January 7, 1851, Vernon, New York.

December 6, 1929 (possibly in Rome, New York, where he was living in 1924).

Hamilton College Cemetery, Clinton, New York.


Son of Rev. Isaac P. Stryker, Woolsey was educated at Hamilton College, Clinton, New York (1872), and Auburn Theological Seminary, New York City (1876). He entered the ministry in 1876, pastored at Presbyterian churches in Auburn, New York; Ithaca, New York (1878); Holyoke, Massachusetts (1883); and the Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, Illinois; and served as president of Hamilton College, Clinton, New York (1892–1917). He was a student of hymnology, and published several volumes of hymns. His works include:

  1. Almighty Lord, with One Accord
  2. Arouse Thy Church, Almighty God
  3. Burst Forth, O Bridegroom, from Thy Chamber Bright
  4. Death Cannot Make My Soul Afraid
  5. Eternal Day Hath Dawned
  6. Father, as Here We Bow
  7. Four Hundred Years Their Course Have Sped
  8. God of Our Fathers, Our God Today
  9. Lo, Where That Spotless Lamb for Sin Provided
  10. Man the Life-Boat!
  11. My Maker, at Thy Holy Throne
  12. O God, Thy Judgments Give the King
  13. O Thou, Eternal, Changeless, Infinite
  14. O Thou, Omnipresent
  15. O Thou Shepherd of Thine Israel
  16. Our God, and Our Redeemer
  17. Ring Again, Ye Starry Chime
  18. Robbed, Bruised, and Dying, Once I Lay
  19. Sing, Every Boy and Maiden
  20. Sing, Israel, for the Lord Your Strength
  21. Thou, Lord of My Life
  22. Thy Grace Is All of Grace
  23. Thy Kingdom Come, O Blessed Son of God
  24. Tranquilly, Slowly, Solemnly, Lowly
  25. Tribes of Faith from All the Earth, The
  26. We Close Thy Blessed Word
  27. When the Everlasting Lord
  28. While All the Night-Stars Fade and Wane