Tune NameNamed AfterUsed By
67th PsalmO Sing to the Lord, Whose Boun­ti­ful Hand
SaarbrückenThe Ger­man ci­ty.Angels’ Sto­ry, The
SabadellThe Span­ish ci­ty.Heavenly Fa­ther, We Adore Thee
SabaothHoly, Ho­ly, Ho­ly Is the Lord
SabbataSince Je­sus Free­ly Did Ap­pear
SabbathSafely Through An­oth­er Week
Sabbath BellWith Thank­ful Voice Praise Ye the Lord
Sabbath MornWelcome, De­light­ful Morn
SabbatsdagSwedish for Sab­bath.
  1. Day of God, The
  2. Glory to the Fa­ther Give
  3. Sabbath Day
  4. They That Mourn in Dun­geon Gloom
SachsenThe Ger­man state of Sax­o­ny.Out of the Sha­dow
SacramentoThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.O When Shall I See Je­sus?
Sacramentum Uni­ta­tisThou, Who at Thy First Eu­cha­rist Didst Pray
The Sacred HeartDraw Nigh and Take the Bo­dy of the Lord
Sacred Har­mo­nyWelcome, Wel­come!
Sacred MornHail, Thou Bright and Sac­red Morn
SælirIcelandic for blessed.And Then the Sav­ior Turned
Safe HomeHark! Hark! The Notes of Joy
Safe Pas­sageIn the Morn­ing (Pet­tus)
Safely, Safe­lySafely, Safe­ly, Ga­thered In
Saffron Wal­denThe town in Es­sex, Eng­land.Dear Fa­ther-Mo­ther
Sag Har­borThe town on Long Is­land, New York.Angels, Roll the Rock Away
SaginaThe sa­gi­na plant that was a fa­vor­ite spring fod­der for Ro­man sheep.
  1. Ancient of Days! The Years Roll On
  2. And Can It Be That I Should Gain?
  3. Before the Great Je­ho­vah’s Bar
  4. Book—Let All Bow Down and Read, The
  5. Faith Means We’re Sure
  6. How Shall the Young Di­rect Their Way?
  7. Last Pray­er, A
  8. Not Till the Freez­ing Blast Is Still
  9. Star of the East, How Sweet Art Thou
  10. Thus the Great Lord of Earth and Sea
  11. What Are These Wounds, So Deep, So Wide?
Sagina (Short)
  1. Behold the Ser­vant of the Lord
  2. Lord Je­sus Christ, True Man and God
  3. Modern Chris­ti­a­ni­ty
  4. My Reins, My Fab­ric’s Ev­ery Part
  5. O God of Light
  6. O Hap­py Na­tion
  7. Object of All Our Know­ledge Here
  8. That Man Whose Im­pi­ous Tongue De­nies
SaginawThe Mi­chi­gan ci­ty.Ask and Ye Shall Re­ceive
  1. Day of Life
  2. Day After Ar­ma­ged­don, The
  3. Sailing in­to Port
  4. Weeps the Sav­ior o’er His Foe
Saint-CloudThe com­mune in the west­ern sub­urbs of Pa­ris, France.Why Keep Je­sus Wait­ing?
SaipanThe western Pacific is­land.No Abid­ing Ci­ty Here
Saint CrossBeside the Man­ger
Saint Lu­ciaThe Car­ib­be­an na­tion. Keep in Touch with Je­sus
SaitamaThe Ja­pa­nese ci­ty.Father, Be­fore Thy Throne
SalamancaThe Span­ish ci­ty. Whom Did Je­sus Pi­ty?
SaleO Ren­der Thanks to God Above
Salem (Meth­fes­sel)When Mo­thers of Sa­lem
Salem (Har­mon­ia)Friend of Sin­ners Dies, The
SalernoThe Ital­i­an ci­ty.Sin No More (Whit­tle)
SalesTo Thee, O Com­fort­er Di­vine
SalfordWith Joy We Med­i­tate the Grace
SalighetsgrundFaith in the Blood
SalinasThe Ca­li­for­nia town.Potter and the Clay, The
  1. God! The Eter­nal, Aw­ful Name
  2. Thou Fram­er of the Light and Dark
SalomeO Come Be­fore the Lord
SalonicaIn Thy Her­i­tage the Hea­then
SaltoThe ci­ty in Ar­gen­ti­na.How Long, O How Long?
Salus Mor­tal­ium
  1. My Cause Is God’s
  2. Our Lord the Path of Suf­fer­ing Trod
Salvation (Hays)
  1. Come and Hear the Words of Je­sus
  2. Lily of the Val­ley, The
Salvation (Ken­tuc­ky)Our Ci­ties Cry to You, O God
Salvation (Kirk­pat­rick)Jesus Saves
Salvation’s PlanLost and Sin­ful World to Save, A
Salvation’s StoryFrom Death un­to Life
Salvator (Goss)Savior, Breathe an Ev­en­ing Bless­ing
Salvator (Jew­son)Lord, Her Watch Thy Church Is Keep­ing
Salve Domine
  1. Christmas Mes­sage, The
  2. Light of the World, We Hail Thee
  3. Light of the World’s Dark Sto­ry
Salve Fes­ta Die­sHail Thee, Fes­tiv­al Day
Salvete Flor­esLatin for greet­ings, flow­ers.
