Scripture Verse

He, bearing His cross, went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha. John 19:17


Words: By the com­pil­ers of Hymns An­cient and Mo­dern and oth­ers.

Music: Swan­sea, tra­di­tion­al tune. Har­mo­ny by Will­iam H. Monk in Hymns An­cient and Mo­dern, 1875 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tune:

William H. Monk


God the Father, God the Son,
God the Spirit, Three in One,
Hear us from Thy heavenly throne,
Spare us, Holy Trinity.

Jesus, who for us didst bear,
Scorn and sorrow, toil and care,
Hearken to our lowly prayer;
Hear us, Holy Jesu.

By that hour of agony,
Spent while Thine apostles three
Slumbered in Gethsemane,
Hear us, Holy Jesu.

By the prayer Thou thrice didst pray
That the cup might pass away,
So Thou mightest still obey,
Hear us, Holy Jesu.

By the kiss of treachery,
To Thy foes betraying Thee,
By Thy harsh captivity,
Hear us, Holy Jesu.

By the scourging Thou hast borne,
By the purple robe of scorn,
By the reed and crown of thorn,
Hear us, Holy Jesu.

By the insult of the Jews,
When Barabbas they would choose,
And did Thee their King refuse,
Hear us, Holy Jesu.

By Thy going forth to die,
When they raised the wicked cry,
Crucify Him, crucify!
Hear us, Holy Jesu.

By the cross which Thou didst bear,
By the cup they bade Thee share,
Mingled gall and vinegar,
Hear us, Holy Jesu.

By Thy nailing to the tree,
By the title over Thee,
By the gloom of Calvary,
Hear us, Holy Jesu.

By the parting of Thy clothes,
By the mocking of Thy foes,
As they watched Thy dying woes,
Hear us, Holy Jesu.

By Thy seven words then said,
By the bowing of Thy head,
By Thy numbering with the dead,
Hear us, Holy Jesu.

When temptation sore is rife,
When we faint amidst the strife.
Thou, whose death hath been our life,
Save us, Holy Jesu.

While on stormy seas we toss,
Let us count all things as loss
But Thee only on Thy cross,
Save us, Holy Jesu.

So, with hope in Thee made fast,
When death’s bitterness is past,
We may see Thy face at last,
Save us, Holy Jesu.