
  1. Eternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Round
  2. Lord, Who the Night You Were Betrayed
Song 5 (Gibbons)Strong Son of God, Immortal Love
Song 4 (Gibbons)Lord, When Thy Kingdom Comes
Song 13 (Gibbons)Holy Jesus! God of Love!
Song 18 (Gibbons)
  1. Lord Jesu, Who at Lazarus’ Tomb
  2. ’Tis He! ’Tis He! The Son of God!
Song 20 (Gibbons)
  1. Behold! With Awful Pomp
  2. Mine Eyes and My Desire
  3. My Lord, My Life, My Love
Song 22 (Gibbons) [Hezekiah]Love of the Father
Song 24 (Gibbons)
  1. And Truly It Is a Most Glorious Thing
  2. O Word Immortal of Eternal God
Song 34 (Gibbons)
  1. God of Eternal Majesty
  2. He Lacks Not Friends That Hath Thy Love
  3. Jesu, My Savior, Brother, Friend
Song 46 (Gibbons)Drop, Drop, Slow Tears
Song 67 (Gibbons)Originally used with entry 67 in George Wither’s 1623 Hymnes and Songs of the Church.
  1. Are All the Foes of Sion Fools
  2. Forever Blessèd Be the Lord
  3. Lo! What a Glorious Sight Appears
  4. Lord, from the Depths to Thee I Cried
  5. O Sing a New Song to the Lord
  6. Within the Maddening Maze of Things
SonomaThe city in California.God’s Time Now
SonoraThe Mexican state.Call the Roll
Sons of LabourSons of Labor, Dear to Jesus
SorrowsNight, with Ebon Pinion
South BendThe city in Indiana.Abiding Rest
South CerneyThe parish in Gloucestershire, England.O Lord, to Whom the Spirits Live
South IslandThe New Zealand island.Christ Hath Arisen
SouthamptonThe city in Hampshire, England.
  1. Father in Heaven, Hear Us Today
  2. Softly the Silent Night
SouthertonWe Meet Again
SouthillJerusalem My Happy Home
Southport (Davies)Are There No Years in Heaven?
Southport (Kingsley)Wherever Two or Three May Meet
SouthwarkThe borough in London.Cantate Domino
Southwell (Daman)
  1. And Will the Judge Descend?
  2. Help, Lord, the Godly Fail!
  3. I Would, but Cannot Sing
  4. Lord Jesus, Think on Me
  5. Not All the Blood of Beasts
  6. O Lord, How Many They
  7. Out of the Deep I Call
Southwell (Irons)
  1. How Sad Our State by Nature Is!
  2. Now Let Our Cheerful Eyes Survey
SouthwickThou Art Coming, O My Savior
SouthwoldO Lord, Turn Not Thy Face from Me
Sovereign SummonsLord, the Sovereign, Sends His Summons Forth, The
SovereigntyGreat God of Wonders
Spa Fields ChapelSee Richmond (Haweis)
Spanish ChantBlessèd Lamb of Calvary
Spanish HymnBlessèd Savior, Thee I Love
Spes CœlestisAwake, Glad Soul
SpetisburyAll Praise Be to God
SpireSee Seelenbräutigam
SpiresThe Lutheran Diet of Spires.
  1. Day, the Solemn Day Shall Come, The
  2. Extended on a Cursèd Tree
  3. Glory of These Forty Days, The
  4. He Reigns!
  5. In Pity to a Dying World
Spiritus VitaeO Breath of Life
SplendorVoice Says Cry!, The
Splendor PaternaeO Paschal Feast, What Joy Is Thine
  1. As Pants the Hart for Cooling Streams
  2. O for a Heart of Calm Repose
SpokaneThe city in Washington.King Is Here, The
Sponsa ChristiBride of Christ, Whose Glorious Warfare
Spring CarolSing, for the World Rejoices
Spring of SoulsCome, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain
Springfield (Grieg)Springfield, Massachusetts, home to the armory immortalized in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s 1845 poem, The Arsenal at Springfield.Down the Dark Future
Springfield (Minshall)Cast Thy Burden on the Lord
SpringhillHear Our Prayer, O Heav’nly Father
Sri LampangCurrently unused (score)
Star of DayThere Is a Calm for Those Who Weep
SudanThe African country.Waiting and Watching
SudburySee Essex.