  1. Hence from My Soul, My Sins, De­part
  2. Long Did Both Kings and Pro­phets Wait
  3. Mighty Frame of Glo­ri­ous Grace, The
  4. O High­est Love, in Low­li­est Guise
  5. Sweet Flow’r­ets of the Mar­tyr Band
Salzburg (Hay­dn)
  1. And Did the Ho­ly and the Just
  2. How Oft, Al­as!
  3. Of Jus­tice and of Grace I Sing
Salzburg (Hintze)
  1. At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing
  2. Christ, by Heav­en­ly Hosts Adored
SalzgitterThe Ger­man ci­ty.Oh, the Debt of Love
SamanthraHis Voice, as the Sound of a Dul­cim­er Sweet
SamariaThe eastern Med­i­ter­ran­ean re­gion.I Am Com­ing to the Cross
SamosThe Greek is­land.Christian! Seek Not Yet Re­pose
  1. Jesus, We on the Word De­pend
  2. Trembling Be­fore Thine Aw­ful Throne
SamsunThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Hark, the Voice of Je­sus Call­ing (March)
Samuel (Monk)Hushed Was the Ev­en­ing Hymn
Samuel (Sul­li­van)
  1. Father, Who Art Alone
  2. Hail Bright­est, Hap­pi­est Morn
  3. Hushed Was the Ev­en­ing Hymn
  4. Israel in An­cient Days
  5. Lord, Hear Me When I Pray
  6. We Give Im­mor­tal Praise
San An­dre­asThe apos­tle Andrew.Jesus’ Teach­ing
San Ber­nar­di­noThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Every Step with Je­sus
San Cle­men­teThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.I Love My Pre­cious Sav­ior
San Cris­tó­balThe city in Ar­gen­ti­na.Hurry and Tell Him
San Di­e­goThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Hallelujah to Thy Name!
San Di­masThe ci­ty in Ca­li­for­nia’s San Ga­bri­el Val­ley.There Is Al­ways Time for Pray­er
San Fer­mínThe first bi­shop of Pam­plo­na, Spain.Sing, My Soul, from Bond­age Free
San Fran­cis­coThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.
  1. Gird on the Sword and Ar­mor
  2. When First This Match­less Sto­ry
San Ga­bri­elThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.My Heart’s Pray­er (Blan­chard)
San Gi­o­van­niItalian for St. John.Clinging to the Cross (Ad­ams)
San JoseThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.God Is Com­ing
San JuanTruth’s Ad­vent
San Juan Is­landsThe Pu­get Sound ar­chi­pel­a­go.Jesus Is Call­ing for Thee
San Lu­casThe ci­ty in Ba­ja Ca­li­for­nia.Farther Along
San Lu­is Po­to­síThe Mex­i­can ci­ty.Onward Roll the Ag­es
San Lu­is ReyThe Span­ish mis­sion in Ca­li­for­nia.Christ Alone Has Pow­er to Save
San Mar­cosThe ci­ty in Tex­as.Some Sweet Morn (Mar­vin)
San Ma­ri­noThe It­al­i­an mi­cro­state.Will You Rise?
San Ma­teoThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.I Come, O Gra­cious Lord
San Ni­co­lásSan Ni­co­lás de los Gar­za, Nue­vo Le­on, Mex­i­co.Savior, Re­mem­ber Me
San Ra­fa­elThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Tell the Christ­mas Story
San Sal­va­dorThe ci­ty in El Sal­va­dor.Cometh a Bless­ing Down
Sancti Ve­ni­teLatin for saints come.Draw Nigh and Take the Bo­dy of the Lord
Sanctuary (Dann­ström)What Joy There Is
Sanctuary (Dykes)
  1. As Above the Dark­est Storm Cloud
  2. Cry of the Needy, The
  3. Hail the Glo­ri­ous Gold­en Ci­ty
  4. Hark! the Sound of Ho­ly Voic­es
  5. Messenger, The
  6. Who Is This That Comes From Edom? (Words­worth)
Sanctuary (Run­yan)Lord, I Have Shut the Door
SanctumLong Ago the Li­lies Fad­ed
Sand Hill RoadThe road in Men­lo Park, Ca­li­for­nia.Prodigal Child, The
  1. From Out the Depths I Cry, O Lord
  2. God of Our Life
  3. I’ll Trust in Thee
  4. Light of the World! Faint Were Our Wea­ry Feet
  5. Unto the Hills Around Do I Lift Up
SandringhamSee Per­fect Love
SandsO Teach Thou Us to Count Our Days
SanduskySee Ken­tuc­ky
SandysTeach Me, My God and King
SangerhausenThe town in Sax­ony-An­halt, Ger­ma­ny.Good News from Hea­ven the An­gels Bring
Sanibel Is­landThe is­land off the coast of Flor­i­da.Sinner, Je­sus Loves You Still
Santa AnaThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Call, and I Will An­swer
Santa Cla­raThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Unfurl the Chris­tian Stan­dard
Santa Cla­ri­taThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.All Hail! Hap­py Day
Santa CruzThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.To Be Lost in the Night
Santa FeThe ci­ty in New Me­x­ico.Clefted Rock, The
Santa Mon­i­caThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Thy Bro­ther Calls to Thee
Santa Ro­saThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.We’re on the Way to Ca­naan’s Land
Santa Trin­i­taO Mak­er of the Sea and Sky
SantanderThe Span­ish ci­ty.Call Them In
SantiagoThe Chi­le­an ci­ty.
