Come over…and help us.@Acts 16:9

Martin M. Knapp, Bible Songs of Salvation and Victory (Cincinnati, Ohio: M. W. Knapp, 1902), number 126.

Santiago Robert B. Finch, 1898 (🔊 pdf nwc).

A young Jewess had been converted in London through her German governess. She had been forbidden to read the New Testament by her parents, who were ardent Jews; but while reading Isaiah 53 she found the Messiah, and was soon expelled from her home. She then went to Germany, and herself acted as governess for several years. When she heard of Mr. Moody’s work at Northfield [Massachusetts], she decided to go there. Having been entertained in London for a few weeks by Mr. Denny, a prominent layman, this gentleman asked me one day in London, as I was about to sail for America, if I would see her safely across the ocean, which I promised to do. In Louisville she first saw Mr. Moody. On leaving Louisville she went to New York and applied to the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions for appointment as a foreign missionary. There being some delay in accepting her application, she decided to go with the Rev. Hudson Taylor, whom she had met at Northfield. On arriving in China she adopted the garb of the Chinese women, and became a faithful and useful worker. After two years she was married to a missionary from Scotland. They are still engaged in missionary work in Northern China.

Sankey, pp. 339–40

Martin W. Knapp (1853–1901)

From China’s dark dominions
Unto Columbia free,
We’ve heard the cries of anguish
Which echo o’er the sea.
We’ve heard the royal summons
Of Jesus crucified,
To hasten to the rescue
Of those for whom He died.


We’re coming, yes, we’re coming
On wings of love we fly,
To bear the Gospel message
Ere waiting millions die.

Our hearts with pain are bleeding
That we have been so slow,
To heed these pleading voices
And on our mission go.
Forgive us! oh, forgive us!
Ye nations far away,
Forgive us, gracious Father!
In Jesus’ name we pray.


With songs and joy of gladness
Our offerings we give,
That all the heathen nations
May look to Christ and live.
Though deep the pain in parting,
Our children, too, may go,
And tell the thirsting millions
Where living waters flow.


Then heathen nations bending
At Jesus’ feet shall fall,
And join with saints and angels,
And crown Him Lord of all.
Till over earth triumphant
His ransomed Church shall reign,
When Jesus in His glory
With joy shall come again.