Scripture Verse

I will extol Thee, my God, O King. Psalm 145:1


Richard Mant (1776–1848)

Words: Ri­chard Mant, Me­tric­al Ver­sion of the Psal­ter 1824.

Music: Stutt­gart Psal­mo­dia Sac­ra, by Chris­tian F. Witt (Go­tha Ge­rma­ny: 1715). Adapt­ed by Hen­ry J. Gaunt­lett (1805–1876) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tune:

Henry J. Gauntlett (1805–1876)
National Portrait Gallery



God, my king, Thy might confess­ing,
Ever will I bless Thy name;
Day by day Thy throne address­ing,
Still will I Thy praise pro­claim.

Honor great our God be­fit­teth;
Who His majesty can reach?
Age to age His works trans­mit­teth,
Age to age His power shall teach.

They shall talk of all Thy glo­ry,
On Thy might and greatness dwell,
Speak of Thy dread acts the sto­ry,
And Thy deeds of wonder tell.

Nor shall fail from memory’s trea­sure
Works by love and mercy wrought;
Works of love surpassing mea­sure,
Works of mercy passing thought.

Full of kindness and com­pass­ion,
Slow to anger, vast in love,
God is good to all creation;
All His works His goodness prove.

All Thy works, O Lord, shall bless Thee;
Thee shall all Thy saints adore:
King supreme shall they confess Thee,
And pro­claim Thy sovereign pow­er.