SuffieldTeach Me the Measure of My Days
SubmissionI Do Not Ask, O Lord
SubstitutionO Christ, What Burdens Bowed Thy Head
Sugar LandThe city in Texas.Shepherds Watching on the Plain
Suffer Little ChildrenLet Little Children Come to Me
Sugarloaf MountainThe mountain in Carrabassett Valley, Maine.O Wondrous Cross
Summer Land (Fithian)In Summer-Land
SummerfordGod of the Nations, Who from Dawn of Days
SummersideSing with All the Saints in Glory
Sumus TibiLord of All Creation
Sun and ShieldJesus, Sun and Shield Art Thou
Sun ValleyThe city in Idaho.Sweet Is the Promise
SundownHail, Gladdening Light
SunlightI Wandered in the Shades of Night

Also see Grenada.

SunneSunne, Sweden, birthplace of Nils Frykman.Currently unused (MIDI, score)
SunninghillO Throned, O Crowned with All Renown
SunnyvaleThe city in California.Be Active
SunriseAt Thy Feet, O Christ
Sunset (Barnby)My God and Father! While I Stray
Sunset (Lutz)At Even, Ere the Sun Was Set
SunshineBeautiful Bright Sunshine, The
SupplicationFather of Omnipresent Grace
Supreme Sacrifice, TheO Valiant Hearts
SurabayaThe city in Indonesia.Sing, My Soul, His Wondrous Love
SuratThe city in India.Lift Me Higher (Shacklock)
SurreySee Carey’s Surrey
Sursum Corda (Lomas)Christ of the Upward Way
Sursum Corda (Sewall)By His Love
  1. God Is Love; His Mercy Brightens
  2. Saints of God! Lo, Jesu’s People
Sussex Carol
  1. As Man and Woman We Were Made
  2. On Christmas Night All Christians Sing
Sutherland (Ashford)Holy, and True, and Righteous Lord
SuyapaThe city in Honduras.O Wisdom, Precious Wisdom
SvalbardThe Norwegian archipelago.I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb
SutherWelcome, Thou Victor in the Strife
Sutherland (Ashford)Holy, and True, and Righteous Lord
Sutherland (Bradbury)Give Thanks to God Most High
SverdrupEngineer Leif Sverdrup.Light Behind the Cloud, A
  1. Behold What Wondrous Grace
  2. Great Giver of All Good
  3. Lord, if at Thy Command
  4. O Shepherd of the Sheep
  5. This Is the Day of Light
SwahiliSee Warum Sind Die Thränen
SwainsthorpeSweet Is the Work, O Lord
SwanlandWith Hearts in Love Abounding
SwanseaThe city in Wales.Litany of the Passion
SwansideThe glade near Rimington, England.Shadow of the Cross (Bonar), The
  1. Do Ye, O Men, Speak Righteousness
SwedenSavior, When Night Involves the Skies
Swedish Litany [Ack, Vad Är Dock Livet Här]Jesus, in Thy Dying Woes
Sweet By and By
  1. In the Sweet By and By
  2. Send the Light (Barrows)
Sweet Hour
  1. Away, My Unbelieving Fear!
  2. Before the Throne of God Above
  3. Jesus, My All, to Heaven Has Gone
  4. Jesus, Out of Our Hearts Remove
  5. O God, Be Merciful to Me
  6. Sweet Hour of Prayer
  7. Though Sorrows Rise and Dangers Roll
  8. Would You Behold the Works of God?
Sweetest Name (Bridgers)He Keeps Me Singing
SydneyWhat Star Is This, with Beams so Bright?
SylvesterAnother Year Is Dawning
SympathyGreat Physician, The
SyracuseThe city in New York.Starless Crown, A
SzczecinThe city in Poland.Pilgrim’s Home, The