  1. From Ca­li­for­nia’s Vine­yards
  2. From Chi­na’s Dark Do­min­ions
  3. Return of Sum­mer
Santiago de Com­po­ste­laThe Span­ish ci­ty.One of These Lit­tle Ones
Santo Dom­in­goThe ci­ty in the Do­min­i­can Re­pub­lic.Christ Is Com­ing (Stow)
SantoriniThe Greek is­land.Precious Words (Ro­gers)
SantosThe Bra­zil­i­an ci­ty.Kindly and Gra­cious­ly
São Pau­loThe Bra­zil­i­an ci­ty.We Come in Child­hood’s Joy­ful­ness
São To­méThe is­land off the coast of West Af­ri­ca.Wanderer’s Pray­er, The
SapientiaLatin for wis­dom.Children’s Song
SapporoThe Jap­a­nese ci­ty.Be a Mes­sen­ger for Je­sus
Sarah (Ar­nold)Messiah, Full of Grace
Sarah (Ga­bri­el)
  1. Eternal Spir­it, God of Truth
  2. Gentiles by Na­ture
  3. Thy Pro­mised Mer­cies Send to Me
  4. To Thee, O God! Our Thanks We Rear
SarajevoThe ci­ty in Bos­nia-Her­ze­go­v­i­na.Jesus Christ Is Pass­ing By
SarasotaThe Flo­ri­da ci­ty.O Praise Him
SaratogaThe New York lake.Old Par­son’s Sto­ry, The
SarawakThe Ma­lay­sian state on Bor­ne­o.Somewhere There’s World of Beau­ty
SardisThe ci­ty men­tioned in Re­ve­la­tion 1:11.
  1. Christians, Lo, the Star Ap­pear­eth
  2. May the Grace of Christ Our Sav­ior
SardiusHo­ly Father! Thou Hast Taught Us
SarpyThe Ne­bras­ka coun­ty.In Thy Glo­ri­ous Res­ur­rect­ion
SarrattThe town in Hert­ford­shire, Eng­land, where com­pos­er Geof­frey Ry­ley was born.
  1. All Hail, Ye Lit­tle Mar­tyr Flow­ers
  2. O God, Thou Art My God Alone
SarumFor All the Saints
SaskatchewanThe Ca­na­di­an pro­vince.From Cross to Crown
SaskatoonThe Ca­na­di­an ci­ty.Unveiled Christ, The
Satisfied (Will­iams)Satisfied (Will­iams)
SatorAre There No Years in Hea­ven?
Savannah [Höch­ster Pries­ter]
  1. Come, My Soul, Thy Suit Pre­pare
  2. Holy Lamb, Who Thee Con­fess
  3. Jesus, Lord, We Look to Thee
  4. Let Us Plead for Faith Alone
  5. Lord, as We Thy Name Pro­fess
  6. Praise to God, Your Prais­es Bring
Savannah (Pley­el)Hail, Hap­py Day!
Savannah (Ro­bin­son)Lord All Worlds (Dwight)
SavileGod Made Me for Him­self
Saving HealthSing Praise to God Who Reigns Above
SavoieThe re­gion in the French Alps.Blessèd Are They That Are Per­se­cut­ed
Savoy Cha­pel
  1. And Is the Time Ap­proach­ing?
  2. For All Thy Care We Bless Thee
  3. I Need Thee, Pre­cious Je­sus
  4. ’Tis Not That I Did Choose Thee
  5. To Thee, O Dear, Dear Sav­ior!
  6. We Love the Good Old Bi­ble
Sawley [Coat­ham]The vil­lage in Lan­ca­shire, Eng­land.
  1. Earth, with Its Dark and Dread­ful Ills
  2. Eternal Source of Life and Light
  3. Jehovah, God the Fa­ther, Bless
  4. Jesus, These Eyes Have Ne­ver Seen
  5. Jesus, Thou Art the Sin­ner’s Friend
  6. Lord Shall Come in Dead of Night, The
  7. O How the Thought of God At­tracts
  8. O Sav­ior, Aw­ful Was the Word
  9. O Teach Me More!
  10. O Why so Far Re­moved?
  11. Sinners, Be­hold That Down­ward Road
  12. Speak Gent­ly
SawstonThe vil­lage in Cam­bridge­shire, Eng­land.Faith of Our Fa­thers
SaxbySee Storrs
SaxonyBy Pre­cepts Taught of Ag­es Past
Saxony (Ham­mer­schmidt)Jesus! Shall Our Watch­word Be
Saxony (Kirk­pat­rick)
  1. I Thought up­on the Days of Old
  2. King, O Lord, with Songs of Praise, The
  3. O Lord, Our Lord, How Won­drous Great
Saxony (Ol­iv­er)Jesus, o’er the Grave Vic­tor­i­ous
ScarthoThe town in Lin­coln­shire, Eng­land.Sons of Men, Be­hold from Far
SchaumburgThe Il­li­nois ci­ty.Sweetest New-Born Ba­by
SchillingComposer Fred­er­ick Schill­ing.Hark! A Burst of Hea­ven­ly Mu­sic
SchindlerBetty Jane Schind­ler.Cross of My Re­deem­er, The
SchleswigThe re­gion in north­ern Ger­ma­ny.World’s De­light, The

See also In Dul­ci Ju­bi­lo
Schmücke dichGerman for dec­or­ate your­self.Deck Thy­self, My Soul, with Glad­ness
SchroederRod of the Root of Jes­se
SchubertO God the Rock of Ag­es
SchultzO Chris­tian Home
Schumann [Heath]
  1. Hail to the Sab­bath Day
  2. Jesus In­vites His Saints
  3. Let Songs of Praise Arise
  4. Not by Thy Migh­ty Hand
  5. O Bless­èd Son of God
  6. Our of Day of Praise Is Done
  7. Parting Hymn We Sing, A
  8. We Give Thee but Thine Own
SchwabenThe re­gion in southern Ger­ma­ny.Beneath the Cross of Je­sus (Herr)
SchwarzwaldThe re­gion in south­west­ern Ger­ma­ny.Only Trust in Je­sus
ScienceNow Sweep­ing Down the Years Un­told
ScotiaThe for­mer Ro­man name for Ire­land.Far Be­yond the Dark Blue Sea
ScotlandVoice of Free Grace Cries, The
Scudamore Upton Scud­a­more, Wil­tshire, where com­pos­er Ri­chard Chope was cur­ate.Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise
ScudderFountain of Life and of Grace, A
SeadriftThe Texas ci­ty.Carefully, Tear­ful­ly
Seasons (Men­dels­sohn)Crown with Thy Ben­e­dic­tion
Seasons (Pley­el)
  1. At Thy Com­mand, Our Dear­est Lord
  2. Praise, Lord, for Thee in Zi­on Waits
SeattleThe ci­ty in Wash­ing­ton state.Beautiful Bi­ble
Sebastian (Frey­ling­hau­sen)It is Fi­nished

Also see Sno­ho­mish

Sebastian (Hod­ges)Middle name of com­pos­er John Hodg­es.Hush! The Virg­in’s Song Is Ring­ing
SeccombO He Whom Je­sus Loved
SecunderabadThe In­di­an ci­ty.I’m but a Lit­tle Child
SedonaThe Ari­zo­na town.O Je­ho­vah, Hear My Words (Couch)
SeduliusFrom East to West, from Shore to Shore
Seelenbräutigam [Ro­chelle, Spire]Dutch/Low Ger­man for spir­it­u­al bride­groom.
