Scripture Verse

The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14


Henry T. Smart (1813–1879)

Words: M. Wool­sey Stry­ker, 1880. Ap­peared in The Song of Mi­ri­am (Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois: Big­low & Main, 1888), pag­es 11–13.

Music: Spiel­berg Hen­ry T. Smart (1813–1879) (🔊 pdf nwc).

M. Woolsey Stryker (1851–1929)


Thy king­dom come! O ev­er­last­ing Lord!
Fulfilling all the pro­mise of Thy word.
Cover with Thy ma­jes­ty
The earth, as wa­ter­floods o’er­spread the sea!

Let an­ar­chy and lust and false­hood yield
To signs and won­ders of Thine Arm re­vealed;
Wide world king­doms all be one—
The king­dom of our God and Christ His Son.

The winds Thy san­dals and the tides Thy path,
Smite down op­press­ions with Thy rod of wrath.
Everlasting right­eous­ness
Bring in, Thou Prince, the wait­ing years to bless.

Bid tears of joy to long ex­pect­ant eyes.
Broader than noon­day let Thy light arise.
Far and wide Thy truth ad­vance,
And take Thine ut­ter­most in­he­ri­tance.

Thine un­seen scep­ter hath Thy reign be­gun,
Amid the can­dles walks the Liv­ing One:
Oh! re­veal Thy won­drous way,
Still bright­er, bright­er, to Thy per­fect day!

Aflame from east to west, where all was dark,
Send Thy white light­nings hurtl­ing to their mark.
Every em­pire make Thee room—
The splen­dor of Thy Gos­pel ban­ish gloom!

Burst forth, O Bride­groom!
From Thy cham­bers bright,
That, Time’s deep sha­dows swal­lowed up of light,
Forth may stand Thy ho­ly Bride,
And Thy soul’s tra­vail all be sa­tis­fied!

Fair as the moon, and clear as Thou her Sun,
Appareled in the robes her faith hath won,
Thou wilt take her then and own
The love nor wa­ters quenched
Nor floods could drown!

Long hath she wait­ed,
Watched and mourned apart:
But now is set a seal up­on Thy heart,
Joyful reads the way she trod,
Submissive to the right­eous­ness of God!

Rejoice, ye saints, re­demp­tion’s day is near!
Tho’ we know not the hour He shall ap­pear,
Yet shall ev­en­ing time be light,
And glo­ri­ous noon­day fol­low hea­vy night.

Ah! cloud­less morn,
When Christ, our Sun, shall rise,
And Heav’n’s great day­break
Fill th’un­fold­ing skies!
None shall say, Lo! here!—or there!
For lo! the shin­ing dawn is ev­ery­where.