December 18, 1707, Epworth, Lincolnshire, England.

March 29, 1788, London, England.

East Finchley Cemetery, London, England.


Charles was the son of Sam­u­el Wes­ley and Su­san­na An­nes­ley, brother of John Wes­ley, and husband of Sar­ah Wes­ley.

Charles wrote over 6,000 hymns, and, as with most hymnists, his works were frequently altered. In the preface to the 1779 Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People Called Meth­od­ists, his brother John wrote:

I beg leave to mention a thought which has been long upon my mind, and which I should long ago have inserted in the public papers, had I not been unwilling to stir up a nest of hornets. Many gentlemen have done my brother and me (though without naming us) the honour to reprint many of our hymns. Now they are perfectly welcome to do so, provided they print them just as they are. But I desire they would not attempt to mend them, for they are really not able. None of them is able to mend either the sense or the verse. Therefore, I must beg of them these two favours: either to let them stand just as they are, to take things for better or worse, or to add the true reading in the margin, or at the bottom of the page, that we may no longer be accountable either for the nonsense or for the dog­ger­el of other men.

In addition to hymn writing, Charles & John founded the movement which became the Meth­od­ist denomination.

  1. Absolute Faith, O Lord, I Owe
  2. According to Thy Faithful Word
  3. Adored by the Acclaiming Crowd
  4. Advancement in Thy Kingdom Here
  5. Ah, Foolish Man, Who Hears Thy Word
  6. Ah, Leave Us Not, Above Our Power
  7. Ah, My Dear Loving Lord
  8. Ah! Lord, with Late Regret I Own
  9. Ah, Lord, with Trembling I Confess
  10. Ah! My Dear, Loving Lord
  11. Ah Simple Souls, Who Fondly Dream
  12. Ah! Whither Should I Go?
  13. Ah! Why Am I Left to Complain?
  14. Ah! Woe Is Me, Constrained to Dwell
  15. Ah, Wretched Souls, Who Urged by Shame
  16. All Glory to God in the Sky
  17. All Glory to Our Gracious Lord
  18. All Hail the Savior’s Hallowed Cross
  19. All Kinds and All Degrees of Sin
  20. All Praise to the Lord
  21. All Thanks and Praise to God Belong
  22. All Things Are Possible
  23. All Thy Commands I Shall Fulfill
  24. All Wise, All Good, Almighty Lord
  25. All Praise to Him Who Dwells in Bliss
  26. All Praise to Our Redeeming Lord
  27. All Ye That Pass By
  28. All Ye That Seek the Lord Who Died
  29. Allured into the Desert
  30. Almighty Lord of Earth and Sky
  31. Ambassadors of God
  32. Amen to All That God Has Said
  33. And Am I Born to Die?
  34. And Am I Only Born to Die?
  35. And Are We Yet Alive?
  36. And Can It Be That I Should Gain?
  37. And Dost Thou Not Thyself Suspect?
  38. And Let Our Bodies Part
  39. And Let This Feeble Body Fail
  40. And Must I Be to Judgment Brought?
  41. And Shall We Now Turn Back?
  42. And Still We Trust in Thee
  43. Angel of Covenanted Grace
  44. Angels Gazed to See Their God, The
  45. Angels Speak, Let Man Give Ear
  46. Angels Your March Oppose
  47. Are Words the Proof of Sin Forgiven?
  48. Arise, My Soul, Arise
  49. Arm of the Lord, Awake, Awake!
  50. Assist Me, Lord, Against That Day
  51. Author of Faith, Eternal Word
  52. Author of Faith, the Grace Impart
  53. Author of Faith, We Seek Thy Face
  54. Awake, Jerusalem, Awake!
  55. Awake, Thou Guilty World, Awake
  56. Away My Faithless Fear
  57. Away, My Unbelieving Fear!
  58. Away This Soft, Luxurious Pride!
  59. Away, Vain Thoughts, That Stir Within
  60. Away with All Your Boastings Vain
  61. Away with Our Fears!
  62. Away with Our Fears
  63. Away with Our Sorrow and Fear
  64. Be It According to Thy Word!
  65. Be It My Only Wisdom Here
  66. Be Merciful, O God, to Me
  67. Because Thou Hast Said
  68. Behold, How Good a Thing
  69. Behold the Miracle Renewed!
  70. Behold the Servant of the Lord
  71. Behold, Ye Souls That Mourn for God
  72. Being of Beings
  73. Bishop of Souls, Regard Our Cry
  74. Blessing, Honor, Thanks and Praise
  75. Blest Be Our Everlasting Lord
  76. Blest Be the Dear Uniting Love
  77. Blind to Thee, O Lord, and Lame
  78. Blood of Innocents I Bear, The
  79. Blow Ye the Trump, in Sion Blow
  80. Blow Ye the Trumpet, Blow
  81. Book—Let All Bow Down and Read, The
  82. Branch of Jesse’s Stem, Arise
  83. Break Forth into Praise
  84. Break, Stubborn Heart, and Sigh No More
  85. Breathe into This Foul Heart of Mine
  86. Brethren in Christ, and Well Beloved
  87. Brethren, the End Is Near
  88. Brought into the Fire I Am
  89. Brought into the Fire, Thy Wonderful Power
  90. But Doth It, Lord, Thy Wonder Raise?
  91. But if Thou Wilt Not Save Us Here
  92. But if You Needs Must Work Before
  93. But Long as I My Sins Repeat
  94. But Where Thou Didst for Ages Dwell
  95. But Will Not Our Almighty Lord
  96. By a Miracle of Grace
  97. By Faith Accounted Just
  98. By Faith I Babel’s Fall Foresee
  99. By Faith I Set Me on the Tower
  100. By Faith I to the Fountain Fly
  101. By Faith We Find the Place Above
  102. By My Own Backslidings I
  103. By Not Appearing on Thy Side
  104. By the Blood of the Lamb
  105. By Willful Sin the Man Who Wrongs
  106. Called to Sustain the Hallowed Cross
  107. Can a Law from God Proceed
  108. Can a True Follower of Thine
  109. Can God Remove the Stone Within?
  110. Can I Gain by Losing Thee?
  111. Can the Bands of Death Detain?
  112. Can the Ethiop Change His Skin?
  113. Can These Dry Bones Perceive?
  114. Can They Discharge the Debt in Hell?
  115. Can We in Unbelievers Find
  116. Can We Believe This Precious Word?
  117. Can Ye the Spirit’s Course Confine?
  118. Canst Thou Then Without Compassion
  119. Captain of Israel’s Host
  120. Captain of My Salvation, Hear!
  121. Captain, We Look to Thee
  122. Caught by th’Almighty Hand
  123. Causeless Curse Is Lost on Me, The
  124. Caution Is Not Vain, The
  125. Celebrate Immanuel’s Name
  126. Center of Our Hopes Thou Art
  127. Charge to Keep I Have, A
  128. Chastened Thus, O Lord, I Know
  129. Children to the Birth Are Come, The
  130. Christ from Whom All Blessings Flow
  131. Christ, My Hidden Life Appear
  132. Christ, Our Head, and Common Lord
  133. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
  134. Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies
  135. Church in Her Militant State, The
  136. Clap Your Hands, Ye People All
  137. Clothed in Our Flesh and Blood
  138. Collected, Perfected in One
  139. Come All Who Love the Slaughtered Lamb
  140. Come, and Let Us Sweetly Join
  141. Come Away to the Skies
  142. Come, Divine Interpreter
  143. Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
  144. Come, Holy Ghost, All-Quickening Fire