  1. Holy Tri­ni­ty, Thanks and Praise to Thee
  2. Jesus, Still Lead On
  3. Round Me Falls the Night
SeftonPraise for Thee, Lord, in Zi­on Waits
SegoviaThe Span­ish ci­ty.Praise to Je­sus
SegurYes, My Na­tive Land, I Love Thee
SeitenstettengasseThe street in Vi­en­na, Aus­tria.Pearly Gates (Fran­cis), The
SelafoO Touch Him Too!
SelbyO for a Thou­sand Tongues to Sing
SelçukThe Turk­ish town.Calmly She Fad­ed
SeldenRest for the Toil­ing Hand
  1. All Things Are Pos­si­ble
  2. How Ma­ny Pass the Guil­ty Night
  3. O Love Di­vine, What Hast Thou Done!
  4. To Christ the Lord
Sellinge [Sel­lindge]The ci­vil par­ish and vil­lage in Kent, Eng­land.
  1. All Yes­ter­day Is Past
  2. We Know Thee Who Thou Art
SelmaFair Waved the Gold­en Corn
SelvinIf, on a Qui­et Sea
SelwynSee Bar­thol­dy
SemarangThe In­do­ne­sian ci­ty.Lord, Dis­miss Us with Thy Bless­ing (Haw­ker)
Semper As­pec­te­mus
  1. For Ev­er Would We Gaze on Thee
  2. Hail Fa­ther, Whose Cre­at­ing Call
SenegalThe Af­ri­can coun­try.Tell the Glad Sto­ry Abroad
SeoulThe Ko­re­an ci­ty.He Hid­eth My Soul
SeraphSee Beth­le­hem
SeraphimJesus, I My Cross Have Tak­en
  1. Blest Christ­mas Morn
  2. Immortal Love, For­ev­er Full
  3. O God, the God That Sav­eth Me
  4. O Lord, While We Con­fess the Worth
  5. O Mind of God
  6. O Thou, in All Thy Might so Far
  7. We May Not Climb the Heav­en­ly Steeps
SerugThe great-grand­fath­er of Ab­ra­ham (Gen­e­sis 11:20).O God, With­in Whose Sight
ServiceToil of Brain, or Heart, or Hand, The
  1. Impenitent Man’s Lot, The
  2. Lord, We Are Blind
  3. To God for Help Will I Re­pair
  4. Wait, O My Soul, Thy Mak­er’s Will
SethComposer Seth Mitch­ell.Currently unused (score)
SevastopolThe Cri­me­an ci­ty.On Christ­mas Day (Dodge)
SewardThe Ne­bras­ka town.
  1. God Al­migh­ty in His Wis­dom
  2. I Be­lieve in God the Fa­ther
SewallComposer Frank Sew­all.My God, and Is Thy Ta­ble Spread?
SeychellesThe In­dian Ocean is­land nation.Birth of Our Sav­ior, The
Seymour [We­ber]Mr. Sey­mour, a bass in the choir at Cen­ter Church, Hart­ford, Con­nec­ti­cut (the church of com­pos­er Hen­ry Great­or­ex).
  1. God of Mer­cy, God of Grace (Tay­lor)
  2. Holy Spir­it, from on High
  3. Holy Spir­it, Pi­ty Me
  4. Lord, I Can­not Let Thee Go
  5. Lord, This Day Thy Child­ren Meet
  6. Lord to Me Thy Ways Make Known
  7. Slowly, by God’s Hand Un­furled
  8. Softly Now the Light of Day
  9. Suppliant, Lo!
  10. Zion, at Thy Shin­ing Gates
SexagesimaThat Fear­ful Day
ShaanxiThe Chi­nese pro­vince.Jesus’ Lit­tle Lamb
ShackelfordWhile Shep­herds Watched Their Flocks (Tate)
  1. Child Is Born in Beth­le­hem, A
  2. Jehovah Reigns, His Throne Is High
ShamokinSee Laus Re­gis
ShandongThe Chi­nese pro­vince.Be True to God
ShanghaiThe Chi­nese ci­ty.There Is None Like Thee
SharjahThe ci­ty in the Unit­ed Ar­ab Emir­ates.On East­er Morn
SharonSee Hal­ton Hol­gate
Sharon (Gore-Ou­se­ley)Be Near Us, Ho­ly Tri­ni­ty
Sharon (Wall­head)When Down­ward to the Dark­some Tomb
ShawmutMy For­mer Hopes Are Dead
Shawnee LodgeThe Boy Scout Or­der of the Ar­row chap­ter in St. Lou­is, Mis­sou­ri.
