Scripture Verse

There was a marriage in Cana of Galilee. John 2:1


John Codman

Words: John Cod­man, Hymns for Fa­mi­ly Wor­ship (Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts: Sam­u­el T. Arm­strong, print­er, 1813), number 116.

Music: Sicily Si­cil­i­an tune (🔊 pdf nwc). This is an abridged ver­sion of Si­cil­ian Mar­in­ers.

Turning Water to Wine
Carl H. Bloch


Come, Thou condescending Jesus!
Thou hast blessed a marriage feast;
Come, and with Thy presence bless us,
Deign to be an honored guest.

Once, at Cana’s happy village,
Thou didst heavenly joy impart;
Though unseen, may Thy blest image
Be inscribed on every heart.

Lord, we come to ask Thy blessing
On the happy pair to rest.
Make Thy goodness, never ceasing,
Make them now and ever blest.

Thou canst change the course of nature,
Turning water into wine,
But we ask a greater favor,
May they be ever Thine.

Thine by covenant and adoption,
Thine by free and sovereign grace,
May they by each word and action
Do Thy will, and speak Thy praise.

Gracious Lord, from Thy free bounty,
Fill their basket and their store;
Give them with their health and plenty,
Hearts Thy goodness to adore.

Often from their happy dwelling,
May the voice of prayer ascend,
For Thy mercies still increasing,
To their best, their kindest friend.

Through this life’s tempestuous ocean
Storms are thick, and dangers nigh;
O may constant, pure devotion,
Guide them safe to realms on high.

When by death’s cold hand divided,
Which dissolves the tenderest ties,
By Thy grace again united,
May they in Thine image rise.

Come, Thou condescending Jesus,
Fill our hearts with songs of praise;
Come and with Thy presence bless us,
Make us subjects of Thy grace.