  145. Come, Holy Ghost, Our Hearts Inspire
  146. Come, King of Saints, So Long Concealed
  147. Come, Let Us Anew Our Journey Pursue
  148. Come, Let Us Ascend
  149. Come, Let Us Join Our Friends Above
  150. Come, Let Us Join the Hosts Above
  151. Come, Let Us Our Good God Proclaim
  152. Come, Let Us Rise with Christ
  153. Come, Let Us to the Lord Return
  154. Come, Let Us Use the Grace Divine
  155. Come, Let Us Who in Christ Believe
  156. Come, Lord, and Help Me to Rejoice
    • O Glorious Hope of Perfect Love
  157. Come, Lord, to All, Fear Off and Near
  158. Come, My God, Jehovah, Come
  159. Come, O My Chosen People, Come
  160. Come, O My Soul, the Call Obey
  161. Come, O Thou All Victorious Lord
  162. Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown
  163. Come, O Thou Breath Divine
  164. Come On, My Partners in Distress
  165. Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast
  166. Come, the Lord Our Righteousness
  167. Come Then, the Purging Flame
  168. Come Then, Thou Prophet of the Lord
  169. Come, Thou Almighty King
  170. Come, Thou Conqueror of the Nations
  171. Come, Thou Everlasting Lord
  172. Come, Thou Everlasting Spirit
  173. Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus
    • Come, O Savior, Long Expected
    • Come, Thou Savior, Long Expected
    • Hail, Thou Long Expected Jesus
  174. Come, Thou Omniscient Son of Man
  175. Come, Thou Universal Blessing
  176. Come to Judgment
  177. Come, to the House of Mourning Come
  178. Come, Wisdom, Power, and Grace Divine
  179. Come Ye That Seek the Lord
  180. Come, Ye Weary Sinners, Come
  181. Comfort, Ye Ministers of Grace
  182. Darkness in Ourselves, We Shine
  183. Day of Christ, the Day of God, The
  184. Day, the Dreadful Day, Draws Nigh
  185. Day, the Gospel Day Draws Near, The
  186. Death Devoted Race, A
  187. Deliver Us from Evil, Lord
  188. Deliverance Is on Zion’s Hill
  189. Depart, Ye Ransomed Sols, Depart
  190. Depth of Mercy
  191. Determined I Am Thro’ Jesus’ Grace
  192. Did Jesus for the World Atone
  193. Dismissed, I Calmly Go My Way
  194. Draw Near, Ye Strangers to Our God
  195. Dreadful Day Is Come, The
  196. Dreadful, Pride Chastising Word
  197. Dreadful, Sin Chastising God
  198. Dreadful Soul-O’erwhelming Word!
  199. Drooping Soul, Shake Off Thy Fears
  200. Earth, Rejoice, the Lord Hath Raised
  201. Earth with All Her Fullness Owns, The
  202. E’en Those Unhappy Souls He Bought
  203. Elder Serves the Younger Now, The
  204. Engrave Her Doom upon My Heart
  205. Enslaved to Sense, to Pleasure Prone
  206. Essence Incomprehensible
  207. Eternal Beam of Light Divine
  208. Eternal Son, Eternal Love
  209. Eternal Spirit, Come
  210. Eternal Sun of Righteousness
  211. Ever Fainting with Desire
  212. Every Deed, and Word, and Thought
  213. Every One Who Thee Believes
  214. Evil I Then Must Be
  215. Evil or Good, Thou Lov’st Us All
  216. Excused from Every Needless Care
  217. Expecting, Lord, Thine Awful Day
  218. Eye Hath Not Seen, Ear Hath Not Heard
  219. Fain Would I, Lord, The Word Receive
  220. Faithful and True, for This We Wait
  221. Father, by Right Divine
  222. Father, Create My Heart Again
  223. Father, for Jesu’s Sake Alone
  224. Father for Power I Groan
  225. Father, Glorify Thy Son
  226. Father, God, We Glorify
  227. Father, How Wide Thy Glories Shine
  228. Father, I All Thy Fullness Want
  229. Father, I Ask in Jesu’s Name
  230. Father, I Now My Sin Confess
  231. Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee
  232. Father, I Will, I Do Repent
  233. Father, if Thou Must Reprove
  234. Father, if Thou My Father Art
  235. Father, in Our Hearts Reveal
  236. Father, in the Mighty Name
  237. Father, in Whom We Live
  238. Father, Make Good Thy Word of Grace
  239. Father, Now to Israel Raise
  240. Father of All, Whose Powerful Voice
  241. Father of Earth and Sky
  242. Father of Everlasting Grace
  243. Father of Faithful Abraham
  244. Father of Jesus Christ, My Lord
  245. Father of Jesus Christ Our Lord
  246. Father of Me, and All Mankind
  247. Father of Omnipresent Grace
  248. Father of My Dying Lord
  249. Father of Uncreated Light
  250. Father, Our Hearts We Lift
  251. Father, Son and Holy Ghost
  252. Father, Son, and Spirit, Hear
  253. Father, Thro’ Thy Son to Me
  254. Father, Thy Heavenly Voice I Own
  255. Father, Thy Kind Design Explain
  256. Father, to Me the Faith Impart
  257. Father, to Thee and to the Lamb
  258. Father, Whose Everlasting Love
  259. Favor and Peace on Earth
  260. Feeblest of All Thy People, I
  261. Fiery Law by Moses Given, The
  262. Fiery Trial, The
  263. First Faint Spark of Good Desire, The
  264. Fishers of Men ’Tis Thine to Make
  265. Fly, to the Mountains Fly
  266. For One Imprisoned for Righteousness’ Sake
  267. For Sion’s Sake I Will Not Cease
  268. For the Hiding of Thy Face
  269. For th’Omniscient’s Information
  270. For Thy Truth and Mercy’s Sake
  271. Forbear, My Foe, Thy Triumph Vain
  272. Forbid It, Lord, That I Should Be
  273. Forbid It, Lord, That I Should Strive
  274. Forever Here My Rest Shall Be
  275. Forgive Me, O Long Suffering God
  276. Forgive My Foes? It Cannot Be
  277. Forth in Thy Name, O Lord
  278. Fountain of All the Good We See
  279. Fountain of Life and of Grace, A
  280. Fountain of Life to All Below
  281. From the Fools Reputed Wise
  282. From Whence These Dire Portents Around?
  283. Full of Providential Love
  284. Gather the Nations in That Day
  285. Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild
    • Holy Jesus, Savior Mild
    • Loving Jesus, Gentle Lamb
  286. Give Glory to Your God and Lord
  287. Give Me a New, a Perfect Heart
  288. Give Me, Lord, if Thou Art He
  289. Give Me, O Lord, My Soul t’Abase
  290. Give Me the Enlarged Desire
  291. Give Me the Faith Which Can Remove
  292. Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
  293. Giver and Guardian of My Sleep
    • Thy Presence, Lord, the Place Shall Fill
  294. Giver of Concord, Prince of Peace
  295. Gladly I Take Thy Love’s Advice
  296. Glorious God, Accept a Heart
  297. Glory and Thanks to Thee We Give
  298. Glory Be to God Above
  299. Glory Be to God on High (1)
  300. Glory Be to God on High (2)
  301. Glory to God, Whose Gracious Care
  302. Glory to God, Whose Gracious Power
  303. Glory to God, Whose Sovereign Grace
  304. God in Christ, Appear, and Seal
  305. God Is Gone Up on High
  306. God of All Power and Truth and Grace
  307. God of All Power, and Truth and Love
  308. God of Awful Majesty
  309. God of Daniel, Hear My Prayer
  310. God of Eternal Majesty
  311. God of Eternal Truth and Grace
  312. God of Glorious Majesty