  1. Calvary
  2. Was It for Me?
SheenFrom Glo­ry to Glo­ry Ad­vanc­ing
Sheffield [At­ter­cliffe]Sovereign of All the Worlds on High
ShelteredJesus Alone Can Save
Sheltered DaleProdigal Son, The
Sheltering Wing [Guild­hall]
  1. No Long­er of Him Be It Said
  2. O Zi­on, ’Tis Thy God’s Com­mand
ShenyangThe Chi­nese ci­ty.We Shall Meet Again
ShenzhenThe Chi­nese ci­ty.Christmas Bells Are Ring­ing, The
ShephamEternal Pow­er, Al­migh­ty God
ShepherdMy Shepherd is the Lord

Also see St. Da­vid (Cal­kin)

Shepherd CareLovingly the Shep­herd
ShepherdsThat Day of Wrath
SheppardMatt Shep­pard, one time As­sist­ant Band Di­rec­tor at Mill­ard West High School, Oma­ha, Ne­bras­ka.God Is Love!
Shepton-Beau­champThe vil­lage in So­mer­set, Eng­land.Fight the Good Fight with All Thy Might
Sherborne (Men­dels­sohn)See the Gold up­on the Hills
Sherborne (Monk)Bishop of the Souls of Men
SherbourneLet the World Their Vir­tue Boast
  1. Away with Our Fears!
  2. O Je­sus, Our King
SherburneTo God Our Voic­es Let Us Raise
SheridanThe Wy­o­ming ci­ty.Children of the Tem­ple, The
SherlockLord, We Come Be­fore Thee Now
ShermanCan Sin­ners Hope for Hea­ven?
SherwinSing Al­ways
  1. Beyond, Be­yond That Bound­less Sea
  2. From Beth­le­hem to Cal­va­ry
ShildonFountain of Mer­cies, God of Love
ShillingstoneThe vil­lage and pa­rish in Dor­set, Eng­land.Sleep Thy Last Sleep
ShillongThe ci­ty in Meg­ha­la­ya, In­dia.Then Do I Love Je­sus
ShinarThe term used in the He­brew Bi­ble for the gen­er­al re­gion of Me­so­po­ta­mia.’Tis the Fair Dawn of Heav’n­ly Day
ShindlerO Sing to Me of Heav’n
ShinjukuThe city ward in To­kyo, Ja­pan.No Sor­row There
ShiplakeUnchanging God, Hear from Eter­nal Heav’n
ShipstonFirmly I Be­lieve and Tru­ly
ShiptonHymnist An­na Ship­ton.Call Them In
ShirazThe Ir­an­i­an ci­ty.Christian’s Hope, The
ShirlandThe par­ish in Der­by­shire, Eng­land.My God, My Life, My Love
  1. Who Is This Fair One in Dis­tress?
  2. Worthy the Lamb of Bound­less Sway
Shoemaker [White­side]To Thee, O Gra­cious Lord, We Sing
ShoreSovereign Rul­er of the Skies
ShorehamBy Christ Re­deemed, in Christ Re­stored
ShorelineSpeed the Light (Brad­ley)
ShorterMy In­fant, Lord, to Thee I Glad­ly Bring
ShortleHenry Shor­tle, of Pro­vince­town, Mas­sa­chu­setts, father-in-law of com­pos­er Charles Good­rich.
  1. O Lord, Our God, Al­migh­ty King
  2. O Peo­ple Blest, Whose Sons in Youth
ShotterySweet Sav­ior! in Thy Pi­ty­ing Grace
  1. Jesus Asked One Day
  2. Leaning on the Ev­er­last­ing Arms
Showers of Bless­ing (Mac­La­gan)Even Me
ShropshireJesu, the World’s Re­deem­ing Lord
ShubahSee In­vi­ta­tion (Hast­ings)
SialkotO God, Be Mer­ci­ful and Bless
SichuanThe Chi­nese pro­vince.Oh, What a World of Sad­ness
SiciliaItalian for Si­ci­ly.
  1. How Can I Keep from Sing­ing?
  2. Shepherd of Souls, Thy Sheep Be­hold
SicilyCome, Thou Con­de­scend­ing Je­sus!
Sicilian Mar­in­ers
  1. Lord, Dis­miss Us with Thy Bless­ing
  2. Now in Part­ing, Fa­ther, Bless Us
  3. O Thou Joy­ful Day
  4. O Thou Joy­ful, O Thou Won­der­ful

Also see Mar­in­ers

SidonFather of Peace, and God of Love
Sieh, hier bin ichGerman for See, here I am.
  1. In His Tem­ple Now Be­hold Him
  2. Long Ago, in So­lemn Mid­night
  3. Rise, O Lord! In All Thy Glo­ry
SiennaCome, Lord, and Tarry Not
Sierra Le­oneThe Af­ri­can coun­try.This Is Our En­dea­vor
Sierra Vis­taThe ci­ty in Ar­i­zo­na.Soft the Bells Are Ring­ing
SiirtThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Rejoice, Ye Saints (Stunz)
SilchesterMarching to Zi­on
Silent Rev­er­enceLet All Mor­tal Flesh Keep Si­lence
Silent Wor­shipLet All Mor­tal Flesh Keep Si­lence
SilesiaFormer region of Ger­ma­ny, now in Po­land.To Thy Pas­tures Fair and Large
SilesiusPseudonym of Jo­hann Scheffl­er.Thee Will I Love, My Strength, My Tow­er (Wes­ley)
SilksworthLet the Song Go Round the Earth
SiloamThe pool in Je­ru­sa­lem (John 9:7).
