Scripture Verse

The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14


Henry T. Smart

Words: M. Wool­sey Stry­ker, 1880. Ap­peared in The Song of Mi­ri­am (Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois: Big­low & Main, 1888), pag­es 11–13.

Music: Spiel­berg Hen­ry T. Smart (1813–1879) (🔊 pdf nwc).

M. Woolsey Stryker


Thy kingdom come! O Everlasting Lord!
Fulfilling all the promise of Thy word.
Cover with Thy majesty
The earth, as waterfloods o’erspread the sea!

Let anarchy and lust and falsehood yield
To signs and wonders of Thine Arm revealed;
Wide world kingdoms all be one—
The kingdom of our God and Christ His Son.

The winds Thy sandals and the tides Thy path,
Smite down oppressions with Thy rod of wrath.
Everlasting righteousness
Bring in, Thou Prince, the waiting years to bless.

Bid tears of joy to long expectant eyes.
Broader than noonday let Thy light arise.
Far and wide Thy truth advance,
And take Thine uttermost inheritance.

Thine unseen scepter hath Thy reign begun,
Amid the candles walks the Living One:
Oh! reveal Thy wondrous way,
Still brighter, brighter, to Thy perfect day!

Aflame from east to west, where all was dark,
Send Thy white lightnings hurtling to their mark.
Every empire make Thee room—
The splendor of Thy Gospel banish gloom!

Burst forth, O Bridegroom!
From Thy chambers bright,
That, Time’s deep shadows swallowed up of light,
Forth may stand Thy holy Bride,
And Thy soul’s travail all be satisfied!

Fair as the moon, and clear as Thou her Sun,
Appareled in the robes her faith hath won,
Thou wilt take her then and own
The love nor waters quenched
Nor floods could drown!

Long hath she waited,
Watched and mourned apart:
But now is set a seal upon Thy heart,
Joyful reads the way she trod,
Submissive to the righteousness of God!

Rejoice, ye saints, redemption’s day is near!
Tho’ we know not the hour He shall appear,
Yet shall evening time be light,
And glorious noonday follow heavy night.

Ah! cloudless morn,
When Christ, our Sun, shall rise,
And Heav’n’s great daybreak
Fill th’ unfolding skies!
None shall say, Lo! here!—or there!
For lo! the shining dawn is everywhere.