  313. God of Heav’n, Appear Below
  314. God of Infinite Compassion
  315. God of Israel’s Faithful Three
  316. God of Love That Hear’st the Prayer
  317. God of My Life, Whose Gracious Power
  318. God of My Salvation, Hear
  319. God of Our Life, at Thy Command
  320. God of Truth, and Power, and Love
  321. God of Truth, We Wait on Thee
  322. God of Unexhausted Grace
  323. God Only Wise, and Great, and Strong
  324. God, Whose Mercies Never End
  325. Good for Us, Thy Joy to Share
  326. Good, I Feel It Is, for Me
  327. Good Is the Saying of My Lord
  328. Good Thou Art, and Good Thou Dost
  329. Goods for Many Years Laid Up
  330. Grace, the Fountain of All Good
  331. Grace Unconditional and Free
  332. Grain of Grace May We Not See, A
  333. Grant Me That Bold Simplicity
  334. Granted Is the Savior’s Prayer
  335. Great and Marvelous in Grace
  336. Great Archangel’s Trump, The
  337. Great Builder of Thy Church, Appear
  338. Great Founder of Thy Church, in Thee
  339. Great God! To Me the Sight Afford
  340. Great God, Who, Ready to Forgive
  341. Great in Evil Is the Day
  342. Great Is Our Redeeming Lord
  343. Hail, Co-Essential Three
  344. Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise
  345. Happy Forever, Happy I
  346. Happy Magdalene, to Whom
  347. Happy Soul, That, Free from Harms
  348. Happy Soul, Thy Days Are Ended
  349. Happy Souls That Christ Obey
  350. Happy the Man That Finds the Grace
  351. Happy the Man, Who Poor and Low
  352. Happy the Soul Who Sees the Day
  353. Happy the Souls That First Believed
  354. Happy the Souls to Jesus Joined
  355. Happy They, Who Humbly Dread
  356. Hark! A Voice Divides the Sky
  357. Hark, How the Watchmen Cry
  358. Hark! the Herald Angels Sing
  359. Harmless in Act, and Word, and Thought
  360. Harvest of My Joys Is Past, The
  361. Hast Thou Not Heard My Sad Complain?
  362. Hasten, Lord, the Day of Rests
  363. Hasten, Lord, the Promised Day
  364. Hasten That Happiest Gospel Day
  365. Have I Not Found That Pearl Divine?
  366. Have Mercy, Lord, Thy Wrath Remove
  367. He Came from Heaven to Kindle Fire
  368. He Comes! He Comes! the Judge Severe!
  369. He Hath Been Lifted Up for Me
  370. He Thirsted to Redeem His Foe
  371. He Wills That I Should Holy Be
  372. Head of Thy Church, for Thee We Look
  373. Head of Thy Church Triumphant
  374. Head of Thy Church, Whose Spirit Fills
  375. Hear, Heaven and Earth, Your God’s Appeal
  376. Hear This, Thou Prosperous Wretched Man
  377. Hear Ye Dry Bones, and Feel
  378. Hearken to the Solemn Voice
  379. Hearkening to Their Shepherd’s Voice
  380. Hearts of Stone, Relent, Relent
  381. Heavenly Father, Sovereign Lord
  382. Help, Lord! The Busy Foe
    • The Praying Spirit Breathe
  383. Help Me, Lord, on Whom Alone
  384. Help Me to Make the Poor My Friends
  385. Here in the Depth of Sweet Distress
  386. Him Dead and Buried We Confess
  387. Him in Whom All Fullness Dwells
  388. Himself How Shall a Sinner Know?
  389. His Mercies in Jesus Renewed
  390. Ho! Every One That Thirsts, Draw Nigh
  391. Holiness of Holiness
  392. Holy as Thou, O Lord, Is None
  393. Holy, Holy, Lord
  394. Holy Lamb, Who Thee Confess
  395. Holy, Thou Knowst, I Fain Would Be
  396. Honor and Praise, O Christ, Receive
  397. Hope of Thy Church, and Savior, Hear!
  398. Hosanna in the Highest
  399. Hosannah to the Son
  400. How Am I Healed, if Still Again
  401. How Beautiful His Feet Appear
  402. How Can a Sinner Know?
  403. How Can I Doubt Thy Will?
  404. How Can I My Own Heart Renew?
  405. How Can the Brethren Testify?
  406. How Does He Take the Lowest Place
  407. How Dreadful Is the Place
  408. How Dreadful Is the Sinner’s Fate
  409. How Glorious Is the Life Above
  410. How Good and Pleasant ’Tis to See
  411. How Great Thy Beauty, Who Can Tell?
  412. How Happy Are the Little Flock
  413. How Happy Are Thy Servants, Lord
  414. How Happy Are We
  415. How Happy Every Child of Grace
  416. How Happy Is the Man
  417. How Hath He Loved Us? How?
  418. How Long Shall I Languish and Moan?
  419. How Lovely Are Thy Tents, O Lord!
  420. How Many Pass the Guilty Night
  421. How May We Resemble God?
  422. How Often, Lord, Have I Believed
  423. How Shall I Give Thee Up?
  424. How Shall We Do the Thing Enjoined?
  425. How Small the Gift It Matters Not
  426. How Then Shall Sinners Meet the Lord
  427. Howe’er the Nicolaitans Claim
  428. Humbly I Do Inquire of Thee
  429. Hymn for Midnight, A
  430. Hymn on the Titles of Christ
  431. I Ask No More, How Can It Be?
  432. I Call the World’s Redeemer Mine
  433. I Cannot Speak a Word, or Do
  434. I Cannot Wash My Heart
  435. I Do Believe Thou Canst, Thou Wilt
  436. I Follow on to Know
  437. I Have Need of a Physician
  438. I Hear, the Rod I Hear
  439. I Know That My Redeemer Lives
  440. I Seek the Kingdom First
  441. I Seek to Touch My Powerful Lord
  442. I Shall, When Thou Bestow’st the Power
  443. I Take Thee at Thy Word
  444. I the Good Fight Have Fought
  445. I Too Have Done the Same
  446. I Too Will Magnify the Lord
  447. I Trust Thy Promise, Lord, to Break
  448. I Want a Principle Within
  449. I Want the Weeping Prophet’s Heart
  450. I Will Hearken What My Lord
  451. I Will, Thro’ Grace I Will
  452. If Death My Friend and Me Divide
  453. If for a World a Soul Be Lost
  454. If Grace Doth More Than Sin Abound
  455. If Taught by Him, I Understand
  456. If Thou Dost Thy Gospel Bless
  457. If Thou The Power of Asking Give
  458. If Thou Thy Healing Power Exert
  459. If Willful Sin Hath Blinded Me
  460. If with My All I Cannot Part
  461. In Age and Feebleness Extreme
  462. In Every Fiery Hour
  463. In Every Time and Place
  464. In Hope of Perfect Liberty
  465. In Pure Obedience to Thy Will
  466. In Tenderest Pity to Thine Own
  467. In the Discriminating Day
  468. In Vain Doth Earthly Bliss Afford
  469. In Vain with Angry Hearts We Dare
  470. Infinite God, to Thee We Raise
  471. Infinite, Unexhausted Love!
  472. Inspire Me, Savior, with That Power
  473. Inspirer of the Ancient Seers
  474. Instruments of Our Salvation
  475. Inward Baptism of Fire, Lord, An
  476. Is It Not the Shepherd’s Voice?
  477. Is There a Soul Thou Dost Not Call?
  478. Israel’s, Judah’s Tribes Command
  479. It Is the Lord, Who Doth Not Grieve
  480. Jehovah from Jehovah Sent
  481. Jehovah, God the Father, Bless
  482. Jehovah to His Temple Came
  483. Jesu, at Whose Supreme Command
  484. Jesu, Friend of Sinners, Hear
  485. Jesu, Gentle, Loving Lamb
  486. Jesu, Great Redeemer, Hear
  487. Jesu, Hear a Sinner’s Prayer
  488. Jesu, My Strength, My Hope
  489. Jesu, Redeemer of Mankind
    • What Is Our Calling’s Glorious Hope?