  1. Long Have I Sat Be­neath the Sound
  2. Though Trou­bles Great O’er­sha­dow Me
Silver CordEcclesiastes 12:6
  1. Saved by Grace
  2. Yes, She Is Gone
Silver HillJesus, Thou Joy of Lov­ing Hearts
Silver SpringThe ci­ty in Mar­y­land.Wonderful Love That Found Us
Silver Street [Fal­con Street, New­ton]
  1. All Na­tions, Clap Your Hands
  2. Awake, and Sing the Song
  3. Come, Lift Your Joy­ous Eyes
  4. Glad Was My Heart to Hear
  5. Grace, ’Tis a Charm­ing Sound
  6. Hail to the Vir­gin Born
  7. Sow in the Morn Thy Seed
  8. Stand, Sol­dier of the Cross
SimeonThe tribe of Is­ra­el.Let Us Praise and Adore
SimpsonWhile Thee I Seek
Simi Val­leyThe ci­ty and val­ley in Ca­li­for­nia.Blood-Washed Throng, The
Sinai (Barn­by)And Must I Be to Judg­ment Brought?
Sinai (Per­rot)Lord of Might from Si­nai’s Brow, The
SinaloaThe Mex­i­can state.Learn of Je­sus (Cros­by)
SinclairIn the Si­lent Mid­night Watch­es
Sine Nom­i­neLatin for with­out a name.For All the Saints
SingaporeThe Asian ci­ty.My Bud in Hea­ven
SinopThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Hymns My Mo­ther Sang, The
SintraThe Por­tu­guese ci­ty.’Tis Good to Sing Prais­es
SinŭijuThe Ko­re­an ci­tyWhat Are You Do­ing for Je­sus?
SivasThe Turk­ish ci­ty.She Rests in Peace
SkåneThe Swed­ish coun­ty.Must He Bear the Cross Alone?
  1. Father, the Watch­es of the Night Are O’er
  2. In Bound­less Mer­cy
Skara BraeThe Ne­o­lith­ic set­tle­ment in Scot­land.Earth’s Ten Thou­sand Voic­es
Skellig Mi­chaelThe Ir­ish isl­and.O Come and Sing His Prais­es
SkopelosThe Greek is­land.I Love to Hear of Je­sus
SkopjeThe Ma­ce­don­ian ci­ty.Lord Love Thee, The
Slane (Hus­tad)
  1. Be Thou My Vi­sion
  2. God of Cre­a­tion, All-Pow­er­ful
ŚląskPolish for Si­le­sia.
  1. Christ My Help­er
  2. Tell Me No More of Earth­ly Toys
Sleepers, WakePraise the Lord Through Ev­ery Na­tion
SloveniaThe Eur­o­pe­an coun­try.Jesus Is Here
SmileySee Pal­my­ra
SmyrnaThe Turk­ish ci­ty.Christmas Morn­ing (Meigs)
SmythJesus Is My Best of Friends
SnettishamThe vill­age in Nor­folk, Eng­land.Babe of Beth­le­hem (Lat­ta), The
Snohomish [Se­bas­ti­an]The town near Se­at­tle, Wash­ing­ton.O God, Most Mer­ci­ful and True
SnowComposer Fred­er­ic Snow.Consecration Hour Is Nigh, The
  1. As Thirsts the Hart for Cool­ing Flood
  2. Where Shall I Be? (Snow­den)
SnowfieldThou Shalt, O Lord, Des­cend
So gehstSo, Lord, Thou Go­est Forth to Die
So gehst du nunThy Cross, O Je­sus, Thou Didst Bear
So giebst duWilt Thou For­give?
So lange Je­sus bleibt der HerrSo Lange Je­sus Bleibt Der Herr
So nimm denn meine HändeO Take My Hand, Dear Fa­ther
SochiThe Rus­sian ci­ty on the Black Sea.Growing Up for Je­sus
SofiaThe Bul­gar­i­an ci­ty.O Word of God
  1. Lord Will Hap­pi­ness Di­vine, The
  2. Morning Bright, The
  3. O Lord of Life, Thy Quick­en­ing Voice
  4. See Is­ra­el’s Gen­tle Shep­herd Stand
  5. Soon with Re­sist­less Arm Shall Death
  6. Talk with Us, Lord
  7. To Thee, Be­fore the Dawn­ing Light
SojournerOf Mer­cy and of Jus­tice
SolanoThe Ca­li­for­nia coun­ty.Glory in the High­est (Hughes)
  1. Fading Day Adorns the West, The
  2. Spirit of God, That Moved of Old
  3. Where High the Heav­en­ly Tem­ple Stands
Soldiers of Christ
  1. All Hail, Mys­ter­i­ous King!
  2. Soldiers of Christ, Arise
SoldoAfter Awhile
SoledadThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Christ Is Kind and Ten­der
Solemnity’Twas on That Dark, That Dole­ful Night
Solid Rock
  1. Conflicting Feel­ings
  2. Lord Is Com­ing, The
  3. My Hope Is Built
  4. With Grate­ful Heart My Thanks I Bring
Solitude (Downes)
  1. As the Sun’s En­liv­en­ing Eye
  2. Lord, For­ev­er at Thy Side
Solitude (Prout)
  1. Angels Un­a­wares
  2. Blessed Is the Man Who Makes the Word
  3. In Christ I Feel the Heart of God
Solitude (Sho­wal­ter)O for a Heart to Praise My God
Soll’s SeinSummer Days Are Come Again, The
Sollt ich mein­em Gott nicht sing­en [Can­ta­te Dom­i­no]I Will Sing My Mak­er’s Prais­es
SolomonI Love the Lord, He Heard My Voice
SolonThere Is a Foun­tain Filled with Blood
SolothurnThe Swiss can­ton.O Thou Who Mak­est Souls to Shine
SomerleySons of Zi­on, Raise Your Songs
SomersetDear Shep­herd of Thy Peo­ple, Hear
SomervilleMy Op­en­ing Eyes with Rap­ture See
Something for Je­sus [Fen­wick]
  1. Come, for the Feast Is Spread
  2. Savior, Thy Dy­ing Love
SommeThe riv­er in France.Lift Up Your Heads, Re­joice
SommerliedGerman for sum­mer song.God, Who Made the Earth
Son of ManYoung and Ra­di­ant
Song 1 (Gib­bons)
  1. Eternal Rul­er of the Cease­less Round
  2. Lord, Who the Night You Were Be­trayed
Song 5 (Gib­bons)Strong Son of God, Im­mor­tal Love
Song 4 (Gib­bons)Lord, When Thy King­dom Comes
Song 13 (Gib­bons)Holy Je­sus! God of Love!
