Scripture Verse

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men! Luke 2:14


Words: Lew­is P. Hughes, in Song Crown, by Aus­tin Tay­lor et al. (Aus­tin, Tex­as: Firm Foun­da­tion Pub­lish­ing, 1912), num­ber 138.

Music: So­la­no Lew­is P. Hughes (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a good pho­to of Hughes (head & shoul­ders, at least 200×300 pix­els),


Thomas Wilmer Dewing, 1884

Angels from the realms of glo­ry
Unto Beth­le­hem they came
To pro­claim the birth of Je­sus,
Born for sin­ners to re­deem.


Glory in the high­est, glo­ry!
Peace on earth, good will to men;
Listen to the won­drous sto­ry,
Christ is born in Beth­le­hem!

Shepherds heard the an­gel story
While they watched their flocks by night,
And the glo­ry of Je­ho­vah
Shone around in ra­di­ant light.


And the an­gel said un­to them,
Fear not, for be­hold I bring
Unto you great joy and tid­ings
Of a Sav­ior, priest and king.