Oc­to­ber 14, 1881, Mor­gan­town, Ken­tuc­ky.

Jan­u­a­ry 1, 1973, Uval­de, Tex­as.

Uval­de Ce­me­te­ry, Uval­de, Tex­as.


Austin was the son of Gar­rard Banks Tay­lor and Su­san Hol­lo­way, and husband of Au­gus­ta Bar­ba­ra Jer­ger.

In 1890, his fa­mi­ly moved to Sher­man, Tex­as, where he stu­died mu­sic.

Taylor first taught in a sing­ing school at age 18, and pub­lished his first song book in 1905. He was ac­tive as a song lead­er for Church­es of Christ in the south and south­west Unit­ed States, wrote 200 songs, pub­lished two do­zen of his own song books, and worked as an ed­it­or for the Firm Foun­da­tion Com­pa­ny in Aus­tin, Te­as. He al­so served at the Tex­as Nor­mal Sing­ing School in Sa­bi­nal, Tex­as, for 27 years, re­tir­ing in 1972.

His works in­clude:

  1. Be Sow­ing the Seed
  2. Call from the Is­lands, The
  3. Closer to Thee
  4. Come, and I Will Give You Rest
  5. Do All in the Name of the Lord
  6. For Christ and the Church We Voice Our Love
  7. Forth to the Field
  8. Have You Drift­ed Away from Mo­ther?
  9. Hold to the Sav­ior’s Hand
  10. He’s More Than All This World to Me
  11. Home on the Banks of the Ri­ver
  12. I Want to Be Like Him
  13. Jesus Is All in All
  14. Jesus Is Strong and Able to Save
  15. Jesus, Sav­ior, Keep Me Ho­ly
  16. Keep the Gos­pel Mes­sage Roll­ing On
  17. Listen, Sin­ner, Some­one’s at the Door
  18. Living in the Sun­light
  19. Lost, Is the Cry from the Moun­tain Steps
  20. Love of Je­sus Reach­es Down, The
  21. Nearer and Dear­er Is Je­sus to Me
  22. On the Rock of Ag­es
  23. On the Sun Bright Road of Cal­va­ry
  24. One by One
  25. Peace in My Soul
  26. Prepare to Meet Thy God
  27. Rejoice and Sing
  28. Safely the Nine­ty and Nine Are Shel­tered
  29. Sinner, Is Your Heart Wea­ry?
  30. Some Cloud­less Morn­ing We Shall Rise
  31. There’s a Work for Ev­ery Chris­tian
  32. When My Work on Earth Is Done
  33. When the Morn­ing Dawns of the Judg­ment Day
  34. Will You Take the Gos­pel There?