Scripture Verse

I come quickly.@Revelation 22:12
Barney E. Warren

Words: Jen­nie S. Mast, in Ech­oes from Glo­ry, by Bar­ney War­ren & Dan­i­el S. War­ner (Grand Junc­tion, Mi­chi­gan: Gos­pel Trum­pet Pub­lish­ing, 1893), num­ber 212.

Music: San­to Do­min­go Bar­ney E. War­ren (🔊 pdf nwc).

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Christ is coming, quickly coming,
In a cloud of flaming fire;
Some will rise in glorious brightness,
Others sink beneath His ire.
Oh, the glorious day of triumph,
For the soul that’s robed in white!
Saints will rise with shouts of victory,
Sinners sink to endless night.

Yes, we know that Christ is coming,
Soon we’ll hear the trumpet sound;
We can meet Him, hallelujah!
If in righteousness we’re found.
But, this sinful world of darkness,
In their sins, will sink to hell!
Oh, the awful cries of anguish!
Human tongues can never tell.

He is coming, quickly coming,
Every eye shall see Him then;
Oh, how sweet will be the meeting,
Where we’ll never part again.
Some will cry for rocks and mountains,
For to hide them from His face,
Those who now reject His mercy,
And will not accept His grace.

Christ is coming, quickly coming,
Hear the warning, ye that sleep,
Oh, prepare your soul to meet Him,
Or in anguish you will weep.
If He comes and you’re not ready,
You’ll be banished from His face,
If you now reject His mercy,
You’ll be lost without His grace.

Christ is coming, hallelujah!
Shout His praises, all ye saints,
For we know His smiles will greet us,
As we enter thro’ the gates.
We are ready, clad in whiteness,
All our sins are washed away;
With our blessèd, loving Savior,
We’ll abide in endless day.