  490. Jesu, Shall I Never Be?
  491. Jesu, Show Us Thy Salvation
  492. Jesu, Sin-Atoning Lamb
  493. Jesu, Take My Sins Away
  494. Jesu, the Growing Work Is Thine
  495. Jesu, the Life, the Truth, the Way
  496. Jesu, Thou All Redeeming Lord
  497. Jesu, Thou Hast Bid Us Pray
  498. Jesu Thou Knowst My Simpleness
  499. Jesu, Thy Weak Disciples See
  500. Jesu, to Thee Our Hearts We Lift
  501. Jesu, United by Thy Grace
  502. Jesu, What Hast Thou Bestowed?
  503. Jesu, Wherewith Shall I Draw Near
  504. Jesus, All Power Is Given to Thee
  505. Jesus, Angel of the Lord
  506. Jesus, as in the Ancient Days
  507. Jesus, Beneath the Sense I Groan
  508. Jesus, Bid the Chains Be Broke
  509. Jesus, by Thine Almighty Hands
  510. Jesus, by Whom Redeemed I Live
  511. Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
  512. Jesus, Come, My Soul’s Physician
  513. Jesus, Come, the World’s Desire
  514. Jesus, Directed by Thy Word
  515. Jesus, Display Thy Sovereign Skill
  516. Jesus, Extend Thine Hand of Grace
  517. Jesus, Fix Thy Kingdom Here!
  518. Jesus From, Not In, Our Sins
  519. Jesus, from Thy Servants Taken
  520. Jesus, from Whom All Blessings Flow
  521. Jesu, Fulfill the Gospel Word
  522. Jesus, Great Shepherd of the Sheep
  523. Jesus, I Fain Would Find
  524. Jesus, I to Thy Temple Go
  525. Jesus, if Mine Thou Art
  526. Jesus, if Our Faith Be True
  527. Jesus, if Thou Thy Servant Guard
  528. Jesus, in Thy Great Name I Go
  529. Jesus Is Our Common Lord
  530. Jesus, Let All Thy Lovers Shine
  531. Jesus, Let Thy Pitying Eye
  532. Jesus, Lord, Assume Thy Right
  533. Jesus, Lord, Our Hearts Inspire
  534. Jesus, Lord, We Look to Thee
  535. Jesus, Lover of My Soul
  536. Jesus, My Advocate Above
  537. Jesus My Advocate Hath Been
  538. Jesus, My Master, and My Lord
  539. Jesus, My Savior, Brother, Friend
  540. Jesus, My Strength, My Hope
  541. Jesus, My Truth, My Way
  542. Jesus, My Vehement Spirit Pants
  543. Jesus, on Me the Want Bestow
  544. Jesus on the Celestial Hill
  545. Jesus, Out of Our Hearts Remove
  546. Jesus, Prepare Thy Meanest Guest
  547. Jesus, Rebuke My Fiery Zeal
  548. Jesus, Soft, Harmonious Name
  549. Jesus, Succeed Our Ministry
  550. Jesus, the All-Restoring Word
  551. Jesus, the Cause Belongs to Thee
  552. Jesus, the Church Is Our Stronghold
  553. Jesus the Conqueror Reigns
  554. Jesus, the Crowning Grace Impart
  555. Jesus, the First and Last
  556. Jesus, the Glory Take!
  557. Jesus, the Grace Re-Give
  558. Jesus! The Name High over All
  559. Jesus, the Rising Lord of All
  560. Jesus, the Sinner’s Friend
  561. Jesus, the Son of God, in Thee
  562. Jesus, the Truth and Power Divine
  563. Jesus, the Word, by Which Alone
  564. Jesus, Thee in Faith We Claim
  565. Jesus, Thine All Victorious Love
  566. Jesus, Thou Art That Morning Star!
  567. Jesus, Thou Dear Redeeming Lord
  568. Jesus, Thou Soul of All Our Joys
  569. Jesus, Thou Sovereign Lord of All
  570. Jesus, Thy Name We Bless
  571. Jesus, Thy People’s Hearts Inflame
  572. Jesus, Thy Saving Name I Bless
  573. Jesus, Thy Spirit’s Power Exert
  574. Jesus, to Me the Joy Impart
  575. Jesus, United by Thy Fear
  576. Jesus, We Look to Thee
  577. Jesus, We on the Word Depend
  578. Jesus, What Grace Dost Thou Bestow
  579. Jesus, Who Disdain’st a Part
  580. Jesus, Who Is a God Like Thee
  581. Join All Ye Joyful Nations
  582. Join, All Ye Ransomed Sons of Grace
  583. Judah Now, the Land of Praise
  584. Lamb of God for Sinners Slain
  585. Lamb of God, I Fain Would Be
  586. Lamb of God, Thy Right We Own
  587. Lamb of God, Who Bear’st Away
  588. Lamb of God, Whose Bleeding Love
  589. Leader of Faithful Souls
  590. Let All Adore the Immortal King
  591. Let All That Breathe, Jehovah Praise
  592. Let All the Sons of Light
  593. Let Angels and Archangels Sing
  594. Let Earth and Heaven Combine
  595. Let Earth and Hell Their Powers Employ
  596. Let Every Tongue My Savior Praise
  597. Let God Arise, and Let His Foes
  598. Let Heathens Mock What God Enjoined
  599. Let Him to Whom We Now Belong
  600. Let Judah’s Joyous House
  601. Let Me, According to Thy Word
  602. Let Mine Injurious Brother Own
  603. Let Not the Wise His Wisdom Boast
  604. Let Saints on Earth in Concert Sing
  605. Let the God of Truth and Love
  606. Let the Horrific King Appear
  607. Let the Rain Descend, the Flood
  608. Let the World Lament and Grieve
  609. Let the World Lament Their Dead
  610. Let the World Their Virtue Boast
  611. Let Thy Church in Danger Prove
  612. Let Us, Lord, with Humblest Care
  613. Let Us Plead for Faith Alone
  614. Lift Your Heads
  615. Lift Up Your Hearts to Things Above
  616. Light in Us Must Shine, The
  617. Light of Life, Seraphic Fire
  618. Light of Those Whose Dreary Dwelling
  619. Lion of Judah’s Tribe, Draw Near
  620. Lion Roars, Before He Tears, The
  621. Live Without Sin! It Cannot Be!
  622. Living Principle of Grace, The
  623. Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending
  624. Lo! I Come with Joy To Do
  625. Lo! It Comes, Jehovah’s Day
  626. Lo! The Sin-Avenging Lord
  627. Lo the Great God Will Come from High
  628. Long an Outcast from My Lord
  629. Long Did I Seek in Vain
  630. Long Have I Labored in the Fire
  631. Long Have I Seemed to Serve Thee, Lord
    • Still for Thy Loving-Kindness, Lord
  632. Lord, and Am I Yet Alive?
  633. Lord, and Is Thine Anger Gone?
  634. Lord, Give Me That Pacific Mind
  635. Lord, Give Us Wisdom to Suspect
  636. Lord, I Believe a Rest Remains
  637. Lord, I Believe, and Stand Secure
  638. Lord, I Believe Thy Every Word
  639. Lord, I Believe Thy Power the Same
  640. Lord, I Believe Thy Sprinkled Blood
  641. Lord, I Believe Thy Work of Grace
  642. Lord, I Confess My Sins to Thee
  643. Lord, I Fain Would Learn of Thee
  644. Lord, I Glorify Thy Grace
  645. Lord, I Have Counted the Cost
  646. Lord, I Look for Thy Salvation
  647. Lord, I Revoke My Hasty Prayer
  648. Lord, if Thy Grace I Have
  649. Lord, in the Strength of Grace
  650. Lord Is King, Let Earth Be Glad, The
  651. Lord Is King, Ye Saints, Rejoice, The
  652. Lord of Earth and Sky, The
  653. Lord of Hosts, Almighty Lord
  654. Lord of Hosts, from Thee We Take
  655. Lord of the Harvest, Hear
  656. Lord Over All, If Thou Hast Made
  657. Lord Over All, Thy Spirit Pour
  658. Lord, Regard My Earnest Cry
  659. Lord, Thou Forbiddest Me in Vain
  660. Lord, Thou Hast Spoke Me Whole
  661. Lord, Thou Know’st, I Would Be Seen
  662. Lord unto My Lord Hath Said, The
  663. Lord, We Have All Forsook
  664. Lord, We Long to See Thy Glory
  665. Lord, We with Awful Thanks Confess
  666. Lord, What Is Man’s Distinguished Race?
  667. Lord, While at Thy Command
  668. Lord, Whom Winds and Waves Obey
  669. Lord, with Joyful Lips and Heart
  670. Lost by the First, the Second Man
  671. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
  672. Loved for a Time, They Might Have Been
  673. Lover of Little Children, Thee
  674. Lovers of Pleasure More Than God
  675. Maid Cannot Forget Her Dress, A
  676. Make Our Earthy Souls a Field
  677. Maker, Savior of Mankind
  678. Man May Swell with Towering Hope
  679. Master, I Want Thy Tenderness
  680. Master, I Would No Longer Be
  681. Master, Thou Didst the Same by Me
  682. Master, We Call to Mind Thy Word
  683. May I, Observant of the Least
  684. May I Throughout This Day of Thine
  685. Me with That Restless Thirst Inspire
  686. Meanest Vessel of Thy Grace
  687. Meeken My Soul, Thou Heavenly Lamb
  688. Meet and Right It Is to Sing
  689. Men in Tents Who Meanly Live, The
  690. Men Who Slight Thy Faithful Word, The
  691. Merciful God, to Thee We Cry
  692. Merciful God, Vouchsafe to Me
  693. Mercy Who Show Shall Mercy Find
  694. Mere Helpless Sinner I, A
  695. Messiah, Full of Grace
  696. Messiah, Prince of Peace
  697. Mine Eyes Are Holden, Too
  698. Mingled Tribes Where’er They Lie, The
  699. Modern Christianity
  700. More Than for Ease in Mortal Pain
  701. Must We Not Then with Patience Wait?
  702. My Father, My God, I Long for Thy Love
  703. My Father, O My Father, Hear
  704. My God, I Am Thine
  705. My God, I Know, I Feel Thee Mine
  706. My God, My Strength, My Hope
  707. My God Will Add the Rest
  708. My Heart Doth Oft to Idols Cleave
  709. My Heart Is Full of Christ
  710. My Mortal Foe, Whom for Thy Sake
  711. My Soul Is Among Lions Still
  712. My Soul, Inspired with Sacred Love
  713. My Strength When Thou, O Jesus, Art
  714. Myself I Cannot Humble Make
  715. Name Be Known, from East to West, The
  716. Name, We Still Acknowledge, The
  717. Need I Then, My God, Despair?
  718. News of His Coming I Hear, The
  719. No Common Vision This I See
  720. No, I Find He Never Will
  721. No: I Would Not Hitherto
  722. No Partial, Outward Righteousness
  723. No Shy Reserve, or Close Disguise
  724. No, Thou Wilt Not Make an End
  725. No, They Cry, It Cannot Be!
  726. No, Ye Blind Scribes of Learning Proud
  727. None Is Like Jeshurun’s God
  728. None Is Originally Good
  729. Nor Doth His Love Eclipse His Might
  730. Not All the Mortal Sons of Grace
  731. Not Brawling, Popular and Loud
  732. Not by Our Best Endeavors Vain
  733. Not for My Fault, or Folly’s Sake
  734. Not for Ourselves the Light of Grace
  735. Not from the Greatest to the Least
  736. Not in a King’s, but Servant’s Form
  737. Not on a Frail Sinful Creature
  738. Not Thro’ an All Suspecting Fear
  739. Now, Even Now, I Yield, I Yield
  740. Now, Father, Now Our Sins Forgive
  741. Now Is the Saint’s Salvation Come
  742. Now Let Thy Word Take Place
    • Hail All-Redeeming Lord
    • On Me, Ev’n Me, Confer
    • Lord, on Me, Even Me, Confer
    • Who See, Must Surely Feel
  743. Number of the Called Is Great, The
  744. O Astonishing Grace, That the Reprobate Race
  745. O Come and Dwell in Me
  746. O Compassionate High Priest
  747. O Could I View Them with Those Eyes
  748. O for a Heart to Praise My God
  749. O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