Song 18 (Gib­bons)
  1. Immanuel, Sunk with Dread­ful Woe
  2. Lord Je­su, Who at La­za­rus’ Tomb
  3. ’Tis He! ’Tis He! The Son of God!
Song 20 (Gib­bons)
  1. Behold! With Aw­ful Pomp
  2. Mine Eyes and My De­sire
  3. Must I in Judg­ment Stand?
  4. My Lord, My Life, My Love
Song 22 (Gib­bons) [He­ze­ki­ah]Love of the Fa­ther
Song 24 (Gib­bons)
  1. And Tru­ly It Is a Most Glo­ri­ous Thing
  2. Day Is Come, The
  3. O Word Im­mor­tal of Eter­nal God
Song 34 (Gib­bons)
  1. God of Eter­nal Ma­jes­ty
  2. He Lacks Not Friends That Hath Thy Love
  3. Jesu, My Sav­ior, Bro­ther, Friend
Song 46 (Gib­bons)Drop, Drop, Slow Tears
Song 67 (Gib­bons)Originally used with en­try 67 in George Wi­ther’s 1623 Hymnes and Songs of the Church.
  1. Are All the Foes of Si­on Fools?
  2. Forever Bless­èd Be the Lord
  3. Lo! What a Glo­ri­ous Sight Ap­pears
  4. Lord, from the Depths to Thee I Cried
  5. O Sing a New Song to the Lord
  6. What Is It for a Saint to Die?
  7. Within the Mad­den­ing Maze of Things
Songs of PraiseWhy Do Hea­then Na­tions Rage?
SonomaThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.God’s Time Now
SonoraThe Mex­i­can state.Call the Roll
Sons of La­bourSons of La­bor, Dear to Je­sus
SorrentoThe Ital­i­an ci­ty.Lord, with Glow­ing Heart I’d Praise Thee
SorrowsNight, with Ebon Pin­ion
SoufrièreFrench for place where sul­fur is ex­tract­ed.Do You Know the Won­drous Sto­ry?
South BendThe ci­ty in In­di­a­na.Abiding Rest
South Cer­neyThe parish in Glou­ces­ter­shire, Eng­land.O Lord, to Whom the Spir­its Live
South Is­landThe New Zea­land is­land.Christ Hath Aris­en
SouthamptonThe ci­ty in Hamp­shire, Eng­land.
  1. Father in Hea­ven, Hear Us To­day
  2. Softly the Si­lent Night
SouthertonWe Meet Again
SouthillJerusalem My Hap­py Home
Southport (Da­vies)Are There No Years in Hea­ven?
Southport (Kings­ley)Wherever Two or Three May Meet
SouthwarkThe bor­ough in Lon­don.Cantate Dom­i­no
Southwell (Da­man)
  1. And Will the Judge Des­cend?
  2. Help, Lord, the God­ly Fail!
  3. I Would, but Can­not Sing
  4. Lord Je­sus, Think on Me
  5. Not All the Blood of Beasts
  6. O Lord, How Ma­ny They
  7. Out of the Deep I Call
Southwell (Ir­ons)
  1. How Sad Our State by Na­ture Is!
  2. Now Let Our Cheer­ful Eyes Sur­vey
SouthwickThou Art Com­ing, O My Sav­ior
SouthwoldO Lord, Turn Not Thy Face from Me
Sovereign Sum­monsLord, the Sov­er­eign, Sends His Sum­mons Forth, The
SovereigntyGreat God of Won­ders
Spa Fields Cha­pelSee Rich­mond (Ha­weis)
SpaldingThe town in Lin­coln­shire, Eng­land.Light of the Wan­der­ing
Spanish ChantBlessèd Lamb of Cal­va­ry
Spanish HymnBlessèd Sav­ior, Thee I Love
Speak, Lord (Werd­e­baugh)Quiet Hour (Grimes), The
Spes Cœ­les­tisAwake, Glad Soul
SpetisburyAll Praise Be to God
SpielbergSpielberg bei Knit­tel­feld, Be­zirk Mur­tal, Styria, Aus­tria.Thy King­dom Come (Stryk­er)
SpireSee Seel­en­bräu­tig­am
SpiresThe Lu­ther­an Diet of Spires.
