Speak, Lord; for Thy servant heareth.@1 Samuel 3:10
Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

Charles Wesley, Hymns and Sacred Poems 1740. The original version had an additional first stanza that began, Saviour, Who ready art to hear. The current version first appeared in the Wesley Hymn Book, 1780. Wesley’s text may have been inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost, Book IV, lines 639-40: With thee conversing, I forget all time, All seasons and their change; all please alike.

Soho Joseph Barnby, 1881 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Joseph Barnby (1838–1896)

Talk with us, Lord, Thyself reveal,
While here o’er earth we rove;
Speak to our hearts, and let us feel
The kindling of Thy love.

With Thee conversing, we forget
All time, and toil, and care;
Labor is rest, and pain is sweet,
If Thou, my God, art here.

Here, then, my God, vouchsafe to stay,
And bid my heart rejoice;
My bounding heart shall own Thy sway,
And echo to Thy voice.

Thou callest me to seek Thy face,
’Tis all I wish to seek;
To attend the whispers of Thy grace,
And hear Thee inly speak.

Let this my every hour employ,
Till I Thy glory see;
Enter into my master’s joy,
And find my heaven in Thee.