  750. O For That Single Eye
  751. O for That Tenderness of Heart
  752. O for the Faith in Jesu’s Name
  753. O God, Most Merciful and True
  754. O God of All-Redeeming Grace
  755. O God of My Salvation, Hear
  756. O God of Our Forefathers, Hear
  757. O God the Great
  758. O God, Thy Righteousness We Own (1)
  759. O God, Thy Righteousness We Own (2)
  760. O Great Mountain, Who Art Thou?
  761. O Heavenly King, Look Down from Above
  762. O How Gracious Is My Lord
  763. O How Happy Are They Who the Savior Obey
  764. O Happy State of Infancy
  765. O Jesu, Full of Truth and Grace
  766. O Jesu, Still, Still Shall I Groan?
  767. O Jesus, at Thy Feet We Wait
  768. O Jesus, My Hope
  769. O Jesus Our Head
  770. O Jesus, Our King
  771. O Joyful Sound of Gospel Grace!
  772. O King of Saints, with Pitying Eye
  773. O Lord, Incline Thy Gracious Ear
  774. O Lord, My God, with Shame I Own
  775. O Love, Divine, How Sweet Thou Art
  776. O Love Divine, What Hast Thou Done!
  777. O Love, I Languish at Thy Stay
  778. O May I Call My Ways to Mind
  779. O May I Cry for Help to Thee
  780. O May I Never Dare Receive
  781. O May I Never, Never Be
  782. O May I Never Sadly Prove
  783. O May I Never Take the Praise
  784. O May I Tempt My God No More
  785. O May We Never More Expose
  786. O Mercy Divine, O Couldst Thou Incline
  787. O Might My Course, Like Jesu’s End
  788. O Might Thy Powerful Word
  789. O Might We See Our Savior Shine
  790. O My False, Deceitful Heart
  791. O My Father, and My God
  792. O My Heart, What Must I Do?
  793. O Savior, Make Thy Wisdom Mine
  794. O That All Mankind Might Hear Him
  795. O That I Could, in Every Place
  796. O That I Could Repent
  797. O That I Had the Silver Wings
  798. O That I Thro’ Faith Might Fit
  799. O That I Was as Heretofore
  800. O That My Load of Sin Were Gone!
  801. O the Blood, the Precious Blood
  802. O the Cruel Power of Sin
  803. O the Depth of Love Divine
  804. O Thou Eternal Victim Slain
  805. O Thou Faithful God of Love
  806. O Thou, Our Husband, Brother, Friend
  807. O Thou Who at Thy Creature’s Bar
    • Lord of the Church, We Humbly Pray
    • Servants of Christ, His Truth Who Know
    • Thou Jesus, Thou My Breast Inspire
    • Thy Power and Saving Truth to Show
  808. O Thou Who Camest from Above
  809. O Thou, Who Know’st What Is in Man
  810. O Thou, Who Plead’st the Widow’s Cause
  811. O Thou, Whom All Thy Saints Adore
  812. O Thou, Whom Fain My Soul Would Love
  813. O Thou Whose Offering on the Tree
  814. O What a Life Is Mine!
  815. O What an Evil Heart Have I
    • Infinite, Unexhausted Love!
    • What Shall I Do, My God to Love?
  816. O What Shall I Do, My Savior to Praise?
  817. Object of All Our Knowledge Here
  818. Of My Transgressions Numberless
  819. Of Small Imperfect Things the Day
  820. Oft Have I Cursed My Natal Day
  821. Oft Have I Offered Up the Blind
  822. Oft Have I Unconcerned Passed By
  823. Oft Have We Passed the Guilty Night
  824. Oft I in My Heart Have Said
  825. Oh! But Must I, Lord, Return
  826. Oh! That My Load of Sin Were Gone!
  827. Oh! The Dire Effects of Sin!
  828. Omnipotent Lord, My Savior and King
  829. Omniscient God, to Man Declare
  830. Omniscient God, Whose Eyelids Try
  831. Omniscient, Omnipresent King
  832. On Earth I Ask No More
  833. On Me That Wrestling Power Bestow
  834. On Thee, Great God, We Still Attend
  835. On This My Patient Soul I Stay
  836. On Thy Word My Soul Is Stayed
  837. Only Good Proceeds from God
  838. Only Unbelief Withstands
  839. Once He in the Baptist Came
  840. Our Earth We Now Lament to See
  841. Our Friendship Sanctify and Guide
  842. Our Joy Is a Created Good
  843. Our Life, and Grace, and Ministry
  844. Our Lord Is Risen from the Dead
  845. Our Trespasses Forgive
  846. Out of the Pit of Sin I Cry
  847. Pains I Have So Long Endured, The
  848. Pardoned Thro’ Jesu’s Grace Alone
  849. Parted in the Act of Blessing
  850. Past No Longer in My Power, The
  851. Peace Be on This House Bestowed
  852. Peace, Doubting Heart!
  853. Physicians of No Price Are They
  854. People of God, The
  855. Physician of the Sick Race
  856. Planted in the Land of Rest
  857. Pleading Now Thy Faithful Word
  858. Praise the Lord, My Thankful Soul
  859. Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above
  860. Preach Repentance in His Name
  861. Precious Promise Made to All, The
  862. Prepared by Sacred Poverty
  863. Present in Our Assemblies We
  864. Previous to the Dreadful Day
  865. Prisoners of Hope, Arise
  866. Prisoners of Hope, Lift Up Your Heads
  867. Promise Is Free, The
  868. Promise of My Chastening God, The
  869. Promise We for Israel Plead, The
  870. Prophet, Sent from God Above
  871. Prophets Old, and Rough, and True, The
  872. Rejoice for a Brother Deceased
  873. Rejoice in Jesu’s Birth
  874. Rejoice, Rejoice, Ye Fallen Race
  875. Rejoice, the Lord Is King
  876. Resignation, The
    • And Can I Yet Delay?
