Scripture Verse

Male and female created He them. Genesis 1:27


Adam and Eve
Albrecht Dürer

Words: Bri­an Wren, 1973.

Music: Sus­sex Car­ol Eng­lish car­ol, ar­ranged by Ralph Vaugh­an Will­iams, 1919 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Brian Wren


As man and wo­man we were made
That love be found and life begun,
So praise the Lord who made us two,
And praise the Lord when two are one;
Praise for the love that comes to life
Through child or par­ent, hus­band, wife.

Now Je­sus lived and gave His love
To make our life and lov­ing new;
So ce­le­brate with Him to­day
And drink the joy He of­fers you;
That makes the sim­ple mo­ment shine
And changes wa­ter into wine.

And Je­sus died to live again,
So praise the love that, come what may,
Can bring the dawn and clear the skies,
And waits to wipe all tears away;
And let us hope for what shall be,
Believing where we can­not see.

Then spread the table, clear the hall,
And ce­le­brate till day is done;
Let peace go deep be­tween us all
And joy be shared by ev­ery­one;
Laugh and make mer­ry with your friends,
And praise the love that nev­er ends!