  1. Day, the Sol­emn Day Shall Come, The
  2. Extended on a Curs­èd Tree
  3. Glory of These For­ty Days, The
  4. He Reigns!
  5. In Pi­ty to a Dy­ing World
  6. Let God, the God of Bat­tle, Rise
  7. Thoughts on God and Death
Spiritus Vi­taeO Breath of Life
SplendorVoice Says Cry!, The
Splendor Pa­ter­naeO Pasch­al Feast, What Joy Is Thine
  1. As Pants the Hart for Cool­ing Streams
  2. O for a Heart of Calm Re­pose
SpokaneThe ci­ty in Wash­ing­ton state.King Is Here, The
Sponsa Chris­tiBride of Christ, Whose Glo­ri­ous War­fare
Spout Cot­tageA Non­con­for­mist cha­pel that once stood at the side of Spout House in Stan­ning­ton, Shef­field, England.Remember the Time When Our Sav­iour Was Born
Spring CarolSing, for the World Re­joic­es
Spring of SoulsCome, Ye Faith­ful, Raise the Strain
Springfield (Grieg)Spring­field, Mas­sa­chu­setts, home to the ar­mo­ry im­mor­tal­ized in Hen­ry Wads­worth Long­fel­low’s 1845 poem, The Ar­senal at Spring­field.Down the Dark Fu­ture
Springfield (Mins­hall)Cast Thy Bur­den on the Lord
SpringhillHear Our Pray­er, O Heav’n­ly Fa­ther
Sri Lam­pangCurrently un­used (score)
Star of DayThere Is a Calm for Those Who Weep
SudanThe Af­ri­can coun­try.Waiting and Watch­ing
SudburySee Es­sex
SuffieldTeach Me the Mea­sure of My Days
SubmissionI Do Not Ask, O Lord
SubstitutionO Christ, What Bur­dens Bowed Thy Head
Sugar LandThe ci­ty in Te­xas.Shepherds Watch­ing on the Plain
Suffer Lit­tle Child­renLet Lit­tle Child­ren Come to Me
Sugarloaf Moun­tainThe moun­tain in Car­ra­bas­sett Valley, Maine.O Won­drous Cross
SulawesiThe In­do­ne­sian is­land.Song of the Ag­ed Chris­tian
SumatraThe In­do­ne­sian is­land.Bravely Chime, O East­er Bells
Summer Land (Fi­thi­an)In Sum­mer-Land
SummerfordGod of the Na­tions, Who from Dawn of Days
SummersideSing with All the Saints in Glo­ry
Sumus Ti­biLord of All Cre­a­tion
Sun and ShieldJesus, Sun and Shield Art Thou
Sun ValleyThe ci­ty in Idaho.Sweet Is the Pro­mise
SundownHail, Glad­den­ing Light
SunlightI Wan­dered in the Shades of Night

Also see Gre­na­da

SunneSunne, Swe­den, birth place of Nils Fryk­man.Idol of Du­ra, The
SunninghillO Throned, O Crowned with All Re­nown
SunnyvaleThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Be Ac­tive
SunriseAt Thy Feet, O Christ
Sunset (Barn­by)My God and Fa­ther! While I Stray
Sunset (Lutz)At Ev­en, Ere the Sun Was Set
SunshineBeautiful Bright Sun­shine, The
SupplicationFather of Om­ni­pres­ent Grace
Supreme Sac­ri­fice, TheO Val­iant Hearts
SurabayaThe ci­ty in In­do­nesia.Sing, My Soul, His Won­drous Love
SuratThe ci­ty in In­dia.Lift Me High­er (Shack­lock)
ŠurmanciThe village in Her­ze­gov­i­na.Hail, Tri­umph­ant King of Glo­ry
SurreySee Car­ey’s Sur­rey
Sursum Cor­da (Lo­mas)Christ of the Up­ward Way
Sursum Cor­da (Sew­all)By His Love
  1. God Is Love; His Mer­cy Bright­ens
  2. Saints of God! Lo, Je­su’s Peo­ple
Sussex Carol
  1. As Man and Wo­man We Were Made
  2. On Christ­mas Night All Chris­tians Sing
Sutherland (Ash­ford)Holy, and True, and Right­eous Lord
SuyapaThe ci­ty in Hon­du­ras.O Wis­dom, Pre­cious Wis­dom
SvalbardThe Nor­we­gian ar­chi­pel­a­go.I Am Je­sus’ Lit­tle Lamb
SutherWelcome, Thou Vic­tor in the Strife
Sutherland (Ash­ford)Holy, and True, and Right­eous Lord
Sutherland (Brad­bu­ry)Give Thanks to God Most High
SverdrupEngineer Leif Sverd­rup.Light Be­hind the Cloud, A
  1. Behold What Won­drous Grace
  2. Great Giv­er of All Good
  3. Lord, if at Thy Com­mand
  4. O Shep­herd of the Sheep
  5. This Is the Day of Light
SwahiliSee War­um sind die Thrän­en
SwainsthorpeSweet Is the Work, O Lord
SwallownestThe vil­lage in the ci­vil par­ish of As­ton cum Augh­ton and the Me­tro­po­li­tan Bo­rough of Ro­ther­ham, South York­shire, Eng­land.Lord, When to Thee a Lit­tle Lad
SwanlandWith Hearts in Love Abound­ing
SwanseaThe Welsh ci­ty.Litany of the Pas­sion
SwansideThe glade near Rim­ing­ton, Eng­land.Shadow of the Cross (Bo­nar), The
  1. Do Ye, O Men, Speak Right­eous­ness
SwedenSavior, When Night In­volves the Skies
Swedish Litany [Ack, Vad Är Dock Liv­et Här]Jesus, in Thy Dy­ing Woes
Sweet By and By
  1. In the Sweet By and By
  2. Send the Light (Bar­rows)
Sweet Hour
  1. Away, My Un­be­liev­ing Fear!
  2. Before the Throne of God Above
  3. Come Forth with Twice-An­oint­ed Feet
  4. Isten Ha­tal­mas
  5. Jesus, My All, to Hea­ven Has Gone
  6. Jesus, Out of Our Hearts Re­move
  7. O God, Be Mer­ci­ful to Me
  8. Sweet Hour of Pray­er
  9. Though Sor­rows Rise and Dan­gers Roll
  10. Would You Be­hold the Works of God?
Sweetest Name (Bridg­ers)He Keeps Me Sing­ing
SwindonThe town in Wilt­shire, Eng­land.Christ the Con­quer­ing King
SydneyWhat Star Is This, with Beams so Bright?
SympathyGreat Phy­si­cian, The
SyracuseThe ci­ty in New York.Starless Crown, A
SzczecinThe Po­lish ci­ty.Pilgrim’s Home, The