  877. Rest of My Weary Mind
  878. Retired into His Secret Place
  879. Rich, and Increased with Goods I Was
  880. Righteous God! Whose Vengeful Phials
  881. Rise, All Who Seek the Crucified
  882. Rising Out of Thy Holy Place
  883. Rising with Thy Faithful Race
  884. Saints Who Die of Christ Possessed, The
  885. Salvation from Our Sins We Found
  886. Salvation Is a Work of God
  887. Save, Lord, Because Unsaved by Thee
  888. Saved from the Guilt and Power of Sin
  889. Savior, and Can It Be?
  890. Savior, Apply the Powerful Word
  891. Savior, Cleanse Us from All Sin
  892. Savior from Sin, I Wait to Prove
  893. Savior God, Thine Israel Here
  894. Savior, I Know Thy Gracious Will
  895. Savior, I Listen for Thy Voice
  896. Savior in Death, the Grace by One
  897. Savior, Inspire with Unknown Awe
  898. Savior, My Double Want I Feel
  899. Savior, on Me the Grace Bestow
  900. Savior, Prince of Israel’s Race
  901. Savior, Remove the Vanity
  902. Savior, Speak into My Heart
  903. Savior, Thou Didst the Glory Bear
  904. Savior, Thou Hast Bid Me Come
  905. Savior, Thou Knowst Us All
  906. Savior, While After Thee We Mourn
  907. Savior, Who Dost with Anger See
  908. Savior, Who Ready Art to Hear
  909. Savior, Whom Our Hearts Adore
  910. Saw Ye Not the Cloud Arise?
  911. Say Then, Ye Worms of Earth
  912. Scourged for My Sin, the Frown of God
  913. See, Gracious Lord, With Pitying Eyes
  914. See How Great a Flame Aspires
  915. See, Jesus, Thy Disciples See
  916. See, Lord the Purchase of Thy Death
  917. See, Sinners, in the Gospel Glass
  918. See, Ye Heirs of Sure Salvation
  919. Seeking in Christ Thy Face
  920. Self-Destroyed, for Help I Pray
  921. Sequestered from the Noisy Crowd
  922. Servant of God, and Son of Man
  923. Set Forth Before Our Eyes
  924. Shall Foolish, Weak, Short-Sighted Man
  925. Shall I Stand Idle Still?
  926. Shall Man to God a Method Show
  927. Shall Those Who Evil Act or Speak
  928. Shepherd Divine, Our Wants Relieve
  929. Shepherd of Souls, with Pitying Eye
  930. Sin That We May Serve No More
  931. Sing All in Heaven at Jesu’s Birth
  932. Sing to the God of Faithful Love!
  933. Sing to the Great Jehovah’s Praise
  934. Sing with Glad Anticipation
  935. Sing with Joyful Acclamation
  936. Sing, Ye Happy Souls That Press
  937. Sing, Ye Ransomed Nations, Sing
  938. Sinner, in Thine Own Esteem
  939. Sinner Secure, the Writing See!
  940. Sinners, a Pardon I Proclaim
  941. Sinners, Attend the Dreadful Word
  942. Sinners, Believe the Gospel Word
  943. Sinners, Dismiss Your Fear
  944. Sinners, Obey the Gospel Word
  945. Sinners, Obey the Gracious Call
  946. Sinners Our Master Doth Receive
  947. Sinners, Rejoice: Your Peace Is Made
  948. Sinners, the Call Obey
  949. Sinners, Turn: Why Will You Die?
  950. Sinners, with Joy Look Up!
  951. Sinners, Your Hearts Lift Up
  952. Slowly Doth Thine Anger Rise
  953. Smitten the Shepherd Was
  954. Smoke Alas, Must Still Ascend, The
  955. Soldiers of Christ, Arise
  956. Son of God, if Thy Free Grace
  957. Son of the Carpenter, Receive
  958. Sons of God, Triumphant Rise
  959. Sons of Men, Behold from Far
  960. Space to Repent
  961. Spirit of Faith, Come Down
  962. Spirit Unclean Will Still Remain, The
  963. Stand the Omnipotent Decree
  964. Stand We in the Good Old Way
  965. Stay, Thou Insulted Spirit, Stay
  966. Stay, Thou Too Happy Sinner, Stay
  967. Stricken for Mine Iniquity
  968. Still I Long for His Returning
  969. Still May the Preachers of Thy Word
  970. Still on the Soul of Fallen Man
  971. Still the Prophetic Curse Takes Place
  972. Struggling for Mastery Within
  973. Stupendous Mystery!
  974. Stupendous Mystery of Grace
  975. Such Power Belongs to Thee Alone
  976. Such Was Our Ignorant Desire
  977. Suffice, O Lord, the Season Past
  978. Sun of Righteousness Arise
  979. Surely if We Ought, We May
  980. Surely in the Lord We Have
  981. Surrounded by a Host of Foes
  982. Take My Heart, O Father!
  983. Take This Stumbling Block Away
  984. Taking of Jericho, The
  985. Talk with Us Lord, Thyself Reveal
    • Savior, Who Ready Art to Hear
    • Savior, to Me Thyself Reveal
    • Speak with Me, Lord, Thyself Reveal
    • Talk with Me, Lord, Thyself Reveal
  986. Teach Me, Jesus, How to Pray
  987. Teach Me, O Lord, to Fight Like Thee
  988. Teach Me the Prophets Smooth to Shun
  989. Tell Me ’Tis I—That Died for Thee
  990. Terrible Thought! Shall I Alone
  991. That Blessed Law of Thine
  992. That Covenant of Eternal Grace
  993. That Ground of Fellowship with God
  994. That Heavenly Principle Within
  995. That Kingdom of the Saints Below
  996. That Mighty Faith on Me Bestow
  997. That Soap from Inward Sin
  998. Thee I Seek, My Pardoning Lord
  999. Thee, Jesu, Thee the Sinner’s Friend
  1000. Thee, Jesus, Full of Truth and Grace
  1001. Thee, Jesus, Lord of Lords We Know
  1002. Thee Prince and Savior, We Adore
  1003. Then, Jesus, Then, When Seven Times Tried
  1004. Then Let th’Unrighteous Mammon Go
  1005. Then Only, When by Sore Distress
  1006. Then, Then the Gospel Day Shall Rise
  1007. Then, Then th’Intestine War Is O’er
  1008. Then Thou Art Come for Me
  1009. Then Thou Wilt Pardon Me
  1010. Thine Anger at What I Have Done
  1011. Thing My God Doth Hate, The
  1012. Thirsty Are Called to Their Lord, The
  1013. This Be the Genuine Proof of Mine
  1014. This Day with This Day’s Bread
  1015. This Is That Sin of Sins
  1016. This Is Thy Will, I Know
  1017. Tho’ Now Out of Thy Presence Driven
  1018. Thou Art the Door
  1019. Thou Dost in All Thy People Dwell
  1020. Thou God of Glorious Majesty
  1021. Thou God of Truth and Love
  1022. Thou Goest About in Every Age
  1023. Thou Great Mysterious God Unknown
  1024. Thou Great, Mysterious Three in One
  1025. Thou Hast, O God, the Work Begun
  1026. Thou Hast, O Lord, Thine Israel Blessed
  1027. Thou Hidden Source of Calm Repose
  1028. Thou Judge of Quick and Dead
  1029. Thou Know’st, and Thou, O God, Hast Shown
  1030. Thou, Lord, on Whom I Still Depend
  1031. Thou, Lord, Who Didst Our Faith Bestow
  1032. Thou Offerest, Lord, to All Thy Love
  1033. Thou Shepherd of Israel, and Mine
  1034. Thou Son of God, Whose Flaming Eyes
  1035. Thou, the Great, Eternal God
  1036. Thou Universal Savior, Come
  1037. Thou Wouldst That I Should Holy Be
  1038. Thoughtless Brute His Master Knows, The
  1039. Thousand Oracles Divine, A
  1040. Thro’ Earth the Blessing Spread
  1041. Thro’ Faith Our Friends We Bring to Thee
  1042. Thro’ Our Fiery Trial, Lord
  1043. Throughout My Fallen Soul I Feel
  1044. Thus, Lord, Throughout My Life Would I
  1045. Thus, O Lord, The World Convince
  1046. Thy Ceaseless, Unexhausted Love
  1047. Thy Church, O God, Shall Find Fulfilled
  1048. Thy Confessor in Deed and Word
  1049. Thy Debtor at Thy Feet I Fall
  1050. Thy Deity to Prove
  1051. Thy Faithfulness, Lord, Each Moment We Find
  1052. Thy Glorious Power, O Christ, Employ
  1053. Thy Good and Holy Will
  1054. Thy Gracious Lord Shall Soon for Thee
  1055. Thy Pound Hath Gained the Pounds, Not I
  1056. Thy Weak Disciple I
  1057. Thy Will Be Done, Thy Name Be Blest!
  1058. Thy Work, O God, They Will Not See
  1059. ’Tis Finished! The Messiah Dies
  1060. ’Tis Not for Sin Which Thou Hast Done
  1061. ’Tis of Thy Mercies, Lord
  1062. ’Tis Thus We in Our Manner Say
  1063. To Father, Son and Holy Ghost
  1064. To Meet My God
  1065. To Save the Lost He Came
  1066. To Suffer, and Abstain
  1067. To Haven of Thy Breast
  1068. To Sin, the World, and Satan Sold
  1069. To the Haven of Thy Breast
  1070. To the Hills I Lift Mine Eyes
  1071. To Those Who on Thy Truth Rely
  1072. To Us a Child of Royal Birth
  1073. To Whom in Peril and Distress
  1074. To Whom Should Thy Disciples Go?
  1075. Too Strong for This Weak Soul of Mine
  1076. Tremble, Ye Fond of Human Praise
  1077. Tremble, Ye Families Profane
  1078. Tremendous God, with Humble Fear
  1079. Tremendous Lord of Earth and Skies
  1080. Tremendous Lord, Thy Voice We Hear
  1081. Tried Is Every Faithful Man
  1082. Trodden Worm Will Turn Again, The
  1083. True and Faithful as Thou Art
  1084. True and Faithful Witness
  1085. True Light of the Whole World, Appear
  1086. True Witness of the Father’s Love
  1087. Truth, and Blessedness, and Need, The
  1088. Try Us, O God
  1089. Turn Again, Ye Faithless Race
  1090. Turn, into Flesh the Stony Turn
  1091. Turned by Thy Son’s Victorious Blood
  1092. ’Twas Thus, Not Yet Awakened
  1093. Two Commands Are One, The
  1094. **Us Who Climb Thy Holy Hill
  1095. Vain, Delusive World, Adieu
  1096. Victim Divine, Thy Grace We Claim
  1097. Warned of That Vindictive Day
  1098. Was Ever Grief Like Thine?
  1099. Watched by the World’s Malignant Eye
  1100. We, Only We Believe Indeed
  1101. We Run in Distress to Jesus Our Tower
  1102. We Should Have Been Doomed with Devils to Dwell
  1103. We Sing as in Those Earliest Days
  1104. We Two, O Lord, on Earth Agree
  1105. We Will Not Chide Thy Followers, Lord
  1106. We Would Thine Agèd Followers Give
  1107. Weary of Wandering from My God
  1108. Weary Souls That Wander Wide
  1109. Weeps the Savior o’er His Foe
  1110. Welcome, Friend, in That Great Name
  1111. Welcome My Savior’s Word to Me
  1112. Welcome the Bright Millennial Day
  1113. What a Mystery Am I
  1114. What Am I, O Thou Glorious God!
  1115. What Angel Can the Grace Explain
  1116. What Are These Arrayed in White?
  1117. What Are These Wounds, So Deep, So Wide?
  1118. What but Thy Right Hand of Power?
  1119. What Doth That Silence Mean?
  1120. What Good Remains in Me?
  1121. What Harm to Raise a Fortune Fair?
  1122. What Hath This Wretched World to Give?
  1123. What Is the Chaff, the Word of Man?
  1124. What Is the Proof of Perfect Love?
  1125. What Kind of Man Is This?
  1126. What Shall I Do, My God, My God
  1127. What Shall I Do, My God to Love?
  1128. What Shall I Do to ’Scape the Hell
  1129. What Shall I Render to My God?
  1130. What Then Are They, Who Dare Deride
  1131. What Then Is All Beside?
  1132. What Will It Profit Me to Know
  1133. What Wisdom Can in Sinners Dwell
  1134. When, Dearest Lord, When Shall It Be?
  1135. When He Did Our Flesh Assume
  1136. When I Use the Proffered Power
  1137. When Jesus for His Murderers Prays
  1138. When, My Savior, Shall I Be
  1139. When Quiet in My House I Sit
  1140. When Shall Thy Spirit Reign?
  1141. When the House of Jacob’s Sons
  1142. Whene’er Thou Dost Thy Grace Bestow
  1143. Where Are the Nine? Alas, My God
  1144. Where Is My Strength, My Faith, My God
  1145. Where Is the Holy Heav’n-Born Child?
  1146. Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin?
  1147. Where Shall True Believers Go?
  1148. Wherefore He Now in Mercy Cries
  1149. Wherewith, O Lord, Shall I Draw Near?
  1150. Whether the Word Be Preached or Read
  1151. Whether Thy Little Flock We Feed
  1152. Which of the Old Prophets Dared
  1153. While Faults in Others I Reprove
  1154. While Jacob for a Wife Doth Wait
  1155. While Nature Yielding to Despair
  1156. While with My Lips I Call Thee Lord
  1157. Who Are These That Come from Far?
  1158. Who Believes the Tidings?
  1159. Who Can Reconcile and Make
  1160. Who Can Worthily Commend
  1161. Who Hath Believed the Tidings?
  1162. Who Hath Engaged My Heart t’Address?
  1163. Who Herod Did of Old Inspire
  1164. Who in the Lord Confide
  1165. Who Is This Gigantic Foe
  1166. Who May His Day Abide?
  1167. Who of the Great, or Wise
  1168. Who See, Must Surely Feel
  1169. Who Shall Explain the Mystery?
  1170. Who Truly Knows His Name
  1171. Who Will Reject Thy Richest Grace
  1172. Who Would Not Dread the Frown of Him
  1173. Who Would Not Descend His Savior to Meet?
  1174. Whoe’er for Sin and Satan Plead
  1175. Whoe’er th’Authority Impeach
  1176. Whom Jacob Once in Bethel Found
  1177. Whom Jesus’ Blood Doth Sanctify
  1178. Whom Wilt Thee Thy People Call?
  1179. Why Have I, Lord, So Often Been
  1180. Why Is He Doomed to Endless Pain?
  1181. Why Is My Heart So Dark and Void?
  1182. Why Should a Sinful Man Complain?
  1183. Why Should I Ask the Future Load?
  1184. Wife Applaud, but All Beside, The
  1185. Will My Lord Be So Unkind
  1186. Wilt Thou Not, Lord, the Word Repeat
  1187. Wisdom Ascribe, and Might and Praise
  1188. With Glorious Clouds Encompassed Round
  1189. With Man This Is Impossible
  1190. With Me, Lord, I Know, Thou Art
  1191. With Rigorous Abstinence Austere
  1192. With Solemn Faith We Offer Up
  1193. Withering as Grass Is Humankind
  1194. Woe Is Me! That Wretched Man
  1195. Woe Is Me! What Tongue Can Tell?
  1196. Woe to the Man, Eternal Woe
  1197. Woe to the Men on Earth Who Dwell
  1198. Word Is Unaccomplished Still, The
  1199. Word, the Seed of Righteousness, The
  1200. Word, the Uncreated Son, The
  1201. World He Made He Still Sustains, The
  1202. World, Who Know Not God, The
  1203. Worship, and Thanks, and Blessing
  1204. Worthy the Lamb for Sinners Slain
  1205. Would Jesus Have the Sinner Die?
  1206. Wouldst Thou Require What Cannot Be?
  1207. Wretched, Helpless and Distressed
  1208. Ye Angels, Put the Sickle In
  1209. Ye Envied Rich, Who Nothing Fear
  1210. Ye Faithful Souls, Who Jesus Know
  1211. Ye Happy Sinners, Hear
  1212. Ye Heavenly Choir
  1213. Ye Men of Israel, Hear
  1214. Ye Neighbors and Friends of Jesus
  1215. Ye Ransomed Sinners, Hear
  1216. Ye Servants of God
  1217. Ye Simple Men of Hearts Sincere
  1218. Ye That Do Your Master’s Will
  1219. Ye That Pass By, Behold the Man
  1220. Ye Thirsty for God
  1221. Ye Virgin Souls, Arise
  1222. Ye Waiting Souls, Arise
  1223. Ye Worms of Earth, Arise
  1224. Ye Worms of Earth, Our God Admire
  1225. Yes, for Thou Has Received
  1226. Yes, My Lord May Justly Leave Me
  1227. Yes, from This Instant Now I Will
  1228. Yes, the Law Is Like Its Giver
  1229. Yes, There Is, There Is, My God
  1230. Yes, Thou Didst My Soul Release
  1231. Yes, We Know Our Lord Will Come
  1232. Yet Every One That Seeks, Shall Find
  1233. Yet for My Sinless Savior’s Sake
  1234. Yet Soon My Wretched Heart
  1235. Yet Thousands, Lord, the Honor Claim
  1236. Young Men and Maidens, Raise
  1237. Zion, Be Glad, Rejoice and Sing